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  • Publications
    wave over a steep sloping beach Zouhaier Hafsia Mehdi Ben Haj Hedi Lamloumi Khlifa Maalel and Ridha Zgolli received 07 08 Linear and nonlinear numerical wave generation in viscous fluid Zouhaier Hafsia Mehdi Ben Haj Hedi Lamloumi Khlifa Maalel and Ridha Zgolli received 07 08 Development of a Methodology for Toxic and Flammable Gases Sensors Positioning in Oil Platforms Giordhanne Bruno Carpaneda Gimenes Aristeu da Silveira Neto Solidônio Rodrigues Carvalho Valter César de Souza Patrícia Carneiro dos Santos received 04 08 Simulation of a thermal battery using Phoenics Giancarlo C S Freitas Fernando C Peixoto Ardson S Vianna Jr Journal of Power Sources 2008 Computational fluid dynamics simulation and validation of H2S removal from fan ventilated confined space manure storages J Zhao H B Manbeck D J Murphy American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 2007 Effect of design parameters on temperature rise of windings of dry type electrical transformer Vikas Kumar T Vijay Kumar K B Dora received 11 07 Modeling and measuring the nocturnal drainage flow in a high elevation subalpine forest with complex terrain Chuixiang Yi Russell K Monson Zhiqiang Zhai Dean E Anderson Brian Lamb Gene Allwine Andrew A Turnipseed and Sean P Burns Journal Of

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  • Events Calender
    Flash Version of Latest News Letter Events Calender In October 2015 Professor Spalding travelled to Vladivostock with the Rector of Moscow Power Energy Institute to attend a meeting of an international steering committee relating to Research and Education in Russian Universities In September 2015 Professor Spalding delivered a Special Invited Lecture on A Turbulence Model for the Fully Stirred Reactor at THMT 8 Sarajevo In May 2015 Professor Spalding delivered

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  • What's New in PHOENICS TR 006
    search path does not become too long Display 32 64 bit in window title and result file Editor Viewer screen proportions fixed regardless of screen aspect ratio Default image type gif pcx bmp or jpg for saved images can be set in cham ini Earth Solver New PARSOL implementation for better detection and faster conjugate haet transfer solution Transient contribution to Nett Source printed to RESULT for Energy and scalars as well as mass Flow extracted by one ANGLED IN can be used as source from another e g for induction fan Parallel Nett source printout in RESULT brought into line with sequential Error in source sum calculation fixed ANGLED IN can lie across processor boundaries previously would give wrong source Linked ANGLED INs do not need to be on same processor STORE IMB1 now works Display of maximum absolute corrections in graphical monitor works Reading of FACETDAT containing large number of facets fixed Previously wrong format was used InForm Allow longer and more complex formulae up to 100 operands Creation of tabular output written once per sweep or once per time step Allow for modification of porosity by InForm Add recognition of BFC geometry quantities Allow file name in PWLF function to start with Correction to indexing of OLD function Correction to SUM function in parallel Error in diffusion coefficients for scalars when any property set with InForm fixed Flair FIRE heat and smoke sources written to table files for easy comparison with input data Additional convergence monitoring information written to table file GENTRA ANGLED IN ANGLED OUT can act as GENTRA exits Wall reflection for very small domains fixed Flair SPRAY HEAD can activate GENTRA tracks when link temperature exceeded Changes to relaxation made interactively during the run written to RESULT Monitor interrupt screen buttons do not disappear when window is moved or obscured and revealed Add missing inflow source contribution for TEM1 in cut cells Save friction force on blockages in case when PARSOL F and no cut cells Correction to LVEL for GCV multi block cases Correction to calculation of GENK in GCV multi block cases 64 bit version can be compiled with long integers allowing even larger cases to be run Updates to MFM Updates to USP and USP mesh generation For more details about the above changes click here Changes made between PHOENICS April 2008 and July 2009 Pre and Post processing Ambient pressure and temperature can be set and used for initialisation the external temperature at selected inlets outlets openings and to deduce the buoyancy reference density This makes it much easier to change the external temperature pressure at many openings in a consistent fashion It also ensures that the buoyancy reference density is more likely to be set correctly The new WIND object automates the setting of atmospheric boundary layer conditions at the domain edges The wind direction is set by a single number representing the wind angle from North The Editor then sets inflow outflow conditions on the appropriate faces of the domain The sky and ground boundaries can also be included Clipping planes are made available in the Editor and Viewer These enable the user to see inside complex shapes by clipping away the parts which are blocking the view The number of sweeps per time step can be set from the Editor Main Menu Numerics panel it was always possible with InForm In many transient cases more sweeps are required for the first few steps and possibly later on when a boundary condition changes a jetfan switches on or off for example Patches attached to USER DEFINED object are listed by name as part of the object attributes in The Q1 file This makes hand editing the Q1 much safer as the patch object link no longer depends on the object sequencing In form statements can be directly attached to an object If the object is copied or arrayed the Inform commands are also copied FLAIR Add list of fire speeds for t 2 fire as a pull down menu Improve the linearisation of the fire heat source to aid convergence Automatically reduce the maximum increment for TEM1 when a FIRE object is active Allowance for heat lost by radiation when setting FIRE heat source This allows Calculate Beer Lambert visibility reduction as post processing option in Viewer This is a means of determining if a position can be seen from other locations or if it is obscured by smoke Add derivation of optical density Another means of assessing the effect of smoke on visibility SPINTO for interpolating solution files on to finer or coarser grids An automatic unstructured grid generator for Unstructured PHOENICS This can automatically refine an initial structured starting grid to give better resolution near object surfaces SHELLFLO a Prelude gateway for shell and tube heat exchangers Dot patches introduced This is a way of setting the patch limits in terms of physical location and size not cell numbers The View centre can be jumped to current probe position or location of minimum or maximum value in Viewer This makes it much easier to find the minimum and maximum value locations The length of a Q1 line has been increased from 132 characters 68 characters and one continuation line to 1024 characters split over as many continuation lines as needed This makes the creation of complex Inform commands easier The font size can be changed in Editor Viewer If a dialog is too tall to display on screen reducing the font size will make it fit Better attribution of units to plotted variables in Viewer Where possible the Viewer will display the units of the plotted variable The Viewer display can be switched to FPS or cgs units instead of the default SI units When the domain is scaled vector heads retain their original scaling Domain scaling is useful for long thin domains such as tunnels Not scaling the vector heads improves the appearance of the plot Earth Solver The Nett source section of RESULT includes

    Original URL path: http://www.cham.co.uk/phoenics/d_polis/d_docs/tr006/tr006.htm (2016-02-15)
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  • Training
    level This is a basic three day course with participants learning about PHOENICS and participating in Workshops to have hands on experience with the code More information is available PHOENICS Introductory Course Advanced training courses can be arranged for existing Users who would like to increase their knowledge of specific PHOENICS features It is also possible to custom build a course to suit a particular client requirements and to assist

    Original URL path: http://www.cham.co.uk/training.php (2016-02-15)
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  • Index To The PHOENICS Encyclopaedia
    Group PHOENICS News Winter 2015 Flash Version of Latest News Letter Index To The PHOENICS Encyclopaedia Preface Entries of especial interest POLIS Home Page In Form data input via formulae MOFOR Moving Frame Of Reference PARSOL Parabolic flows PHOENICS Commander

    Original URL path: http://www.cham.co.uk/ChmSupport/encindex.php (2016-02-15)
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  • PHOENICS Documentation: TR 000
    TR 006 html Release Notes for PHOENICS TR 327 html In Form TR 003 html Pdf Material properties in PHOENICS TR 004 html Starting with PHOENICS VR TR 324 html Pdf The PHOENICS VR reference guide TR 326 html Pdf Installation of PHOENICS TR 110 html Pdf All these documents are available as part of POLIS the PHOENICS On Line Information System which is supplied with every installation of PHOENICS

    Original URL path: http://www.cham.co.uk/ChmSupport/tr000.php (2016-02-15)
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  • Tutorials
    News Letter Tutorials Overview Beginners General PARSOL and Fine Grid Embedding Transient Body Fitted Co ordinates Polar Co ordinates Radiation Models IMMERSOL Combustion Models Turbulence Models Multi phase IPSA Scalar Equation Method Algebraic Slip Shallow water flows Lagrangian Tracker GENTRA

    Original URL path: http://www.cham.co.uk/ChmSupport/tuts.php (2016-02-15)
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  • What's new in PHOENICS
    displayed SPARSOL Small corrections to SPARSOL plotting Add a search for minimum maximum values in the cut link section of the phi da file Donâ t try to read a pbcl dat if one is present when SPARSOL active PARSOL Tolerance used in PARSOL contour plotting is now a CHAM INI item Graphics PlotTol 1 0E 7 In some cases when the facets pass exactly through cell corners Viewer can get confused about which side of the facet is solid and which fluid The image on the left has too small a value of the tolerance In the image on the right the tolerance has been increased and the expected contour is seen Macro File names longer than 20 characters can be used as input output when extracting multiple data points Offset is allowed for the extraction location when extracting multiple data points In this way the extraction point coordinates can be relative to say a building origin and the offset will convert to absolute coordinates relative to the origin Correction to reading the number of colours to be used from a macro General Plot surface objects can rotate freely Earth ROTOR Object ROTOR objects can overlap and or touch Previously they had to be separated by at least one cell in Y and Z ROTOR transient restart amended to ensure the correct initial values are used Corrections made to the diffusion term at ROTOR boundaries to prevent occasional failure with NaN General Improvements and Corrections Corrections to shock corrections Transient term corrected on first step of restart to avoid huge time fluxes Capture source value from FIXVAL cells so that a sensible source value can be reported in the Nett Sources section of RESULT Implementation of a fixed flux source in a PARSOL cut cell corrected Nett sources summary is printed if there are more than 10 patches Sub grid size sources will still be applied e g tiny heat source in the cell s they are in but blockage effects are ignored Additional InForm print frequency control NINFOR The INFROUT file will be written every NINFOR sweeps as well as at normal print sweeps Linear equation solver 1 D block correction sequence amended when solving H1 T3 or EPOT in conjugate situation where sources and or fixed values are in the solid cells In first and last cell adjacent to blockage only a half cell source is added so in these cells divide SHRX Y Z by 2 to ensure that the sum of SHRX cell area will match the nett source and friction force printed to result Prevention of Linux crash when saving image of final gxmoni plot In SPARSOL cell to object linkage If the object is above the cut link the first cell is that where the cell centre is above the intersection If the object is below the last cell is that with the cell centre below the intersection This ignores cells whose cell centres lie outside the facets just as PARSOL did Same

    Original URL path: http://www.cham.co.uk/whatsnew.php (2016-02-15)
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