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  • Changes 4 Life|Help with Anxiety
    particular area of anxiety Top Generalised Anxiety Disorder GAD Chronic and exaggerated worry and tension often caught up in the fearful anticipation of disastrous future events for example What if should happen whilst I am out thoughts For some people simply getting through the day provokes unreasonable levels of anxiety for others it can be more specific for example the health of the family money work etc People who suffer from GAD often seem unable to relax so using hypnosis as a method of treatment aids and encourages the individual to empower themselves by learning this and many other strategies to deal with day to day life thereby reducing and often times eliminating anxiety over time Top Panic Attacks Disorders These affect 1 6 of the population and are twice as common in women as men Not everyone who experiences a single panic attack will develop panic disorder Many people have one attack and never have another For those who do have another seeking treatment is essential Panic attacks can occur out of the blue without warning Feelings of terror and intense anxiety often develop between attacks Symptoms can be varied and attacks can happen at any time even during sleep On average an attack lasts approximately 2 minutes but occasionally may last for 10 minutes and in rare occasions upto an hour or more Hypnosis is a proven method enabling relaxation and encouraging the focus of the mind onto a more productive outcome I have worked to help many of my clients so they are able to overcome panic attacks completely Top Agoraphobia This often results from a fear of having a panic attacks in specific situations which may be embarrassing or they may not be able to get out of It can lead to extreme anxiety and avoidance

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  • Changes 4 Life|Exam Nerves
    event in a positive way Using a combination of hypnosis techniques that will move you towards responding in these situations the way you want to enabling nerves to remain calm and you to stay as relaxed as you need to be to pass either written or practical exams The exam test can even feel enjoyable and exciting Just a few hypnotherapy sessions is all that is required to prepare and

    Original URL path: http://www.changes4life.co.uk/ExamNerves.asp (2016-02-15)
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  • Changes 4 Life
    point in our lives will be affected by a phobia of sorts and it is usually when a phobia becomes severe enough to interfere with our daily lives that we take the steps to resolve it It doesn t matter if the phobia is more common e g spiders flying heights dentists wasps bees dogs birds open spaces snakes or if it is less common for example fear of stairs germs medical objects taps driving Any person who suffers a phobic response knows that the emotions it provokes are very real and can have terrible consequences by often preventing you from doing things you want to do and leading a normal life During fear and phobia hypnosis it can be of enormous benefit to track back to the cause of the phobia This approach is one of many and is used when it is deemed that the best results will be obtained in releasing the fear Hypnotherapy is an effective and rapid way of resolving these types of fears permanently and the majority can be treated very quickly MP3 Downloads Daily Confidence Builder Easy Stress Management Calm Confident Flying Enhanced Memory Study Focus Exam Confidence Powerful Presenting Public Speaking Sleep

    Original URL path: http://www.changes4life.co.uk/FearsPhobias.asp (2016-02-15)
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  • Changes 4 Life|Insomnia
    However a lack of sleep can reap devastating effects for those who suffer from it Hypnosis also enables the ability to learn how to deal with the daily stresses and strains of everyday life so that when you do go to sleep you can receive the full benefit of your sleep period Depending on the issues contributing to the problem a few hypnotherapy sessions may be required MP3 Downloads Daily

    Original URL path: http://www.changes4life.co.uk/Insomnia.asp (2016-02-15)
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  • Changes 4 Life | Depression
    clinician Dr Michael Yapko for his work helping people recover from depression My practice is in Reading Berkshire Drugs alone are not and can never be an entirely adequate reply to the growing rates of depression As health professionals it is the role of trained professionals like myself to do a great deal to address this issue much more realistically than leading people to believe a pill a day will keep the depression at bay Hypnosis for depression uses a combination of approaches and is geared towards using a solution orientated focus Hypnotherapy for depression enables new strategies to be identified learned developed and used in daily life It is a method of overcoming this disorder thereby re orientating you back to healthier living building specific strategies to encourage empower and facilitate the process It also builds life long skills and resources for you to make healthier new choices in a future full of possibilities Depression in its general form can benefit greatly from hypnotherapy as a natural and safe means of resolving causes of issues and building self esteem or confidence There is a great difference between what most people consider depression and the much rarer condition of clinical depression Clinical Depression is far more serious and outside help may well be beneficial also Often clients that present with this issue will also be receiving prescribed medication and perhaps other therapy also Hypnotherapy will benefit in building a positive outcome Your GP will be able to assess which of these conditions are applicable in a particular case when consulted for such Anxiety and depression may often appear to walk the same path and some may wonder which came first the anxiety caused the depression or the depression results in anxiety However depression symptoms are somewhat different Feelings of hopelessness

    Original URL path: http://www.changes4life.co.uk/Depression.asp (2016-02-15)
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  • Changes 4 Life
    with friends making initial conversations to speak clearly in a conversation and put my view across without worry about what others will think of me etc I use a variety of techniques to help my clients Regain positive thinking and enjoy the benefits of such Rediscover natural resources within us to help build confidence Learn to relax and remain calm and assertive in given situations Dealing with causes for lack

    Original URL path: http://www.changes4life.co.uk/Confidence.asp (2016-02-15)
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  • Changes 4 Life | Hypertension
    needs of people who have high blood pressure This unique programme tackles the most common emotional and lifestyle factors which contribute to high blood pressure in an easy and fun way using evidence based techniques so you can lower your blood pressure for good Over 90 of cases of high blood pressure have no clear medical cause which means doctors can only work to manage the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes They call this Primary or Essential Hypertension because there are so many emotional and lifestyle factors that doctors don t necessarily have the time or resources to find the unique combination of factors for each patient For many people perhaps like yourself as you are reading this this means a lifetime of medication constant uncertainty and worry about your future There are educational aspects to every session hypnotherapy and fun tasks to help you make the most of lowering your blood pressure in the shortest possible timeframe for making the most of your life Contact me now to find out more Vanessa is a Certified Hypertension Practitioner Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is on the rise If you are affected by this you will be aware of

    Original URL path: http://www.changes4life.co.uk/Hypertension.asp (2016-02-15)
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  • Changes 4 Life
    Using hypnosis is a way of building new strategies to deal with the day to day hurly burly of life healthily tackle those areas that may act as triggers to stress levels and being able to access more resourceful states in times when this is desired Learning self hypnosis is also an incredibly effective tool as a means of diffusing and preventing unnecessary stress build up developing healthy internal resources

    Original URL path: http://www.changes4life.co.uk/ManagingStress.asp (2016-02-15)
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