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  • Cheesmans Accountants - Tax and Business Services - Islington
    you Our proactive integrated approach lies at the heart of successful long term client relationships Accounting Audit Learn how audited accounts could support your business See the links between cashflow and success Make sure your systems can keep pace with your growth Tax Explore some innovative tax options you didn t know you had Avoid needless pitfalls and headaches and exploit current tax advantages and opportunities Business Services Whether you

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  • Cheesmans Accountants - Why choose us?
    as some have done in excess of eighteen years you would hear a variety of reasons We suspect that they d include the five mentioned below As a first step we invite you to contact us for an initial face to face appraisal of how our service can meet your needs This is free and without obligation Depending on the size of your organisation we are happy to invest anything up to half a day in such a complimentary meeting to explore both the needs of your organisation and also how best our service could meet those needs The team at Cheesmans looks forward to working with you We are proactive We always look beyond your immediate need taking an early interest in the business as a whole To help avoid future problems we will actively question and challenge key details rather than make any assumptions We also support you to take a proactive approach to see the direct correlation between your financial planning and your business success We are a one stop shop There are no gaps in our service it has a rare breadth and depth to it So there will not be a point where you need to look elsewhere for advice Our services continually evolve often as a direct result of client s requests We can promise continuity in our service A client manager dedicated to your account will act as a focal point for your enquiries This thread of continuity simplifies our relationship you deal primarily with someone who knows your needs Whoever is serving you an auditing tax or compliance specialist they re always aware of those same needs We go the extra mile If something is needed the same day we pull out all the stops If you need any specialist advice that

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/why-cheesmans/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Cheesman Accountants - Tax and business services
    Contact Return to Content Our services Click on Audit for Cheesmans audited accounts services Accounting for Cheesmans accounting services Book keeping for Cheesmans book keeping services Cashflow Forecasts for Cheesmans financial planning services Company Searches for Cheesmans company searches services Corporation Tax for Cheesmans Corporation Tax services Personal Tax for Cheesmans Personal Tax services Incorporation Services for Cheesmans incorporation services Inheritance Tax Planning for Cheesmans Inheritance Tax Planning Wills and

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/our-services/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Business services from your accountant!
    business is perfectly placed in terms of its structure systems records and practices to move in the direction of your business goals while also staying in line with specific compliance needs Cheesmans is committed to providing a service that supports you in exactly this way And we continually succeed in doing this as clients who have been with us for over eighteen years will testify To some people business advice

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/our-services/business-services/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Forming a Business - Cheesman Accountants
    of the business you are creating it is wise to invite comprehensive professional advice at the earliest stage Similarly you should be aware as soon as possible of the relative benefits and implications of your different choices and also of the potential liabilities and repercussions See your main choices for incorporation here Identifying the Optimal Corporate Structure By talking you through your best options Cheesmans will advise you of the most suitable way to structure your business having first gleaned a solid understanding of your goals and plans Over the years Cheesmans has built up an extensive range of relevant contacts among them bankers solicitors tax authorities and many more By liaising directly with those who have the relevant expertise we can effect the incorporation ourselves Same day Incorporation We are committed to understanding your greatest needs at the outset For example your priority might be to achieve a particularly swift resolution in which case a same day incorporation service can be provided Naming Service If you are seeking a new name organisation we can help you to secure the name you seek If your preferred option is already taken we can help to explore and advise on the best

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/our-services/business-services/forming-a-business/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Developing your business - C & P Consultants
    might also conduct a company search as a way to investigate the competition Cheesmans is also able to provide a comprehensive range of searches including A Company Summary a Full Search a Mortgage Report a Shareholders Report and a Directorship Report We can also help you avoid some costly pitfalls through fraud protection and data protection Pre Emption Rights As a shareholder pre emption rights will provide you with protection from wealth transfer and the potential erosion of control These rights are the rights of shareholders to be offered any new issue of shares before they are offered to non shareholders This ensures that directors cannot issue new shares to dilute your existing percentage holdings This also applies in the instance of a shareholder selling his or her shares Cheesmans will ensure that the Company s Articles of Association are updated to best reflect your wishes and ensure that should circumstances change your share stake retains its value Group Restructuring What happens when your company expands beyond the structure for it you have in place Should you leave the structure and hope for the best Or speak to Cheesmans who can help you plan effectively for the future perhaps by reorganising the share capital of the company or the group structure What if you think your company is about to change perhaps by way of a proposed acquisition or disposal You may want to leave well alone knowing that such matters can become incredibly complex from both a legal and tax perspective Speaking to Cheesmans about your options and how we can help you can facilitate the continued success of your business Share Issues As the Director of the Company you have the ability to issue allot new shares These need to be issued in accordance with the Company s

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/our-services/business-services/developing-your-business/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Other Services - Cheesman Accountants
    Many people wrongly assume that in the absence of a will their property will be left to the intended beneficiaries All too often this is not the case Two other important reasons to make a will are to avoid unnecessary disputes after you are gone and to minimise your inheritance tax liability We will deal with this in fuller details below Cheesmans will discuss your requirements with you establish your intentions and suggest alternative arrangements where necessary Existing wills These should be kept under review Cheesmans offer a reviewing service of an existing will to ensure that it meets and continues to meet your personal and legal requirements Inheritance Tax Planning Many major misconceptions prevail about inheritance tax Most people significantly underestimate their wealth thinking that inheritance tax is only a problem of the very rich In reality your family or other beneficiaries may end up paying close to 40 of your estate in inheritance tax Every year HM Revenue Customs Treasury collects 2 9billion in inheritance tax much of this payment being unnecessary At Cheesmans we regularly advise clients on the best means of minimising their liabilities When they own businesses or property we can help ensure that substantial liabilities are avoided Whether you want to give assets to family members or set up trusts we will be delighted to help you Lasting Power of Attorney Lasting Power of Attorney LPA is a legal document whereby an individual entrusts a personally selected Attorney or Attorneys to deal with certain matters once they themselves lack the capacity to do so Depending on your circumstances you can choose an LPA to deal with one of the following Property and Financial Affairs Personal Health and Welfare At Cheesmans we take the hassle out of the submission process Initially we send you a

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/our-services/business-services/other-services/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Tax - Cheesman Accountants
    major plc SME or an individual you have common aims to avoid undue tax headaches and to exploit tax opportunities and to make the process as painless and insightful as possible As well as being equipped to support you on both fronts Cheesmans can also help you explore a wide range of innovative tax options thanks to our capacity to draw on external as well as internal specialists We invite

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/our-services/tax/ (2016-04-25)
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