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  • Company Secretarial Archives - Cheesman Accountants
    Why are they important for you and your business and when should you make one By Carol Cheesman on 1st July 2013 in Company Secretarial Nobody likes to think about or plan for their death However if you want to see your assets go to the people of your choice after you die then a will is a must Otherwise your property will be distributed under the laws of intestacy Generally anyone over 18 and of sound mind can make Continue Reading 0 Incorporation The big deal By Carol Cheesman on 12th March 2013 in Company Secretarial Reproduced with kind permission from Nursery Management Today March April issue 2013 To incorporate or not to incorporate That is the question says Carol Cheesman who talks readers through some of the issues you have to consider before taking or not the big step You have a fledging nursery business or perhaps you re planning Continue Reading 0 Lasting Power of Attorney What is it why should I get one and how can it save my business By Carol Cheesman on 1st March 2013 in Company Secretarial A Lasting Power of Attorney LPA is a legal document whereby a Donor e g yourself entrusts a personally selected Attorney or Attorneys to deal with certain personal matters once they themselves lack the capacity to do so An LPA is a document to have if you want peace of mind particularly if you own a Continue Reading 0 Obvious points people forget when setting up a company abroad By Carol Cheesman on 7th January 2013 in Company Secretarial Many people decide to move abroad for personal reasons such as a better quality of life They dream of becoming their own boss and doing away with the relentless nine to five routine While setting up a

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  • A Business Owner Seeking Finance Needs to be a Boy Scout
    to buy stock etc then consider an Overdraft or even Invoice Discounting or Factoring Invoice Discounting is generally aimed at larger businesses allowing the business to use its unpaid sales invoices as collateral for instance the business will be able receive funds for its sales invoices before they have been paid Factoring is where a business sells its future sales invoices to a third party at a discount and the third party factor collects the full amount from the customer paying over a proportion of the invoice to the business minus costs and commission If you plan to develop a building project then Project Finance that can be drawn down at key stages of the project should be considered If you are undercapitalized then perhaps consider a Medium term Investor for example loan notes Whoever your potential funders are they will need to understand why you need the money They will want to know how the funds will be spent what contribution you and the company are making and if appropriate how the money will be paid back and over what period The key issues are What do you need the money for How will it benefit the company What difference will it make Can you afford the interest payments each month How are you going to meet these Can you afford the capital repayments How are you going to meet these What security is available What other sources of finance are available Have you looked at these and what was the result The cornerstone of any funding process is Accounts they are the core of your Business Plan and the heart of your goals and ambitions A potential funder will always want to see an established business s track record For start ups detailed Projections are necessary Remember Accounts

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  • Accountancy Archives - Cheesman Accountants
    permission Carol Cheesman explains how you can establish your corporate social responsibility by giving it a local twist There are numerous benefits to be derived from businesses engaging with their local community In many cases both the Continue Reading 0 How can a business owner prepare before seeking finance By Carol Cheesman on 18th November 2013 in Accountancy In this article for franchiseseek co uk How can a business owner prepare before seeking finance Carol Cheesman offers advice to franchisors hoping to raise finance and explains how they need to prepare In looking at how a business owner can prepare before seeking finance Carol explores these 4 important questions What key points should business owners Continue Reading 0 What are Limited Liability Partnerships By Carol Cheesman on 1st November 2012 in Accountancy Company Secretarial Tax A Limited Liability Partnership LLP is a hybrid of a Partnership and a Limited Company Only introduced in 2001 it combines limited liability with the flexibility of partnerships An LLP has a separate legal identity so it can be more preferential than a sole trader and has the tax status of an ordinary partnership This Continue Reading 0 Tax simplification By Carol Cheesman on 25th July 2012 in Accountancy Tax The Government has announced its intention to adopt a number of proposals made by the Office of Tax Simplification OTS aimed at small business The Government has indicated that the proposals should apply to unincorporated businesses with a turnover up to the VAT threshold of 77 000 and that they should continue to apply to businesses Continue Reading 0 Carol Cheesman on owner managed businesses video By Carol Cheesman on 18th June 2012 in Accountancy Audit Company Secretarial Tax My name is Carol Cheesman I m the Senior Partner of a firm of accountants based

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  • Capital Gains Tax changes affecting residential property owners
    UK residents the gain will be the difference between the sale proceeds and the value of the property as at 6 April 2015 Therefore a non UK resident should consider obtaining a valuation of their UK residential property even if they have no plans to sell If you don t get a valuation now then an alternative when you dispose of the property would be to apportion the total gain over the whole period of ownership However this could result in a significant gain arising where there has been a dramatic increase in the property value since the start of ownership A non UK resident could also attempt to obtain a retrospective valuation but this will be altogether more complex time consuming and costly A Non Resident Capital Gains Tax NRCGT return will be required to be filed with HM Revenue and Customs within 30 days of completion on disposal of the property If the non UK resident does not have an established relationship with HM Revenue and Customs that is they do not need to complete and file a UK tax return then the NRCGT return will also need to contain an assessment of the tax due and this tax will also need to be paid within 30 days of completion on disposal of the property Where there is an established relationship the assessment of tax will be contained in the tax return that is to be submitted to HMRC for the year in which the disposal was made The tax due would then be payable by the usual due date It is likely that HMRC will penalise those who do not make a disclosure even when there is no tax due It s important therefore for those non UK residents with relatively straightforward tax affairs who do not

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/changes-to-capital-gains-tax-affecting-residential-property-owners-who-are-non-uk-resident/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Tax Archives - Cheesman Accountants
    will the new VAT changes affect your business By Carol Cheesman on 25th June 2014 in Tax First published in the June Issue of the Hertfordshire Business Independent VAT is set to change on 1st Jan 2015 So how will this affect your business Carol Cheesman of Cheesmans Accountants explains the changes and offers some advice for business owners Business to consumer traces will be required to charge VAT at the applicable rate in Continue Reading 0 How SEIS could help your small business two years on By Carol Cheesman on 5th February 2014 in Tax The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme also known as SEIS has so far helped over 1 000 companies raise finance Private investors have invested over 82 million through the scheme The SEIS offers tax benefits and encourages investment in small and early stage companies by reducing the risk of investing in these types of companies In this Continue Reading How will spending time abroad affect my tax and business By Carol Cheesman on 11th November 2013 in Tax If I spend time abroad how does this affect my tax and business If you spend a lot of time working abroad it could affect your tax status So it s important to understand whether you are UK Resident or Non Resident Determining your status could cut your tax bill but it s often not as Continue Reading 0 Planning to set up a company abroad By Carol Cheesman on 4th November 2013 in Tax Are you planning to move you and your business abroad Maybe it s a choice to improve your quality of life or perhaps your partner has a new job and that s the impetus for the move Either way there are a few mistakes that far too many people make Make sure

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/category/tax/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Probate process: using an accountant provides a third way.
    estate if a house forms part of it But since October 2014 executors have a third choice Firms of accountants are now allowed to handle probate on a client s behalf provided they have the necessary qualifications from their association Cheesmans an accountancy practice based in Islington in London is amongst the first firms of accountants to qualify to handle probate And using an accountancy firm offers a number of advantages Firstly cost Work is usually undertaken on time based fees This means that executors seeking professional help are no longer held to ransom by high charges from solicitors Fees paid are more likely to run into the hundreds of pounds rather than the thousands Secondly by using a firm of accountants executors can be guided through the process in the most tax efficient manner This will maximise the proceeds of the estate for those who stand to inherit for example by ensuring all relevant tax reliefs are considered and utilised accordingly If you are fortunate enough to have an accountant who is qualified to handle probate there could be other benefits If the person who s died was a client of the firm it will have a deep knowledge of their late client s affairs This will not only make valuation of the estate a more straightforward process than it might otherwise be it will also make it easier for liability to tax to be reduced Often too the firm would have undertaken inheritance tax planning on behalf of their late client further reducing tax liability on the deceased s estate When asked to comment Carol Cheesman founding partner of Cheesmans said that it should be possible to wrap up the whole probate process in two or three meetings guiding the executors through the procedures necessary to obtain a

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  • Probate Archives - Cheesman Accountants
    to Content Archive Probate Probate now there s a third way By Carol Cheesman on 22nd February 2015 in Probate Until relatively recently executors dealing with a loved one s estate faced two choices when obtaining probate They could do it themselves with the attendant risks that are involved in navigating a process with which they are likely to be unfamiliar Or hire a solicitor to do the job for

    Original URL path: http://www.cheesman.co.uk/category/probate/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Wanted in England: A chartered accountant from Ireland.
    years post qualification experience Do you fancy working for an accountancy practice that s based in one of the most vibrant areas of London Then you could be just the person we re looking for We want to recruit somebody like you to join our team based in Islington North London to look after clients in the UK and Ireland The job will involve a high level of responsibility as you will be heading up audits on site in the UK and Ireland You may already have a job here in the UK and fancy a change Or you may be working in Ireland and find the idea of a move to London appealing Interested In the first instance send your CV with a covering note using the form below We look forward to hearing from you And if all goes well offering you a warm English welcome to London formidable id 7 About Carol Cheesman View all posts by Carol Cheesman Subscribe Subscribe to our e mail newsletter to receive updates Related Posts Why a Business Owner Seeking Finance Needs to be a Boy Scout Probate now there s a third way Buying or Selling How will the new

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