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  • Education User Monitoring - Cherry Orange
    policies Because logins are the fi rst line of access and defense in a network UserLock provides a necessary security function in allowing IT to monitor restrict be alerted and run reports on all session activity throughout the network including Wi Fi and VPN sessions Access Management With UserLock IT can set and enforce login control based on multiple criteria that support an organization s policies Allow restrictions to be set according to user user group or organizational unit and according to session type workstation terminal interactive Internet Information Services Wi Fi and VPN Restrict Control User Access This comprehensive matrix of access rules enables IT to restrict users to their own workstation or device including personal devices IP range department fl oor or building In addition time restrictions can be setdefined by working hours maximum session times and daily weekly or monthly time connection quotas Limit or Prevent Concurrent Logins This makes it impossible for a rogue user to use valid credentials at the same time as their legitimate owner decreases the likelihood of user sharing passwords as it impacts their own ability to access the network and prevents serious accountability and non repudiation issues Access Monitoring Intelligence With restrictions set UserLock empowers IT to track record and automatically block all inappropriate or suspicious sessions Real Time Monitoring Alerts Responses UserLock continuously monitors all login and session events alerting IT of any suspicious or disruptive behavior so they can instantly react with appropriate measures E g remotely close or lock user sessions or the shutdown of specifi c workstations This immediate response reduces the risk of malicious insider activity Tracking Reporting By recording all access events UserLock offers comprehensive reports and detailed insights to support IT Forensics and legal investigations If an IT security breach does occur accurate information

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/education-monitoring-software (2016-04-24)
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  • Enrolment for Education Solutions - Cherry Orange
    Services Subscription License SSL Rather than counting FTE employees the SSL can be acquired to license the entire institution or department For more information about Microsoft IT Academy please visit at www microsoftitacademy com The Microsoft IT Academy is a perfect example of how our state is leading the way in preparing high school students for college and career Bill Harrison Chairman North Carolina State Board of Education Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 and Office for Mac 2011 Office Professional Plus Subscription Microsoft Core CAL Suite Includes Windows Server Standard CAL Exchange Server Standard CAL SharePoint Server Standard CAL Lync Server Standard CAL System Center Endpoint Protection and System Center Configuration Manager Client Management License Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite Includes all Core CAL Suite components plus all of the current components of the Forefront Protection Suite Exchange Server Enterprise CAL SharePoint Server Enterprise CAL Lync Server Enterprise CAL Windows Server Rights Management Services CAL Forefront Unified Access Gateway CAL and all of the current components of the System Center Client Management Suite Education Desktop with Core CAL Suite Education Desktop with Enterprise CAL Suite The products listed may be replaced by successor products which in turn will also be considered desktop platform products You must order User Subscription Licenses USLs for each employee in the organization on a 1 1 basis Individual CAL Suite components must be ordered organization wide but are not desktop platform products You may select individual EES desktop platform products to license organization wide or you may license an EES Education Desktop platform suite which combines your Windows upgrade Office and CAL Suite licenses into one convenient SKU at a price that offers savings when compared to the cost of licensing those products individually The EES Education Desktop platform suites include EDUCATION DESKTOP WITH CORE CAL SUITE EDUCATION DESKTOP WITH ENTERPRISE CAL SUITE Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 and Office for Mac 2011 Microsoft Core CAL Suite Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 and Office for Mac 2011 Microsoft Enterprise CAL Suite You can also acquire the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack MDOP for Software Assurance as part of your Professional Desktop Platform Suite or Enterprise Desktop Platform Suite making it easier for you to license MDOP that is consistent with the acquisition of the rest of your platform selection Additional Products A broad selection of software and services are available as additional products under your EES They provide the same License Software Assurance coverage as desktop platform products With the exception of Core CAL Suite or Enterprise CAL Suite component CALs which must be licensed organization wide based on your FTE employee count additional products may be licensed for any quantity specified by the organization ranging from one license to the entire FTE employee count Licensing Products for Students The Student Option The EES Student Option provides a convenient and cost effective way for you to license selected products for use by your students on

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/enrolment-for-education-solutions (2016-04-24)
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  • Lucid Research education,dyslexia & visual stress software - Cherry Orange
    In Brief Detailed assessment of literacy Time efficient solution to assessment for access arrangements Assesses Word recognition reading accuracy Reading speed Reading comprehension Spelling Handwriting speed Typing speed Features Nationally standardised UK norms Easy to administer Takes only 30 to 40 minutes Two parallel forms for repeated assessment Immediate easy to interpret results Full breakdown of scores Standard scores centiles and age equivalents Lucid LADS Product Description Lucid LADS Ages 16 In Brief Swift objective indication of dyslexia Assess core cognitive skills Assesses Non verbal reasoning Lexical access Phonological processing Working memory Features Immediate reports with automatic interpretation Takes only 15 to 20 minutes Requires minimal supervision self administered Less stressful than conventional assessment Scientifically validated tests Ideal for use in colleges and universities Comprehensive manual provides guidance and support Lucid Rapid Product Description Lucid Rapid Ages 4 to 15 In Brief Swift objective indication of dyslexia A favourite with busy teachers Assesses Phonological processing 4 15 years Working memory 4 15 years Phonic decoding skills 8 15 years Visual verbal integration memory 4 7 years Features Immediate reports with automatic interpretation Easy to administer Enjoyable format Takes only 15 20 minutes Comprehensive manual provides guidance on results and differentiated action after screening Lucid ViSS Product Description Lucid ViSS Ages 7 to adult In Brief Objective assessment of visual stress in reading Reliably identifies children adults who need adaptive solutions for reading Visual stress Meares Irlen syndrome is the experience of unpleasant visual symptoms when reading e g illusions of shape movement and colour in the text distortions of print loss or clarity headaches Visual stress discourages reading and impairs reading fluency and comprehension Features Scientifically validated Accurate and reliable Easy to administer Takes only 20 30 minutes Immediate graphical reports Comprehensive manual provides guidance for administration and solutions Lucid Recall Product Description Lucid Recall Ages 7 to 16 In Brief Fully automated assessment of working memory and processing speed Assesses Phonological loop Word recall Visuo spatial sketchpad Pattern recall Central Executive Counting recall Working memory composite skills Working memory processing speed Features Identify working memory problems Easy to administer Swift takes only 20 25 minutes Nationally standardised norms for ages 7 00 to 16 11 Identify children requiring alternative approaches to optimise learning Includes advice on suitable teaching strategies Can be used for exam access arrangements LASS Junior Product Description LASS 8 11 Ages 8 11 In Brief Scientifically proven system for identification of dyslexia and problems in learning Identifies strengths and weaknesses Assesses Visual memory Auditory verbal memory Phonic decoding skills Phonological processing ability Single word reading Sentence reading Spelling Reasoning Features Scientifically proven tests Monitor children s progress and development Use to identify dyslexia and other learning problems Requires minimal supervision Challenging but entertaining format Provides graphical reports Comprehensive manual provides guidance and teaching strategies LASS 11 15 Product Description LASS 11 15 Ages 11 to 15 In Brief Scientifically proven system for identification of dyslexia and problems in learning Identifies strengths and weaken Assesses Visual memory

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/lucid-research-education-dyslexia-visual-stress-software (2016-04-24)
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  • AVG CloudCare Antivirus - Cherry Orange
    URLs to protect your employees while searching shopping and banking online Verifies links before you click Actively checks web links before it s clicked to prevent your employees from visiting malicious websites Also provides automatic real time scans of any links exchanged on Facebook Twitter or Skype Blocks hackers Our firewall works on both wired and wireless networks to protect your company s data and prevent malware from taking over

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/avg-cloudcare-antivirus (2016-04-24)
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  • BT Local Business - Cherry Orange
    BT Infinity for business gives you speeds that are up to 6 timesfaster than standard broadband It is perfect for cloud computing and applications like video conferencing BT Infinity for business is more than just speed though it s also about reliability That s why we make sure you ve got at least 16Mb for uploading and downloading at the busiest times of the day You ll also get priority over home users then too In the unlikely event that something does go wrong we will help get you up and running by the end ofthe next working day Best for Businesses who are using the internet for sending large files managing websites or using cloud based services BTNET We aim to keep your business online 100 of the time With BTnet you can choose the speeds you need It s is a dedicated line which means it s not shared with any other business It s like having your own private road no one can get in yourway or hold you up even when it s busy BTnet offers guaranteed upload or download speeds that never slow down making it perfect for companies whose business absolutely depends on their connection to the internet Best for Businesses who have lots of people accessing the internet or where the connection is crucial to running the business BT Business Lines Great benefits and service care options to suit your customers 5 LINES TO CHOOSE FROM Our lines come with a range offeatures that can help your customers control their costs With 5 BT Business lines to choose from your customers can rest assured we ve got a solution to meet their needs Quality voice calls with our PSTN phone lines A standard phone line forvoice calls customers can take single or multi

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/bt-local-business (2016-04-24)
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  • Business Email - Cherry Orange
    hold your contacts and calendar information coupled with a smartphone Microsoft exchange can give you contact access to all of your outlook information We can supply mailboxes in any quantity and even supply email retention in case the information you send and receive is of a sensitive nature that may need to be recalled in the future Hosted Exchange Information PDF Email Filtering and Archiving for your Hosted Exchange Mailbox

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/business-email (2016-04-24)
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  • Business Phone System - Cherry Orange
    day Thanks to babblevoice those days are gone Setup babblevoice to do exactly what you want using a simple web page and plain natural English Usable The worlds of computing and telephony are merging giving you real business benefits Click to dial allows you to call someone at the click of a mouse which is faster and more convenient than dialling and eliminates mistakes Screen popping tells you who s calling before you lift the handset and can be used to fetch caller records in advance saving considerable time Friendly It s been a crying shame that some of the most beneficial features of your phone system go unused because they re just too complicated Our platform comes with desktop software that let s you dial by name shows you who s on the phone lets you transfer calls and much much more Think of it as a fully featured switchboard on each user s desktop It sits discreetly in the system tray or in your browser and only pops up when needed Reportable If you do business on the phone then you really need to know what s going on with your phone system Who spends most time on the phone and what s that costing you How many rings on average before calls are answered When s the busiest time of day meaning you need more staff Who makes the most calls each day week or month This and pretty much anything else you would ever want to know are available in real time using gadgets Programmable Connect your phone system to your business systems using the APIs to better serve your customers staff and business Automate common requests like repeat orders or confirming delivery dates Automatically push calls to your telemarketing team to improve efficiency Allow callers

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/business-phone-system (2016-04-24)
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  • File Audit - Cherry Orange
    Activity Monitoring FileAudit constantly examines and records read write delete access or access attempts file ownership changes and permission modifications so IT or management can immediately address any inappropriate accesses Customized File Server Intelligence Ensure security with interactive at a glance access reports of everything that s happening with audited data Provide specified recipients with regular email delivery of reports customized according to multiple criteria e g path file type access type for auditing and regulatory compliance Automatic Email Alerts to File and Folder Activity Receive automatic email alerts triggered by predetermined access events e g access denied file deletion specific user or file access etc Centralization Recording and Long Term Archiving Centralize and archive all file access events occurring on one or several Windows systems to generate an always available searchable and secure audit trail Ease of use and user specific rights management Create specific accounts for people with no administrative rights external auditors non IT executives etc allowing them to perform audits securely and autonomously Ease of Use Enterprise Value Install in less than 3 minutes Easy setup Automated audit configuration Automatically configure the auditing of selected files and folders Agentless remote and non intrusive Protect all file

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/file-security-software (2016-04-24)
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