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  • Hardware & Software - Cherry Orange
    operating systems databases and licencing costs and no wonder Cherry Orange get so many phone calls from small to medium businesses asking which direction they should go in we fully understand why We can access and document a solution for you whether you have IT hardware or a software solution in place or have nothing and require advice and support from the ground up All major hardware and software suppliers

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/hardware-software (2016-04-24)
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  • IT and Computer Finance - Cherry Orange
    discuss Finance for IT projects has a number of benefits Access the IT you need when you need it Improve cash flow Instant return on investment By making equal monthly payments over the duration of the finance agreement you can spread payments over the useful life of your equipment rather than having to find the capital up front This way you can generate an instant return on investment Monthly payments

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/it-and-computer-finance (2016-04-24)
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  • SQL Server Integration Services - Cherry Orange
    can extract data from a data source and then manipulate it in a variety of ways and then transmit or insert it to different locations FTP E mail Network Transfer and Others We have used this component package that is part of SQL Server in small to medium businesses to get all data into one place for reporting purposes and a central store for transmission offsite Disaster Recovery Scenario using

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/sql-server-integration-services (2016-04-24)
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  • User Lock - Cherry Orange
    policies Because logins are the fi rst line of access and defense in a network UserLock provides a necessary security function in allowing IT to monitor restrict be alerted and run reports on all session activity throughout the network including Wi Fi and VPN sessions Access Management With UserLock IT can set and enforce login control based on multiple criteria that support an organization s policies Allow restrictions to be set according to user user group or organizational unit and according to session type workstation terminal interactive Internet Information Services Wi Fi and VPN Restrict Control User Access This comprehensive matrix of access rules enables IT to restrict users to their own workstation or device including personal devices IP range department fl oor or building In addition time restrictions can be setdefined by working hours maximum session times and daily weekly or monthly time connection quotas Limit or Prevent Concurrent Logins This makes it impossible for a rogue user to use valid credentials at the same time as their legitimate owner decreases the likelihood of user sharing passwords as it impacts their own ability to access the network and prevents serious accountability and non repudiation issues Access Monitoring Intelligence With restrictions set UserLock empowers IT to track record and automatically block all inappropriate or suspicious sessions Real Time Monitoring Alerts Responses UserLock continuously monitors all login and session events alerting IT of any suspicious or disruptive behavior so they can instantly react with appropriate measures E g remotely close or lock user sessions or the shutdown of specifi c workstations This immediate response reduces the risk of malicious insider activity Tracking Reporting By recording all access events UserLock offers comprehensive reports and detailed insights to support IT Forensics and legal investigations If an IT security breach does occur accurate information

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/access-monitoring-intelligence-software (2016-04-24)
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  • Virtualization - Cherry Orange
    take advantage of virtualization through Microsoft s unique approach of building virtualization directly into Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with Hyper VTM which means when you upgrade servers you get virtualization built in not to mention other valuable services like high availability live migration and branch office support The Next Step We provide our clients with a valuable technology assessment report that provides real recommendations on how virtualization can improve

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/virtualization (2016-04-24)
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  • Domain Registration - Cherry Orange
    means that you always own the domain name not us There are a number of ways to get a name that relates to your business even if your company name has already been taken We run our own name servers so we have total control of how and where we re route your traffic to for example if you have your own email server we can divert the web traffic

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/domain-registration (2016-04-24)
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  • E Commerce Websites - Cherry Orange
    commerce packages are easy to understand and have great potential for expansion and we can import your goods from the offset and show you how to make amendments yourself or put a complete package together so you can just sit back and process the orders The control panel has a great dashboard to give you an overview of the stores status at any given time and the standard solution has

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/e-commerce-websites (2016-04-24)
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  • Getting Started - Cherry Orange
    think of what the users will like as they are going to be the ones on your website Have you got site content Good unique content helps your site stand out from the rest and if written clearly and it is informative visitors will engage in your site Copying content from other sites is not recommended and if an ecommerce website then supply as much detail about the product as possible even if this means getting it yourself Have you got a functionality requirement Want a custom contact form newsletter online quotes or member s area Then please document as much detail as possible and don t be afraid of using pictures This again will make a great starting point in any meetings Then Get all your notes together and contact us and we will put together a project plan which we will use to hold all notes and documentation that will help in the design and build Having a clear understanding of how you want your site to work is important in making it a success If you are struggling with text or loading products then please let us know and we can put a quote together for getting things loaded or some great copy written Website Statistics Do you know what you want to be found for Write down the phrases and words that you want your website to be found for Then Cherry Orange can optimize your website to make sure that you get the visitors that you require to your website and most of all you are found before competitors This SEO Search Engine Optimisation is an on going task and you will find nothing more rewarding than watching you site as it goes up the rankings We use Google Analytics on all our sites and

    Original URL path: https://www.cherryorange.co.uk/getting-started (2016-04-24)
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