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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2009
    daytime now should be OK when the sun gets on the greenhouse Care still need to be taken as its the sunlight thro the plastic on the propagators causing the most threat to disaster as it burns the young leaves Mar 29 Rest of this years seeds have been planted as we have only just got some of the varieties but they should soon catch up In the warmth of the propagator they all need a misting daily to keep damp and the first started to germinate in 4 5 days with the rest following Fleximix flexiplugs Fleximix flexiplugs April 2009 Apr 20 The Fleximix plugs have made life a lot easier this year by just dropping a seed or two into each hole Watering morning and night as they dry out fairly easily especially in a hot greenhouse on the rare days the suns comes out A note was kept of varieties as each variety had a straight row to be labelled when they are potted on Propagator heat was kept on overnight for 2 3 weeks from sowing as the nights are still cold but all covers had to come off early in the morning before the sun scorched them through the propagator plastic lids Potting on into 5cm pots Rockwool Cubes April 2009 Apr 26 The majority have been potted on in a multi purpose compost into 5 cm square pots as the roots were just starting to show through the plugs as can be seen above The hydroponic plants have been dropped into rockwool cubes to develop stronger roots before setting into position in the tanks Growing in these plugs prevents the heart stopping wilting when transplanting on as the plant isn t shocked by the movement The overwintered Yellow Karneval is now full of flowers with a few small developed fruits on 5 cm pots 2 3 litre pots June 2009 June 1 All plants have now been potted on into 3 litre pots and the hydroponic NFT tanks filled with nutrients The rockwool cubes are now showing roots developing through the base so all plants have been placed on the NFT shelf five to each tank and pumps started Weather is not too bad with good stretches of sunshine heating up the greenhouse early so constant checking of pot plants for drying out at the moment Hydroponic NFT system Hydroponic NFT system June 2009 June 14 This year we have 3 NFT tanks with five plants in each all on the same nutrient Ferro as can be seen by the recent photo s all plants are now growing at a rate of knots and will need some kind of support soon The nutrients will usually last about a month at this stage before being replaced The pot plants are also doing a lot better this year after last years very poor show and so far we ve had no problems with any aphids July 2009 Greenhouse is now a bit choked full of large

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2008
    with no response from the seed company when I enquired Carolina Reapers on the other hand had 100 germination With some help from the T5 grow lights and being better weather this year I think we are about a month ahead over previous years growth Don t forget to label March 2008 Mar 16 After a month the Jiffy Pellets have done well easy to use held moisture well considering they are in a warm environment plus less mess than using soil cells This year we have had a good germination rate obviously some are better than others but we have all plants up on our original list we set about to grow I will probably cut off the net bag when we transplant as chilli roots don t seem vigorous enough to get through them to me Any seeds which haven t shown in 2 3 weeks were replaced with fresh as I cant afford to wait and would rather try another Will wait a bit longer to transplant as the next stop for them is outside in the greenhouse and weather is still a bit too cold to move them so they will have to continue to enjoy the benefits of the conservatory where they seem to enjoy listening to Planet Rock Roots showing through Plug Hydroponic essentials March 2008 Mar 21 Most plants now have 4 leaves and the roots are starting to show through the jiffy pellet bag so will be transplanting the Jiffy Pellets straight in 6 cm pots I have never known such a cold wet day for replanting so had to work in the kitchen with a sack of soil mess everywhere Plants drooped alarmingly as usual but soon picked up and are now back in the heated Vitopod Calibration fluids essential for calibrating you pH meter and EC meter pH calibration Rockwool cubes for NFT March 2008 Mar 21 Time to sort out the hydroponic gear new set of batteries and time to calibrate the EC and pH pens for accurate readings Small amounts of pH buffer and EC conductivity fluid are poured into a small beaker and the pens adjusted with a fine screwdriver to the correct setting for the fluids Now I can mix solution to soak the 3 inch rockwool cubes in pH 5 5 EC 1 0 for the 5 plants which will end up in the NFT tank Jiffy pushed into 3 rockwool April 2008 Jiffy pellets are a tight fit into the 1 inch holes so a little bit of scraping the sides back and they drop in These will need to show good signs of the roots coming through before moving into the NFT tank Time now to give them some artificial lighting and as last year will use the 200W blue CFL s Weather Update Temp this morning was 1C and on and off all day was rain sleet and snow flurries Apr 27 Have moved five plants into the NFT tank as roots are now showing well thro the 3inch rockwool cubes These plants will be grown with Ferro nutrients 3 plants which are a bit more advanced from earlier planting have had the roots washed of soil and are in clay pebbles in the Wilma 4 pot these will be grown in GH 3 part nutrients Both have been set at about pH 6 0 EC 1 6 The rest of the plants are still in the conservatory as light and temperature is still down for April giving poor growing conditions Whitefly precautions Whitefly May 2008 May 1 Whitefly and Greenfly are big problems again this year especially as the plants are on a go slow towards growing here a few remedies we ve tried chemical Provado s Ultimate Bug Killer and a few naturals like Pest Off and SB Plant Invigorator which are the soapy based ones to the smelly Neem Oil which smells of garlic onion which probably repels them but they soon come back seems to be best with a small brush on the smaller plants as they easily come off Need a few thousand of these 4 Pot Wilma May 2008 Predators will also help included the 46 different ladybird species in the UK including 3 new species which have become established in the last few years I have put several on the larger plants and they are still helping me I suppose its the free lunched I provide Of the newer varieties the Harlequin has a black body with two or four red spots on unlike our common 7 spot 4 Litre Pots GS 200 NFT May 2008 Wilma 4 Pot now contains two Trinidad Scorpions one 7 Pod and a Congo Red while the GS 200 has a mixture of five Habanero s in all settled down to a PH of about 6 after 2ml of PH down for the GH 3 Part Nutrients The rest of the bunch have all been planted in 4 litre pots and are all in the greenhouse from the conservatory which seems even later than usual this year Some later sowings by 6 weeks have even caught up with the earlier sowings as usual they just do not grow very well in Feb March weather NFT versus Soil grown May 2008 May 10 A whole week of sunshine and its certainly made a difference the Habanero types in the NFT have grown more in one week than the 10 weeks since germination Most of the chinense s seem to be growing the best while the Pyramid Etna Pusa Jwala and the Purrira are very slow developing May 25 A month has past since the plants have been either potted on or put into the hydro systems we ve had about one week of good sunshine in that time and the only plants which have grown significantly are the hydroponic ones the Habanero s must be about five times larger than the same strain plants in the soil Its Bank Holiday

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2007
    weeks with most of the others in between although I still haven t managed to germinate one Red Mushroom couldn t get one up last year either unless its a really slow germinate and I haven t got the patience for a six week one to show I am now potting all onwards and maybe sow a few more Watch out now for high daytime temperatures in greenhouse I am still shading them partly during the day as it was reaching over 40 C and doesn t take long in full sun to loose them all All the ones in this years list are up and doing well so just need to write all the labels now Pot on with 6 8 true leaves 3 5 litre pots should do April 2007 Apr 25 Plants now being potted on most are coming up to 4 inches tall except the ones which were started in root riot they seem to be lagging behind or perhaps its the slower growing ha types Have laid palettes out this year in greenhouse and are going to grow all in pots as the soil probably needs changing after a few years of ground growing Where s the rain water butts are now getting seriously low I need a downpour now Blue CFL 200W Check the difference May 2007 May 13 The weather has been dull so has slowed down the growing especially of the slower types so a tray of these have now been put on artificial lighting overnight with the 200W blue 6400K CFL lights Both Bih Jolokia s are in same size pot and germinated in Root Riot Cubes the left plant has had the extra 7 days under lighting Its not much taller but is a lot more dense with thicker stems overall looking a lot sturdier and healthier More on lighting can be found on the growing tips page Healthy looking plants Ferro Nutrients May 2007 May 20 All plants are now in 4 litre pots and having a regular feed of chilli focus They seem to shoot off quickly after a re pot and some are now up to 40 cm tall Have pinched the top out of a Purple Jalapeno as an experiment against another without to see beneficial effects Daylight not that good lack of sunshine for 2 weeks so have kept 5 plants back to grow in the greenhouse sensation hydro tank again Nutrients this time will be from Ferro which is formulated for different water regions so as you can see we have the Norwich Water Region of growth feed from Norfolk Lights Hydro Centre Soil Root ball in the GS200 Peach Habanero June 2007 June 1 Hydroponics Plants been in the GS200 for about a week had to use soil grown plants as this was a last minute decision to use it so have just plonked the soil grown roots straight onto the bed as they were a bit too large to drop into a rockwool cube to help contain the soil Must get more organized next year Tap water for the nutrients as our water butt rain water is a bit to low pH without using a pH up Plants are flourishing well as can be seen by the Peach Habanero and the roots now spreading well Black Pearl June 2007 June 6 Most of the soil grown plants are all starting to flower all having a regular feed this year mainly from the chilli focus nutrient but some are also getting a seaweed foliar spray fairly regularly which seems to be keeping them all lush and green Two Trinidad types keep attracting whitefly easily spotted as they drop onto the soil but is very isolated on a few leaves so have been spraying these with plant invigorator which seems to be doing the trick and then just brushing them off with a paint brush One of the nicest striking plants so far is the Black Pearl The weather is still up and down with cold mornings and evenings almost had a frost about a week ago as it was 3C when I went in to work one morning Don t get caught out by minimal watering at the moment as they will be straight back to two waters a day when the sun comes out First Fruit Purple Jalapeno Plant inspection for aphids June 2007 June 10 First few fruits now starting to show Purple Jalapeno was one of the first Starting to get a bit of a jungle in the greenhouse All plants are still very green and healthy apart from aphid attacks on the bigger leaf chinense varieties so weekly spraying with invigorator is continuing to help A weekly feed seems to be very beneficial whether giving it to them in a foliar spray in the evening mixing into the watering can once a week or by mixing a fertilizer like bat guano into the top soil and watering Peach Habanero Navaho June 2007 The hydroponic plants are doing really well with a comparison left of the Peach Habanero soil one is not so sturdy leaves smaller and lacking in the growth of the hydroponic grown plant Nutrients still on the ferro growth but have raised the pH to 6 2 as ferro starts a bit low EC currently is 1 79 which may be a bit high for growth but the Naga s are now coming into flower so will leave as is Ferro Nutrient Pack Bhut Jolokia July 2007 July 1 All plants in the hydroponic are now starting to bud so I have switched to the Bloom nutrients which has been specifically mixed for chilli plants by Ferro have also added some Bio Crop mixed with our tap water the pH came out at 6 2 with EC 1 8 The Bhut Jolokia left is now starting to thicken up and spread with quite a few flower buds forming Although the weather has been bad when the sun

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2006
    this year weather has been bad low light and very cold days odd snow showers and frosts right up to mid April A few days have been warming the greenhouse and have put the first few plants outside from our lounge to get a full day of sunshine The Naga s Madras and the Red Mushroom have not germinated even though the Red Mushroom was a bought seed this year further sowings have been made Most of the Habanero s are up to 4 6 true leaves and have been re potted into 6 cm square pots Small Plug Trial Small Plug Trial May 2006 May 1 Weather still more like winter the plants above are the first sowing from Feb which are now starting to make a bit of headway Left we decided to sow some in very small plugs 10 mm square at top probably 20mm deep two weeks ago and as you can see we had nearly 100 germination in these and very easy to transplant as they pooped out with a simple push from the base plus the space saving advantage 48 plants to a tray All plants now potted on and in cold greenhouse Might sow a few more today and see if they catch up Padron Nepali Orange June 2006 June 18 Weather now much better with temperatures in the greenhouse over 120 Regular daily watering now required Pots and ground plants all doing well Padron is about 60cm high and starting to flower while the Nepali Orange looks like it will be a compact little bush but has plenty of flowers on The Naga plant is in a pot and currently doing well being about 30cm high Fish Padron June 2006 June 29 All plants now doing well in the sunshine Padron is about 100cm high with a few fruits developing biggest 5cm long The Nepali Orange also has a load of small upright fruits developing Just beginning now to give the fruiting plants a little weak tomato food Weedkill Nepali Orange July 2006 July 11 DISASTER STRIKES While we were away on holiday for a week a watering can got used which we only have for weedkilling in the space of 2 days we have lost most of our pot planted croppers Luckily the Naga and Red Savina got missed Have lost all the ground planted plants Padrons Fish some Chocolate Habanero Scutaba Nepali Orange and some Super Chillis which we always grow for a good crop Just off to hang myself in the greenhouse Red Savina Padrons July 2006 All plants now sorted out dead ones gone and all the pot ones now can be spaced out better have enough survivors to carry on with only the Fish missing will try that again next year Good news Naga coming into flower as is the Red Savina have found a Scutaba Chocolate Habanero and Nepali Orange in pots these are not as quite as advanced as the ground ones but most plants

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2005
    still not too good as there were 2 frosts this week although daytime temperatures are rising on sunny days have to be careful not to lose any by drying out in the sun before they freeze again at night May10 Although on good days now the temperature is rising to 100F in the greenhouse these days are still a scarcity Watering once a day to keep constantly damp Some will now be sold in the next few weeks while others will find their permanent position either a 20 30cm pot or straight into the ground in the greenhouse Lemon Drop Zimbabwe Bird Karneval Yellow May June 2005 May 29 All plants are now in the ground in the greenhouse about 15cm high while some of the small varieties are to be kept in about 20cm pots The over wintered Karneval Yellow has a few ripening chillis on and is now in the greenhouse probably could now do with a fresh top dressing June 15 Karneval Yellow has now a good crop of ripening chillis been trimmed up a bit top dressed and a tomato food watering this over wintered plant is about 3 months ahead of a new grown seedlings so is well worth trying to keep a few plants going over winter Rocoto Yellow Hot Banana June 2005 June 25 Most of the plants now have small flower buds appearing The Super Chilli which we grow each year for its huge crop for the freezer has a few small chillis developing June 30 Left is the Rocoto Yellow from the capsicum pubescens species which is native to Bolivia and Peru They are identified by their black seeds and hairy leaves the name component pubescens means hairy Naga Jolokia Santa Fe Grande June 2005 June 30 Left the only Naga which came up from 10 seeds is a bit behind for a chinense to get a ripe crop from perhaps I will try and keep over winter for an early start Right the Santa Fe Grande had the dreaded leaf curl 2 weeks ago with a few aphids around the tip so I just nipped the whole top off and it s now recovered into a healthy little bush Hot Banana Purple Rocket July 2005 July 15 After battling past the black and red ants I can get to the first of the crops to develop the Super Chilli Hot Banana and the Santa Fe Grande Most of the others have a healthy amount of flowers on The Yellow Rocoto will now need stringing up as it shooting upwards at an alarming rate Time for a good weed disturb the ants again and a slight feed for some Anaheim Santa Fe Grande July 2005 July 22 Still a mixture of extremely hot weather to really cold again The Anaheims are appearing Left as are the Thai style ones in the pots A few flowers are showing now on the Yellow Rocoto and the Hot Paper Lantern White fly has attacked

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2004
    speed up cropping of a couple of these slower growers These 3 were placed into the system with a good root showing in a 5cm pot A few others this year didn t germinate namely the Charleston Hot which was a bought fresh seed packet and the Giant Jalapeno which were saved seeds from last years crop but then again Aurora did germinate this time but didn t last year from same seed batch NFT Hydro System GS100 pH check May 2014 May 16 Two weeks on and the plants in the hydroponic system have their roots growing out into the solution along the tray and are looking healthy A slight topping up of the nutrient solution and a pH check has now been performed with a constant flow temperature of 23 C More info on this system click here Checking the other plants in the 5cm pots more regularly now as they are drying out quickly on the warmer days and will be potting them on into a final size of about 20cm when big enough 3 Litre Pots June 2014 June 6 Potting on into 20 cm pots for most of them which are from March April sowings The small plants Rooster Spur Chinese 5 Colour Candlelight are from a May sowing these had higher germination percentage and are catching up fast with the early March sowings They also look healthier and are less prone to damping off and disease 3 Litre Pots NFT Hydro System GS100 July 2014 July 1 The ground plants now starting to produce with fruits on the Ancho and the Joe s Long Cayenne Pots plants are nearly all in flower some with good sized fruit on The taller ones in the pots are now needing a stake to keep them upright Aurora Fiesta July 2014 July 1 The ground plants now starting to produce with fruits on the Ancho and the Joe s Long Cayenne Pots plants are nearly all in flower some with good sized fruit on The taller ones in the pots are now needing a stake to keep them upright Some sort of cherry Ring of Fire July 2014 July 3 The hydroponic plants have now had their 3rd complete tank nutrient change with pH being checked and are growing well now needing support to hold upright The Unknown has quite a few fruits on while Ring of Fire and Orozco are in full flower with small fruits appearing The nutrient tank now needs regular checking for topping up Ancho Orozco July 2014 July 22 Ancho s are doing well and have now started picking a few to eat as they are good stuffed and baked Joe s Long Cayenne isn t doing that well but have taken a few long curly chillis of it but have since removed the plant as it was weak and prone to disease Riot Filius Blue July 2014 July 29 The hydroponic plants now need checking almost daily to make sure the nutrient

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2003
    in also quantities of ornamental kitchen windowsill plants have been grown for sale on our market stallthis year Tri Colour Variegated Pretty Purple Prairie Fire Candlelight Holiday Cheer plus few greenhouse types like Jalapeno Bulgarian Carrot with a few spares of the above list Potted on again into slightly bigger pots May 2003 May 20 Apart from the 2 which didn t germinate at all the rest are now doing well with the Criolla Czech Black Early Jalapeno Giant Jalapeno and Rocoto planted straight into the ground in the greenhouse Tabasco Lipstick and Thai Sun will go into the ground when space is available while the others will be grown on in pots The labelling as shown left has worked better than previous years as they aren t getting muddled up or the names washed off with watering with the higher sticks July 2003 May 20 All plants are now doing well watered daily with a weak feed every 2 weeks Czech Black is the earliest with 2 inch black chillis on most of the other plants now have chillis except Tabasco which is only just showing signs of its first flower Thai Sun which is a very slow grower big leaves but no flowers and the Rocoto which is just about to form its first fruit The ground plants are now all about 3 foot high and supported with strings while most of the plants in pots are about 1 foot The Rooster Spur is a very attractive small leafed bush which is absolutely covered in 1 cm upright chillis The Early Jalapeno does not seem to be any earlier than growing a standard variety although it has good sized fruit on it certainly isn t prolific which I was expecting from an early strain for the UK climate Marbles Criolla Sella Rooster Spur Jimmy Little Tennessee Teardrops Early Jalapeno Czech Black Rocoto Red Tabasco Lipstick Giant Jalapeno August 2003 Aug16 All plants have chillis on except the Thai Sun which is about 2 foot high big leaves and only just started to flower The Rocoto is about 4 foot high covered in purple flowers and up to 2cm roundish green chillis Czech Black is very similar chilli to Jalapeno but it is jet black ripening with some of them ripening to deep red The giant Jalapeno s are about twice size as the normal Jalapeno s and will shortly be picked for the BBQ Rooster Spur Criolla Sella August 2003 Aug 23 The Tabasco has little yellow 2cm uprights on and the Rooster spur has even smaller 1cm uprights on which are now turning from green to red The Criolla Sella has turned into a large sprawling bush with masses of 7 8 cm green chillis on which are now turning to a bright orange The Lipstick are about 14cm long and are about to ripen With this hot weather all plants are being kept damp with up to 2 waters a day and some have had a

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2002
    of 6cm fruit ripening green to red Tepin Capsicum annuum Small orange to reddish brown thin fleshed oval fruit no germination This Years Equipment All plants were grown straight in the ground or 3 5 litre pots so no significant equipment was used this year apart from some tomato food when the fruits were setting and growing 1 seed into 4 cm cells 9 cm pots March April 2002 March 24 Nearly all seeds are now germinated 1 2 weeks except no show on the Anaheims All plants are indoors at the moment April 1 All plants are now potted on into 9 cm pots and have been moved into the greenhouse keeping a watch on forecasts just in case of any frosts which could quickly kill them Chinese 5 Colour Jamaican Hot Yellow Purple Banos Ramnad Mundu April June 2002 April 28 All plants growing strongly 2 4 inches high Weather warm during the day but still cold at night all require watering now daily Some will be planted on soon into the ground in the greenhouse and the ornamentals potted on for some windowsills Don t forget for sturdier compact plants pinch the tops out soon June 6 Ornamental plants now all potted on into 6 inch pots with the others all planted straight into the ground in the greenhouse Some of the taller ones have had their tops pinched out at 6 inches and are already showing signs of bushing up Flowers also starting to develop Pinch out tops Ornamentals Lemon Drop Bolivian Rainbow June 2002 June 21 Some plants up to a foot high with fruits forming on some of the earlier ones like the Antohi Romanian and the Cherry Bomb most plants now have a few flowers on and are now starting to get a regular weak tomato feed every few days Antohi Romanian Aurora Candlelight Holiday Cheer July 2002 July 7 All the ornamentals now have small chillis forming as do the earlier types like the Antohi Romanian Cherry Bomb and the Super Chilli Antohi Romanian pale yellow tapered fruit 4 inch Aurora purple tapered upright fruit 1 inch Candlelight green tapered uprights 1 inch Holiday Cheer small round yellow fruit Bolivian Rainbow purple tapered upright fruit 1 inch Cherry Bomb green lozenge shaped fruit 1 2 inches Stripe Purple Banos Cherry Bomb Chinese 5 Colour August 2002 Aug 4 All plants now have some chillis on except stripe which is still in flower Antohi Romanian now starting to ripen Aurora strong 12 inch pot plants with tapered upright fruit ripening from purple through oranges to reds Bolivian Rainbow full of purple fruit Candlelight compact pot plant with plenty of clumps of tapered uprights Cherry Bomb 2 foot high bush with lots of fruit now ripening Holiday Cheer compact 12 inch pot plant with chillis just starting to ripen Jamaican Hot Yellow 2 foot bush with a few small green chillis developing Purple Banos 2 foot bush with small purple upright chillis now forming

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