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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2001
    wide at the shoulder to 10 cm long Tri colour Capsicum annuum Ornamental pot plant variegated leaves with 2 cm purple chillis on about 30 cm high in a pot Thai Hot Capsicum frutescens Small pepper well known for its extremely hot spiciness Upright plant with red peppers makes a good pot or patio plant This Years Equipment All plants were grown straight in the ground or 3 5 litre pots so no significant equipment was used this year apart from some tomato food when the fruits were setting and growing Fixed heat propagators True Leaves Developing February March 2001 24 February All seeds in above list are now sown which always means a change in the weather Overnight snowfalls and cold weather again Watch this page for the oncoming season All seeds germinated within 2 weeks except the Garden Salsa and the Super Shepherd 24 March About 95 of the seeds have now germinated and some are now reaching 2 inches tall with their first true leaves beginning to show Soon be time to pot on 3 Inch Pots April 2001 20 April All plants potted on and are about 3 inches tall now last week was the first warm week of sunshine this year and the small plants looked as if they were going to grow in the greenhouse if this weather doesn t hold I may as well try growing them on the North Pole as its probably warmer than the UK Some of the larger growing bushes are now planted straight into the ground in the greenhouse Jaloro Serrano jalapeño etc while the windowsill ornamentals are in 3 inch pots Medusa Ring of Fire Thai Hot Tri Colour June 2001 6 June The 4 ornamentals are now about 6 inches high and have had their tips pinched out to make the plants bushier all have been potted on into 4 6 inch pots The Ring of Fire is starting to flower as can be seen below All of the other plants have now been planted straight into the ground in the greenhouse except Peter Pepper Yellow which is supposed to be UK acclimatized and the two larger peppers Garden Salsa and Super Shepherd these are outdoors under glass for the moment Ground Planted Chillis June 2001 June 26 The 4 ornamentals are now about 6 10 inches high and are now coming in to flower The Medusa and Thai Hot are a much sturdier and compact plant than the Ring of Fire and the Tri Colour I have one of each variety on my kitchen windowsill The greenhouse plants are now growing well all tips have been pinched out and some are coming into flower and are up to about 12 inches high Outside varieties are not doing too bad but are in need of plenty of sun and warmth now to keep up and produce chillis in time I also have 2 varieties of tomatillo for Mexican cuisine growing in the greenhouse again and will

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  • Chilli Growing Diary 2000
    annuum Named for its similarity in appearance to an anatomical part Medium hot and good tasting great for spicing up salsa The plants can reach two feet and produce good amounts of fruit This Years Equipment All plants were grown straight in the ground so no significant equipment was used this year apart from some tomato food when the fruits were setting and growing 4 cm pots February April 2000 This years seeds were planted at the end of February 2000 and although they germinated fairly quickly in a heated propagator weather conditions always take a turn for the worst as April starts frosts snow and low temperature always seem to slow them down Even now as April approaches they are still only 1 2 inches high and are all still in the greenhouse as we have now decided the weather is not good enough to plant any outside even in a sheltered spot Potted straight into ground Tomatillo s May June 2000 Its nearly June now and still no sun and warmth to get the chilli plants growing although the tomatillo right has shot up So much for global warming more like global soaking in the UK are we ever going to get the summers again to grow these plants As an extra we have grown the tomatillo Physalis philadelphica known as the Husk Tomato or Mexican Husk Tomato It is a plant of the nightshade family related to the cape gooseberry bearing small spherical and green or green purple fruits Tomatillo s originated in Mexico and are a staple of Mexican cuisine they are generally eaten fried boiled or steamed The tomatillo fruit is surrounded by an inedible paper like husk formed from the calyx As the fruit matures it fills the husk and can split it open by harvest Robustini Tomatillo s July 2000 July 1 Still not much sun but warmer and the plants are coming into flower the Robustini is the first one to show its fruit as can be seen left The Tomatillo right are now approaching 5 foot high The fruit is now developing in the lantern like husk starting the size of a pea maturing to a golf ball size Plenty of fruit from the 2 bushes some of it being frozen for later use Robustini Mirasol July 2000 July 23 The Robustini is producing a good crop of early maturing chillis picked mostly green as they are good for pickling Bush about 2 foot high July 29 Mirasol which means Looking at the Sun describing the upright growing habit of this medium heat chilli Ripening from green to translucent red with a fruity flavour Good clusters of chillis now forming on the plants Bush about 2 3 foot high with chillis now starting to turn red at the end of October Nu Mex Sunrise Mexibelle Aug 2000 Aug 15 Numex Sunrise medium fleshed chilli varying in heat from medium to hot this pepper has a sweet earthy flavour Good for freezing

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  • Chilli Growing
    for flowering Prices for the 400W versions start from around 70 00 for a decent quality budget system but you can pay as much as 150 00 for a high end version with quality reflector High Pressure Sodium Lamps should only really be used with chillis for flowering although they will make a plant grow in the early days but the growth tends to be leggy and uncontrolled Because of this HPS lights are generally used as a complete source of light for chillis grown indoors the 400W and 600W versions are the top sellers Wherever possible these lights should be purchased with Grolux lamps these have been slightly tweaked for horticultural use and chillis generally seem do slightly better under them Expect to pay around 70 00 for a basic 400W version the sky s the limit for high end 600W versions Both MH and HPS grow lights of 400W and above will require a special timer unit to turn them on and off if you try to use a normal household it will normally fuse together and stop working Ask your retailer which product is suited to the light you plan to buy they start from around 20 00 for a one light controller Light Emitting Diode LED Lighting Still in its infancy for the mass market written April 2010 they do look like the energy efficient way forward to light up your plants LED lighting is actually a cluster of individual units Many of these produce white light but others generate light of other wavelengths and although for coverage LEDs are initially somewhat more expensive than conventional HID lighting at the moment and only available in small blocks the overall savings on your electric bill and the long life approx ten years depending on use should make up for this LEDs roughly use only 20 to 30 of the electricity of conventional HID lighting depending on the colour of the LED and will run warm rather than hot so will not need cooling As with all the other plant lighting it now comes down the wavelength part of the spectrum which is useful to the plants Blue LEDs speeds up leaf development plant growth and provides maximum plant health while the Red LED lighting will trigger bud development flower blossoming and fruit growth Recent technology also now includes full spectrum LEDs that are for accelerating growth and flowering to use throughout the season All LEDs turn on instantly and can be used with standard timers to give your plants 14 16 hours lighting a day which probably makes them a good choice for home hobbyists also being more rugged in durability as they have no fragile filament to contend with and no fragile tube they are resistant to heat cold and shock For a more detailed read on LEDs visit gizmology net LEDs htm Lighting FAQ s Q How much do these lights cost to run A Electricity is charged per 1000 watts per hour kilowatts so a 400 watt light uses 40 of one Kilowatt hour If you re paying 10 pence per kilowatt hour you will therefore pay 4 pence for each hour that the light is turned on Putting a timer onto the lighting system and running the lights overnight will obviously keep the cost down if you are on a day and night rate growtips10 Q Are grow lights safe A Very as long as you buy from a reputable retailer and use a timer unit where applicable Bear in mind that with HID lighting the lamps become very hot when in use so make sure children and pets do not have access to them Q All I want is something to get my seedlings going earlier in the season which light is best for me A CFL blues are perfect for this and reasonably priced always go for the 200W if finances allow Q I want to grow chillis year round indoors which lights do I need A If you re feeling flush then get a blue CFL light to get them started then switch to metal halide to bring them on to the point where you would like to flower them then switch over to high pressure sodium Have a look around for combi deals on grow lights some retailers include both MH and HPS lamps at a discounted rate on certain grow lights Q What s the difference between a budget grow light for 70 00 and a high end one for 150 00 A Believe it or not it s normally just the reflector High end reflectors have been optimised to spread the light and lamp heat out over a wider area budget reflectors tend to concentrate the light directly under the lamp which occasionally be too much for these plants and cause heat stress However in reality the very high end reflectors tend to be used for higher value crops and research most budget versions are fine for chillis Q I ve seen it mentioned that you should use ventilation in indoor growing areas where HID lights are used why is this A If you use HID lights in confined spaces heat build up can be a problem especially with 600W versions and above In this case it makes sense to use a small extractor fan of some kind to remove some of the hot air and keep the air in the area fresh and full of CO2 this can become depleted quite quickly in indoor growing areas Q I ve seen a lot of talk about digital grow lights on the internet are they as good as all the websites make out A No not really claims they use less electricity are thoughtless at best if you see a website using this as a selling point be very careful when dealing with the company they are either ill informed or unethical Certain Digital ballast used in conjunction with certain lamps can produce higher outputs but you ll

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  • Chilli Growing Equipment
    healthy root growth but small enough to encourage early fruit development giving fruit time to ripen and plant time to produce bigger chilli harvests At less than a metre long and 25cm wide you can grow bumper harvests in any small sunny space and the Chilligrow is drip proof so you can grow chillies indoors and outdoors Web Site www greenhousesensation co uk Hydroponics NFT Hydro System GS100 3 plants GS200 5 plant from Greenhouse sensation now called the Vivigrow hydrogrow We tried out the GS100 in 2004 and found it a very easy kit to begin hydroponic growing with This kit came with pH water test nutrients pump heater and growing tank The Greenhouse Sensation Hydro systems are active which means that the water and nutrient is automatically pumped from a reservoir around the plant roots anything the plant does not take is drained back into the reservoir This way the plants never receive too much or too little water and nutrient In a GS NFT the water is constantly pumped over the roots and back into the reservoir over and over again The plants we grew here seemed to take off at a very quick rate compared with soil pot plants plus there was no worries about watering as long as you keep an eye on the reservoir All three varieties grew really well and needed little looking after apart from staking to keep the plant upright as it grew Electricity is required if using a greenhouse Nice easy product to use and maintain www greenhousesensation co uk Wilma 4 Pot System from Greens Horticulture We first tried this for our growing diary in 2007 and are now using again this year 2008 as we had good success with it Probably the best of the Capsicums to use in this system are the Chinense as they do not grow so vigorously as the annums and can be managed more easily as the 4 plants do grow quite closely together Using a small pump 4 drippers supply nutrients to the plants roots which were planted in clay pebbles Dripping every 15 minutes in the hour from a timer seem to be adequate The plants seemed healthier and had more fruit on than the same strain grown in 4 litre pots using soil The Wilma 4 Pot System can be used with either organic growing media and fertilisers or with clay pebbles Measures 69cm long by 58cm wide the height to the top of the pots in situ is approx 43cm Each pot holds 11 litres of growing media the nutrient tank holds 30 litres when full Web Site www hydroculture co uk Nutrients Two Part Nutrients from Greenhouse sensation Two sizes of nutrient refills With large number of the smaller planters Chilligrow Windowgrow Hydropod meaning that you use a lot of the nutrient you might want to order the empty 2 5 litre bottles and the refills for those larger bottles 250ml bottle nutrient refills for your Chilligrow Windowgrow

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  • Cooking With Chillis
    not leave them too long to soak as they will start to leech out the flavours into the water probably 10 15 minutes in warm water should suffice as long as they are now pliable it should do discard the water as it will probably be bitter but it can be tasted if you really want to use it in a sauce but check flavour before using Dried chillies should be stored in an airtight container and in a dry cool and dark place Although you can keep them for years it is best to use them within six months If you want to make your own flakes or powders roasting the dried chillis improves the flavour and renders the chillies much easier to crush in a pestle or chop in a food processor Let them cool after roasting as they will then be easier to crush as they will be more brittle These flakes and powders will now make the tastiest of dry rubs for BBQ s Use a small coffee grinder that you can set aside for chilli and spice grinding Due not grind continuously for too long as this will heat and burn the chillis but blitz in short bursts and then let the dust to settle for a minute before taking the lid off as some of the hotter chilli types will let a lethal dust cloud up from the grinder Aji Ancho Aji About 4 to 5 inches long medium fleshed with a fruity flavour This chile is used to make a yellow mole sauce and is good in salsas Anchos About 3 to 4 inches long these are dried poblano chillis a dark reddish brown chilli with a wrinkled surface fairly mild thickish flesh with a sweet earthy flavour of liquorice tobacco coffee and raisins Used in mole enchilada sauces tamales and stews The traditional mole has Ancho Mulato and Pasilla Chillis Cascabel Chipotles Cascabel Meaning rattle in Spanish due to the rattling sound when shaken about 1 to 2 inches dark reddish brown smooth and round in shape this chilli is medium hot used in sauces salsas soups and stews Chipotles There are two main types a black red one and a light brown one The sweeter black red ones seem to be the most common ones found and these are the ones which go into the cans of the spicey tomato adobo sauce Either type can be used in cooking but the black red variety seems to give a sweeter rich and lingering flavour while the light brown type which resembles a piece of light suede has a more earthy grassy flavour Chilhaucle Negro Choricero Chilhaucle Negro About 2 to 3 inches long this dark mahogany chilli has an intense fruit flavour and is shaped like a miniature bell pepper Used in soups and stews and in black mole sauces with its dark purple colour Choricero About 4 inches long this is an extremely sweet and mild Spanish chilli A very distinctive

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  • Mexican Recipes
    Transfer all ingredients to food processor and blend until smooth using necessary water Good red sauce to serve with anything from tortilla chips to fried eggs Snack Starters Quesadillas 8 soft tortillas 4 oz refried beans 6 oz cheddar cheese 3 oz mozzarella 4 green chillis Spread refried beans on one half of the tortillas divide cheeses and thinly sliced chillis between tortillas and put on top of beans Fold tortilla over top of filling and press edges firmly together to seal if necessary pin together with cocktail sticks Fry in about 1 inch of oil until crisp and brown dry on absorbent paper and serve with guacamole salsa and sour cream Guacamole Dip 1 ripe avocado 1 ripe tomato handful of fresh coriander 1 green chilli Juice of 1 lemon 1 spring onion 1 tbls Philadelphia cream cheese Chop and dice tomato chilli and spring onion Mash avocado in a bowl mix with lemon juice and philadelphia cheese and stir in rest of ingredients season with salt and pepper Jalapeño Poppers 24 Jalapenos 4 oz goats cheese feta or similar soft cheese 2 garlic cloves 1 tsp fresh rosemary 4 eggs 4tbls milk seasoned flour bread crumbs or couscous Carefully remove seeds and pith from chillis from the top end and stuff with cheese garlic and rosemary mixture Beat eggs with milk Dip chillis into egg mix then roll in flour and then crumbs or couscous repeat this procedure and then deep fry until golden Prawn Empanadas 2 tbls olive oil 1 red onion 2 garlic cloves 4 tbls tomato puree 1 lb cooked prawns 2 fresh green chillis 2 rehydrated Mexican red chillis good pinch of ground cumin and allspice good pinch of oregano 1 tbls fresh lemon juice tortillas Fry chopped red onions garlic chillis spices and herbs until onion has softened add lemon juice tomato puree and prawns cook for a few minutes and set aside to cool Place a spoonful or two onto half a side of a tortilla and fold over dampen and press edges together to seal Deep fry until crisp and brown Avocados with Chipotle Sauce large avocado 3 tbls chipotle sauce 4 sundried tomatoes in oil 1 lime Half avocado take out stone and remove flesh in two halves Slice and fan out avocado and squeeze over juice of half a lime Puree sun dried tomatoes chipotle sauce and a splash of water in a blender and spoon over avocado and garnish with rest of lime cut into slices Pickled Chillis 500g mixed hot mild and sweet peppers 3 tbls sea salt 6 garlic cloves handful of coriander about 1 2 pint of cider vinegar 3 tbls olive oil Place peppers into a glass bowl and cover with the salt turning occasionally for about 2 hours Heat oil in large pan and throw in the roughly chopped garlic until it sizzles and peppers and coriander for about 2 minutes do not let peppers soften Turn into sterilized jars and cover with boiling cider vinegar leaving slight gap at top Seal jars and place into boiling water for 15 minutes remove jars cool and label and keep for at least 2 weeks before trying Eggs Rancheros 4 tbls olive oil 4 tortillas 8 eggs 2 oz feta or similar cheese any chilli sauce from sauces list Fry tortillas 1 at a time in 3 tbls of oil set aside and keep warm Fry the eggs in twos Place two fried eggs on a tortilla spoon over quantity of chilli sauce and crumble on some cheese Grilled Stuffed Chillis 8 large stuffable chillis 8 thin slices ham 2 oz cream cheese or boursin 2 oz mozzarella 1 lemon Place whole chillis under a hot grill and cook all over until they just start to blister Remove and rub off charred shins and slit down one side Scoop out all the pith and seeds Place a small amount of cream cheese on a slice of ham and roll up insert into chilli squeeze over some fresh lemon and put a slice of mozzarella on top Finish off back under the grill until cheese bubbles Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño s submitted 20 25 Jalapeño s cut lengthwise and seeded softened cream cheese bacon slices cut in half Stuff the Jalapeño s with cream cheese wrap a half slice of bacon around each and secure with a toothpick Place on a broiling pan with rack Bake in a 425 degree oven for 20 25 minutes or until bacon is cooked and cheese is slightly browned You can use lower fat cream cheese and a third of a slice of bacon to reduce your fat pull the bacon to stretch it Corn Poblano Soup 1lb sweetcorn preferably very fresh 2 poblano chilli peppers 750ml chicken stock 250ml single cream or soured cream 1 onion In a large pan sauté the diced up onion and chillis for a few minutes then add the cooked corn kernels and cook for another few minutes Add mixture to a food processor with some stock and blend until smooth Return to pan add remaining stock and simmer season with salt as required After 10 minutes turn heat to very low and stir in cream and serve Garnish with finely diced chilli peppers and a swirl of cream Bite Size Chilli Pancakes 1 egg 150ml milk 125g self raising flour 1 tbsp mashed potato 2 green Jalapeño chillis or similar 2 spring onions 1oz grated cheese 3oz diced goats cheese Whisk the egg into the milk and stir in the flour and mash when mixed well stir in the finely chopped chilli and spring onion and then add the cheese Spoon tablespoons of the mix onto a lightly greased pan and fry over a medium heat until golden brown and the flip over to brown other side Jalapeño Muffins 4oz plain flour 4oz yellow cornmeal 2tsp baking powder 1 2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 2 tsp salt 6 oz sour cream 2 medium eggs 2oz unsalted butter 2 green Jalapeño chillis or similar 2 red Jalapeño chillis or similar 2oz mature hard cheese Sift together flour cornmeal baking powder bicarb and salt in a mixing bowl Whisk together sour cream eggs and melted butter and stir in finely chopped chillis and grated cheese Add chilli mix to the flour mix and blend together spoon into greased muffin tins or bun tins and bake for 15 minutes in a medium high oven gas 6 or equivalent Cheesy Corn Bread 2 oz butter 1 medium onions 4oz cottage cheese 4oz mature hard cheese 3 1 2 oz cornmeal 4oz tin creamed sweetcorn 1 tsp salt 3 1 2fl oz milk 3 separated eggs 4oz finely slice smoked bacon Finely chop onions a fry onions for a few minutes in the butter set aside and let cool Add cottage cheese grated hard cheese into the onions and mix well the add remaining ingredients except the egg whites and bacon Beat egg whites to soft peaks and fold into mixture Pour into a greased 1 2lb loaf tin and lay bacon on top bake for 45 minutes in a medium high oven gas 6 or equivalent Thinly sliced chillis can be added to mix if preferred Spicy Chickpea Dip 6 oz chickpeas 1 red onion 2 garlic cloves 3 spring onions 2 green chillis 1 fresh lemons 1 large tomato handful fresh coriander 2 tbls yogurt Soak chickpeas overnight then simmer covered in fresh water for about 1 hour Grill garlic and sliced onion until just starting to char then transfer to food processor with cooked chickpeas and blend until smooth with the juice from lemon Finely chop spring onion chillis tomato and coriander and stir into puree with the yogurt season with salt Mexican Style Humous 12 oz chickpeas 1 red chilli 1 2 red pepper 1 2 tsp roasted and ground cumin seeds 1 garlic clove 1 tbls peanut butter 2 tbls olive oil 1 large lemon Soak chickpeas overnight then simmer covered in fresh water for about 1 hour Grill red pepper and chilli until blackened peel of skin and slice up Place rest of ingredients with chickpeas into a food processor and pulse until required consistency adding any more olive oil or lemon to suite taste Stir in grilled peppers and chilli Grilled Stuffed Chillis 8 large stuffable chillis 8 thin slices ham 2 oz cream cheese or boursin 2 oz mozzarella 1 lemon Place whole chillis under a hot grill and cook all over until they just start to blister Remove and rub off charred shins and slit down one side Scoop out all the pith and seeds Place a small amount of cream cheese on a slice of ham and roll up insert into chilli squeeze over some fresh lemon and put a slice of mozzarella on top Finish off back under the grill until cheese bubbles Mains Deep Fried Stuffed Chillis 8 green chilli peppers try anaheim or kenyan 2oz grated cheddar and mozzarella mixed 1 egg light beer 2tbls plain flour 1tbls smokey chilli powder Carefully remove chilli tops and remove seeds Stuff each chilli with cheese mixture Beat the egg and beer together and mix in the plain flour and chilli powder to make a batter Dip chilli peppers into the batter and deep fry in hot oil until golden brown Smokey Chilli Soup 1lb steak mince 1 onion 1 clove garlic 1 tin tomatoes 3 tbls tomato puree 2 dried anchos rehydrated and pureed 1 tsp smokey chilli powder 1 tsp roasted ground cumin seeds 2oz uncooked long grain rice 2tbls olive oil 6fl oz chicken stock Heat 1 tbls oil in pan and brown mince remove meat and set aside Heat remaining oil and fry onion and garlic add tomato puree tin of tomatoes pureed chilli cumin and stock bring to boil Add meat and simmer for 20 minutes add rice and season simmering for a further 20 minutes making sure there is sufficient liquid to serve as a soup Green Chilli Stew 5 tbls olive oil 2lb stewing steak 3 green peppers 3 garlic cloves 4 fresh green chillis 1 tin chopped tomatoes 2 tsp honey or brown sugar pinch of ground cloves and cinnamon 2 tsp ground cumin 2 fresh limes 11 fl oz stock handful of fresh coriander Heat half of oil and brown meat in batches and remove dice green peppers fairly chunkily and fry in remaining oil with crushed garlic Return meat to pan and add rest of ingredients keeping back 1 lime and coriander cook at gas 5 or 190C 375F for 2 hours Remove from oven uncover and reduce on top of stove until sauce thickens squeeze in juice of last lime season to taste and add coriander as garnish Chicken Wrapped Tortillas 3 chicken breasts 1 large red onion 1 red and green pepper 2 limes juiced 2 tsp smokey chilli powder 1 tbls olive oil soured cream chilli sauce Cut the chicken breasts into strips and marinate in the juice of 1lime oil and chilli powder for 30 minutes Roast red pepper under hot grill until blackened let cool slightly and rub off charred skin Cut green pepper into strips and slice onion Heat a large cast iron griddle brush with oil and grill green pepper onion and chicken strips until charred and cooked through mix with red pepper which has been sliced and squeeze over rest of lime juice Warm through 6 to 8 tortillas spoon on chicken mixture and soured cream or chilli sauce and roll up Crab Enchiladas 6 tortillas 1 2 lb crab meat 4 oz cheddar cheese 2 oz mozzarella small red onion handful fresh coriander 2tsp fresh lemon juice olive oil chilli sauce Lightly fry the tortillas do net let them crisp up spread over some chosen chilli sauce see sauces divide crab and cheeses over tortillas keeping some cheese back Roll up tortillas and place in a greased dish spread over more chilli sauce and the rest of the cheeses and bake for 15 minutes in a moderate oven Garnish with coriander and serve with sour cream and guacamole Acapulco Chilli Prawns 1lb large raw prawns 1 oz butter 1 2 red onion 3 garlic cloves 1 hot or 2 3 milder green chillis 3 tomatoes 2 tbls tomato puree juice 1 fresh lime handful of coriander Peel and clean the prawns leaving on the tail tips and set aside make about half a pint of stock with the shells Heat the butter in a large pan and saute the chopped garlic and onions adding the coriander and chilli after 2 minutes fry for 2 more minutes Add tomatoes tomato puree and lime juice and simmer until the mixture thickens add prawn stock and simmer for 5 minutes then add prawns and cook until they turn pink Serve with lemon and lime wedges with mexican green rice Lamb in Ancho Guajillo Chilli Sauce 2 dried Ancho chillis 3 dried Guajillo chillis 1 tbls olive oil 8 lamb shanks 1 onion 3 cloves garlic 1 tsp ground cumin sprig of thyme 2 pints of stock 2 bay leaves 2 limes 2 tbls coriander Remove seeds and rehydrate chillis then blend with some of the water to make sauce Heat oil and brown lamb shanks in batches Drain fat from pan and add chopped onion and garlic cooking until soft Return lamb to pan and add all ingredients except the chilli sauce mixture and simmer covered for about 1 2 hours until lamb is tender Remove lamb shanks and strip meat from bones and return to soup mixture discarding the bones Leave to cool and refrigerate overnight Skim fat from mixture stir in chilli sauce and heat through for 20 minutes Garnish with lime wedges and coriander Chipotle Pork Enchiladas 1 lb rolled pork joint Chilli BBQ sauce see sauces 4 chipotle dried chillis 4 tomatoes 1 small red onion 6 tortillas 3 oz grated hard cheese Make up chilli BBQ sauce and add more stock to make up about 3 4 pint Unroll the pork joint and cut into large chunks brown the meat off in a large pan and add the chilli sauce simmer for up to 2 hours until meat is very tender and almost falling apart While meat is cooking rehydrate the Chipotles and grill tomatoes and onion until charred remove tomato skins and blend Chipotles tomatoes and onion to a smooth paste This paste can be added to the meat anytime during the cooking When pork is done remove and slightly shred with fork dividing between tortillas Spoon some sauce into a dish place rolled up tortillas on sauce and spoon more sauce over the top finish of with a sprinkling of cheese and bake in oven moderate temperature for 1 2 hour Mexican Green Rice 1 cup long grain rice 2 cups chicken stock 1 onion 1 green pepper 2 mildish green chillis handful fresh coriander Grill peppers garlic and onion until they start to char then blend in processor with some stock to make a paste Heat a splash of olive oil in a pan and gently fry the paste for a few minutes add the rice and remaining stock and simmer covered for 15 minutes or until all liquid has gone and rice is cooked Fluff up rice and recover for a few more minutes Refried Beans 12 oz dried pinto beans 1 small green chilli 1 small onion 1 clove garlic olive oil Soak the beans overnight covered in plenty of water Place rest of ingredients roughly chopped into a pan with the soaked beans and cover with water bring to the boil and simmer for about 2 hours or until the beans are cooked Remove the beans and either pulse them in a food processor or place them all in a large pan with some heated olive oil Fry the beans over a medium heat stirring and mashing if they haven t been pulsed with a potato masher If they start sticking to the pan base they require more oil when the beans are thick they are ready for use or if you like them truly refried keep frying until they stick together and you can almost toss them in the frying pan To reheat the beans add a little water to soften then go through the above procedure again Fruity Lamb Stew with Ancho and Jalapeño s 1 lb cubed lamb 2 jalapeño chillis 3 Ancho chillis 1 onion 1 clove garlic 2 large tomatoes 2oz seedless raisins pinch cinnamon Roast the dried anchos for a minute in a hot pan and rehydrate Brown the lamb in casserole pot and set aside In the same casserole pot add a bit more olive oil and saute the sliced up jalapeño onion and garlic until soft Add chopped tomatoes raisins and cinnamon and stir for a minute or so Purée the Ancho s with some of the rehydrating liquid and add to pot with the lamb cover with water or stock and let simmer for about 2 hours Serve with mexican rice Habanero Pork with Pineapple 1lb cubed pork 1 onion 1 red pepper 2 Habanero chilli peppers 1 tin or half a fresh pineapple chunked chicken stock Brown the cubed pork in a little oil in a casserole pot and remove Dice up the onion red pepper and the Habanero and soften in the casserole pot with a little more oil if needed Add the pineapple cubes and then the pork cover with 4 6 oz stock and simmer for about 2 hours or until the pork is tender Serve with mexican green rice Chipotle Mushrooms 1lb small button mushrooms 1 onion 2 cloves garlic 2 3 Chipotles from Chipotles in adobo sauce fresh coriander Fry the mushrooms in 2 3 tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan Slice the Chipotles long ways and finely chop the onion and garlic When

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  • Oriental Recipes
    peri peri oil till tender Add can of relish add sugar salt peri peri powder Simmer for 15 mins Use on all meat dishes fish or salads Store in fridge or bottle Dried Prawn Floss submitted A 100 grams of dried prawns pounded very fine B 30 to 35 dried chillies shred finely 1 lemmon grass stalk shred finely 8 to 10 shallots 1 clove garlic 1 cm either fresh or dried tumeric C some tamarind juice 1 table spoon of water to get the juice salt and sugar to taste D 1 table spoon oil Wash the chillies and put them in a blender together with the ingredients from B Blend till smooth Dish it out Heat the oil in a wok or frying pan add in the grounded ingredients and fry till fragant Then add the pounded prawn and fry till very dry over a slow fire Season to taste with the tamarind juice and fry till very dry Lastly add in the salt and sugar to taste and fry till well blended Dish out and when cool keep in an sir tight container Serve with cucumber slices or mint leaves Very delicious as a sandwich ingredient Have a delicious meal with rice Mains Sticky Chilli Gingery Ribs 1 kg short pork ribs 6 tbls dark soy 6 tbls sugar 7 8 cm piece fresh ginger 6 spring onions 3 tbls Chinese rice wine 3 6 long red chillis Try to get short ribs or cut the long ones in half so you have about 7 8 cm long pork ribs Cut the ginger into 3 or 4 pieces and lightly crush so they split cut spring onions into half and cut the chillis into half lengthways Add all ingredients to a pan with about 1 litre of water and bring to the boil Turn heat down to a medium simmer and remove any scum off the top cover and simmer for about 45 minutes turning everything over every so often Remove lid and turn up heat and reduce to a thick sticky glaze turning the ribs over to continually coat them Sweet Sour Hot Aubergines 8 oz onions 1 inch ginger 2 tsp cumin seeds 2 tsp coriander seeds 3 5 fresh long red chillis 2 inch cinnamon stick 1lb aubergines 1 tbls smoked paprika 3 4 tbls tamarind pulp 1 2 tbls dark brown sugar salt to season Finely slice the onion chillis and ginger finely grind cumin coriander cinnamon in a coffee grinder and cut the aubergine into 1 inch cubes Heat a wok add some oil and lightly fry the onions chillis and ginger for a few minutes then add the ground spices and fry for another minute Add the aubergine tamarind sugar and paprika turning once and then add 300ml of water season with salt and simmer for about 30 minutes or until you have a thick sauce Red Chicken Curry 2 tbls oil 4 chicken breasts 400 ml coconut milk 4 tbls

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