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  • Chocolate Blog - Reviews of the best and worst chocolate
    weak at the knees And even though this uses Dominican beans that can be a bit brutish and uncouth the sweet addictive flavours are simply out of this world It s made from what I expect is Concado DR beans along with browned butter from the Ronnybrook Farm Dairy which is local to Bryan Although I m generally no fan of vanilla and Read More Seaforth Cow s Milk A truly lovely dark milk chocolate with the perfect balance of the cocoa and the sugar with the creamy aspects well in balance Read More Traidcraft Chocolate Selec Seeing as the guys at JD Williams have decimated my chocolate collection it was great to have it replenished with the arrival of Traidcraft bars that David sent over for me to give my thoughts on Whenever I review Fairtrade products I always try and see the chocolate in the context of what the maker actually tries to achieve and not in direct comparison to the type of chocolate that a maker will happily Read More Divine Dark Chocolate with Here I consider the focus and approach of Divine through some chats I ve had with their employees and representatives and as a result of trying three of their new bars Read More Valrhona Echantillon Manak Innovation is key to the success of premium quality chocolatiers Many will churn out average quality products with impunity and are lapped up by a largely unknowing chocolate buying public But innovation shouldn t just rest with the chocolatier taking couverture and playing with new inclusions it should also rest with the chocolate maker This is exactly what the Valrhona have done with the two Read More Ara Chocolat Belize 71 an Two new bars from Ara found their way to my desk and I m damn

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  • About Lee McCoy Editor at Chocolate Reviews
    your skills to the highest levels Francis Temmerman Casaluker Europe Manager www lukercacao com Why Are There Only Very Few Banners I have a strong dislike for banners and stuff like that If I use them I ll make them unobtrusive or completely relevant to chocolate if they re promoting a fantastic offer like 10 if they re seasonal or because I ve given them away to good causes How Does The Site Make Money Then Well most 90 of the reviews are non affiliated But some are Some sites I can earn some money if people buy things I try and get a good balance of types of reviews so the site just doesn t become a money making exercise over trying to find the best chocolate If you wanted to find out more about our Privacy Policy or how we comply with the new EU directive on cookies then we ve got a page about that too If you want to turn off cookies you can find out how to do that here What Do I Do With What I ve Earned Well it s not been much so far But every penny this site has earned has been reinvested into buying more chocolate to review or the hosting design etc If I add up all the time I ve spent on this site and worked out how much I could have earned doing my day job then this site would probably be running at a loss of about 20 000 so far What Are The Goals Of The Site I d love to help the smaller chocolate makers get more exposure There are some exceptional chocolatiers out there that just can t afford to advertise in magazines or TV Also I love chocolate what better way to spend my spare time that reviewing it and taking pictures of it What Future Plans Do I Have Well I want to review as much chocolate as I can But I also want to provide more general information about chocolate etc which I will be on a separate site about fine chocolate Here I ll explore how gourmet chocolate is made what types there are who makes it and anything about luxury chocolate when I find time And regrets I have a few I wish I had done a TEFL course and taught English abroad What Is My Favourite Chocolate For a complete experience it has to be the Geert Vercruysse Selection review But if we re talking about normal chocolate I love dark chocolate about 65 to 75 But I also just adore Rocky Road chocolate Damn it I just love chocolate What Have Been Your Highlights So Far I d say one of the biggest highlights so far has been visiting the Thorntons Chocolate Factory that was just fantastic I also love keeping on top of the chocolate news as I find it absolutely fascinating I hope you do too If you ve had your chocolate featured on

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  • Chocolatiers From Around The World
    underwhelming made from cocoa from a wide variety of nations Dolfin a Belgian chocolate maker focusing on unusual flavours Domori Italian Chocolatier which makes square chocolate blocks with single origin cocoa from around the world Hotel Chocolat UK Chocolatiers improving every year some very imaginative and tasty bars very innovative commercialised own a plantation in St Lucia Neuhaus Belgian chocolatiers their shops appear to work on a franchise system great customer service interesting chocolates Venchi Italian chocolatiers founded in 1878 make a good variety of single origin bars Zotter Austrian chocolatiers placed in this class as they do make imaginative bars very well Good Chocolatiers Bonnat French chocolatier set up in 1884 I haven t thought the chocolate has been all that special Bovetti French chocolatier set up in 1994 strange flavours Charbonnel et Walker English chocolatier and chocolate maker to the Queen focuses on chocolate truffles Divine more commercial than most on this list set up in 1998 and focuses on fair trade chocolate from Ghana El Rey Venezuelan chocolatier founded in 1929 Galler French chocolatier making commercialised chocolate batons truffles etc Godiva Belgian Chocolatier making truffles pralines and the odd bar Green Blacks UK American chocolatier founded in 1991 but sold to Cadbury in 2005 and then again with the purchase by Kraft in 2010 Grenada Chocolate Company Grenadian Chocolatiers making chocolate out a very small factory on their own plantation Montezuma s English chocolatiers commercialised nothing really excites me Average Chocolatiers Guylian Belgian chocolatiers founded in 1960 make very commercialised chocolates Prestat great for flashy chocolate gifts they taste nice but I don t feel they re anything special Poor Quality Chocolatiers Leonidas Belgian Chocolatiers just my opinion but the quality of service and the chocolates are bettered regularly Plamil English chocolate maker of free from chocolate

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  • Contact - Chocolate Reviews
    re not Thorntons If you d like to contact Thorntons Chocolates then please call their Head Office on 0845 075 7565 If you re a chocolatier or retailer and you d like your chocolates anything chocolate related then feel free to send them to Chocolate Reviews Get Visible Ltd 5 Woodside Road Warrington WA5 3BS Ideally they would be sent either Recorded or Special Delivery so we you can tell when they ve arrived And if you would like to send press information in the form of an attachment then please send them to lee at chocolatereviews co uk Your Name required Your Email required Subject Your Message Just Checking You re Human Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News Features Mystery Shopping International Industry Chocolate Recipes Buying Guides Random Posts Mast Brothers Black Truffle Dark Chocolate Bar El Rey Apamate 73 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar Oialla Organic Wild Chocolate from Beni Bolivia Chocolate Christmas Snow Globes Orion Choco Boy Use Of Cookies This website uses cookies in

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  • Chocolate Gifts & Presents
    t have to spend a fortune either as you can get fairly decent ones for less than 20 although the good value ones seem to be around the 40 to 50 level You can spend over 100 if you wished but that s a whole lot of love there more Chocolate Birthday Gifts There s just so much if you re looking to buy chocolates as a birthday gift Basically anything goes but if you re looking for something special then feel free to take a look at our research of what are the best ones available to buy online more Christmas Chocolates Chocolate is just so important at Christmas Of course it s the main festival and holiday of the year for good reason but also it s about fun and indulgence If you re looking for chocolate Christmas gifts then take a look at what Cadbury s have especially as their chocolates for children But also check out Hotel Chocolat as they have some fabulous chocolates for this Christmas coming out and Thorntons are very good for Christmas too Obviously don t forget the Gold Chocolate Coins as they re a must for any Christmas stocking Work out if the person you re buying would prefer white chocolate gifts And for a bit of guidance about buying chocolates for Christmas view our Christmas chocolate buyers guide If you re wanting non chocolate stocking fillers then we ve partnered with another company Check them out I just don t have enough time to do all those products too And if you wanted to buy some of the most beautiful gift boxes then we have some featured Chocolate Novelties And don t forget the power of chocolate novelty gifts when buying presents they re ace There are so many to

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  • Latest Chocolate Voucher Codes For Christmas
    codes especially for Easter eggs then check that site as I ve got loads there too Store Hotel Chocolat Voucher Code CHOCREV11 Discount 10 off your order over 30 excluding postage Valid Until 25th December 2011 Details Exclusive to us How To Use Click here and shop Remember the voucher code Store Thorntons Voucher Code AXFM Discount 15 off your order over 15 excluding postage Valid Until 21th December 2011 Details General How To Use Click here and shop Remember the voucher code Store Thorntons Voucher Code just awaiting confirmation Discount 10 off your order over 15 excluding postage Valid Until 15th December 2011 Details Unique to us How To Use Click here and shop Remember the voucher code Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News Features Mystery Shopping International Industry Chocolate Recipes Buying Guides Random Posts Chocolate Society Blond With Sea Salt Blanxart Chocolate Manufaktura Czekolady Czekolada Waniliowo Mleczna An Interview With Gareth Jenkins Chocolate Trading Co Mandy s Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Use Of Cookies

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  • Demarquette Royal Merina Ganaches - Fine chocolate in London
    this creation to create that volumising characteristic which allows much more of the flavour to be passed on to the taste buds And it shows The flavours just take a split second to kick in and and put your mouth into raptures much like the end scene of Raiders of the Lost Arc with all the spirits fly around after the Ark of The Covenant had been opened They really are that magical Inside this box you ll find something which is worth admiring as much as the ten commandments Thou shall create fantastic ganaches thou shall produce chocolate ethically thou shall be humble with your talents thou shall be true to the cacao bean you can probably think of many more but the Royal Merina ganaches have created their own rules for chocolate making which all true chocolatiers should strive to uphold Let s hope these other chocolatiers buy some and see just how high the standard has been set The flavours you ll witness are rich and fruity with a tart dryness to match They roll in waves of delight just like the Dar Williams version of Comfortably Numb and I d say would serve the perfect antidote to even the most stressful of days The vanilla is certainly there which some may feel just takes an edge off the inherent bitter dark chocolate characteristic but these are ganaches after all and not a bar of fine chocolate I digress The visual appearance of them is also superb Simplistic but spot on They re tall proud and rustically square They re the perfect size for two significant bites or three more dainty ones it all depends on how long you d like them to last Even though these ganaches are named after the Merina people from Madagascar from where the cacao comes from there s nothing unsophisticated about them They re quintessentially indulgent refined and decadent If there s any chocolate I ve tried this year that I d whole heartedly recommend then these would be them At 15 for six some may feel they re a bit out of their price range But you could easily spend the same amount on some 50 chocolates from an unremarkable chocolatier and fee far from satisfied If you d like a truly memorable chocolate experience than these must be for you Even if these were in a blind taste test not knowing who made them or how I d still be just as gushing And I m sure I d find it incredibly difficult to find people who d disagree They are award winning after all Where To Buy These Royal Merina Ganaches Demarquette 15 Rating Taste 95 I absolutely loved them I wonder what they d taste like without the vanilla Bust still outstanding Texture 100 So enveloping you could easily get lost in them Appearance 95 the packaging was excellent and they looked so delightful in the box Nutritional Information 95 there s absolutely loads of information in

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  • Pierre Marcolini Selection Box - Chocolate Reviews
    taste does This one was an interesting affair It was a subtle yet delightful ginger ganache Again the flavours were soft and just dabbed your taste buds I can really see these as after dinner chocolates as they re not overwhelming in terms of flavour as the Lauden chocolates are I have fallen in love with this saffron ganache Once again the flavours are subdued but tantalising Pierre chocolates are sophisticated They don t thrust their flavour upon you instead they just gently blow flavour over your taste buds Incredible I m sure the next was a violet ganache Here the flavour was more pronounced Still delicate but you don t have to search for the flavour I then tried his Grand Cru ganache which was resplendent with flavour and is a combination of dark chocolate with the cacao coming from Venezuela Ghana and Peru This was a great deal punchier than the others and I nice gear change from the soft flavours of the previous I tried this mango ganache in his factory and loved it then But I love it even more now We re back down to more subtle flavours however Pierre allows the true mango characteristic to come through incredibly well I just can t fault this one And the four spices ganache was fantastic too I wish I d have found one I didn t like But the cinnamon here was really capped off the whole experience wonderfully I ve still got over twenty left in the box but they ll have to wait until later If you re ever in Brussels you ll just have to check his stores out Where To Buy The Pierre Marcolini Selection Box Eboutique Rating Taste 96 I was in the mood for more subtle flavours being a great

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