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  • Galler Chocolates - A Profile by a chocolate reviewer
    white chocolate consisting of classic filled and mini chocolate bars Their exquisite filled bars include 22 flavours of tantalizing temptations such as dark chocolate raspberry milk chocolate hazelnut white chocolate coconut dark chocolate vanilla and white chocolate pistachio Check out our review of most of the flavours in their Mini Bâtons Tubes of Chocolate Galler s convenient tubes of chocolate ensure that these favourites will stay fresh and delicate for as long as possible Tubes of chocolate are available in 5 varieties Truffles Orangettes Mendiants Tube Bouchees Lait Wrapped Milk Hazelnut Pralines and Tube Bouchees Noir Wrapped Dark Hazelnut Pralines Large Tube of Truffles Galler s house truffles consist of a praline with a light and creamy truffle centre These fine pralines are then dusted lightly in a cocoa powder The beautiful russet coloured tube makes for easy transport of these luxurious treats Large Tube of Orangettes A classically sweet gift for any age this beautifully packaged tube consists of candid orange peels elegantly smothered in Galler s delectable dark chocolate Large tube of Mendiants An old favourite Galler s mendiants are a disc of dark chocolate richly sprinkled with dried fruits and nuts for a crisp snap of sophistication in every bite Tube Bouchees Lait Wrapped Milk Hazelnut Pralines The centres of these classic pralines will simply melt in your mouth Tube Bouchees Noir Wrapped Dark Hazelnut Pralines A classic praline wrapped in Galler s luscious dark chocolate Other Galler Chocolates Galler also make a wide variety of chocolate gifts such as Mini Easter Eggs Buy Galler Chocolates Online You can buy a huge selection of Galler chocoales direct Galler UK Galler Chocolates Videos No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Galler Chocolates Author Lee McCoy On 15 07

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  • Godiva Chocolates - Dark, Milk, Pralines - Buy Online
    mid 1960s the famous Godiva products were being sold at luxury department stores in the United States The Godiva company was purchased by Campbell Soup Company in 1967 and the first North American Godiva boutique was opened in 1972 on 5th Avenue in New York In 2008 Campbell Soup Company sold the Godiva company to Yildiz Holding in Istanbul Turkey Godiva Chocolates Godiva manufactures a wide array of fine chocolates made from quality ingredients Some of their more popular products include delightful truffles exquisite pralines fruit and nut filled chocolates sugar free chocolates solid chocolates beautifully decorated and tasty biscuits caramels and ganaches Truffles Godiva produces a variety of delicious truffles Some of the more popular flavours include Key Lime Cinnamon Pear Strawberry Roasted Almond Hazelnut Praline and Black Raspberry In addition to these delightful flavour combinations Godiva produces many more mouth watering truffles suited to all tastes Pralines Godiva s pralines are an elegant mixture of creamy smooth milk or white chocolate combined with ground hazelnut and moulded into a variety of elegant shapes Godiva s praline heart is available in both milk and white chocolate varieties The Hazelnut Praline Raindrop is a luscious blend of creamy milk chocolate and crushed roasted hazelnut encased in a delicious white chocolate raindrop shell while the Almond Praline Raindrop combines both roasted almonds and hazelnuts in a milk chocolate shell Solid Chocolates Godiva produces a fine line of quality solid chocolates made from luscious milk dark and white chocolates Their elegant Mint Demitasse is a delicious and refreshing infusion of mint into their fine dark chocolate Packaging All of Godiva s quality chocolates can be purchased in an array of elegant packaging From beautiful gift baskets and towers wedding and party favours or simple gift boxes and tins Godiva takes as much

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  • Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate Profile
    to their standard chocolate products the company also provides a selection of gifts and packages for all occasions as well as a line of quality baking chocolate for home use Green Blacks Chocolate Bars Besides Green Blacks famous Maya Gold Chocolate Bar the company also produces a wide array of delicious dark milk and white chocolate bars in a variety of amazing flavours Some of these exciting and tantalizing chocolate bars include Almond Ginger Hazelnut and Currant Cherry Butterscotch Espresso Caramel and Mint Green Blacks Cereal Bars and Biscuits Green Blacks quality organic cereal bars include the delicious Almond Cherry and Apricot Cereal Bar and the tasty Pecan Hazelnut Almond and Pumpkin Seed Cereal Bar Their biscuits are available in either Oat and Chocolate Crunch or Sultana and Cinnamon Crunch Green Blacks Ice Cream Green and Black also produces a line of exquisite organic ice cream flavours These ice creams include the traditional vanilla chocolate and strawberry as well as delicious combinations such as White Chocolate and Raspberry Swirl Vanilla Caramel Nut and even Vanilla and Chocolate Sauce Baking With Green Blacks Green Blacks also produces a number of home use items for the home baker Their dark 72 chocolate or milk chocolate baking squares are ideal for measuring exactly the quantity of baking chocolate necessary for baking needs In addition the company manufactures a cocoa powder and a delicious hazelnut chocolate spread that makes a delightful treat when spread on a piece of warm toast and served with Green Blacks quality hot chocolate Green Blacks Chocolate Gifts Green Blacks Assorted Chocolates are a combination of fine organic chocolates with delightful centres and flavourful surprises A package of 12 miniature chocolate bars or 45 bite sized square of Green Blacks traditional organic chocolate makes an ideal favour for a dinner

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  • Grenada Chocolate Company Profile
    category of Best Organic Chocolate Bar Organic Ingredients The quality dark chocolate produced by the Grenada Chocolate Company is made with only the best purely organic ingredients The company s organic chocolate bars include organically grown cocoa beans fresh cocoa butter whole vanilla beans soy lecithin as an emulsifier and raw cane sugar All of these ingredients are organically grown to meet with the company s high quality standards to provide only the best organic dark chocolate bar made from ingredients that have been grown without the use of pesticides or any other chemical interference In addition to being made from only the best organic ingredients Grenada s products are guaranteed to be completely free of any traces of nuts This quality rare in the chocolate industry makes Grenada Chocolate bars ideal for those who may suffer from nut allergies Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate Bars Grenada s chocolate bars are available in 3 strengths of dark chocolate 60 Dark Chocolate provides a rich and intense experience with a sweet flavour 71 Dark Chocolate is an intensely bittersweet chocolate with hints of fruity flavours 82 Dark Chocolate includes stronger notes of fruity cocoa flavours with a more intense bittersweet sensation Grenada Chocolate Company Cocoa Powder Grenada Chocolate Company also produces a purely organic cocoa powder ideal for baking hot chocolate or even for making chocolate ice cream This cocoa powder is well known for its intensely rich and powerful chocolate flavour Buy Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate Bars Here is a list of shops that sell Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate Bars Amazon No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Grenada Chocolate Company Author Lee McCoy On 1 03 10 6 52 PM Section Brands Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate Makers Grenada Chocolate

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/grenada-chocolate-company/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Montezuma's Chocolates Voucher Codes And Profile
    was not a god the Aztecs stoned their Emperor to death Montezuma s Chocolate Bars Montezuma s chocolate bars are available in a large variety of delicious flavours Besides the traditional dark milk and white chocolate bars the varieties include Chilli and Lime An organic milk chocolate bar with subtle lime flavours and spicy undertones Dark Side An organic creamy milk chocolate bar with butterscotch Orange and Geranium An organic dark chocolate with hints of orange and floral undertones Peppermint and Vanilla A sweet organic milk chocolate bar with a twist of peppermint flavour Nutmeg An organic milk chocolate with a touch of nutmeg Chilli An organic dark chocolate with a spicy tone White Chocolate Cinnamon an unusual bar with strange sweet taste Single Origin Bars The 4 single origin bars include cocoa from Peru Venezuela Equador and Papua New Guinea Other Montezuma s Chocolate Montezuma s also produces a number of delicious truffles available in a variety of collections including the Champagne Collection the Dark Collection and the Milk Collection In addition the company offers a variety of wedding favours and chocolate gifts such as organic Valentine s chocolates Buy Montezuma s Chocolates Online With Quick Delivery By Post You can get the full range of Montezuma s chocolates online direct from the Montezuma s store Montezuma s Voucher Codes There aren t any valid Montezuma s Voucher Codes currently in circulation No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Montezuma s Chocolates Author Lee McCoy On 1 04 10 1 22 PM Section Brands Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate Makers Montezumas Feedback 2 comments Pingback Mexican Chocolate and Chocolates From Mexico Chocolate Reviews HJ Montezuma s Secret Squirrel truffles are the best They have a shop near where I

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/montezumas/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Guylian Chocolate Praline & Truffles Profile
    goes to support Project Seahorse Guylian Chocolates Guylian Chocolates are available in a wide array of delicious and tantalizing combinations and treats Guylian Seashells The original chocolate seashells that helped to make this company famous are produced in milk dark or white chocolate and filled with a luscious roasted hazelnut praline Guylian Seahorses The seahorse is the most beloved shape of the famous seashell chocolates The seahorse is featured in its very own range with a dark chocolate shell and a delicious filling made of creamy white chocolate and strawberries Guylian Opus Guylian s Opus collection is an assortment of fine Belgian chocolates with a variety of exquisite flavours such as orange cream cappuccino cream chocolate mousse and a number of other fillings Guylian La Trufflina The amazing chocolate truffles in this collection include milk white and dark chocolates with a delicious filling of milk chocolate Guylian Solitaire Origin Chocolates These dark chocolate squares are produced from the finest cacao beans from around the world Varieties include Asian Dark Asian Gold and African Ebony Guylian Twistwraps These individual bite sized chocolates are available in mono flavours or mixed flavours of milk and dark chocolate shells filled with ganache creamy caramel cappuccino cream hazelnut praline orange cream or chocolate truffle Guylian Chocolate Bars Guylian s unique chocolate bars can be purchased in 3 different ranges The no sugar added bar is available in both milk and dark chocolate The unique seashell bar is made of creamy milk chocolate with the infamous hazelnut praline filling used in the original seashell chocolates Each of the 4 wedges of the seashell bar is decorated with the famous seashell that marks the Guylian brand Gourmet Guylian Chocolate Guylian also carries a small range of gourmet products with its Praline Cream Liqueur and sensational chocolate dip

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  • Prestat Chocolate - Buy Online With Delivery By Post
    are actually said to be good for you The chocolate bar is made from 100 natural chocolate that is rich in antioxidants which help maintain cholesterol levels and blood pressure The careful processing of this chocolate combined with its antixidant properties make the delicious Choxi Bar a welcomed part of a well balanced diet Choxi Bars are available in the following flavours Milk Chocolate This lucious milk chocolate bar will simply melt in your mouth Milk Chocolate with Orange Creamy milk chocolate is infused with essential orange oils for a delicious combination Dark Chocolate For those who prefer a more bitter chocolate this 70 dark chocolate bar is ideal Dark Chocolate with Ginger Ginger dances with a lucious dark chocolate for a purely inspiring experience Chocolate Assortments Jewel Box Available in 3 16 36 and 72 piece assortments these boxed chocolate delights are suited to a variety of royal tastes The 3 piece jewel box contains a raspberry fondant a honey nougat and a chocolate enrobed fudge The larger jewel boxes contain a wide assortment of Prestat s lucious milk dark and white chocolate masterpieces Heart of Chocs A beautiful heart shaped box featuring some of Prestat s finest hand made delights The box contains 26 individual chocolates in milk white and dark The Mint Box The perfect after dinner delight these confections are perfect with a steaming cup of coffee The collection includes peppermint creams bitter mints mint crisps and Prestat s very own coffee mint Other Chocolates Prestat carries a large variety of other exquisite milk dark and white chocolates They have a large line of artisan truffles organic chocolates and single origin chocolates as well Buy Prestat Chocolates You can buy direct from the Prestat website Prestat Chocolate Shops So far I ve reviewed Prestat 14 Princess

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  • Leonidas Chocolates Profile & Buy Online
    company with more than 100 various kinds of exquisite Belgian chocolate available through over 1 400 outlets worldwide Leonidas Chocolate Bars Leonidas 50g chocolate bars are available in 7 different varieties Dark Milk White Orange Nibs and Feuilletine Leonidas Orange Chocolate bar combines rich dark chocolate with a subtle flavour of orange The Nibs Chocolate bar consists of a luscious dark chocolate with nibs of cocoa bean mixed in Leonidas delicious Feuilletine Chocolate bar combines chunks of crispy biscuit with creamy milk chocolate Leonidas Chocolate General Assortment The General Assortment from Leonidas contains a wide variety of Leonidas delicious Belgian Pralines arranged neatly in a beautiful ballotin gift box This general assortment is made up of butter creams ganaches the Manon Café and a number of other delicious and delightful Leonidas pralines The Leonidas Chocolate General Assortment is an extremely popular item for gift giving and special occasions Other Leonidas Chocolate Assortments Besides their General Assortment Leonidas Chocolate also offers a number of other convenient and beautifully packaged assortments designed for individual tastes Other assortments include milk chocolate dark chocolate Manon Café and Monon Blanc Ballotin Fresh Butter Cream Orangettes Napolitains Gianduja and Marzipan Fruit No Sugar Added Chocolate Assortment Leonidas Chocolate also offers a completely sugar free assortment This assortment includes ganache vanilla manon blanc pear mousse praline dark nibs praline milk and praline puffed rice The sweeteners used in the processing of these chocolates are maltitol and sorbitol Special Items Leonidas offers a Mickey Mouse box of assorted chocolates for the kids and rodent lovers on your gift giving list In addition Leonidas gift certificates and party favours are available You can also send a chocolate subscription of delicious Leonidas chocolates to be delivered once a month for either 6 months or a year Leonidas On The Highstreet

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