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  • Pierre Marcolini Fazenda São Pedro - Brazilian Forastero Dark Chocolate
    Bahia state Putting that aside the chocolate is made from the most common and frequently disparaged cocoa bean variant Forastero This typically is seen as the bar that has the least interesting flavour and trying this bar and comparing it to the other Pierre Marcolini bars I d have to say it s my least favourite To me this bar is the processed cheese type of chocolate compared to the intense Cheddar or Roquefort cheese that are his other bars Even though the chocolate has been kept in the same environment as the others I found it very cold and placid There was hardly any aroma emanating from it just as processed cheese doesn t Even though the melt was very pleasant there wasn t much else to concentrate as I chewed There s a complete lack of flavour other than that of the Tahitian vanilla Perhaps there s just the slightest hint of stewed prunes but that s about it If you had a loved one that says they hate dark chocolate and you wanted to trick them I d certainly give them this bar as they will be surprised to find out how dark chocolate even at the 78 cocoa solids level can vary so much Having tried other more robust Pierre Marcolini chocolate at cocoa solids less than this which have assaulted my taste buds it was a great shock to find some chocolate that was almost completely devoid of flavour This bar is a miracle of the chocolate world The texture is fabulous it s just there s not enough flavour for my liking No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Pierre Marcolini Fazenda São Pedro Author Lee McCoy On 26 05 12 Rating 50 100

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  • El Rey
    Dark Chocolate Bar I thought this El Rey Apamate 73 Cocoa dark chocolate bar was poor If you like luxury or gourmet chocolate then give this one a miss El Rey Chocolate El Rey hasn t set my world alight to be honest but others absolutely love what they do Search Popular Brands Thorntons Hotel Chocolat Divine Cadbury s Montezuma s Green Blacks Nestle Prestat Powered by WordPress RSS Feed

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/el-rey/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Galler Assorted Batons Review
    so that basically means one each too so you shouldn t be able to argue about who gets what It s this variety I love and you don t need to be able to speak French to work out what most of them are OK sometimes you do But every one knows what Praline Oistaches Lait Blanc Vanille are As you can tell the colours on each Baton give away to some degree the flavours you ll witness My particular favourite flavour so far is the Framboise which has a wonderfully sweet raspberry flavour but balance against a reletively mild milk chocolate taste Whilst the cafè noir had a delightful if not a touch sweet coffee flavour There are are good number of nutty batons in the shape of the praline almond and the pistachio There s also the noix de coco which is coconut so make sure you re aware of that one and don t think its nuts with chocolate You could easily spend a lot more than this for a speciaist selection of carré or pavé but get into the spirit of things Get a wonderfully presented box of bâtons and try and work out what the names are whilst you hide behind the sofa or England s next game Rating Taste 70 they do taste very nice and the variety is damn good Texture 75 the texture obviously varies a lot between pralines and solid bars Appearance 95 top notch Nutritional Information 75 very good Price 80 great value for money Overall 79 definitely worth buying Where To Buy The Galler Mini Bâtons Galler Chocolates 14 41 Nutritional Information Assortment of 24 filled chocolate mini bars Sugars cocoa mass hazelnuts 10 vegetable fats cabbage palm palm copra rapeseed shea full cream milk powder cocoa butter powdered

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/galler-mini-batons/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Galler Mini Easter Eggs Review
    chocolate and had a very pronounced salt flavour that brought the hazelnut tones through The texture was more granular but still fantastic I next tried the lilac wrapped white chocolate mini egg I normally don t go for white chocolate but in this case I d buy a bag of these on their own They re soft delicate with an almost flowery edge to the flavour but with a touch of saltiness at the very end Worth trying And now for the milk chocolate mini egg This one had more of a sweet nose to it and more of a stiff resistance in the mouth which was fully occupied with the dullest tones You ll actually find parts of it seeping into its deepest recesses Lastly the dark chocolate mini egg with the dark praline It felt like the shell on this one was thicker and a touch more bitter but it s difficult to tell given their size It did feel like there was more kick and more chocolate through the middle I could easily devour a bag of these too as the flavours combined to give an overal wonderful experience Rating Taste 80 I must admit I loved these The praline wasn t too prominent and the variety of flavours interesting Texture 80 the praline centres were smooth in the main and the chocolate shell offers sufficient resistance Appearance 80 they do look great I must admit Nutritional Information 70 there isn t a huge amount But people with nut allergies surely wouldn t buy pralines Price 80 they re 4 25 for the 100g which is great value when you consider the quality Overall 78 definitely worth trying if you get the chance Where To Buy The Galler Mini Easter Eggs Galler Chocolates Online Nutritional Information No

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/galler-mini-easter-eggs/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Galler Chocolates
    Galler if you ever find yourself buying their chocolate Galler Mini Bâtons These assorted batons from Galler are pretty damn good and well worth trying Galler Mini Easter Eggs I just loved the Galler Mini Easter Eggs tasty and with a good variety Galler Chocolate Truffles The Galler Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles were a very big dissapointment They should have been nicer than they were and I wish they said hazelnut

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/galler-chocolates/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Amma Chocolate 60% Bitter-Sweet Bar Review
    the sake of pleasure that the Queens and Kings said to be as powerful and seductive as the awesome champagne In Brazil cocoa and wild native plant abundant in the dense forests of the Amazon Basin were being planted in order to express a Royal Letter of 1678 and by 1700 it had reached Bahia where the habitat was perfect moist forest sun and shade in good measure OK so how do you reflect that in the packaging I suppose you cannot distile the majesty of the region onto card measuring just 10cm x 18cm The rest of that lengthy text which stretches onto two sides discusses how they wish to make the best chocolate in Brazil and let the world know what the forest can produce a forest which has the highest biodiversity in the world They also state that the best chocolate comes from the best ingredients and that they can achieve and that because they have their own farms planted the cacao talk to the trees well that s what the translation states and select the best beans they believe they have the most aromatic beans in the country They also state that 90 of the elements in the periodic table can be found in the region and when combined with the rain generated from the sea south of Bahia it produces the perfect environment to grow flavoursome cacao Furthermore they understand the impact their business has on the environment in that they reuse 90 of the waste water used to produce their packaging as well as only using wood grown specifically for packaging as well as replanting trees to compensate for the carbon released during the manufacturing process This sort of ethical stance would be very popular the world over not least the UK so I m sure if they did manage to push their chocolate to a much wider audience it should get a great deal of attention Of course it s now time to review the chocolate itself The first time I tried the bar I had an absolutely gorgeous creamy rich and acidic flavour Although their website says it wasn t too acidic I had a great waft of it move though my pharynx to my nose It was like I was smoking a cigarette as my nasal cavity had the very mildest of burning sensation This was just after I had recovered from a mild cold so that was probably what caused it Having left the chocolate and my taste buds for a couple of days I still get a fairly strong acidic tobacco aroma but with an underlying tone of caramel Whilst the flavour itself resembles a journey through the rainforest in that your senses are constantly being tantalised it changes from an under ripe banana complexion to over ripe banana with a background of cranberry and then walnuts near the end There certainly isn t one dominant flavour that is consistent throughout the melt Other passes of the bar I

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/amma-chocolate-60/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Limited Edition: Oriente Cuba Terruño de Baracoa
    mixture of notes but the most prominent is that of the salty liquid at the bottom of a roasting pan after a gorgeous hunk of beef has been slow cooking in the oven It s as if you re pouring it into a gravy jug and mixing a bit of flour in But just behind that there s an almost red grapefruit edge that just gives it a bit more piquancy The colour appears almost perfect a lovely dark rich tone which indicates the nature of the flavour contained within As you snap a piece off you ll not only notice the crisp sound but the odd minute bubble a slight blemish but nothing at all worth criticising certainly not as the mouth feel is just plain wonderful It just melts with ease in the mouth After it has melted there was a strange sensation at the top of my mouth which may be related to the acidity As indicated at the beginning there is a very noticeable cherry flavour but along with that you ll find a touch of almond and a very prominent acidity akin to cedar wood There s no significant waxing or waning of flavours as many other fine bars offer just a continual stream of cherry with that sharp acidity beneath It may not be as beautifully rounded as the Chapon Cuba but it is still a very special bar of dark chocolate Where To This Oriente Cuba Terruño de Baracoa 78 Bar Pierre Marcolini Rating Taste 85 a chocolate feast in the gorgeous category Texture 85 a delightful mouth feel Appearance 75 the packaging may be more Volvo than Porsche but the flavour will give you a very smooth ride Nutritional Information 75 all the information is there apart from the variety of bean

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/marcolini-terruno-baracao/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Godiva
    be Godiva Chocolate Profile A quick look at the history and chocolates of Godiva Godiva Chocolate Truffles 6 Box For mass produced chocolate truffles these Godiva Luxury Chocolate Truffles weren t all that bad in terms of how they tasted and value for money But I don t think I d buy them again Godiva Chocolate Shop 141 Regent Street I enjoyed my visit to the Godiva Chocolate Shop at

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/godiva/ (2016-02-13)
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