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  • Rum
    you love rum cake then you really have to try the original from Horton s in Bermuda Matcha Chocolat Selection This selection box of unusual flavours from Matcha Chocolat is very interesting and utterly delicious Some chocolatiers feel they can t be adventurous as they have to produce by committee Katie does a great job breaking the mould and not being restricted to the same old flavours that many other chocolatiers offer Rum Blackcurrant Dark Chocolate Ginger And Limoncello Truffles If you re having a dinner party or a summer garden party then you really need to try the chocolate truffles made by Pauline and Mark from Andover I ve been a big fan of their s for a long while and always interested to hear what they re concocting next I m sure you ll love these truffles if you either like alcoholic truffles or fruity flavours Capra Goats Cheese in Cacao Rum Life is about having as many fine experiences as you can And this certainly is one them I couldn t get over how wonderful it tasted I ll certainly be trying some more of what Vallebona have to offer Zotter Christmas Chocolate Perhaps less Christmas and more lazing on a Barbados beach But I did think it was a great boozy chocolate that you could share with your family at Christmas Zotter Rum Coconut Dark Chocolate Zotter offer one of their best bars in the form of this Rum Coconut dark chocolate bar well worth trying if you can get hold of one Rum and Raisin Flavour Fudge From The Fudge Kitchen The Rum and Raisin Flavour Fudge From The Fudge Kitchen was not the most enjoyable rum and raisin experience I ve ever had Fudge Kitchen Boozy Fruit Nut Fudge I did like the Fudge

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/flavourings/rum/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Fortnum & Mason 70% Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate
    as the Chocolate Cafe bar of the same cocoa content The flavour was undoubtedly bitter and perhaps more bitter tasting that the 85 Amatller I tried from Ecuador It was even approaching the 99 from Michel Cluizel I definitely believe this was produced in a different way to other dark chocolate from the same Trinitario beans On the edges there is a sweet taste but there was also the texture and notes that you get from raw chocolate This dark chocolate just seems under processed compared to other 70 cocoa chocolate Even if you push the chocolate through your teeth you ll get ethanol flavours with only the odd ray of sweet sunshine breaking through the oppressive bitter flavours This wouldn t be a great bar to introduce someone to dark chocolate Rating Taste 60 too astringic for my taste Texture 70 the snap was great but the melt lasted a bit too long Appearance 85 the packaging was great and the bar mold was fantastic Nutritional Information 60 there s not actually a lot there Price 70 it may not be as over priced as some chocolate but just based on the taste I didn t think it was appropriate I ve got another bar so the score may change with that Overall 69 not my favourite this year Where To Buy The Fortnum Mason 70 Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate Fortnum Mason Nutritional Information Cocoa mass sugar cocoa butter emulsifier soya lecithin natural vanilla extract May contain traces of milk nuts sesame egg proteins gluten and peanut No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Fortnum Mason 70 Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 7 04 10 Rating 69 100 url https plus google com 113766011686508596772

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/fortnum-mason-70-papua-new-guinea/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Pierre Marcolini Christmas Chocolate Competition
    parts about chocolate making below and answer the questions Don t worry if you can t read it the first button on the left opens it fully A Bonus Entry If you ve entered below you can have a second entry by tweeting that you taken part in the competition All you need to do is click here and tweet the message The Competition Form Your Name required Your Email required Privacy Policy Data Protection Registration Number Z266472X What is the French name for the tool used to roast the cocoa pods Quel est nom ancien de l outil utilisé pour torréfier les fèves de cacao Le Pilon à chaleur Le brûloir La taule At which step are the aromas are kept in the cocoa pod A quel moment les arômes de la fève sont ils emprisonnés Roasting The fermentation and drying The pod breaking Which three events occur if the roaster is too hot Que se passe t il si on la torréfaction est poussée trop vivement The food value of the food diminishes The chocolate becomes more black It can irritate your stomach The roaster can explode The chocolate maker has to work harder to remove the beans Type the letters and or numbers you see into the box Competition rules Only one entry per household The competition closes on 17th December 2011 at 8pm GMT Only open to those 18 or over on 9th December 2011 as some of the chocolates may have alcohol in I ll choose a lucky winner at random from the right answers by first using a random number generator and one from Twitter for people that have retweeted and follow both the Chocolate Reviews and Pierre Marcolini twitter accounts at the time the competition closes Only available to UK mainland addresses No

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/pierre-marcolini-2011/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocolate from Austria - which often means Zotter
    more lazing on a Barbados beach But I did think it was a great boozy chocolate that you could share with your family at Christmas Zotter Sellerie Trüffel und Portwein At last the last of my five quick reviews of some of the Crazy Zotter chocolate bars and this one sees me investigate a bar that contains port wine truffle and celery Very strange indeed Moving on from the visually appealing bar design I test the bar s aroma which is yet again very Zotter Gelber Reis Mit Korinthen Dark Chocolate Bar Another of my quick reviews of the slightly past their best before date Zotter bars and I m on to this one which in English reads as yellow rice with currants Now I m always told that you shouldn t eat rice that s been hanging around a bit as it attracts bacteria but Zotter Zitronenpolenta I had hoped for more from the Zotter Zitronenpolenta but it was actually not much to my liking Zotter Organic Bacon Bits Dark Chocolate Bar This is one of Josef Zotter s most outrageous bars of chocolate It obviously has bits of bacon in it but it s actually very nice if

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/abroad/austria/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocolate Habanero Voodoo Sauce - Review
    that one should never one to pass up the opportunity to review chilli related stuff Hence I got out the crackers and promptly accidently stuck the top of the bottle up my nose My fridge is full of chilli sauces of various types some sweet some bbq flavoured and some just a typical chilli type Unfortunately there s nothing especially unique about this chilli sauce certainly no lovely chocolatiness there s just a simple chilli heat wrapped around a red onion flavour which although very nice wasn t unique enough for me to rave about it Buy it if you like chilli don t be daft like me and buy it because it may taste of chocolate FAIL Where To Buy This Chocolate Habanero Voodoo Sauce Scorchio 4 99 No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Chocolate Habanero Voodoo Sauce Author Lee McCoy On 9 09 11 12 17 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chilli Chocolate Sauces Scorchio Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocolate-habanero-voodoo-sauce/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocolate Craft Assortment - Selection Box Review
    at the back of my throat for a good while after consuming it But what I do love is the marshmallow like centre it s very unusual and incredibly pleasant So often white chocolate can be too sweet and have an overpowering vanilla flavour even though this is sweet there s enough going on flavour wise to distract you Then there was a coffee affair This was milder than could have been expected There was the slightest resemblance of the coffee chocolates in Cadbury s Roses because there was no intense espresso flavour it was more a creamy frappuccino Don t get me wrong I liked it but again it s not what I expected And then this dark orangey ganache which was striking in its acuteness It was very dark with an incredibly sharp citrus flavour this was completely out of sync with the others but I have only reviewed half of them I m saving the rest for my wife There was a dry earthiness to this which I m sure wouldn t most people who like the creamy assortments in fact there s also another alcoholic quality which just lies beneath the other striking flavours and takes you by surprise as it slides down Overall they were enjoyable and at 6 95 you can t really argue They re great if you wanted to support small British businesses The only problem we have as consumers is how do you choose between one chocolatier and another My view is that most of us are on this planet long enough to try most Why not make it Chocolate Craft s turn this time Where To Buy The Eight Piece Chocolate Assortment Chocolate Craft 6 95 Quick Rating 68 it d be difficult to compete with say Paul A Young

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocolate-craft-assortment/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Matcha Chocolat Mixed Selection Box
    style splash of metallic pink It just looked like something I d want to sink my teeth into Inside is a Blueberry and Tarragon puree which offers a sweet and sour flavour that lifts up from the mellow white chocolate shell The flavour is again delightful As it melts in your mouth you ll get waves of the various flavours some bitter some sweet with some fruity and others dominated by the white chocolate This is again I d most definitely love to try again And thankfully there s another two in the box left The Jasmine Pearls ganache had a lovely design on the top and comes in a standard ganache size The ganache in the centre uses a 68 wild Bolivian couverture that gives it a sensationally bitter and rich flavour The texture is also sublime It s less creamy than many ganaches of this nature I ve tried But it really is delicious and offers those true dark chocolate flavours I adore I d also find myself easily munching through a large selection of these I next approached the Rosemary Raisin and Walnut which your eye would probably be drawn to first in the box as it looks so unusual with the caramelised walnut dressing the top If you think about it rosemary raisin and walnut is a strange combination Probably used as a stuffing for foul it d probably work very well and so does in a chocolate setting too As you bite in there s a very playful crunch which will force your body forward to catch any falling pieces The caramelised walnut flavour in itself is delightful but when combined with the sweetness of the raison and the roundness of the rosemary it works very well indeed It s this unusual combination of flavours which forms a journey through the box just as driving along the British countryside Some moments will be dark others mysterious and yet others still bright and gay And now time for the fantastic and one of Katie s signature ganaches the I never tire of this one Not only because I love the artwork on the top which reminds me of the smocks I remember as a child living in South Africa but also because I just adore the flavour The sweetness against the Masala spice is divine but there s also a slight honey flavour which rounds it all off well This is another of Katie s ganache I could consume by the kilogram And lastly the mint and green tea ganache This is another that looks intriguing when you open up the selection with its crystalised mint placed upon its crown Mint chocolate is another big favourite of mine I think it must have been because I was a massive fan of the mint Walls Vienetta as a child I loved Sunday roast followed by this And those memories came flooding back as I nibbled at this one The mint flavour here was obviously more natural tasting

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/matcha-chocolat-mixed/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocolate Tasting In London 30th June
    for his cutting edge creativity Paul published his first book Adventures with Chocolate late last year and went on to win Best Chocolate Book in the World at the Gourmand Book Awards in Paris www paulayoung co uk I m not entirely sure there s a more open friendly and fantastic person in the industry as Paul His ganaches truffles rocher are fantastic too But don t mention the brownies if they re exceptional Chantal Coady of Rococo opened her first chocolate shop on the Kings Road in 1983 and led the way in terms of improving Londoners tastes in chocolate Chantal now has 3 shops and exports her wonderful chocolates all over the World www rococochocolates com Rococo chocolates fantastically imaginative You can choose chocolate new potatoes strange chocolate fish a chocolate crocodile do these people need to have a word with someone in a white coat Duffy Sheardown is one of only two artisan chocolate producers in the UK the other being Willie Harcourt Cooze of Channel 4 s Willies Wonky Chocolate factory fame Duffy is producing fantastic quality chocolate from his micro chocolate factory in Lincolnshire and will be guiding you through the art of making chocolate from the bean This is an exclusive opportunity to taste Duffy s chocolate before it s launched www redstarchocolate co uk Duffy is new to the world of chocolate and he s taking on the whole process of bean to bar himself Kudos to him too as I love his chocolate especially the 72 Ecuador Dark Chocolate and I ve still got a couple more bars of his to review The Academy of Chocolate was set up in 2005 to encourage consumers to look beyond the label and improve the standard and knowledge of chocolate in the UK This is

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocolate-tasting-in-london-30th-june/ (2016-02-13)
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