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  • Moko Chocolates Enters The Chocolates By Post Market With Voucher Code
    to this aspect Another feature is that they offer a 10 voucher code if you signup to their newsletter Now they ve probably got a great deal of experience with voucher codes with their Bunches operation so I expect them to be fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of voucher codes when used by affiliates it can be an absolute nightmare for online retailers But what about the prices For two bags of chocolate truffles they cost 14 99 including delivery which isn t too bad But it all depends on the quality of them Hopefully the nice people at Moko will send over a sample to review They also do milk chocolate slection boxes of various sizes orangettes dark chocolate selection boxes and the ability to mix and match bags of chocolates to get to the 14 99 including delivery price point They also state that they give 10 of their profits to a range of projects but I d like a list of them to be displayed so people can see how much the charities resonate with them and also there s a missing image on that page At the moment I feel the product range is a touch too slim to take on the likes of Hotel Chocolat which I expect is their main target But if the current range is fantastic then that won t matter No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Moko Chocolates Enters The Chocolates By Post Market Author Lee McCoy On 23 08 10 12 09 PM Section News Editor Lee McCoy Categories Moko Chocolates Product Launches Feedback 2 comments http twitoaster com country gb chocolatereview chocolatereview MokoChocolates enters the chocolate gifts market http www chocolatereviews co uk moko c http

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/moko-chocolates-launch/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Godiva Luxury Chocolate Truffles Review
    had a white chocolate centre which was enrobed with dark chocolate with flakes of coconut which gave it a very distinct aroma The white chocolate filling was very sweet which combined with the coconut to blow my taste buds off It wasn t my most favourite as it was too sweet Then it was time for the Cappuccino truffle which was filled with a cream centre and enrobed by dark chocolate again There was a lot of dark chocolate in this one and was combined with a lovely mild coffee flavour The whole truffle worked well but weren t as many I ve tried Next up it was the Fraise truffle which was a strawberry puree covered in a white chocolate shell and enrobed in dark chocolate The strawberry flavour was exceptionally subtle and hardly came through at all The white chocolate flavour was also similarly mute Don t get me wrong it was nice but nowhere near as flavoursome as their Framboise truffle The Rhum chocolate truffle was very similar to the Fraise truffle in appearance texture and the slightness of the flavour I ve had a bit of rum in my time and the flavour in this truffle just didn t come through It s a shame though as this could have been a fantastic truffle Rating Taste 80 actually very nice but a touch too sweet and artificial Texture 75 difficult to fault But I think the use artificial preservatives gave it a bit of an unnatural feeling Appearance 65 the outer box looked like it was for the mass market and then the inside left moving for the aisles Nutritional Information 70 could you read it It was so small but I could work out there were a few E numbers in the truffles Price 80

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/godiva-chocolate-truffles-6-box/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Review of the Zotter Organic Beer Dark Chocolate Bar
    cakey and more like the texture that you get from fresh fudge which I found very appealing The taste obviously did carry some of the acidity through but it was more tempered I didn t really get a whole heap of organic flavours coming through which was a shame But there does seem to be a bit more of a fruity alcoholic nature which on closer inspection is likely to come from the organic beer brandy that makes up 11 of the ingredients along with the beer Overall I found this to be one of the more enjoyable bars from Zotter that I ve tasted recently and it s just a shame I waited so long to try it As a quick rating I d have to give it a 70 mainly because it reminded me of cookie dough ice cream No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Zotter Organic Beer Dark Chocolate Bar Author Lee McCoy On 5 11 09 Rating 70 100 url https plus google com 113766011686508596772 posts Section Reviews Editor Lee McCoy Categories Austria Zotter Feedback 0 comments Search Zotter Chocolate Shop Click Here Chocolatiers co

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/zotter-organic-beer/ (2016-02-13)
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  • WeightWatchers Milk Chocolate Digest Biscuits
    a milk chocolate one For these biscuits they re 9 1 saturated fat which is less than half the full fat leading brand version which if you add how many the average biscuit lover might consume in a month Looking at the calories they re actually about the same But anybody that knows anything about dieting would know that it s the form the calories are provided in as key Dieters would also know that the level of fibre is also important I was once sent fibre pills to try out some years ago The concept is that the more fibre you have the more full you feel and the less inclined you to snack These biscuits claim to be high fibre and I wouldn t disagree as they have about three times the fibre in them than that leading brand All this health stuff is all well and good but if they don t taste nice what s the point of buying them As somewhat of a mass market biscuit aficionado I can say that they taste good enough for me to have them as late night fix They do taste light and a damn site less oily than true digestives Once I was amazed when I left a digestive in a draw and I saw over the week how much fat seeped out I very much doubt I d have that problem with these They just feel devoid of any dairy apart from the milk chocolate on the top What s more they re very crunchy and have just the slightest saltiness that makes them addictive I couldn t really taste the chocolate too much on the top whilst eating it but after I could sense the sweet creamy flavours I know they re supposed to but I

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/weightwatchers-digestive/ (2016-02-13)
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  • John Costello Chocolate Selection
    spicy I particularly like the fruity ones in this weather as they re incredibly refreshing Another point for posting is that we can get some good support and encouragement from the UK press as to what he s trying to achieve for the UK for us to become World Chocolate Masters We ve got some great chocolatiers here so we should really have the title If there s any way you can support John in his pursuit please do If you d like some samples please drop him a line omg this praline is awesome I try and get him to add his contact details to the site you can connect with him on Linkedin If you re oop north also pop in to the Chocolate cafe who I believe have some left No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title John Costello Chocolate Selection Author Lee McCoy On 20 04 11 4 33 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Features Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/john-costello-selection/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Mast Brothers Black Truffle Dark Chocolate Bar Review
    not like the fingernail I found in a tube of Smarties once This sort of irregularity I can live with Visually the bar had an immense shine it was almost as if I was looking at black porcelain from a Victorian public house hallway or a vintage GPO telephone that I remember from All Creatures Great and Small There were small striations and pot marking on the surface but this again gave an indication of the less than fully automated processes the brothers use It s a brave man or men that adulterate the wonderful flavours of fine cacao I expect that this bar is made with their Dominican Republic cacao from the La Red de Guaconejo co opertive with either truffle or salt What s Cooking America exclaims Truffles are the culinary equivalent of sex You love them or you don t which confused the hell out of me But feeling undeterred I ventured on and tried the chocolate Perhaps my senses are still thinking about the sex connotation but I didn t really pick up much of a truffle aroma I found it was pretty hard to put the acidic aroma which was enhanced with the sea salt from Maine aside and actually hone in on anything else Perhaps the Oregon black truffles are fully intended to be mute and largely indistinguishable from the core dark chocolate flavours The main factor to be considered is that I found it immensely engaging There was no flowery niceness no platitudes and no frilly politeness it was pleasantly rambunctious picture a good old knees up fuelled by fine wine and great food I dare you to let a little melt on your tongue and push it up against your teeth The flavours are almost tear inducing What seems to be a muddle of tones when it comes to the aroma is magnificently exposed like a spectrometer when forced to There is cedarwood smoke cherries mustiness sweet and sour and just a whole heap of beautiful acidity all clearly separated and playing in concert I feel that far too often cacao is abused my manufacturer Left to play with cane sugar and a dash something extra in the form of the black truffles you re able to see the true wonder of the bean Far too often people have mass produce rubbish forced upon them by society Some people are brave enough to rebel the overtures of marketeers and decide that nature knows best when coaxed by artists you can be rewarded by something as magnificent as this bar Although some may consider that it is either enhanced or distracted by the other ingredients it doesn t take away from the fact that the Mast Brothers make exemplary chocolate And that s all you need to know Where To Buy This Black Truffle Bar The Chocolate Society 8 95 Rating 92 part of me wishes I bought an unflavoured bar but I just loved the flavours here which were certainly enhanced by

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/mast-brothers-black-truffle/ (2016-02-13)
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  • El Rey Apamate 73% Cocoa Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar Review
    appears something like a two bit start up would use I know that sounds harsh but there s no imagination in the packaging If this was on a shop wall against most other fine chocolate it would spend its life there Moving on to the aroma there s a dry sandy tobacco and candyfloss note to it which also carries a character of freshly laid tarmac Whilst the flavours are lacking unless you push the chocolate through to the top of your mouth where the dry aroma is represented in the taste of diet Pepsi you re unlikely to notice anything of note The texture is also not up to scratch It feels a lot more granular and is not as smooth as recent dark chocolate bars I ve reviewed I d like to stop here Rating Taste 60 there are some flavours in there but they re few and far between Texture 60 granular and hard to break down Appearance 50 no imagination in packaging Nutritional Information 65 most of what you need is there Price 70 despite the above the price at 2 35 is reasonable and at least worth trying Overall 61 personally I wouldn t want to try it again Nutritional Information Cacao Liquor sugar cacao butter soy lecithin natural vanilla May contain traces of nuts No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title El Rey Apamate 73 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar Author Lee McCoy On 1 04 10 Rating 61 100 url https plus google com 113766011686508596772 posts Section Reviews Editor Lee McCoy Categories 73 Dark Chocolate El Rey Rating 60 64 Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/el-rey-apamate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Oailla 70% Organic Wild Chocolate from Beni, Bolivia by Rasmus Bo Bojensen
    by using the income the beans generate And this is an aspect that Rasmus is keen to make known during the initial success the profits from the sale of this chocolate will be re invested in the local area to improve how the beans are looked after This can only be a good thing Of course the best beans cost a great deal in relative terms but they don t cost the earth on an environmental one This 50g box of little 5g chocolate squares cost 11 80 whilst a 100g box costs 16 82 For the vast majority of chocoholics this would seem expensive I would have no reservation however in suggesting that the chocolate is worth it The presentation is box is high quality and manages to convey the sort of experience the chocolate contained within delivers The decision to divide the chocolate into the ten small squares is a curious one It does however differentiate them from all other chocolate makers apart from Amedei Although I commend Rasmus for doing something different there is a rebellious streak within me that prefers not to be told how to consume the chocolate But by the same token it d be a shame to have it in bar form when you don t know the extent of the quality of the bar and then initially consume it as you would any other bar We re talking about the haute cuisine of chocolate making where presentation and taking one s time to enjoy the experience is of the order Although the chocolate doesn t taste anything like acidic the aroma does have the slightest edge but is far more restrained than any other bar that could be considered of a similar ilk But there is a rich warm red wine character to it The first time I tasted a piece of this chocolate I was taken aback by how much of a journey it takes you on perhaps as adventurous as Rusmus own when he visits the region It really is a remarkable mild chocolate which has both floral and nutty There are some wonderful mango flavours that come through and at the very edges the slightest hint of red fruits perhaps like a summer fruit salad After trying the one piece I do get why they re individually wrapped it s to slow you down and enjoy the chocolate The flavour available from the one piece lasts an eternity You don t have to consume this chocolate like some cinema confectionery In fact I d say it d be whole unjust to consume more than one piece every five minutes The texture is also sublime and divine Every now and then I do get the odd crunch of some of sugar crystal which incidentally originates from Brazil and that s all He doesn t use soya lecithin to control the texture or vanilla to hide any short comings as there just aren t any The natural nature and unmanaged cacao

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/oialla/ (2016-02-13)
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