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  • Buy Unusual Chocolate Valentines Gifts
    each order of Chocaid Milk Chocolate Hearts an individual donation is made to Save the Children What better reason to eat chocolate Made from authentic Dominican Republic chocolate beans these classic milk chocolate hearts can be purchased at John Lewis for only 6 John Lewis Seven Deadly Sins Chocolates This delectable box of chocolates contains two of each sinfully delightful type of chocolate From luscious white chocolates to mouth watering dark each individual chocolate is packaged in its very own little box simply because each one is just that special This box of Seven Deadly Sins Chocolates is available at I Want One Of Those for 14 99 Rose Raspberry Chocolates Matcha Chocolat make some absolutely delicious tea flavoured chocolates but for Valentine s Katie has departed and created some delicious fruit based chocolates that would make a perfect Valentine s gift if you wanted to prove to your husband wife girlfriend or boyfriend that you just haven t bought something from the first chocolate website you ve found in a search engine You could show that you ve carefully thought of their desires and bought them something original Matcha Chocolat Fancy A Quickie If you re looking for something totally unusual then these chocolate dippers to make hot chocolate should be something to consider They come in six different flavours First Crush is a dark chocolate dipper containing a ball of liquid salted caramel Boozy nights is a dark chocolate dipper containing a ball of milk Marc de Champagne ganache On the rocks is a dark chocolate dipper containing a ball of dark Martini ganache Kinky is a dark spicy chocolate dipper with green and black cardamon Nuts about you is a sweet and smooth chocolate dipper made with almond milk chocolate Lolita is a pink white chocolate dipper with natural strawberries and black pepper Artisan du Chocolat Hot Lips If your loved one likes chilli chocolates or chocolate art then you should pop along to Rococo for the selection of Valetine s chocolate gifts because there s basically something there for everyone The prices aren t cheap but they sure are unique Hot Lips Chilli Truffles and Red Lips Luxury Gift Box Luxury is the only way to describe this elegant selection of sweet and sultry chocolates The Luxury Gift Box will make anyone feel just a little extra special This simply beautiful gift box of divine gourmet chocolates is available at Serenta Flowers for 26 99 Cuddles and Comfort Eating This cute and cuddly monkey wants to share his box of chocolate truffles with somebody special This Warm Hugs Monkey has a removable wheat tummy insert that can be heated and a delightfully sweet lavender scent Teamed up with a box of delightful chocolate truffles this is a duo that can t be beat Milk Chocolate Heart on Heart This luxurious chocolate swirled heart on heart is almost too beautiful to eat Handmade from Venezuelan Carenero Superior chocolate beans this luscious chocolate heart has a white chocolate

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  • Vestri Gran Cru 64% Madagascar Dark Chocolate Bar
    off a piece And it s the snap that the Vestri Gran Cru offers that I found absolutely devine It is as crisp direct and as perfect as you could wish for The aroma was unusual however Thoughts of wet woodland sprang to mind and mixed with dare I say it ammonia Don t let that put you off though as it only forms the upper reaches of the aroma spectrum the rest is occupied by the usual acidic notes which classic fine chocolate exhibits The flavour is radically different It s more fruity than earthy and there s a Pimms lemonade quality to it which is massively appealing but also offers a hint of Marmite which is much softer than that offered by the utterly sensational Pralus Chuao 75 although its still very enjoyable What s more the 65 level would lend itself to a touch sweeter profile and it if you re after that then you re very much on to a winner here I generally do like my chocolate a touch more robust but if you re looking for a lighter dark chocolate if that s not an oxymoron then this is the bar for you Also it d be a wonderful bar to introduce somone to darker chocolate or as a summer chocolate I very much liked it there s a good sweetness that you d get from summer fruits and a delicate texture which lead it to be an incredibly enjoyable bar of dark chocolate although you can get 71 72 81 and 100 Vestri bars too Rating Taste 75 light but with a zingy kick Texture 75 perfectly soft and delicate Appearance 80 beautiful packaging and chocolate mould Nutritional Information 85 Incredibly good with ingredients both in English and Italian as well as calorific

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  • How To Make Your Own Easter Eggs - Chocolate Reviews
    knife here although I should have used a blender but you learn from your mistakes It did take me a while though Then I got the moulds ready I knew I d have to do a fair bit of spooning so I put them within folded tea towels to keep them from sliding about I then went for the crunched up biscuits My thought here was that I not only wanted them to show through the chocolate but also help stop all the chocolate sinking to the bottom I returned to the chocolatiere which had done chuff all even letting it heat up for ten minutes then another few minutes with the chocolate in even turning it on didn t do much good So I gave the Bain Marie a go with the milk chocolate instead And whilst that was going I spooned over the white chocolate gloop I then spooned in the milk chocolate around the edge But really I did go too high up for my concentric circle idea to work properly And then I started the long process of adding the dark chocolate and trying to get it thick enough The secret here is to let the chocolate cool down a fair bit before spooning it in Also I d suggest having one half in the freezer whilst you work on the other half When I d let them freeze for about half an hour I took them out of the moulds and just chipped off the overlap But I took too much off one side and the edges didn t meet I ll know that for next time I then melted some left over James Firecracker Easter egg to use to stick the two half shells together And then the finished article What do you think

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/making-your-own-easter-eggs/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Patisserie Vercruysse Gianduja Review
    gianduja is sharp and sweet but keep within the realms of decency It gives you the sweet kick you re craving but still manages to give you that natural flavour that large chocolatiers miss This authenticity is what draws me further into it At the back of my mouth I can feel the juices being drawn out in excitement I really shouldn t like something like this but it hits my brain s receptors It s craving more The devil on the one shoulder is telling me to scoff the lot whilst the angel on the other is telling me to hold firm and not give into temptation The thought of that sublime texture keeps coming back to haunt me Smooth silky even more refined than the Pralus Barre Infernale I must resist Wrapping it up and putting it back in the cupboard was the only way to do so I know I will revisit it tomorrow when some piece of work or other task will grind my will power down to nothing If I walked into Geert s chocolaterie I would probably buy some other of his wonderful creations not least his ganaches But there is something to be said for having something foist upon you that you wouldn t normally go for I do this with my curry choices I should do it more often with my chocolate No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Patisserie Vercruysse Gianduja Author Lee McCoy On 8 12 13 8 28 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Belgium Geert Vercruysse Rating 75 79 Feedback 1 comment Geert Vercruysse The same with me one s started this gianduja soooo difficult to resist eating it all at one s Search Show Your Love

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/patisserie-vercruysse-gianduja/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Fortnum & Mason Valentine's Chocolates
    all these products can come home with your love for ten pounds or less For the romantic in the room Fortnum Mason pairs chocolate with classic love poems for a charming touch this is a particularly memorable gift because the charm remains long after the eating experience has been forgotten Finally boxed chocolates can still be a special Valentine s gift for your significant other especially when care and quality is a priority for the confectioner Small boxed assortments start at under twenty pounds and go up to a deluxe box of truffles for around one hundred pounds For a once a year event special chocolates like these will light up your lover s eye A Foodie s Paradise Chocolate is a very versatile flavor and gets paired with numerous other luxurious tastes for balance and sophistication While many chocolatiers maintain a fairly standard array of products Fortnum Mason goes all out for your Valentine If your loved one is a foodie this is certainly the place to stop for the perfect pairing for a chocolate gift The food line features standard compliments like cookies and hot chocolate while also shining the spotlight on amazing products like cheese smoked meats and even caviar The hot chocolate is particularly notable with a package that is designed to look like love potion In addition to the fine chocolates and food choices you can select flowers or champagne to round out your Valentine s Day offering to your love This chocolatier definitely believes in variety and you can find a perfect gift for any budget No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Variety is the Spice of Life at Fortnum Mason Author Lee McCoy On 31 01 11 11 18 AM Section Other

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/fortnum-mason-valentines/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocolate Society Blond With Sea Salt Review
    you would expect are firmly in full view but the intense sharp and noticeable salinity is a random affair Some squares are seemingly laden with the sea salt whilst others are sparsely covered This is a particularly good chocolate to enjoy with a cup of tea as you can charge your taste buds with flavour let linger rinse and recharge as required The visual appearance is expertly created too The logo is clearly defined the reverse flat and unmarked whilst the crystals of the sea salt are evident and pronounced which gives it a more artisan feel And it is this air of quality that is also carried through with the packaging as there is little clutter present The front carries the company name the product name and the weight that is all The reverse gives a touch off background tasting notes their address and the obligatory ingredients allergy information and best before Many chocolate bars we see seem to cram as much information as possible on to the reverse Pacari comes to mind here The focus here is on the chocolate and not marketing Of all chocolate in the white category this happens to be my favourite purely because the creaminess is interrupted by the sea salt which brings some added sophistication and maturity to the experience Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also like Chocolate Society Selections Banoffee Pie Truffles and Salted Caramels Divine Milk Chocolate With Toffee Sea Salt Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Chocolate Society Blond With Sea Salt Author Lee McCoy On 5 04 14 4 04 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Rating 70 74 Sea Salt White Chocolate Feedback 2 comments Kevs Oh my I have

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  • Manufaktura Czekolady - Czekolada Waniliowo-Mleczna - Dark Chocolate From Poland
    intriguing place I may have nearly got robbed there I may have spent a good few hours in a cold and damp train station but the city is amazingly atmospheric and that unpolished character comes through in abundance in this bar The appearance of the actual chocolate was fantastic too It reminded me very much of some antique furniture as it had a wonderfully distressed feel to it which added to the uncommercial feel to the experience Seeing as they have simple manufacturing process and the complete absence of additives I knew it wasn t going to be the smoothest bar in the world ever I ve tried a good range of dark chocolate from Ecuador and I ve not yet found one that knocks my socks off but this 60 version has beautiful intense nature that is incredibly appealing I know the Forastero bean has a bad rap in the chocolate world because people state that its flavour is less robust and relatively flat compared to the much rarer Criollo but this bar does have a great nose which reminds me of a coastal walk by Heybrook Bay in Devon because of the sweet floral notes I ve just found out that this bar is a mix of Forastero and Trinitario so perhaps that might explain it The vanilla does come through which reduced and a strange raw chocolate dimension at which point the granular nature of the texture comes through Some may not like this aspect of the bar but I feel it s always a sacrifice worth paying for the absence of emulsifiers and most definitely palm oil For those can t read Polish this bar is a vanilla and milk bar It d be interesting to see if the other bars have the same underlying flavour And if you re interested they re the 70 Ghana the same with fleur de sel a 70 Ecuador with Chilli a 70 Dominican Republic with cranberry and the same but with ginger they should be good Rating Taste 75 this was a wonderfully sweet bar th actually made me struggle to leave any for my family I must resist Texture 75 I never grumble at granular chocolate when it s handmade and with people trying to do things the right way Appearance 90 I loved homely feel of the bar and the photo with a story inside To my mind smaller producers should do it Nutritional Information 75 there s sufficient information on the packaging and a whole load about their history and how the chocolate is made on their website Price 80 well each bar is 12 99 Polish Zlotych which works out about 2 78 They don t have any details about delivery to the UK but I m sure if you contact them you could work out a deal Overall 79 this is what chocolate is all about Manufaktura Czekolady offers an alternative to the major brands that profess to be wholesome they offer an experience

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/czekolada-waniliowo-mleczna/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Mandy's Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Review
    to the sweet chocolaty aroma that wafted up as I opened the unglamorous packaging In terms of flavour it s interesting to compare home made fair with that of United Biscuits and their McVities Double Chocolate Muffin especially in the light of reading Salt Sugar Fat How the Food Giants Hooked Us The muffin seems so much lighter but the flavour was markedly different from that of factory made muffins There wasn t the psycho chemical perfection honed by these companies where they operate a slide rule approach to recipes They balance fat against sugar and salt If your reduce one of those three core ingredients you have to increase one of the other two There s a science involved here that PHDs earn large sums to get us to eat more bad food and earn their shareholders even more money they often don t even need With Mandy s muffins however they re just made how she likes and that s it I doubt she has a PHD but I feel she has your best interests at heart more than United Biscuits or any other multinational does I still did feel that that there was a sharpness to it perhaps that was from the sugar and salt I may have liked it to be less overt but I m left wondering what would be left just a mellow chocolate flavour and that s it If you re having a double chocolate muffin then it needs to be sweet and indulgent And that s what you have here but without feeling bloated Often after eating wheat based products I am left feeling jaded Perhaps it s too soon to tell But I m certainly not enduring any after affects other than that usual sugar rush I did enjoy the muffin

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/mandys-gluten-free-muffin/ (2016-02-13)
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