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  • Dorset Cereals Chocolate Granola & Macadamia Nuts Review
    at first That s the only downside perhaps now that I ve consumed nearly 100g of it is that it is incredibly sweet I don t see this feature as being anything negative on the scale of the rubbish most kids consume in their breakfast cereals but perhaps I just need to pour myself less of it or in the future just have it every other day After a while you do feel satiated which is unusual for me with 100g of any food If you wanted your children to at least try a breakfast cereal with a bit more wholesomeness and to learn more about the ingredients then perhaps get them to try this and then compare against Coco Pops Overall it was nice as an irregular breakfast treat perhaps on Sunday mornings but I don t think I d have it every day Where To Buy Lindor Dark Chocolate Eggs Tesco Sainsbury s or Waitrose for 3 99 Is this the adult Coco Pops many of who can remember when ET first came out actually craves Every morning I suffer a variety of low sugar cereals with low fat natural yoghurt in a bid to keep the love handles at bay Perhaps I should just circumb to a bowl of this every morning and get a slight chocolate fix at the same time For those of you who are interested this granola cereal is made with 70 Fairtade dark chocolate as well as oats sunflower seeds and barley flakes so perhaps you ll have this before your Munch Seeds elevenses It s not usual that I step in to the 3 99 range for breakfast cereal as I m generally drawn into the less expensive but less imaginative part of the aisle After munching on half a bowl of this I think I m going to have to part with a few more of those gold coins in my shop as I ve started to realise that it s worth it Even though you can see the contents of the box through the barley ear shaped windows I didn t actually expect there to be this much chocolate in it In actual fact its 10 dark chocolate and 38 oats which is more than fair and when you compare it against the own brand cereals which generally have only a smidgen of fruit then its pretty generous I just love the balance of the chocolate against the mild oats and the very sweet sugar syrup well I did at first That s the only downside perhaps now that I ve consumed nearly 100g of it is that it is incredibly sweet I don t see this feature as being anything negative on the scale of the rubbish most kids consume in their breakfast cereals but perhaps I just need to pour myself less of it or in the future just have it every other day After a while you do feel satiated which is unusual for me with

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  • Pierre Marcolini Factory Tour - Chocolate Reviews
    warehouse over the street and behind the marketing team s offices In there we saw a variety of cacao not only the Trinitario Sur Del Largo seleccionado from an area in northern Venezuela to the south of Lago Maracaibo which he bought at some horrendous price due to the limited supply but also Cuban Baracoa and a Mexican bean Pierre said I could take as many photos as I d liked as it s the only way to get across the processes he goes through to produce such fantastic chocolate As you can see those beans in the warehouse aren t just for show Marcolini truly is a bean to bar brand And we re not talking about a large scale operation at this stage we re looking at a wonderful piece of equipment with all the rustic edges which make chocolate somehow feel better if you get to step this side of the process We then walked through and saw the cacao nibs after the beans have been shelled And these were Ghanian below Which were in the process of being milled to produce the liquor And then the correct quantities of cocoa butter sugar and soya lecithin are added and then rolled to reduce the paste from 35 microns to I believe 20 microns At every stage of the rolling process where it gets passed through two different rolling machines one with three rollers and the other with four the texture becomes more refined At the second stage it was much smoother And then we tried the paste before the conching process We then went through to the various departs where different creations were being formed Here Pierre showed me the flat Easter eggs which were being made for their e commerce operation which will be able to buy in the UK from next week As well as some rocher which were the best I ve ever tasted We had a chat about ganaches and how most of his contemporaries suggest that the thickness of the chocolate he uses should be thinner Pierre explained that it s all about balance and not allowing the filling to dominate the experience We then passed through other rooms which I didn t take any photos of because I was so engrossed in the consumption of various pralines orangettes and mini eggs these will be on sale on their web shop too and you just HAVE to get the almond ones as they sensational And then we came back into the main room where they do the large scale work The Easter egg you see in the middle was the one I got to take home These won t be available in the UK because they re so delicate In fact mine got damaged on the way home But I ll still enjoy it nonetheless We then retired to his office for some more chat and were given some awesome chocolate gifts one of them was a presentation box of the raw

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/pierre-marcolini-factory-tour/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Lauden 12 Mixed Chocolates Review
    buds will be stunned The passion fruit chocolate had a very earthy foretaste an incredibly fruity middle and a zingy aftertaste that just hangs around on your tongue The texture here was a much more soft and gooey than the others If you wanted your taste buds to be assaulted again with citrus zinginess then this one is also for you The six of the session had quite an acidic aroma but the flavour was actually milder than I expected As with all the others so far the actual chocolate casing was incidental to the filling but still nice crisp and thin As you start to nibble at it there s more of a salted caramel flavour to it which was very welcome I thought this was especially fantastic And then I was on to the Raspberry Rose which also had a bitter sweet taste which was accompanied by natural texture that just reminded me blamange and was like being injected with English summer and made to sit in the sun It s certainly another that will zing around your mouth The next was a lot softer in texture and in taste as well This actually let the flavour of the chocolate come through I would have expected this one to be harsh as orange obviously can But in fact it was nice and mild I enjoyed this one immensely As you would expect from lychee it was bound to be strange but the rose flavour balanced off the unusual lychee character and made it much more flowery and passive than the others It also somehow managed to taste more alcoholic than the others too Perhaps it s because of this I liked it a lot I then approached the Marc De Champagne which I was saving for near the last as I love Marc de Champagne with chocolate it seems to lift it magnificently With these Lauden chocolates they were incredibly rich and moreish I certainly couldn t eat too many of them as they ve do knock you sideways but overall very enjoyable I m not the biggest salted caramel fan but these had a very light texture and flavour Perhaps it s because I tried it after the powerful Marc de Champagne but there wasn t anywhere near as much intensity or bite Conversely the caramel flavour was just gentry brought up a notch by the French sea salt Very nice indeed And then lastly the lemon I purposely saved this one to last as I wanted to book end the reviews with my two favourite flavours And boy was it delicious I love the intense powerful sharp lemon flavour of this one as it tastes like sucking on a million lemons whilst bathing in an Olympic sized swimming pool of lemon sorbet These were some great chocolates not because of the use of fine couverture or anything like that But because Sun has thought outside of the box by providing chocolates that you can t find

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/lauden-chocolates-12-mixed-box/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier and Chocolate Maker from Brussels
    to look elsewhere This is the least interesting bar from Pierre Marcolini I ve ever tried Pierre Marcolini Kendem Lembu Java Although this bar from Pierre Marcolini isn t from an unusual source it comes across as a fairly rustic bar of dark chocolate more akin to a chocolate maker that doesn t use soya lecithin Limited Edition Oriente Cuba Terruño de Baracoa Certainly an interesting bar from Marcolini It had a lovely cherry flavour but didn t give me the wow factor I was hoping for It most definitely interesting but didn t give any sense of complexity I love in fine chocolate Pierre Marcolini 85 Dark Chocolate From Peru This is my first bar I ve tried from Pierre Marcolini and comes from the Alto Piura region of northern Peru The aroma was sensational whilst the flavour had decent honey notes but was a touch dry Pierre Marcolini Mini Easter Eggs I just adored the almond praline in this selection of Pierre Marcolini chocolate mini eggs If you get the chance to try some you should Pierre Marcolini Selection Box In terms of the overall experience this chocolate selection box has to be the best of 2011 Macarons au Chocolat Recipe From Pierre Marcolini After my tour of the Pierre Marcolini Factory I was given his book Dix petits doigts pleins de chocolat and given permission to replicate a couple of recipes As they re in French I ve done my best to translate I didn t need any help from my mother but as this is a recipe book for Closed Win A Four Layer Pierre Marcolini Selection Box A competition to win some absolutely fantastic chocolates from Pierre Marcolini Pierre Marcolini Factory Tour I must admit that the tour of Pierre s factory has to be

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/pierre-marcolini/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Buy Chocolate Selection Boxes
    whilst there are numerous ones with unusual flavours such as cigar leaf and red onion Haggis Chocolates I really didn t know what to expect from these Haggis Chocolate but I really didn t anticipate licking them as much as I did There weren t massively flavoursome but cunning with what flavour they had Matcha Chocolat Mothers Day Selection Box If Mothers Day was one to truly endulge her in magnificence then you have to get her a box of these wonderful ganaches and feuillantine they are really fantastic I adored the fruit flavours against the dark chocolate bitterness Baruzzo Spring Chocolate Collection These Baruzzo hand created Italian spring chocolates were incredibly good the flavours were undramatic but fantastic all the same They contained theatre of the highest order and kept you wanting to know what the next was like they certainly were a hit Thornton s Continental Chocolatier s Tasting Collection Heart If size matters for you and you ve got to find the biggest box of chocolates on the high street then you should take a look at these I found them too sweet to consume in any great quantity but I m sure most people will love them Hotel Chocolat Love Notes Hotel Chocolat create Valentine s gifts that have more thought put into them than many chocolatiers especially when it comes to the functionality and process of how they re given If you want to show you love someone and want to lay the romance on thick then this is what you need to buy Matcha Selection Box for Valentine s Day Katie always comes up with supper awesome selection boxes that take you on a journey and over the two years or so I ve been reviewing her chocolates I don t think I ve had a more pleasurable journey than I ve had reviewing this Valentine s Selection Box Black River Chocolates Selection Box I had expected a great deal from these Black River Chocolates Selection Box given the price but I just don t think they matched up to the price label Don t get me wrong they were nice but not unique enough to stand out from the crowd Sunshine Butterflies Christmas Selection Box For those of you who prefer chocolatiers to put some effort into what they produce even before they get into their development kitchen then I implore you to try this Christmas selection from Sunshine Butterflies as they were outstanding Demarquette Festive Caramels For those of you who would like to give some fine chocolates at Christmas with a seasonal tone but don t want to go down the route of giving something that is overtly Christmasy then you should really consider these caramels from Marc Demarquette Chocolats Mussy Selection Box Highly polished chocolate seems to be all the rage these days But I much prefer the rustic truly artistic bon bons that non commercialised chocolatiers produced Hugo Victor 6 Semi Spheres Some times its nice not knowing what

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/types/selection-boxes/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Manufactura Czekolady 70% Dark Chocolate From Ghana
    going to taste as smooth or fell as all enveloping as Criollo but there s still the opportunity to have a very enjoyable chocolate experience with this lower class cacao This bar offers that rustic feel that I often crave It s very earthy with a coffee backdrop But I know its dryness won t be as pleasant to some as it is to me There actually is a lot of flavour going on at the edges It moves from pink champagne to chilli and back around again The sugar aspect doesn t kick in until 2 3 the way through the slow melt It does turn into a gritty texture at the end like you ve crushed some aspirin in your mouth but that s all part of this less organised approach to chocolate making At 70 I expected this bar to be a lot more bitter than it was especially as on the reverse there are roasted cacao beans but it was sweet Part of me prefers this bar to the other more intense bars they sent And on reflection I d give this bar a quick rating of 70 Where To Buy This Czekolada Deserowa Prażone Ziarno Kakao Bar Manufaktura Czekolady No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Czekolada Deserowa Prażone Ziarno Kakao Author Lee McCoy On 10 03 11 11 32 AM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 70 Dark Chocolate Forastero Ghana Manufaktura Czekolady Poland Rating 70 74 Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News Features Mystery Shopping International Industry Chocolate

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  • Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur Review - Very Chocolaty
    of having these small shot glasses is that you consume the chocolate liqueur in moderation well theoretically at least It s just far too easy to knock it back shot after shot At 17 by volume it s not going to get you drunk too quickly but it will get you merry And what better way than to pour it over ice in a brandy glass sitting in the garden Actually I could also picture consuming the odd glass or two in winter too wrapping up in a duvet or slanket with the fire on and reaching for this whilst the soaps are on Just the aroma itself should be enough to bring back childhood memories of chocolate as it has that luxurious velvety feel of milk chocolate but has a very decent kick to it too I m tempted to swig it from the bottle for a quick fix but I know that ll just lead to a drunken chocolaty oblivion I must resist At this stage I know have the stuff covering my chops and I m trying not to consume more I ll just hide it at the back of the fridge so my wife doesn t find it as it s just too satisfying to share Where To Buy Chocolate Liqueur From Thorntons Amazon 16 99 No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur Author Lee McCoy On 23 06 11 2 51 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Rating 70 74 Thorntons Wine Feedback 1 comment Ian The bottle I have stinks of coffee and is like drinking a cold cup of mocha I cant think of any cocktail this would be good in either Sorry to be down on such a

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/thorntons-chocolate-liqueur/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Domori Morogoro 70% Tanzanian Dark Chocolate Review
    offer something different with each bite I have been longing for a few months to find a chocolate that could offer this sort of experience Although I ve tried some great chocolate in the time none have reached the heights as this Of course the finish and texture is exquisite that s what Domori does Appearance wise the chocolate is a few hues south of dark brown there s a touch of lightness which may lead some to think it ll be a dull chocolate Of course it s nothing of the kind Too the texture its sublime enveloping soft creamy and rewarding You mouth becomes coated in rhapsody Part will be cooled by the chocolaty liquid whilst the rest wishes it was There s more fun packed in this 25g than a multitude of dull and lifeless 100g bars Tanzania isn t an origin that chocophiles will naturally gravitate to but recently there have been some wonderful chocolate coming out of the region not least the Askinosie Tenende and less so the Pralus Tanzanie and certainly makes me want to explore offerings from Maglio Lake Champlain and Castelain But with this one as with anything wondrous you ll be left wanting more Not because you ve not been satisfied but because like a drug you need your next fix as soon as the euphoria of the previous wears off Where To Buy The Domori Morogoro Chocolatiers co uk nb I own and run this shop I ve tried not to be biased this chocolate really is great but please do bear the relationship between the two websites No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Domori Morogoro 70 Author Lee McCoy On 17 09 13 6 26 PM Section Other

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