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  • Solstice Chocolate 70% Sambirano Madagascar
    available But putting all that analysis to the back of my mind and just focusing on the inherent quality and flavour profile then it really is a beautiful bar of chocolate Of course there are the typical red fruits a basic flavour profile you ve probably heard a million times before but here it s very clean and precise And very close on the heels there s a wonderful thick cut marmalade tone with butter of course The creaminess it provides balances well There s nothing overt striking or direct just a variety of soft fruit that lingers longer than the Star Wars end credits The texture offers some decent resistance without being brittle I stupidly let it open to the air for the past month but its visual appearance and texture seem unblemished by my ignorance After a couple of weeks off proper chocolate I am very much glad I started where I had left off As I take bite after bite the orange flavours build up A slight hint of cloves at the very slighted degree comes through Alas I open the Pump Street Bakery like packet and realise that all it contains is fresh air and crumbs I will just have to console myself with the fact that I have Scott s Palo Blancos and San Martin to try next week Then I will have full bars and a greater opportunity to wax lyrical rather than the two solitary squares I had to conduct this review No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Solstice Chocolate 70 Sambirano Author Lee McCoy On 13 01 14 10 07 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 70 Dark Chocolate Madagascar Rating 85 89 Feedback 1 comment Harmony Marsh The colouring

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  • Michel Cluizel 99% and 85% Ganaches
    euphoric sense their other creations have but it s important to put these ganaches into context It s quite evident that they re not trying to reinvent the wheel here there are no unusual combinations of flavours or intricate designs instead the flavours are clear precise and just about still managing to interesting The 99 ganache didn t taste as dark as the name suggests and nowhere near as intense as the vapour sucking Noir Infini bar It was very pleasant but nothing worth getting into trouble for The flavours do last for quite a while afterwards but there s no dancing on my tongue not eyes rolling back and swearing gently quietly just very nice Interestingly I preferred the 85 ganache more It was sweeter more indulgent lighter and a touch more flavoursome There was more of honey character and a more playful texture But again nothing out of this world For that you should get yourself some of the Geert Vercruysse selection I d perfectly recommend having these out at a lunch party but save your favourites for yourself you don t need to impress your friends anyway Where To Buy These Michel Cluizel 99 and 85 Ganaches Amazon Quick Rating 67 nice but there s plenty nicer out there Disclosure I bought these myself but they are affiliated No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Michel Cluizel 99 and 85 Ganaches Author Lee McCoy On 5 09 11 12 11 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Dinner Party Chocolates Michel Cluizel Rating 65 69 Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/michel-cluizel-dark-ganaches/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Cocoa Boutique Easter Collection Selection Box
    have various filled chocolates sent to me would be great Even seasonal chocolates that I could give as a present if I stupidly forgot to get a relation a present it happens I ve always been dubious about the aggregated filled chocolates monthly subscription thing as I ve always had in my mind that if I buy them then I d like to walk into the shop and choose the selection myself But that just doesn t happen And when it comes to self gifting choosing your own truffles just doesn t offer the same sort of surprise I m also too tight to pay London prices too often I am Northern so being able to try out the creations of a very wide range of British based chocolatiers including Stephen and Sun Trigg who also make wonderful chocolate covered brownies James Hutchins Damian Alsop et al are a very welcomed opportunity especially given the price My problem is that I ve abstained from filled chocolate for far too long I ve actually gorged myself on half of them without even looking at the menu or even who made them But by returning to the card I loved the Cointreau one the Lemon Smoothie whilst he salted caramel was a bit thicker than used to Given that the prices are reasonable and there s flexibility in how frequently the boxes are delivered I feel their offering to the more discerning chocolate lover is an attractive one and should be considered not only by those outside of the capital but those inside that would like a surprise every month or two especially as they also put a lot of effort into describing the chocolates the makers and the whole process as well as allow you to give feedback on them You

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/cocoa-boutique-easter-collection/ (2016-02-13)
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  • 5th Dimension Selection Box - Unusual Christmas Chocolates
    de Champagne truffle earlier on which was full of flavour and utterly delightful Earlier in the day I had knocked back a couple of Booja Booja Marc de Champagne truffles to sweep away the cobwebs but what it actually did was prove how superior Russell s were Of course there was a prominent sweetness but the freshness and clarity of flavour is what really made these stand out The Reykjavik was the perfect foil for the previous two The flavours were mellow like low lying winter mist gently moving up from a gently flowing river It also has the smoothness of texture together with that pristine melted snow flavour that was just perfect From the other selection we had a Meaux which was a sublime whole grain mustard ganache I m an absolutely huge fan of mustard as it is and I m afraid but our East Anglian friends must admit that the French make better mustard than over that side of the country at least from what I ve tasted At first your taste buds go searching for the flavour than it sneaks up on you like Assassin s Creed Simply wonderful At first I thought the Penang was Stilton chocolate but actually it s a reed grown in South East Asia so the brilliant menu informed me But that s just my taste buds playing tricks on me The combination of the Grenada chocolate and its spice notes combined with unusual ingredient made it taste that way The Bangkok was bloody amazing If you wanted to know what it was it s a caramel incorporating mango and passion fruit and is actually one of very few caramels that I ve actually very much enjoyed this year There s this balance of sweet fruity and some direct spice which actually leads me back into the box looking for another Damn I NEED another The Marrakesh is a combination of mint and lemon and ooh I love it I really do wish the mint lasted longer as it s just an utterly fantastic herb For me the chocolate kicked in too early I know others would be appreciative of that but I just adore mint The lemon actually was a touch muted in comparison Again I d love a box of these Basil is another fantastic herb and here it s combined with lemon to form the Genoa and just so brilliantly refreshes the palette It really is wonderful The unusual basil flavours hangs in the air and pulls the socks of the lemon sugar combination up but it never actually makes it The basil dominates and it s all the better for it And lastly I finish on the raspberry liqueur which really provides the pudding to the whole affair If chocolate could be an experience this is it You ve got the apéritif in the form of the Marc de Champagne the starters with the spruce served with wholegrain mustard and Penang then the main course with the

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/5th-dimension-selection-box/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolate Selection Review
    combines wonderfully with both the caramel and the salt none take precedence They all work together to provide a luxurious experience That triumvirate of flavours however is actually a foursome From out of nowhere a slight citrus note appears just to lift the rounded edges up It should be noted that average or even good caramels are created based on a scientific approach x sugar y salt z fats chemical bliss This caramel ingot is created with artistry and instinct and leaves selfish chemistry to Nabisco and instead offers confident elegance in chocolate form Passion fruit and chocolate is such a hard sell to me The acidity in soft fruit often is mimicked by multinational chocolate companies with their seasonal tinned chocolates They re overladen with sugar and have come no closer to real fresh fruit as a resident of Khatanga Instead this South American fruit is offered in as fresh a context as I could imagine The sweetness is kept in check and only really delivered by the chocolate ingot itself It s tart and refreshing It s a summer heat wave in the dead of winter At Christmas it ll cut through the Christmas dinner the pudding the cheese cake and all the other glutinous excess It ll reset your taste buds and reinvigorate your flagging soul The Christmas pudding chocolate should make your head twist in surprise as this too is magical The Christmas pudding spices are certainly evident as well as a touch of Brandy perhaps It s Christmas pudding condensed and acceptable It s not the forced end to the dinner that you want to avoid but feel obliged It s Christmas pudding on your terms and in your own time It s somewhat like those Jetsons cartoons when Mr Spacely swallows a pill containing a three course meal But this bon bon isn t utilitarian in that sense There s is far too much indulgence and joy for that It s the whole Christmas day distilled but without the washing up and the clearing away of the wrapping paper Far too often chocolatiers crank out seasonal chocolate out of necessity Passion seems lost and it shows There are a handful though that take Christmas bull by its horns and give us something refreshing but accompanied by those favourites that people just love And why not You can overindulge on the Christmas theme It can become obligatory Mixing a Christmas themed chocolate with a summery and a staple works very well indeed I ve got a few left and I know they won t last the week let alone until Christmas For 19 95 you ll get twelve of these flavoursome chocolate ingots and they are very much worth the money as the flavours linger With mass produced chocolate you have to consume two or three times the amount to get anywhere near the sense of satisfaction And I trust nothing you can buy on the High Street will come anywhere close to these sublime

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/paul-wayne-gregory-chocolate-selection/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocally Autumn Collection Reviews
    but I absolutely loved it It s just that those flavours were very much defined and real Again there wasn t anything artificial about it The flavours lingered on the tongue and were just a joy The natural sharpness of the apples just wouldn t desist The bonfire toffee truffle I m sure had liquorice with the toffee chunks But this is another fantastically original flavour combination that really hits your taste buds and makes you want another Just as with the rest the flavours stayed with you for an age The good point about this is that you have more fun for fewer calories The berry crumble truffle was more restrained The texture again was very natural The crumble coating served as a temporary distraction given the curious but very enjoyable texture You were then focused back on the delicious fruity flavour Oh how I loved this one I know the prices for Salon du Chocolat are crazy expensive But I suggest that they should discount their prices for new entrants to the chocolate world based on a taste test Those chocolate companies that produce the best with a limited budget should be allowed to have a stall free The alternative is that we just have the chocolate companies with the deepest pockets there and chocolate lovers will miss out on the delights from the likes of Cally her chocolate treats most definitely deserve the attention You can check these out on the Chocally website Or I m sure you can catch up with Cally at the Vintage Craft market on 26th October at St Mary s Church Sheffield S2 4QZ Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also like Chocally Chocolate Gifts Paul A Young Spring 2013 Collection Post Information Below you

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocally-autumnal-collection/ (2016-02-13)
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  • La Maison du Chocolat Coffret Duo de Ganaches Andalousie and Yuzu Review
    gives the chocolate gift and air of quality Whilst opening it up you will notice that Robert and Nicolas have bucked the trend of symmetrical and uniform display of chocolates Instead the contents are tessellated and to me at least signify another attention to detail in that the dimensions are perfectly proportioned to fit together seamlessly The Yuzu ganaches are half the height of the Andalousie which gives you twice as many to enjoy The clarity and richness of the Yuzu fruit is just devine The foretaste is primarily of the creamy ganache whilst the grapefruit like flavours slowly build up like a summer dawn the sweet and sour flavours intermingle and just exude indulgence This fruity acidity given by the Mishoyuzu lasts an age It has flashes of earthiness from the chocolate coating but that just adds another interesting dimension The Merton lemon ganache comes in shard form and is much more tart and direct no wonder they re half the size of their bedfellows The lemon flavour is incredibly fresh and natural It wisps around your mouth and just won t rest until its imparted its abundant flavour Even pushing the flavour around your most won t force it to desist It won t rest nor pause Not even the relaxing tones of the chocolate itself can counter the beautiful tartness contained by the most beautiful ganache Chocolate can be the medium of such joy It can also be the creator of jealousy and guilt Often that guilt manifests itself in regret the wish that you hadn t of eaten so much of it Paradoxically my guilt is that I had left it so long to try La Maison du Chocolat This is a lesson I have learned and one I won t repeat Disclosure these sweet treats

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  • Paul A. Young Spring 2013 Collection Review
    I read the handwriting correctly juxtaposed the previous remarkably Here you have sharp cleansing intense flavours which could wipe away the stresses from any anxious day The casing provides some grounding to the experience and some much needed earthiness Without it you would see it in monochrome instead there s more depth and variety which certainly makes this one much more enjoyable as it would otherwise be The Goat s cheese Lemon and Rosemary has to be one of my favourites because tt s not aggressive The flavours are pleasant mild dignified and consequential The aim is perhaps to sooth with an ice cream like approach The creaminess is scintillating whilst the rosemary and lemon lift the flavours in a pincer movement that traps your taste buds in a Spanish Inquisition torture with some soft cushions I found the Smoked Sea Salt one as less appealing than the others Now this is purely because I m not a huge fan of anything smoked But if you are then the flavour delivered here is so clearly true and honest than you ll fall over yourself with it There s also a boozy edge that did lift it and slap the inside of your mouth that part I hugely appreciated Being brought up largely on Malt Loaf I just had to try Paul s truffle of the same name It actually turned much milder than I had anticipated The beautiful thing here is not in the initial hit of flavour as that is limited but the lingering delivery of malt notes that slowly mute for minutes after the melt It s a flavour that I doubt you would have witnessed in tandem with chocolate but one I d certainly seek in the future The initial hit of the Bison Grass Vodka and Fennel was just fantastic and it improved with the melt The variety of flavours combined majestically There s a balance of sweet bitter and boozy that is a triumph The sweetness may make me less inclined to overindulge But if you re looking for the one treat to satisfy all of your cravings in a solitary experience then this just has to be it The Lemon Basil and Almond is a combination that is just obtuse At first you might be led into the false conclusion that the flavours don t work Just like a football manager you just have to give this one time If you do you ll be rewarded with the most curious play of flavours Unlike some which complement each other to form an orb of culinary sensations instead the tree ingredients are layered upon each other in a way that doesn t holistically support each other in the classic sense but operate at different levels and at sequential stages of the melt It is most enjoyable and definitely one you should try True artistry doesn t confirm to traditional expectations It allows you to explore your senses and force you to approach them from a

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