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  • Hotel Chocolat Summer Fusions Review
    certainly achieved something delightful here I generally don t get on too well with orange flavoured chocolate and that part of the Orange Elderflower bar didn t match the heights of the previous whilst I thought the elderflower milk chocolate part was nicely original and punchy Of course that milk chocolate is fairly sweet but it most definitely works against the slightly tart elderflower The guys at Hotel Chocolat combine my two favourite ingredients with the next mint and chilli When you open the wrapper you ll be hit with a very powerful flash of mint that will linger On tasting that mint is slow to get going but as the chocolate melts you ll know it s just a tantalising foreplay for the chilli that will kick in moment later and gently satisfy the back of your throat It s far less powerful than most chilli chocolate and that s a good thing I suspect that most of their customers don t want their taste buds blown off but merely want them entertained and this bar certainly does that Lemon chocolate is another that I know I shouldn t like but actually do especially when it s incredibly hot It just reminds me of the time on holiday when I found lemon Cornettos I ve never seen them since but sitting in the hot Mediterranean sun lapping up one of those is an incredibly fond memory Hotel Chocolat can t provide the weather but they can provide a mild tanginess combined with some very creamy chocolate Again this is one to have with a cool drink in the garden whilst reading the newspapers on a late Sunday afternoon The Banana and Caramel was always going to be a sweet affair but the banana milk chocolate was fair less sweet

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/hotel-chocolat-summer-fusions/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocolate Society Selections - Banoffee Pie Truffles and Salted Caramels Review
    chocolate is looks interesting not least because of the crispy inclusions As you first bite in you ll get a brief insight as to its smooth and creamy complexion but you ll then be instantly drawn into the sweet banoffee filling which is jam packed full of natural banana flavour There are no faux flavours here They re summery rich decadent and delightful Over time that initial hit will subside and the milk chocolate shell takes over But that banoffee flavour never seems to disappear completely It s ever present and that s what I love about it There are only a couple of salted caramels left as I was confused as whether I could review these or not During the working day and in the evening I would seek one of these out as they gave just the right chocolate fix against a sweet decadent filling that I just couldn t resist I loved how the very soft salted caramel filling oozes out of the shell as you crunch through That combination of the salt and the caramel is perfectly balanced Often salted caramels can be too extreme Some like that I don t I prefer them to be more sophisticated allowing the chocolate to come through and not be dominated by any one ingredient And that s certainly what happens with these Although these chocolates are very good There are some from the selections that Al sent over that I can t publicly review which I feel are a better test and display of his talent Again I m not allowed to name them but there are some fruity ones that have a great clean natural flavour perfect for the summer season There s also one that would typically be dark and brooding but had some delightful punch

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocolate-society-selections/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Demarquette Britannia's Kitchen Garden Chocolate Selection Box Review
    for improvement The selection box contains a range of chocolates containing ingredients that many will have growing in their herb garden or have in their kitchen to cook with As a huge fan of Mint I just had to start with this one I was absolutely amazed by the clarity and freshness of this chocolate The mint was certainly powerful to start but that dissipates softens and blends into the caramel The dark chocolate shell eventually pushes through and takes centre stage It was this freshness that I found to be the dominant feature and just typifies Marc s approach to chocolate Fennel and Honey are both ingredients that I feel aren t used enough in food in general and certainly not with chocolate At first I found the combination of flavours unusual but as the melt progressed the flavours blended well Despite the honey being at the forefront and largely the primary flavour the fennel is noticeable Now I did suggest that the fennel should be more evident but I m not sure whether the final version will feature the herb with more prominence The Carrot Rosemary and Seal Salt offered such a wide variety of contrasting flavours but it worked The sea salt held the base line the carrot a large part of the centre ground and the rosemary jutted out at the top I might be a touch strange but perhaps a touch more of the carrot but I might regret saying that as I found it very pleasant I loved the Roasted Peppers with Olive Oil without reservation I believe that peppers have a flavour profile that just cries out for chocolate The slight acidity is mellow and holds above the olive oil which offers a much flatter profile Combined they re just great I don

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/britannias-kitchen-garden/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Toot Sweets Chocolate Selection Box Review
    s throw from the River Severn Julia Wenlock creates lovely chocolates using top quality couverture But to prove the poing I started with the salted caramel in a heart shaped dark chocolate shell and which offers a much more laid back version of a salted caramel Often they can be incredibly sharp and salt laden which for some is exactly what they re looking for but I prefer the balance to be slightly more in favour of the chocolate than the salt and Julia has hit the nail on the head with her version The next was utterly divine The shell was thick and domineering whilst the filing seemed to be a balance of herb lavender and fruit The flavours just blended together in a concertina affect that it became indistinguishable The end result was very pleasant nonetheless Thirdly there was very dark ganache liberally topped off with large cocoa nibs The brutish acidic soft succulent centre contrasted magnificently with the crunchy diverse flavours of the nibs There s so much more here than meets the eye as the centre was so expansive in terms of flavours that it surely all couldn t be provided by just dark ganache The mouth feel was luscious too as the melt took ages to get going and the flavours just continued to flare out Lastly the butterscotch was utterly sinful It should be banned Ouch I did like that one The balance of the dark chocolate shell counters a heavenly buttery sugary most flavoursome payload The first thing you ll notice is a curious texture but then you ll be hit with the flavour and you ll wonder where they ve been all your life And these chocolates are a case in point You would have heard of some chocolatiers in the big

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/toot-sweets-chocolate-selection-box/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Belgian Chocolate - its not all creamy stuff
    to live up to the hype Patisserie Vercruysse Gianduja Geert is testing me fully with these two Maranon Fortunato No4 enrobed homemade gianduja Not only because I haven t paid him yet for the other stuff he sent at the same time I m still waiting for the bill my good friend but also because I m rarely fond of gianduja despite Wittamer Sugar Free Milk Chocolate I didn t really expect this bar to be anything other than poor and I was proven right Geert Vercruysse Selection Undoubtably one of my chocolate highlights of 2010 If you ever get the chance to try a Geert Vercruysse Selection I can assure you you won t regret it Wittamer Classic Carré These Wittamer Classic Carré didn t look too great but the flavours and textures of the assortment was actually exceptional My personal favourite was the pepper ganache Pierre Marcolini Palets Fins and Saveurs du Monde These Pierre Marcolini Palets Fins and Saveurs du Monde are gave me one of the best chocolate experiences of my life 10 Belgian Caramels From Bon Bons of Leeds Even though I m not the biggest caramel fan the Belgian caramels from Stefan Dumon still weren t great Moko Chocolate Truffles These chocolates from Moko could have been so much better seeing as the packaging was great Unfortunately the chocolates themselves weren t all that great Pierre Marcolini A profile of Pierre Marcolini the chocolatier from Brussels who wins award after award in the chocolate and pastry world Callebaut Chocolate A look at the famous Belgium chocolate brand what they make and their history Dolfin Chocolate I just love the imagination of Dolfin chocolate and the fantastic range of flavours that they combine with a very good quality chocolate Choc O Bars 54 Belgian Dark

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/abroad/belgian-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Geert Vercruysse
    m rarely fond of gianduja despite Patisserie Vercruysse Winter Collection The single most awe inspiring moment of my chocolate reviewing life was two years ago yesterday Then I received a delivery from someone I had never heard from That clear plastic case contained the most amazing chocolates I have ever tasted To this day those Patisserie Vercruysse ganaches have only ever Geert Vercruysse Selection Undoubtably one of my chocolate highlights

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/geert-vercruysse/ (2016-02-13)
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  • The Choccies - The Best Chocolate Of 2010
    m so glad I did This bar was fantastic its appearance reminded me of antique furniture whilst the flavour was reminiscent of marmite It might not be a mass appeal bar but connoisseurs would love it Amano Ocumare 70 Dark Chocolate I actually preferred this bar to their much idolised Chauo as the texture was everything I d want from a bar of artisan chocolate it was soft velvety and sexual Whilst the melt was as long as a bank holiday and the flavour mild but with an sensuous edge Friis Holm Chuno 70 The Friis Holm brand was new to me but is now a firm favourite The snap was crisp the mouth feel divine and with an intoxicating flavour that comes out of nowhere Definitely worth a try if you can get hold of some Worth A Mention Duffy s 72 Ecuador To my mind this is true chocolate there s nothing fake to it There s no ego but there is a heap of experiment and comical modesty This all leads to a delicious bar that will make you question whether you d want to try mass produced chocolate again The Chocolate Cafe 70 Dark Chocolate The Chocolate Cafe may be fairly new to the chocolate scene but I absolutely loved their dark chocolate bar Many have said I m mad but I m sticking to my guns on this one Best Milk Chocolate Winner Pralus Barre Infernale Lait Perhaps I shouldn t put this bar in the milk chocolate category as it s adulterated with praline But actually the praline gives it delicious texture and sweetness that managed to restrain itself without being too strong which much mass produced milk chocolate unfortunately is Highly Commended Amano Jembrana 30 Milk Chocolate This Amano may have been sweet but was wonderfully counter balanced by a milky edge It does come at a cost but if you do want to try artisan milk chocolate it s worth starting here Thorntons Tonka Bean Milk Chocolate Bar Thornton s have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of year to break out of the Continentals market and into exciting a much wider audience and they produced a milk chocolate bar full of character What s more it can be bought in your local high street unlike most of the chocolate listed here Best White Chocolate Winner Strawberry White Chocolate With Black Pepper I ve not really tried a lot of white chocolate this year and will buy the Amedei Venchi and Michel Cluziel bars next year to review but my favourite of 2010 was the strawberry white chocolate bar from The Chocolate Cafe It was very sweet and that s the exact reason people buy white chocolate but came with a wonderful pepper edge Chocolate Personality Winner Kate Johns Kate has been a great help not only to me but other chocolate bloggers producers journalists and other personalities basically everyone in chocolate Even fair encouraging passionate connected patient they re all

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocolate-awards-2010/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Pierre Marcolini Palets Fins and Saveurs du Monde
    did love this one Next we had the Mangue fondant with the mangos coming from Brazil which offered another delightful experience With this one the mango delivered a more subdued flavour that managed to hold back behind the dark chocolate notes and ended up walking hand in hand within my mouth Understated indeed but still immensely pleasing Too many mass produced fruit chocolates purposely over power the quality because of its poor quality Here because Pierre Marcolini uses very good quality couverture he has the opportunity to present the true flavour of the fruit without pumping it full of sugar The aroma of the passion fruit caramel reminded me of play dough but the flavour was sharp sweet and as natural as you would expect if you actually just got a passion fruit and ate it unadulterated by any cacao The chocolate casing here was much lighter and probably at the 50 level but didn t actually appear in the flavour range because the passion fruit offered a stronger experience That s not to say it was bitter just sharper than the others I then approached the Praliné with Iranian pistachio which also had a beautiful well rounded aroma and a flavour that was rich and creamy There was no dryness as was the case with the Patchi pralines instead it was rich velvety and sensual If all pralines were like this I d be their biggest fan OK so either I ve left the window open or this one has given me goose bumps And finally from the Palets Fins I have the caramel with salted butter which to me had an almost minty backdrop but must actually be the incredibly mild saltiness that accompanies the butter Flavourwise it s like trying to get a thread through a needle with fifty foot tweezers and he manages it The flavours are so finely balanced so acute and so calculated that it made me wonder how good the other selection boxes I ve reviewed in the past actually were I don t know why but I was drawn to the Java Indonesia carré first most probably because it was much lighter than the others And the aroma was sensational very sweet with a great honey overtone which was carried through into the flavour which was complimented with a delicious creaminess that was divine The Pierre Marcolini I would expect is a blend of couverture from various nation growers It wasn t as aromatic or as unique as the Java but soft and gentle and more like a square of Chapon Cuba The problem I have with these carré is that they re so petit that it s difficult for any flavour to really take hold unless it is in actual fact robust There was a touch of an earthy tone but it would seem that as it is a blend any idiosyncrasies of the individual couvertures were contradicted by the others The aroma of the Trinidad carré was fruity with this

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/pierre-marcolini-selection/ (2016-02-13)
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