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  • Artisan du Chocolat God Save The Chocolate - 40% Milk Chocolate
    source of the beans I suppose this may change over time Now I stepped out of my usual comfort zone to give this milk chocolate bar I rarely do so but as it sounded unusual I thought I d give it a whirl As is normally the case with Artisan du Chocolat it comes in at a light 45g but sets you back 2 75 which is about half the size of most bars and even less than the Amano bars so it doesn t feel all that substantial in the hand But with milk chocolate I feel this is a plus If there s too much and the chocolate is too sweet I still feel inclined to eat it all Actually in one weekend when I was a teenager I ate one of those huge bars of Cadbury chocolate that must have weighted a couple of kilos Not good The colour was wonderfully light and rich and actually reminded me of the chocolate iPhone case that I reviewed earlier this year and even the style of the chocolate pieces was almost identical Thankfully it tasted a damn site better Well leaving that aspect to one side for a moment the aroma was very milky but had a strange acidic note I won t actually stay what it reminded me at first thought as that may be a touch unfair but if anyone else has tried it then could you let me know what you thought of the aroma Back on to the flavour I actually loved it It was very light and sweet with a milk powder edge and a slightly peppery under current You can definitely pick up the sugar in it but it s far from being anything like the unpleasant Galaxy taste The texture also matches the flavour in that it s light and incredibly moorish If you wanted a break from dark chocolate and wanted something that s not as sharp punchy or dry then you should really try this bar As a dark chocolate lover I was actually very pleased with this bar I d now certainly buy some of their milk chocolate next time I put an order in Rating Taste 80 I m surprised to rate it so highly but it was actually very pleasant Texture 70 light soft but I did miss a bit of a resistance Appearance 70 I loved the packaging but would have loved a different mould to mark the limited edition nature of it Nutritional Information 60 not a great deal there Price 80 to spend 2 75 on a bar of unusual chocolate is no hassle just at 40g I feel short changed Overall 72 a very enjoyable bar indeed Where To Buy The God Save The Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bar Artisan du Chocolat Nutritional Information Ingredients Cane sugar dried whole milk cocoa butter cocoa beans soya lecithin Minimum cocoa solids 40 and Minimum Milk Content 26 May contain traces of nuts sesame and gluten No

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  • Michel Cluizel Los Ancones 67% Dark Chocolate from Dominican Republic
    and cream Despite the velvety texture and the enveloping flavour there s no real decadence here It s soothing reassuring but not bursting with flavour This I m afraid and for my palate is to its detriment This bar although very good doesn t offer me a complete chocolate experience I just feel it s missing a few layers of flavour There s no story here each of the flavours just arrive at the same time The Pralus Chuao for example takes you on a journey flavours come and go whilst this bar is fairly singular in its flavour offering those flavours that are offered are too similar This is more to do with the fact Trinitario CC10 cacao is used and not Criollo On a trinitario only comparison it s one of the most pleasant I ve reviewed Of course I m not going to turn this bar if offered And compared to 90 of what I review it d win hands down But when we re talking about the best of the best it doesn t quite hit the mark in my opinion anyway Many of the criollo bars are superior but you knew that already Where To Buy Lindor Dark Chocolate Eggs Chocadores 4 25 Rating Taste 80 definitely pleasant but not as complete as I had expected Texture 90 a fantastic melt added to the creamy flavour Appearance 80 the design of the packaging wasn t too cluttered but did contain all the relevant information Nutritional Information 75 it did have a story but I would love to have known more about the plantation etc Price 80 for the price it is great value especially if you like less bitter dark chocolate Overall 81 No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta

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  • Mast Brothers 81% Dark Chocolate With Almonds, Sea Salt and Olive Oil
    so was surprised to see such liberal flakes of almond which almost covered its entire surface I just love chocolate that either covers all bases in terms of flavour or just does one flavour exceptionally well This bar is certainly the former It seems that the all four corners of a taste square have been covered The almonds give it a mellow cardboardy taste which combats the slightly sweet chocolate flavour which in turn plays against the acidic piquancy of the salt which in turn slides up against the well rounded flavour of the olive oil which comes to the fore as the chocolate starts to melt There is a downside to this bar It s that only at the very beginning and occasionally throughout the experience do you actually get to taste the 81 chocolate itself It s like a summer s day when it starts off sunny in the morning and the clouds roll in and you re only able to glimpse at its rays spasmodically throughout the day Although this bar isn t a riot of flavours there s nothing that contradicts or clashes it s just the chocolate taste doesn t take enough of the stage That s not to say this bar isn t good It s more of an Alan Bennet compared to the randomness of a child s Christmas Panto or the bombasticity of a Ben Elton play As we re in the throes of a political onslaught it s important to see this chocolate bar in that light This isn t a mass market bar It s not a New Labour working class bar it s not even a safe Conservative Party bar it s a funky bar Would it Nick Clegg bar No It d be a party of its own Non partizan non pretentious and nothing like you ve tasted before I can t really give it top marks as I didn t get the wow factor I was hoping for I did get a nice chocolate ride into an intriguing chocolate kingdom But would I go back Well of course Rating Taste 70 It was nice but a bit too much of an acquired taste for some Texture 80 I love the smoothness of the chocolate against the crunch of the almonds Appearance 100 I don t think it could be improved Nutritional Information 70 good As we re talking about a craft producer then we can t expect detailed analysis Price 70 it is pricey but it is unique Overall 78 definitely worth trying Where To Buy The Mast Brothers 81 Dark Chocolate With Almonds Sea Salt and Olive Oil Paul A Young Shops UK Mast Brothers Online US Nutritional Information 81 Cacao cane sugar almonds sea salt olive oil Cocoa is from Dominican Republic Refined using granite stone No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Mast Brothers 81 Dark Chocolate With Almonds Sea Salt and Olive Oil

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/mast-brothers-almonds-salt-olive-oil/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Strawberry & Champagne Chocolate Truffles - Perfect For Valentines Day
    These just look fantastic After you ve been primed by their visual appearance you re brought along the sensual journey by the aroma which is sweet and delightfully intoxicating As you bite in there s an echoey crunch that reverberates around your mouth and releases more of the decadent aroma The texture is a textbook definition of creamy soft and velvety it s like sliding naked into satin sheets with a glass of Champagne and bowl of strawberries With a soft undertone of strawberry there is a strong forceful but ultimately respectful splash of Champagne It is the most dominate flavour but it doesn t overpower the strawberry There s even a stronger presence of butter than I ve noticed in other truffles which gives it a gorgeous richness that binds all the other flavours together incredibly well I know they re not the zenith of artisan truffles as there is glucose syrup but when you go out for a delightful Valentine s dinner do you really care what every ingredient is Or are you more concerned with having a fantastic romantic experience With these truffles you ll just focus on the senses that matter and you ll thank you re loved one for getting these for you when you curl up after that Valentine s meal and gently pop these into each other s mouths And if you re worried about the calories I m sure you can think of ways to work them off Where To Buy These Handmade Strawberry Champagne Chocolate Truffles James Chocolates 5 Rating Taste 80 I absolutely adored the fructose sweetness with the intoxicating Champagne delicious Texture 95 so soft it almost had no resistance more velvety than grandma s curtains and sensuous than any lover Appearance 80 the packaging does underplay the seductive

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/strawberry-champagne-truffles/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Kirsch Cherries - Summer Chocolates From Montezuma's
    That dark chocolate is made with 73 cocoa solids and is a lovely mild dark chocolate at that Of course any sort of highly acidic dark chocolate would be too similar to the cherry flavour to be too enjoyable The balance of those mild smooth flavours with that of the sharp sweet just combine so beautifully What I ve also learned is that cherries contain anthocyanins which apparently help reduce inflammation and contain antioxidants and may actually help reduce weight but when you consider that information came from the Cherry Marketing Institute then I d take it with a pinch of salt Also if you re a vegan then they re apparently suitable for you too and perhaps one of the most decadent chocolate treats on the market that is clearly labelled as suitable for vegans What s more they re also gluten and soya free as well as free from colouring and preservatives Damn these are so good I m taking the left overs out into the garden I d love to know if you guys can recommend any others Where To Buy Chocolate Kirsch Cherries Montezuma s 6 49 Rating Taste 85 absolutely delightful and a great summer chocolate treat Texture 80 utterly fantastic Appearance 75 I would have loved a wonderful presentation box etc but I know that s not practical I also had problems getting into them But I do try and preserve the packaging when I review chocolate Nutritional Information 80 Montezuma s are very good at providing relevant information Price 75 I very good price if you re having a summer or garden party Overall 79 wouldn t it be nice if the guys at Montezuma s sent me some more No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/kirsch-cherries-montezumas/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Competitions
    To Be Won Win some Galaxy chocolate Closed Jaxx Mouthy Chocolate Treats Competition After reviewing the new Jaxx mouthy crunchie chocolate treats I thought it d be nice to get a hamper of 50 of them to give away to one lucky person to enjoy with their kids or just for themselves over the second Bank Holiday weekend This competition is much simpler than the others Closed Win A Fudge Kitchen Hamper Worth 35 99 So how would you like to celebrate Easter a little different this year May be with a four slices of thick fudge three jars of gorgeously rich fudge sauce and six sachets of drinking fudge Combined they would be worth 35 99 and you can get your hands on this gorgeous hamper with chicks included by Closed Win A Four Layer Pierre Marcolini Selection Box A competition to win some absolutely fantastic chocolates from Pierre Marcolini Win A Key To The Thorntons Chocolate Factory A nice little email has come through and I m sure all other people that have bought stuff from them would have got it too One of the highlights of my 2010 was the factory tour I went on so I can vouch for its awesomeness Will there be a key in your next order To celebrate our Centenary Closed Win Valentine s Personalised M Ms It doesn t take much chance to enter the Valentine s M Ms competition All you have to do is answer two questions that you can find on their website Closed Win A Hotel Chocolat Chocolatiers Table Selection Box Worth 48 This competition is now closed currently picking a winner This Chocolatier s Table Selection Box from Hotel Chocolat is one of the largest chocolate selection boxes I ve seen and eaten In fact it

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/offers/competitions/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Glico Pocky Choco Banana Biscuit Sticks From Thailand
    Melt Milk Chocolate with Banana whilst I was unsure of the Booja Booja Organic Cognac Flambéed Banana Truffles These biscuit sticks however are fab They re not anywhere near the luxurious standard that Valrhona sets with its chocolate but Glico have hit the delightful chocolate snack right on the head I ve neglected to count how many you get in a box but I d say anywhere been ten and twelve And they re sticks of sweet delight delicious I can t really give them a proper rating as there s not really much chocolate in them But I d have to give them a quick score of 85 and I ve reduced the score as I d like more in a box Check out the Thai Food Online shop for more information Nutritional Information Sugar 35 Palm Oil 19 Milk Powder 18 Wheat Flour 17 Cocoa Powder 7 Cocoa Mass 4 Also visit the official site And here s some related videos if you re intrested No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Glico Pocky Choco Banana Author Lee McCoy On 15 12 09 5 45 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Banana Chocolate Snacks Pocky Rating 85 89 Thailand Feedback 1 comment Susan They are even cheaper at this Chinese Supermarket http shop waiyeehong com index php main page product info products id 683 AWESOME Pingback Orion Choco Boy Chocolate Biscuits From Korea Chocolate Reviews Pingback Julies Love Letters Chocolate Cream Filling Waffers Chocolate Reviews Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News Features Mystery Shopping International

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  • Artisan du Chocolat Congo 72% Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar
    degree of sharp acidity but is nowhere near as forceful as other bars at the 72 level I ve reviewed In actual fact as the bar heats up from the slightly colder room that I store my chocolate there is a much more pronounced balsamic vinegar aroma The taste has a definite molasses character but a sort of praline edge that dampens that acidity but lends some sophistication to the experience The bar is actually a blend of trinitario and criollo but I don t know in what ratio I d expect something like 8 2 but with a fairly long conch time as it so meek The sanguine flavour belies the 72 cocoa content which feels much more like 60 This mildness may disappoint people that may subconsciously think that the wildness of Congo at the 72 level would be more bitter and acidic For those people that like a great deal of tartness I d suggest their Jamaica 72 bar instead Where To Buy The Artisan du Chocolat Congo Dark Chocolate Bar Artisan du Chocolat 2 95 Rating Taste 70 I was in the mood for something dark mysterious and moody I actually got something like and sweet and as such this bar is more suited to a summer s day and not the middle of winter Texture 75 as good as their bars normally are It offers a nice roll in the mouth and melts quickly Appearance 70 a nice simplistic design Nutritional Information 80 some lovely background information and the nutritional details are very clear Price 75 very reasonable for a 45g bar Overall 74 definitely worth trying if you d like a subtle bar of dark chocolate No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Artisan

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