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  • Duffy's 65% Star Of The Dominican Republic Chocolate Bar Review
    t feel right The prominence of this issue seems to change with every square The only ingredient I can put it down to is the sunflower lecithin used as those superfluous tones are very similar to sunflower seeds Now I could be talking utter rubbish and putting two and two and getting David Beckham s tax bill but the whole top range is dominated by that sensation There s also a strange alkali almost soapy edge which also masks the true chocolate flavours which I can feel trying to break through The tasting notes mention strawberries which I can just about make out at the front of my mouth near my lips but I don t get get any rich smoky Lapsang souchong After the fantastic Nicaragua Chuno bar I had hopped this one would be equally gorgeous Alas it might just show the inherent variability possible with small batch chocolate making When I was judging for the Academy of Chocolate last year I could recognise some of the world s greatest chocolate makers from branding or the shape of the mould and I would think how could XYZ produce so dire chocolate Cocoa beans and all other ingredients are subject of nature s own variability and I suggest that s just what has happened here For those wishing to check how their bars have tasted and for Duffy himself to do a bit of sampling if he has any left the batch number was 120006 If you did want to try for yourself to see I ve got this bar completely wrong you can get some here No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Duffy s 65 Star Of The Dominican Republic Author Lee McCoy On 10 04 12

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  • Gnosis Aphrodisiac Raw Chocolate Bar Review
    do I reviewed some of Vanessa s chocolate last year and thought it was pretty good But what about this one The packaging is just as understated and made with recycled materials and is jam packed with useful and interesting information mostly related to the company s Social Responsibility Policy but also the ingredients and what one would hope to feel after easting some The bar inside is small but packed full with ingredients It doesn t look like raw chocolate as it has a wonderful shine It does however sound like raw chocolate as there s no crisp snap But if you re buying raw chocolate then that s probably not something you ll be looking for But this brings me to an interesting debate can any chocolate be considered as raw apart from the cacao bean itself seeing as the temperature the beans get up to whilst fermenting can be up to 48 c about 120 F and then there s the tempering process too But that s a side show to the reason to buying this chocolate and that s because you re believe in holistic medicine and you have ailments or conditions you d like help with or preventing Obviously I can t report on any additional desire for some loving I can describe the sensory characteristics of the bar which does come across as having a fairly acidic aroma It has chewy texture like all of the raw chocolate I ve tried and this is further compounded by the figs There s also some crunch which makes it very unusual It s actually has a popping candy like feel after the chocolate has been consumed In terms of flavour I found it very interesting The tip of my tongue does sense some sort of peppery

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/gnosis-chocolate-aphrodisia/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Buy Chocolate Truffles and Recipes

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  • Minerva Chocolate Selection Review
    as some of the others and the brandy flavour a bit too strong for my tastes but I can see how others would like it I couldn t place this pavé either I think it was just one of their normal milk chocolate ones but there was a touch of honey or some other very mild flavour that s just poking through and I just can t make out what it is The problem is that even with swigging squash between each one after a while the subtle flavours don t come through enough to be distinguishable from the main chocolate flavours The sixth one was completely different It was fruity punchy acid and knocks you out of any form of complacency you might have had if you had just had some of the milder pavé or truffles There was a lot of zing to this one which makes it more suited to being an after dinner chocolate I certainly wouldn t have it with red wine Next up there was the head of Minerva formed in a dark chocolate and praline combination Unusually for me I actually very enjoyed this praline I usually don t The flavours were complimentary there was no jostling for attention and the usually very prominent hazelnut flavour was nicely subdued A very nice praline indeed This played with my head It reminded me almost of Love Hearts or some other candy from my childhood which I just couldn t place It had a sweet flowery flavour which subsided into the chocolate which seemed to melt last This one was strange but very pleasant I m sure this was the Cointreau one Whatever it was the centre was exquisite rich creamy seductive enveloping and delicious They re all words that can be used to describe this truffle I want more I m sure this one was the fudge chocolate It was one of the mildest of all the bon bons and truffles so far But that s not to say it wasn t enjoyable it s just that the understated flavours couldn t compare to some of the powerful accents of the previous ones This was definitely the whisky truffle I love whisky neat but often I don t think it works so well with chocolate It seems to have a strange range of flavours as they melt away I didn t like this as much as the others This was surely the Amaretto chocolate wow this was sweet but totally delicious I would like some more of these please Even after nearly working through the entire bunch I thought it was fantastic The last was another I couldn t put my finger on It had a gorgeous mild nature and could be placed somewhere between milk and dark chocolate The texture wasn t as smooth as the others but in isolation was still pretty damn good Rating Taste 80 very good but I still prefer Paul A Young s House Selection Texture 80 some

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/minerva-chocolate-selection/ (2016-02-13)
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  • The Best Chocolate Truffles - Your Guide When You Buy Online
    make a wonderful Champagne Truffle which has a crispy shell but still a very flavoursome truffle centre And if you re a Hotel Chocolat fan then you ve got to check out their Pink Champagne Truffles which are pretty dam good Following on from those and still on the alcohol truffles then you should really take a look at the Terre à Terre Boozy Rum Truffles and the Rum Cola Truffles which were pretty fantastic And still on the boozy theme you could try the absolutely fantastic Irish Whiskey Liqueur Chocolate Truffles from My Chocolate Bar Flavoured Chocolate Truffles The beautiful thing about chocolate truffles is that they come in all sorts of flavours Prestat do very interesting Orange and Lemon Chocolate Truffles You can also get some fabulous mint chocolate truffles from Charbonnel et Walker as well some very strange Banoffee Truffles Also the William Curley Framboise Truffles were totally fantastic they re worth a try Praline Chocolate Truffles Now I m not a big fan of praline chocolates but I know many are If you re also a fan of luxury chocolate brands then consider the Galler Chocolate Truffles Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles If you wanted to try something a bit difference then why not consider the offering from Terre à Terre they re pretty interesting Chocolate Truffle Selection Boxes I ve tried more than my fair share of chocolate truffle selection boxes Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons lead the way in cost effective selection boxes for birthday anniversary and Christmas gifts But also consider the Godiva Chocolate Truffles Gift Box which wasn t too bad if you wanted a quality brand at affordable prices If you live in London I can highly recommend the Paul A Young House Selection which is out of this world Diabetic Chocolate Truffles

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/best-chocolate-truffles/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Koko Chocolate Truffles - Chocolates Delivered By Post
    top quality chocolates If the passion in the marketing of the chocolates was displayed in equal measures with the quality of the chocolates then they d be on to a sure fire winner Well the very nice Jenny and her team noticed that I mentioned their launch and sent over a box with a bag each of choc truffles and cocoa truffles and so I grabbed hold of the choc truffles first and cast my eye over them Well the first think that came to mind was that they had a very strong resemblance to the My Chocolate Bar Rum Cola chocolate truffles that I just adored Unfortunately the flavour of these truffles didn t quite match any of those from My Chocolate Bar Now I don t like to be overly critical but there was hardly any chocolate taste to them The flavours that I got were mainly of sugar and vegetable fats And that came over in the texture too Now I know that Belgian chocolates are supposed to be fatty and creamy but true Belgian chocolates wouldn t last more than a few days these are good until the middle of February next year Visually they didn t look to great either It seemed that the creamy filling was just rolled in cast off pieces of extra milky Flake shards I know they didn t say the truffles were handmade but it just didn t show any love or affection had gone in to them The sun is shining and my bad back is receding and I really want to be positive just I can t Hoping that the other bag of truffles was going to make up for the other s shortfalls I moved over and opened that bag too Being a big fan of dusty truffles had high hopes Alas they were to be dashed The aroma may have been fine but there was a slightly but not excessively so dry texture although the flavour wasn t as one dimensional as the others Here they had an intense sugary taste but not much else There may have been slight kirsch notes but not enough chocolate came through They were just a couple of notches too sweet These truffles could have been so good The execution of the experience up until the tasting was absolutely perfect for their aim of offering good quality chocolates by post but the flavour was just too commercialised for my taste I know others love confectionary with high levels of sugar and fats it s just that I don t I also know that not everyone has the same taste as me I know that they ll be a good proportion of their target audience that like super sweet confectionary and will be over joyed with these Just give me a selection box of Pierre Hermé I ll pay the difference Rating Taste 50 no wow factor unfortunately Texture 50 not brilliant Appearance 75 the appearance was very much suitable for

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/moko-chocolate-truffles/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Green & Blacks Maya Gold Organic Easter Egg Review
    orange spice extracts I m sure there s nutmeg in there then the chocolate becomes even more full of edgy character Then add that to the big chance that the beans come from the Dominican Republic which often produces acidic and earthy cocoa then it all combines to produce some chocolate with punch One thing that did startle me was that the chocolate had a pronounced gin and tonic flavour Now I don t expect everyone to get this but it was certainly there for me I expect this comes from the acidity of the orange If you manage to push it through your teeth to bring out more of the flavour you may be hit with a very strong tobacco nicotine flavour Not that it wasn t off putting just unexpected This is a very interesting Easter egg it won t appeal to everyone but yet if you are open minded then give it a try Rating Taste 67 The taste is interseting but the actuall chocolate itself wasn t as rich and flavoursome as their 70 dark chocolate is Texture 70 nice and thick with a long lasting melt Appearance 80 the packaging is fantastic Nutritional Information 70 there s a good amount on the packaging and more on their website Price I can t see them individually but Ethical Superstore have their bars for 1 99 Overall 71 75 well worth trying if you would like something different Where To Buy The Green Blacks Maya Gold Organic Easter Egg Green Blacks as part of Chocolate Gift Hampers Nutritional Information Ingredients Organic Cocoa Mass Organic Raw Cane Sugar Organic Cocoa Butter Emulsifier Soya Lecithin Natural Fruit and Spice Extracts 0 1 Organic Vanilla Extract Organic Whole Milk Powder 55 Cocoa and 45 Sugar are traded in accordance with

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/green-blacks-maya-gold-organic-easter-egg/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Devnaa Limited Edition Honey & Cardamom Fudge - Indian Inspired Sweets
    find sixteen dark chocolate squares all perfectly identical and all housing the most wonderful fudge I have ever tasted In the past the fudge I have reviewed have put me one step too close to a sugar overdose whilst these seem far less dominated with sweetness and more about flavour Those flavours are mild and warming perhaps like sitting with a hot mug of milk with cardamom whilst watching the sun goal down over a Goan beach Those flavours are clean interesting and smooth The honey doesn t dominate but provides that smoothness whilst the cardamom lifts up those tones and provides a much more intriguing experience It s always great to try chocolates that aren t complex rum unctuous or try to be clever This fudge offered a good simple flavour which was executed incredibly well most delicious indeed Where To Buy These Honey Cardamom Fudge Pieces Devnaa 16 Quick Rating 78 absolutely loved them No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Devnaa Limited Edition Honey Cardamom Fudge Author Lee McCoy On 18 12 11 12 11 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Cardamom Devnaa Fudge Honey Rating 75 79 Feedback 1 comment http twitter com KaveyF Kavita Interesting I have only tried Devnaa chocolate once and found it far too sweet and some of it oddly grainy in texture Which is a shame as I love the packaging and the people behind it seem really nice Your comment that this item isn t too sweet and allows the flavours to come through nicely suggests that perhaps I should try them again Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/devnaa-limited-edition-honey-cardamom-fudge/ (2016-02-13)
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