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  • Soma Chocolate 70% Chuao - Chocolate Reviews
    this chocolate Each bite seems to have the affect like when films to that weird affect when the scene goes back in time you just lose some grounding in reality and transported elsewhere Perhaps it even has a psuedo psychedelic quality The mould use to make this bar is less unusual being crisp angular and quite masculine whilst the aroma had a warm salty but yet quite figgy character perhaps much like the Moroccan seafront The flavour carried this sense through too where there s a sharp acidity on the tip of your tongue supported by a fellow mellow caramel tone and an over riding dark fruit personality It seems that this acidity and sweet fruitiness are both thrusting forward at the same time with equal force much like a forked tongue But there doesn t seem to any complimentary flavours just a battle ground in your mouth for attention which can be a touch confusing or adventurous depending on if your glass is half empty or half full After more bites you may notice as your teeth crunch through the release of an Amaretto type flavour which is then followed by under ripe gooseberry and then part way through you may also get walnut This all goes into making it a truly fascinating chocolate experience The Pralus perhaps was much less interesting but I think the flavours there intertwined with a much greater degree of cohesion Here it seemed more of a jazz jamming sessions with flavours and notes working in disunity crashing and banging as the chocolate melted Where To Buy The Soma Chocolate 70 Chuao Soma 11 Rating Taste 80 very enjoyable but may leave your head spinning Texture 85 as smooth as you could ever really want Appearance 75 I m just in two minds about

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/soma-chocolate-70-chuao/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Make Your Own Chocolate House - Educational Gifts For Children
    wear it The process required some microwaving of the chocolate buttons so it became almost liquid in texture At this stage you should let it cool for a few minutes and then pour the slop into the moulds and wait for what it says for what the instructions state as twenty minutes but for me it was much closer to an hour During that process I was tapping the moulds gently to try and bring out the bubbles and ensure that all the recesses of the moulds were filled properly with the chocolate and that aspect I was pleased with I thought the definition of the windows and doors was fantastic Putting the different pieces together was less easy You really have to make sure that if you slightly over fill the moulds that you chip away at the joins to make sure they fit snugly Also be prepared to touch up those joins with some additional chocolate cement to make sure they withstand the building process I found the roofs didn t fit so well and would have severe case of damn if it were a real house Because it s Christmas I tried to give it a more seasonal look with some snow but as I was all out in icing sugar I adorned the scene with some powdered almonds so it s less of the pure driven snow look I was trying for If you re looking at purely financial terms then I do think it s good value for money as a child could learn some good skills about reading instructions planning what you re going to do teamwork hand eye co ordination and artistry But don t expect the quality of the chocolate to be anything more than average Of course you didn t expect

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/make-your-own-chocolate-house/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Win A Chocolate Gift Experience With Wish.co.uk - Chocolate Competition
    Green and Black s chocolate will teach you everything you need to know about the history of chocolate and the process of creating it You ll learn how to make delicious truffles from raw ingredients and create your very own chocolate bar You ll be given a wide selection of ingredients and flavours to use such as chili popping candy marshmallow and biscuits and you ll also learn the art of cutting dipping and decorating using a slab of praline bowls of melted chocolate and plenty of decorations You ll then get to take your chocolate masterpieces home in ribbon tied presentation bags along with the recipes Locations London Brighton South East Manchester North p s you can like us on Facebook to make sure you don t miss any other give aways and you can also follow Wish on Facebook too Enter Here Your Name required Your Email required How many months is the Chocolate Delight Workshop voucher valid for find out here 7 8 9 10 11 12 How long can you expect to be under chocolate wraps at Champneys find out here 49 minutes 50 minutes 51 minutes 52 minutes 53 minutes 54 minutes 55 minutes 56 minutes 57 minutes 58 minutes 59 minutes 1 hour Just checking you re human Competition rules Only one entry per household The competition closes on 29th August 2011 at 12 noon Only open to those 18 or over on 13th August 2011 I ll choose 1 lucky winner at random from the right answers by first using a random number generator to choose either 1 for email or 2 for Twitter and then using the same generator to choose a number from the total number of correct answers Only available to UK mainland addresses No cash alternative available Your details

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/win-chocolate-experience/#wpcf7-f11068-p10280-o1 (2016-02-13)
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  • Duffy's 72% Dark Chocolate From Honduras
    well balanced bitterness you get from the thick rind marmalade you get when you manage to get a jar home made from a relative I also get an alcoholic sensation too In my youth I was partial to the odd glass of port as you do at that age or not and I can pick up some tannin edges that draws the moisture out your mouth It s no way near as bitter as other bars at the 72 level but it s not as placid and creamy as the Chapon bars are What s more it a completely different beast to the Jamaican bars from Amedei and Artisan du Chocolat this is the vegetarian cousin to those meaty Bovril like versions The benefit of this intense but not extreme flavour is that it s more of a session bar that I initially thought Throughout the day I ve been picking at it whilst I work and have not had my fill I could easily keep going There may not be a multi layer taste sensation but what it does it does very well It may not be as smooth and creamy as the French bars I ve tried but how long have they been making chocolate Comparatively top marks goes to Duffy Rating Taste 85 its a well throttled bar with depth of flavour Texture 75 It may not be as smooth as other chocolatiers offer but Duffy if using more rudimentary machinery Appearance 75 it got slightly bashed in transit from London but the appearance is fine The packaging shows that you re buying more of an artisan bar than a marketer s wet dream Beschle are great at packaging but how much money do they have to spend Nutritional Information 80 tasting notes and ingredients that s

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/duffys-honduras/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Hotel Chocolat Pichanaki 75% Dark Milk Chocolate - A very curious interpretation
    a view to exploring how different chocolate can be radically different even with similar labels their enjoyment of chocolate should only improve Hotel Chocolat actually makes it incredibly easy to explore chocolate If you popped into one of their stores you can pick up a number of Rabot 1745 bars and have a look at those labels and choose some to compare Many chocolate makers will add tasting notes to their packaging I actually try not to read them before I taste the chocolate but you might like to Compare the flavours that come to mind against those the maker has offered If they don t agree just some more and see if you can actually notice them or if they re not present at all Fine chocolate can be radically different I would pick the Tumbes 75 also from Peru and see if I could pick out the same flavours I didn t get any of the antique leather they mentioned My first thoughts were of the strawberry sauce coated vanilla ice creams my mother used to buy from Tesco It was also much lighter than any dark tones I would have expected when they offered essence of 19th century London club I do completely agree however with the elegant and smooth as well as the restrained red fruit For me this chocolate was incredibly creamy not only with the pleasant texture but also with the flavour That s obviously as a result of the milk powder that Hotel Chocolat have added to the mix Despite being a 75 cocoa solids chocolate it actually has milk included and therefore can be classed as a milk chocolate bar And that s another great reason as to why exploring chocolate you ll learn that much of the things people stay about chocolate is often wrong But back to the flavour there wasn t a great deal of acidity even at the higher 75 level That creaminess was the most prominent feature to me Despite the nose being full of drinks cabinet and dark Sunday afternoons the usual flavour suspects weren t produced That was more late summer evenings This is more of a Jekyll and Hyde chocolate than I can recall Much later in the melt some of the acidity comes to the fore but much less than you may expect When people say they don t like 75 chocolate place some of this in front of them and some Chapon Madagascar 75 and ask them to compare One I m sure they ll say is just a dark milk and one they ll say is more than 80 And that s the point This chocolate is eminently more enjoyable It s one that you can whittle through with a loved one in an evening The other is one for you to sneakily chew a couple of squares Although it offers a fantastic texture at this moment in time I wanted something to throttle my taste buds with acidity All I

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/hotel-chocolate-pichanaki-75/ (2016-02-13)
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  • 44% Milk Chocolate
    deeply about this Christmas chocolate Christmas tree then you ll see how they ve managed to combine so many different elements that should be appreciated flavour appearance and frivolity Madécasse 44 Milk Chocolate Madécasse are a truly inspiring company in terms of their ethics as well as the quality of their chocolate If you can try some then I would but also make sure you try some of their dark

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/milk-chocolate/44-milk-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chococo
    When it comes to Easter it s often very difficult to get a true comparison between the large guys such as Thorntons and the smaller guys such as Chococo as everyone seems to go their separate ways and produce a huge variety of Easter eggs Apart from the standard milk dark and white you rarely get Chococo Seasonal Selection Box You can make the finest tasting chocolates in the world but if they re unimaginative presented shoddily and have an unsavoury corporate attitude then frankly the quality of your chocolates is a moot point Thankfully Claire Andy the rest of the team and Chococo are jolly nice people they make Chococo Raspberry Pavlova Milk Chocolate Heart Every chocolatier seems to sell chocolate hearts for Valentine s Day but too few make anything worth taking notice off Most of them seemingly use the cheapest couverture they can and then sprinkle some ingredients on top There s nothing original about that Chococo Sea Salt Popcorn Chocolate Clusters If you re looking for something different then you should really give these sea salt milk chocolate coated popcorn clusters as they re something you just won t want to put down Chococo Christmas Crackle

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/chococo/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chilli Con Choccy Hot Chocolate from Jaz and Juls
    chilli were also fairly pronounced and there s also cinnamon to add some roundness If there s anything you d need to fight the bugs at this time of year this has to be it Those ingredients are commonly believed to have antiseptic type benefits Of course Jaz and Juls don t make any claims to this affect but if you re interested in natural remedies have a look on the internet for reliable information Another aspect of this hot chocolate I very much like is that it s not at all sweet Sugar is the second most prevalent ingredient with cocoa being the first which I believe is from the Grenada Chocolate Company although I could be wrong It s what Jaz and Juls do with the main ingredietn that counts Even after consuming much of the hot chocolate before I started this review and only taking the odd sip the back of my through still has a warm glow But it you want to turn up the heat a few degrees don t stir it vigorously and you ll get a very intense chocolate gloop at the bottom of your mug Consuming this is just heaven Often I ll let my wife bake with the left over cocoa powder from my reviews but I ll be storing the rest of the sample for when it gets really cold The important question however is whether or not I could also save the second sample they sent which is interestingly labelled as Mintchievous to be honest I doubt it Look out for a review of this one next week At 8 50 for between eight and ten servings you re not talking cheap If you want cheap and intensely sweet go for Nestle Aero hot chocolate at just 2 which

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chilli-con-choccy/ (2016-02-13)
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