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  • A Chocolate Tour Of Paris
    out chocolatiers that I should visit then please let me know View Chocolate Shops In Paris in a larger map 1 Charles Chocolatier 15 rue de Montorgueil 2 Côte de France 25 avenue de l Opéra 3 Fouquet 42 rue du Marché Saint Honoré 4 Hugo Victor 7 rue Gomboust 5 Jean Paul Hevin 231 rue Saint Honoré 6 Michel Cluizel 201 rue Saint Honoré 7 Pierre Hermé 4 rue Cambon 8 Debauve Gallais 33 rue Vivienne 9 Foucher 30 avenue de l Opéra 10 L Atelier du Chocolat 42 rue de Montorgueil 11 Yves Thuriès 17 rue Daunou 12 De Neuville 27 Rue de Bretagne 13 Jacques Genin 133 rue de Turenne 14 Joséphine Vannier 4 rue du Pas de la Mule 15 Benoit Chocolats 75 rue Saint Antoine 16 Cacao et Chocolat 36 rue Vieille du Temple 17 Chocolats Mussy 6 rue du Bourg Tibourg 18 Chocolaterie de Beussent Lachelle 21 rue du Bourg Tibourg 19 A la Reine Astrid 33 rue de Washington 20 Jadis et Gourmande 27 Rue Boissy d Anglas Paris France 21 Le Furet Tanrade 63 rue de Chabrol 22 Aurore Capucine 3 rue de Rochechouart Front image Rui Ornelas No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title A Chocolate Tour Of Paris Author Lee McCoy On 9 10 11 11 00 AM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate Shops Feedback 2 comments Dawn Wow you are planning a lot of walking http www chocolatereviews co uk Lee McCoy Most certainly We ll have 3 days to do it But its the amount I m going to spend that has me most worried Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate

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  • Amatller Extra Fine 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
    it a bit gimmicky and not really the sort of design that a sophisticated bar of gourmet chocolate would have In terms of the flavour it was similarly one dimensional The chocolate flavours were kept in the background behind the sweetness and the vanilla It tasted like an introductory bar of chocolate that beginners without wanting to sound patronising would get to use as a base to compare the excellent bars of chocolate that are on offer I d implore people to try this bar and review it against a Chapon Valrhona Beschle Amano Amedei Mast Brothers Michel Cluizel and even I don t mean that in a bad way some of the bars that Artisan du Chocolat do from traditionally non traditional cocoa growing nations This bar tastes like an undercoat of white paint on which you d express your true creativity with other options I wouldn t go as far as saying it was bland just average It just makes me look forward to the Mast Brothers Fleur de Sel bar I ve got lined up for tomorrow even more Rating Taste 60 it wasn horrible just a touch better than average Texture 60 fairly dry and when it did start to melt there were clumps of chocolate amongst the rest Appearance 70 the wrapping was lovely but the mold used gave it a bit of a cheap feel Nutritional Information 80 there was loads of nutritional information that is always a bonus Price 70 I paid 2 50 for it but it seems prices are higher now Overall 68 I wouldn t seek out anymore of their chocolate to be honest Unless someone can recommend any bars that are excellent Where To Buy The Amatller Extra Fine 70 Dark Chocolate Bar A Bar Of 2 69 Nutritional

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/amatller-extra-fine-70/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Zotter Gentian in Black Alcoholic Chocolate for Christmas
    Beside the adult nature to this chocolate there is a very clear flavour that does have a strong herbal twang Seeing as many wouldn t have tried either Gentian as the Austrian German spirit nor as the plant one can only describe it as being very similar to gin and tonic the tartness is still the same and the flavour does last just as long Other than that core strident flavour there isn t so much else going on Given the booze level that s to be expected The 80 cocoa shell acts as a notional container and base to the flavour It does on reflection add a very enjoyable base flavour just as that secret sauce does in Big Macs I haven t had one in years but still have cravings There is something very base about this chocolate It hits the core flavour receptors It s got the dark chocolate flavours I love the alcohol and another flavour which I just can t place It s a chocolate that sits on my desk and disappears leaving just the golden wrapper Right after I ve finished this Gentian in Black I m off to give the Caiprinha a go Chin chin p s I run the store I ve linked to No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Zotter Gentian in Black Author Lee McCoy On 12 11 13 5 54 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 80 Dark Chocolate Chocolates Wih Alcohol Zotter Feedback 0 comments Search Zotter Chocolate Shop Click Here Chocolatiers co uk Save 10 with the voucher code chocrev Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/zotter-gentian-in-black/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Rating 80%-84%
    much of the chocolate I ve reviewed in teh last week Fruition Dark Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel Although I typically do like dark milk chocolate this wasn t rustic enough There weren t enough rough edges and variation for me to class it as a remarkable bar of chocolate It was however expertly made and undoubtedly it would be popular with people who like less bitter chocolate Haggis Chocolates I really didn t know what to expect from these Haggis Chocolate but I really didn t anticipate licking them as much as I did There weren t massively flavoursome but cunning with what flavour they had Matcha Selection Box for Valentine s Day Katie always comes up with supper awesome selection boxes that take you on a journey and over the two years or so I ve been reviewing her chocolates I don t think I ve had a more pleasurable journey than I ve had reviewing this Valentine s Selection Box Amma Chocolate 60 A superb bar of bitter sweet chocolate from an amazing company The local environment is central to the manufacture of this bar and wonderful flavours very much in evidence The Chocolate Society Chocolate Covered Ginger These are perfect for a chocolate and ginger lover at Christmas there is some great crunch whilst the quality of the Valrhona chocolate certainly ads to the experience Dolceria Bonajuto 70 Dark Chocolate This Dolceria Boajuto 70 Dark Chocolate is made using age old processes in Modica Sicily and produces a sweet rustic bar of chocolate I just don t think it ll appeal to all Demarquette Festive Caramels For those of you who would like to give some fine chocolates at Christmas with a seasonal tone but don t want to go down the route of giving something that is overtly Christmasy then you should really consider these caramels from Marc Demarquette Hugo Victor 6 Semi Spheres Some times its nice not knowing what you re buying Even though I still think I would have chosen these the wonderful Autumnal flavours were just devine I didn t quite get the strawberry one but the others were fantastic Amedei Toscano Black 66 In terms of the execution this bar is fantastic Did find it fairly mild but fragrant It would be one of my favourites and I d certainly not refuse it in the future Matcha Chocolat Selection This selection box of unusual flavours from Matcha Chocolat is very interesting and utterly delicious Some chocolatiers feel they can t be adventurous as they have to produce by committee Katie does a great job breaking the mould and not being restricted to the same old flavours that many other chocolatiers offer Duffy s 70 Star of Panama Duffy always makes awesome chocolate it s assured as the sun rising the next day But just like the weather every day is different and so is every bar I prefer his other Panama bar but this is still fantastic Artisan du

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/ratings/rating-80-84/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Seaforth
    dark milk chocolate with the perfect balance of the cocoa and the sugar with the creamy aspects well in balance Search Popular Brands Thorntons Hotel Chocolat Divine Cadbury s Montezuma s Green Blacks Nestle Prestat Powered by WordPress RSS Feed

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/seaforth/ (2016-02-13)
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  • The Grown Up Chocolate Company Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar Review
    going to review first the Crunchy Praline Wonder bar You re probably saying to yourself that there s nothing original in that and why write about something we can get in our local supermarket You re also probably thinking that the styling is not too dissimilar to those Emergency Chocolate Bars which seemingly every gift website and even Amazon sell But you d be missing a trick The chocolate here is formed in traditional bar form like a Wispa or a Bars bar but infinitely more enjoyable They re not made with the rubbish that Cadbury s or Mars Inc use surely you don t think the contrary The milk chocolate is good quality and not lacking in cocoa solids as it s at the 38 level almost twice that of Nestle and contains a healthy dose 42 of praline and 8 caramelised wafer But what I loved most is that it s not too sweet Often I like a bar of chocolate out shopping but I m only ever offered sugar and palm oil in a funky wrapping I never seem to be able to find some good quality convenient chocolate that doesn t put me in a proverbial coma Don t get me wrong it is sweet but it doesn t dominate the experience The praline comes through you re able to witness the crunch of the praline and you don t have your taste buds assaulted by the sugar It s in balance I don t have any pricing information and don t know where they re on sale other than Fortnum Mason and some farm shops but I m sure they should be more prevalent in 2012 If you run a chocolate shop drop them a line to see if you can stock their stuff Quick

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/grown-up-wonder-bar/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Luxury Chocolate Cakes from Lucky's Online - Honey Bunny
    by the richness of the cake Just place a quarter of the cake into your mouth and let the flavours wash over you The honey the coconut the indescribable flavours will just mesmerise you You ll be sat satiated and full of contemplation not of anything spiritual or divine but whether you could get away with eating the next in the box If you re a pleasure lover you ll find yourself giving into temptation and unwrapping the milk chocolate cake made with Baileys and walnuts Yes you heard that right I suggest you have this one second as its mild creamy soft delicate and smooth it s like waves of chocolate heaviness washing over you with every bite There s a touch of the spice lurking in the background to give it a touch of edge and takes it into the realms of mythical The part I loved was as you bite in and the milk chocolate coating lifts up and your teeth meets the thick Baileys layer contained within Surprisingly the walnuts aren t all that much in evidence which is a bonus as that unique flavour could easily over power the Bailey s and chocolate combination What I can say is that like a steamy night you just don t want it to end But end it must like Ryan Giggs I must move on to my next affair And this one is worth any amount of press intrusion It s a Hurry Bunny which is a white chocolate shell containing blueberry compote and the usual spiced caked Here as you clasp the cake with your teeth it you ll get wafts of spicy flavours hitting your senses through your mouth In that split second you ll be met with a peak of excitement I m not generally a white chocolate fan but when you combine the mellow flat flavour that most white chocolate offers with the intense blueberry compote and an unknown selection of spices then it s pretty exciting pretty much like a sweet and sour pudding The texture you get when you get some of each part is pretty damn good also I do prefer the other ones but I still wouldn t want to let anyone else have the rest This is the first time I ve had to have a lie down after a review The words had to wait for my body to recover from its sweet excitement Relaxed recuperated and ready to note my experience I continued with the thought that the other three cakes I was sent will have to wait for the weekend I could then do them justice and try expand my vocabulary during my period of abstinence You can have too much of a good thing after all Quick Rating 93 my energies are too exhausted and my brain too spent to work out a detailed rating I ll settle for a quick score Where To Buy The Hunny Bunny Luxury Cakes Lucky s Online No

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/hunny-bunny-cakes/ (2016-02-13)
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  • An Afternoon At The Hilton Park Lane For Tea
    to leave the tea infusing before we should pour Traditionally I drink normal tea but do switch over to fruit or green tea when I ve had my fill of the milky version however I d not tasted tea as refined and delicate as this It served as a great way cleanse the pallet before trying the gorgeous selection of cupcakes scones and other chocolaty delights we had to select from I do think that green tea is a great way to cut through the sweetness that is obviously a part of the cupcakes and the other patisseries as it offers a slightly sour balance that normal tea just wouldn t offer We were here to try the two Afternoon Teas they are were offering the white chocolate afternoon tea there are running as part of chocolate week and then the Halloween afternoon tea that is available for the rest of October Normally people aren t given so much as we ordered the two teas when usually people would only order the one each Andwhen the cake stands arrived ours and the people on neighbouring tables mouths dropped as they just looked out of this world and more than most people would expect to get With the very soft and delicate scones came Devonshire clotted cream a strawberry confit and praline chocolate which I and James just couldn t get enough of I resisted finishing all of my four scones off to try some of the other delicacies with the Halloween afternoon tea including Almond paste pumpkin Miniature toffee apples Dark chocolate witch hat White chocolate and raspberry dome Blood orange chocolate bat New Style Cupcakes Dark chocolate and orange and Gooey Toffee whilst the white chocolate afternoon tea you could select from Lychee raspberry rose water mousse sugared diamonds White Chocolate millefeuille with griottine cherries Cone of marshmallow white chocolate ganache Pineapple crumble with white chocolate jelly a gorgeous White Chocolate tea pot and Vanilla and white chocolate macaroon along with Chocolate and banana White chocolate raspberry a milk chocolate Flake and a Chocolate cluster I must admit the macaroons were soft and delicious I didn t get to try the ghost gingerbread men but James said they were fantastic the chocolate witches hat was smooth sweet and incredibly moreish with the candied crystals coating the hat adding a wonderful crunch I thought the cupcakes were fantastic too They were moist and the icing tops adding a suitable level of sweetness that encouraged you not to eat each element in isolation but combine the two flavours and textures If you prefer milder flavours than the cupcakes within the white chocolate afternoon tea were more reserved I loved the one with the adorned by a slice of banana on the top but didn t get a chance to try the other one although the sounds from across the table hinted at its quality Unfortunately I didn t get a chance to try any of the fancies from the white chocolate

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/afternoon-tea-the-hilton/ (2016-02-13)
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