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  • Mast Brothers Fleur de Sel 72% Dark Chocolate
    can somehow mask out the saltiness and just concentrate on the chocolate then it is a class apart And without using any emulsifiers and just cacao mass and butter with some cane sugar they ve done an exceptional job making it so damn smooth It really is miraculous what they ve managed to achieve with such rudimentary machinery and the absence of added ingredients to aid the viscosity but I m just too distracted by the saltiness I know others love it That s the beautiful thing about chocolate the same bar for people that generally have the same tastes can illicit so diverse views I know the wrapping is Brooklyn to a tee having visited there a couple of times it is very Bohemian which is very important for progress in the industry but it just didn t hit the spot for me I wish there were more bean to bar chocolatiers I wish more people were able to try chocolate made by remarkable people with remarkable processes and I just wish I could find a damn list of their other chocolate bars so I can get an order in and try some of their other flavours I feel a trip down to Paul A Young to see what other bars there were available So I love the chocolate I love the packaging I love the ethos I love the texture I love the borough of Brooklyn I just don t like one aspect of the flavour But every time I watch a video with Rick and Michael in I keep thinking that this is the pinnacle of chocolate making I just wonder how profitable it is OK sod it love everything about it But the question remains can you tell the difference Well if you look at the ingredients and then try the chocolate then you can tell this bar is made by master chocolatiers purely because they ve not used additives to mask any deficiency in their skills They ve used their talents to bring the true character of the cocoa out Not many people can do that Rating Taste 85 perfect with a cuppa to slightly dull the NaCl sodium chloride I feel I ve just made done something akin to saying Father Christmas doesn t exist Texture 99 the texture was divine and almost perfect Appearance 90 I love the simplicity and almost Quaker feel to it Nutritional Information n a you re bothered It s as natural as can be Price 85 Now I had to think about this I think they cost 8 95 for a 70g bar from Paul A Young Which when you think a bar of Amano costs 10 95 for a 55g then it is very good value Overall 89 75 Where To Buy The Mast Brothers Fleur de Sel 72 Dark Chocolate Paul A Young London In Store Mast Brothers USA Online Shop Nutritional Information Cacao cane sugar fleur de sel Love No related posts Post Information Below

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  • Mast Brothers
    the pecan nuts They ve made far better chocolate Mast Brothers Black Truffle Dark Chocolate Bar Sometimes its worth going to the ends of the earth to find wonderful chocolate Thankfully we have the internet so we don t have to This black truffle and sea salt bar was just splendid Mast Brothers Chuao 81 There used to be a time whne Chuao bars could only be found from a couple of chocolate makers but more and more are getting in on the act This one from Mast Brothers is a very interesting and unique version that most definitely should be tried Mast Brothers Chocolate Can Be Bought Online In The UK News has reached me that you can now buy Mast Brothers chocolate in the UK online Previously you could only buy it in store from the wonderful Paul A Young but now the revamped Chocolate Society are selling it online and for only 8 95 a bar which I d say is ludicrously low price Currently Mast Brothers Fleur de Sel 72 Dark Chocolate This is a truly outstanding bar of chocolate that may have a salty edge but is still magnificent We always know that the Mast

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  • Jean-Paul Hévin Bean To Bar Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate Review
    met with a wonderful looking bar which s beauty comes not from any elaborate design but from its simplicity It may not be the most shiny bar of chocolate that I ve ever tried but that s not to its discredit It just looks like a good old fashioned bar of chocolate aimed at adults without any fancy bells and whistles The melt and texture is superb as it holds together exceptionally well It doesn t seem to shoot across your mouth trying to tantalise every taste bud and get lost in the areas of your mouth not made for enjoying chocolate Instead this bar stays smack bang on the most pleasurable part of your mouth just like an experienced lover And this bar knows it s good In terms of flavour it s not a vigorous bar of dark chocolate It s certainly not going to knock your socks off There is a sharp acidity but its kept under wraps There is a sweetness which gently subsides into mellow bitterness and a very slight saltiness but don t assume that its ever present as it s not It just seems to be like a French sports car of old that just has the body of a family car but purrs like a kitten you can see its been refined and honed to perfection You can also tell there s science behind it but it just feels so natural I am actually sat here licking my fingers If you need any more indication of how fantastic that bar is then that s all you need to know But how much is this bar going to set you back Are you waiting 4 40 that s right about 3 65 The exchange rate may have moved in our favour over the past six months or so but this bar was never expensive For an 80g bar of this quality anything under 4 is great value Rating Taste 95 loved every second of it although a touch more character would have been nice Texture 100 I don t think it could have been better Appearance 80 For 3 65 I can t expect much it still did look nice but you could tell less effort was put in compared to Patrick Roger Nutritional Information 80 what can they write This is a natural bar with chuff all nasties added Price 95 awesome value for money Overall 90 I ve got another four or five bars similar to this to try Where To Buy This Aria 70 Dark Chocolate Bar Jean Paul Hévin Nutritional Information Ingredients pâte de cacao cocoa paste sucre de canne sugar cane beurre de cacao cocoa butter That s all C est tout No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Jean Paul Hévin Madagascar Aria 70 Dark Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 17 06 10 Rating 90 100 url https plus google com 113766011686508596772 posts Section Reviews Editor Lee

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  • The Best Chocolate of 2011 - The Choccie Awards
    Pierre and the other joint winner Marc achieved a score of 97 Demarquette Royal Marina Ganaches Marc does make some truly fantastic chocolates and these ones Royal Merina Ganaches were just sublime the flavour was precise elegant and sensual whilst the texture exemplary Highly Commended Chocolats Mussy Selection Box I nearly didn t buy these as I didn t find his shop too engaging but I m incredibly grateful I did Nothing here will offer anything different in terms of flavours but the quality is fantastic and duly got a rating of 87 Demarquette Nutkeeper s Caramels More filled chocolates from Marc with these Nutkeeper s Caramels which managed to wonderfully combine various nuts with wonderful caramel Last Year s Winner Geert Vercruysse Selection Best Dark Chocolate Winner Duffy s Panama Tierra Oscura Panama 72 Duffy s journey over the past couple of years has been nothing sort of stellar He never makes a bad bar of chocolate and normally produces absolutely fantastic stuff The best of the bunch this year was the Panama 72 which received a score of 93 25 Highly Commended Mast Brothers Black Truffle I ve never had a Mast Brothers bar I haven t liked and although this one might be too intense for many it does offer a fantastic acidity that should really give you a jolt if you needed it This and the Idilio bar were only slightly behind the winner with a score of 92 Idilio Origins Finca Torres 72 I think Idilio are the only Swiss chocolate makers that have won any awards on this site as they make chocolate the right way they re less commercialised than the others and focus on making sensational fine chocolate Mast Brothers Chuao 81 This bar is its own man say to speak its unique and utterly fantastic Worth A Mention Idilio Origins 74 Porcelana Another one from Idilio and one using the highly regarded Porcelana beans the texture and flavours in the chocolate mean it should definitely be sought out Domori Porcelana With such a revered bean as the Porcelana this was bound to be good it s just not as good as the other two above It did get a score of 88 though Potomac Upala 82 A fantastic bar from a small batch chocolate maker in the USA If you can get your hands on some I d definitely recommend it Artisan du Chocolat Jamaica 72 This was a wonderful bar with some very interesting flavours and a score of 85 William Curley Sea Salt Caramel Bar I m not normally one for caramel but along with the dark chocolate this version from William was utterly wonderful Åkesson s 75 Criollo Madagascar From their own plantation in Madagascar comes this wonderful bar Definitely worth trying Last Year s Winner Pralus Chuao Best Milk Chocolate Winner Madécasse 44 Milk Chocolate I haven t reviewed much milk chocolate this year but this one stood out miles above the others with a score of

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chocolate-awards-2011/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Valentine's Luxury at Hotel Chocolat 2011
    line of chocolates there are some truly unique offerings Surprisingly many of these Valentine s gift sets remain distinctly affordable For between five and fifteen pounds you can purchase chocolates shaped like kissing lips a gift set that imitates the classic aphrodisiac combination of oysters and champagne and heart shaped nibbles of chocolate laced with smoking hot chiles Besides these fun presentations the standard box of chocolates gets a new look as well Gift bags peek a boo boxes and assortments of smaller products fill in for the standard and often boring boxed chocolate Even those products that come boxed have plenty of extra touches to make them special The boxes that Hotel Chocolat favors are nothing if not elegant and the arrangement of the chocolates inside the box make them stand out to the most discerning chocolate lover The boxed chocolate line often focuses on a wide variety of confections from truffles to standard filled squares Each chocolate features a beautiful finish with individual embellishment marks designating each different type in the mix The Chocolatier s Table One product in the Hotel Chocolat Valentine s Day line that really stands out is the boxed chocolate mix designated as the Chocolatier s Table For lovers that want to splurge on a sweetheart that appreciates luxury these chocolates cannot be beat Hotel Chocolat has two sizes of the Chocolatier s Table The offerings are similar in both boxes with only the quantity changing in the more expensive box The Chocolatier s Table starts at just under fifty pounds and includes fudge fruit fillings nuts truffles and other luxurious chocolate tastes No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Valentine s Luxury at Hotel Chocolat Author Lee McCoy On 26 01 11 4

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  • Chunky Ginger Delight Brownies from Sweet As
    d be lucky to get 3 out of it as everyone will be wanting double portions It really is that good Jenny has taken the link down to where to buy online as she s created new flavours and needs to update the photography with the new design I just hope that she puts it back up soon because I would like everyone to try some In the meantime if you re on Facebook you could join her group or follow her on Twitter to find out when they re able to be bought again Rating Taste 100 perfect There s nothing I can say just that the balance of flavours and sweetness is spot on Texture 100 There s crunch and softness all in one Simply fantastic Appearance 100 I just love the new design When you pull the tray out of the packaging you re met with a big slab of chocolate brownie that isn t pretentious You re getting a great treat so there s no point trying to make it look all fancy that s what you re supposed to do with chocolate bars Nutritional Information 90 For a smaller retailer and producer to give the level of information that Jenny gives is fantastic Price 90 The old price was 8 50 I m not sure if it ll stay again But that works out to be 1 42 a serving which is exceptionally good value Overall 96 I didn t think I d ever find any chocolate creation to outscore the wonderful Caffè Macchiato Truffles but I have My advice buy both Note Neither Jenny or anyone else has paid for review Jenny provided me the brownies as I asked for them The views are completey mine and unpromted I just felt I should say

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chunky-ginger-brownies/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Sir Hans Sloan Marbles - For the Jubilee & London Olympics 2012
    produce both an interesting flavour and exacting colour The blue is close to a green although I am colour blind and is made with a noticeable black current flavour The strawberry marble definitely does offer that summer fruit flavour it s certainly noticeable but only just rises above the white chocolate In itself it s well balanced and works well with the crunch contained within Typically when strawberry is combined with chocolate it s too sweet intense and faux tasting but here it s clear precise and natural tasting I m not a huge fan of vanilla so I found the white one a bit too sweet Perhaps it s because I ve consumed half the bag already but it was too much for me I know that there ll be many millions of people sat in front of the TV watching the Queen float down the Thames or any British athlete the Olympics who will love these but I d be passing them on to my wife Instead I d be ring fencing the blue blackcurrant ones This is a flavour I m naturally keen on but here there s none of the natural acidity that has been replaced with the sweet white chocolate and is just as perfectly balanced as the strawberry marbles The question is should you get them now and munch away whilst watching your favourite soap Probably Would I suggest that you keep an eye out for when they re available to buy Most definitely Where To Buy Jubilee Marbles Sir Hans Sloane this summer No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Sir Hans Sloane Marbles Author Lee McCoy On 21 04 12 Rating 67 100 url https plus google com 113766011686508596772 posts Section Reviews

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  • Capra Goats Cheese in Cacao & Rum From Vallebona Review
    this chocolate cheese and initial run out on some Carr s Table Water Crackers I hope that s acceptable to the cheese aficionados amongst you When the box with the cheese in it arrived it came wrapped with a load of isothermal cooling material which is a great sign as cheese warmed by our current weather isn t all that palatable It s really great to see people treat their produce with this much care and the first time I ve seen it since I received the Marcolini Palets Fins Visually the cheese was absolutely perfect as if it wasn t real or even a delicious banoffee pie I couldn t get over how delightful it looked But the aroma put any thoughts of me just admiring its appearance to the back of my mind I let it get to room temperature and then sliced piece after piece off and lapped up the delicious flavours To me this is perfect blue cheese It s not as pungent as the various French creations I ve tried Instead it is a touch more soft more fruity if you will I couldn t pick up any noticeable rum flavours at first But if you sit in a quiet room and let your senses explore then you ll pick it up at the end Andhaving consumed more than my volume in rum over the years it s a very pleasant sensation indeed I admit I couldn t pick up the very soft cocoa nib flavour But that s probably because of the whey moisture as it escapes from the cheese in the ageing process Trying this cheese was an immensely satisfying experience Of course there s not much chocolate involved but still any excuse to try such fine produce Where To Buy This Rum

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/capra-goats-cheese/ (2016-02-13)
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