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  • Seaforth Cow's Milk 60% made on the Isle of Wight
    have been tried many times before but most seem to be dominated by more of a milk powder profile than anything Thankfully Abe s version is still true in part to the power that Dominican Republic cacao can offer There s a sharpness to the cacao element that hugs the sugar element very tightly to bring a coexistence of sweet and sour sublimely into play The milk aspect is there but its so far hidden as almost non existent It seems to offer more of a creaminess than any sort of distraction from the Chinese aspect to the aspect It is this that I particularly appreciate Milk chocolate to my mind shouldn t have any character of the milk present certainly not in this part of the chocolate market It would be churlish of me to ignore the ethical features of this chocolate especially if you are new to the Seaforth brand but the ingredients are Fairtrade sourced and transported by carbon neutral methods For many of the established chocolate makers that try and appear hip tangential and obscure should just cut the crap and make chocolate like Abe You can get this chocolate from Cocoa Runners Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also like Pump Street Bakery Ecuador Dark Milk Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Seaforth Cow s Milk 60 Author Lee McCoy On 30 01 16 1 37 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Dominican Republic Rating 80 84 Seaforth Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News

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  • Traidcraft Organic Fairtrade Chocolate Selection
    the caramel espresso cost 2 25 each for 100g from the Traidcraft shop They re inexpensive and should be reviewed in that context Interestingly however chocolate of this Fairtrade price point often is made from Ghanaian cacao but with this selection we have cacao grown in Peru Bolivia and Dominican Republic although to my mind it has more of an Ecuadorian quality or that could be that the 70 dark I m trying first has more earthiness from the Dominican notes than anything else It s that earthiness with a touch of under ripe banana and salinity that certainly does dominate It even comes across with a slight bitterness and warming of the back of the throat that I would expect from brandy The 38 milk is more typical of the genre The semi sweet flavours are very well received Almost honey like and pushing towards the Hotel Chocolat standard milk The tartness is there and miles better than virtually every milk I ve tried at this price point The caramel espresso is a version that builds on that lovely 38 milk with an intense sharpness of the ground coffee beans Perhaps I couldn t happily consume this in as great a quantity as the milk given that the flavours from the coffee and the caramel do build rapidly on one another but as a lunchtime pick me up I expect it would work very well The almond orange chocolate and only just rested on my tongue and the sweet orange flavours were punching their way around my mouth The almond played the bass guitar role of building a flavour rhythm without ever coming to the fore Orange may not be my thing but I knew I would happily consume it I needed to jolt my tastebuds Overall I was

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/traidcraft-chocolate-selection/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Divine Dark Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt and Two Others
    the retailer will take and the marketing development and the Fairtrade Labelling therein lies the rub How can the guys that own 45 I believe of the company in Ghana make enough Is their enough comparable with a consumerist Western enough Should they charge more so more profit can be made and reinvested in expanding direct ownership of the means of production into other areas of West Africa Could they help in Sierra Leone Liberia Togo and Benin If I were Divine I d be trying to use the brand to make a massive difference to as many people in West Africa Ghana wouldn t be enough The struggle for Divine is that they need to keep the brand evolving with new products as the mass market companies continue to reinvest in product proliferation to constantly invent new products and reinvent old ones I ve given them some feedback about pushing their product lines into a slightly new direction but while I have these three bars in front of me where do I think they ll sit with mass market chocolate lovers with an ethical bent The Dark Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt for example is a lovely albeit slightly conventional method of flavouring chocolate The base chocolate itself is made from bulk cocoa we know that they can hardly change to fine flavour beans in the region at the snap of a finger but I did like it For a cold miserable Sunday afternoon I found it satisfied my sweet tooth The salt and the sugar worked well there was a slight bit of bitterness from the dark chocolate but it was never going to thrust me into a new chocolate dimension as we ve said that s not the role of Divine It was simply a very approachable chocolate designed to appeal to as many dark chocolate lovers as possible The dark chocolate and mango was a curious beast Part of me things that these Caribbean like flavours would be better suited as a white chocolate As a dark perhaps less so The dark chocolate is far too mellow and undistinctive to capture the imagination There s not enough power that someone who picks up a dark chocolate may expect But by the same token I think it d be a great one to melt down and use as a coating on cupcakes with a buttercream filling The milk chocolate with caramel and cocoa nibs is another strange beast Part of me things these inclusions would have worked better with dark chocolate than milk as the chocolate itself is completely lost against the robustness of the espresso But for a couple of quid you re hardly going to be annoyed as if you just paid 9 50 for a bar of origin chocolate from a trendy shop in Shoreditch and found out it tastes well you know This is no risk chocolate for people that are keen to satisfy their ethical urges as much as their need

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/divine-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Valrhona Double-Fermented Couverture
    course there s no control sample here and we re not tweaking the fermentation time conduit or covering but and addition to part of the process Valrhona part ferment the cacao in the traditional sense of four to six days in wood rattan or even concrete boxes But when this has finished they referment the beans with fruit pulp The sugars from the fruit will then reinitiate another fermentation process that produces another range of alcohols and imparts a new range of flavours into the wet beans The couverture I have here is the Manaka from Madagascar which for me at least often does produce an orange like flavour profile and decreasingly so the red fruits it has become known for Valrhona has built on those inherent flavours with orange pulp to promote and enhance those natural citrus flavours Valrhona also produces a Brazil origin chocolate with a passion fruit double fermentation What I love about this couverture is that it gives the chocolatier a direct path into seasonal chocolates The Mananka for example has a brilliant base flavour for Christmas chocolates given that you can add a variety of spices with ease to either produce classic bars or even ganaches Whereas I see the Brazil Itakuja as being more suited to summer Caribbean style flavours Or if you re just a chocolate addict with no culinary skills then you can just have a bag of them by your desk and nibble them as you go Now I just need to acquire more from Valrhona s PR Andre Dang Or you can buy the couverture from Classic Fine Foods No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Valrhona Echantillon Manaka Author Lee McCoy On 7 11 15 2 39 PM Section

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/valrhona-echantillon-manaka/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Ara Chocolat Belize 71% and Agua Fria 70% Reviews
    native of Venezuela and can work the local bureaucratic system to bring these beans to their facility in France As I ve come to expect the texture if fine but not over processed It is more aux naturale than many other makers It sticks to the teeth more than others but that s their style The flavours that jump out are predominantly of orange It smacks of Robinson s Squash but then followed up with salted toffee Just at the very edges there s a tart acidity almost of lemon rind The Belize soft gem at first The flavour then builds and builds and doesn t stop It s like being submerged in a vat of Cornish clotted cream and then somebody throwing handfuls of real honeycomb at you and then some strawberry coulis There s no sharpness No acidity No power or presence It s luxurious with a strange twang of salmon Yes I know it must have been a long week to come out with that But it s certainly there Ara do make some fantastic chocolate in a variety of styles and this is exactly how I feel chocolate makers should operate Bonnat is great but its increasingly hard to differentiate their chocolate Not so with Ara their chocolate elicits a profundity and variety of emotion that chocolate makers should strive for Agua Fria bureaucratic No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Ara Chocolat Belize 71 and Agua Fria 70 Author Lee McCoy On 6 11 15 6 38 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Ara Belize Rating 75 79 Venezuela Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White

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  • Beschle Chocolatier - Fine Dark Chocolate From Switzerland
    72 Cocoa beans from Ecuador with a sophisticated touch of natural orange Grand Cru au lait 38 Exquisite Grand Cru chocolate made with Swiss milk and combined with hazelnuts Grand Cru Carenero Superior 72 Grand Cru chocolate with hints of lychee vanilla nuts and fruit Trinitario Madagaskar 64 Trinitario chocolate combined with coffee and roasted nuts Grand Cru Indigena Amazonia 70 aux Eclats Elegant Grand Cru chocolate with a subtle taste of wood coffee and fruit Beschle Pralines Beschle s creative chocolate confections include a variety of fine chocolate pralines Their dark milk and white chocolate truffles are available in a number of boxed creations and include such exquisite combinations as Pignon A fine chocolate praline with roasted pine nuts and nut cream Truffe de Miel A milk chocolate praline filled with a tasty honey ganache Pistache A dark chocolate praline filled with a pistachio marzipan Café au Lait A filling of coffee and nut cream covered in milk chocolate Truffe au Caramel A caramel ganache filling coated in dark chocolate Mandarinettes A milk or dark chocolate praline filled with a fine tangerine liqueur ganache These exquisite pralines have been being created for more than 100 years No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Beschle Chocolatier Author Lee McCoy On 1 07 10 8 19 AM Section Brands Editor Lee McCoy Categories Beschle Chocolate Makers Feedback 4 comments Pingback Chocolate Trading Co Venezuela Noir 72 Single Origin Bar Dark Chcoolate Bar Chocolate Reviews cal Hey Lee would you happen to know if The Chocolate Trading Company is going to get Beschle chocolates back in stock I d like to but can t get both and was wondering which one you prefer or would try first Chapon or Beschle well right

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/beschle/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Mast Brothers Chocolate - Buy Online USA
    be found in locations throughout New York including Brooklyn Queens Manhattan and the greater New York area The beautiful and artistic packaging of Mast Brother chocolates adds to the artisan value of these truly unique chocolate confections Update You can now buy Mast Brothers Chocolate online at the Chocolate Society and in store at Paul A Young in London The Chocolate While Mast Brothers currently has a number of exquisite chocolate bars available they hope to soon be introducing a variety of other inventive and delicious chocolate combinations Future ambitions include infusing their handmade chocolate with delightful flavours such as roasted rosemary thyme and juniper With the creative ambition and dedication to producing a quality artisan chocolate the Mast Brothers are quickly becoming a leader in fine bean to bar chocolate Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars The Mast Brother s chocolate bars are currently all made from a delicious dark chocolate handcrafted by the brothers themselves These beautifully packaged and delicious bars include Dominican Republic 70 Organic Dark Chocolate Madagascar 72 Organic Dark Chocolate Venezuela 81 Organic Dark Chocolate Dominican Republic 70 Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds Sea Salt Olive Oil Madagascar 72 Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts Madagascar 72 Organic Dark Chocolate Stumptown Coffee Roasters Madagascar 72 Organic Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs 72 Madagascar Organic Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel 81 Dark Chocolate With Almonds Sea Salt and Olive Oil Learn More about the Mast Brothers Buy Online You can buy Mast Brothers chocolate online via PayPal if you live in the USA Or you can visit the Paul A Young stores to be in person in the UK No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Mast Brothers Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 1 06 10 10 39 AM Section Other Editor

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  • Michel Cluizel Chocolate Profile
    such as pure cane sugar and Bourban vanilla beans In 1999 he prohibited the use of soya lecithin in his chocolate Chocolate manufacturers often use this product as an emulsifier Michel decided to eliminate the use of soya lecithin in an effort to further perfect his pure chocolate Michel Cluizel s dark and milk chocolate single estate bars are available in the following Dark Chocolate Single Estate Bars Concepcion 66 Venezuela Los Ancones 67 Santo Domingo The Caribbean Vila Gracinda 67 Sao Tome Mangaro 65 Madagascar Maralumi 64 Papua New Guinea Milk Chocolate Single Estate Bars Mangaro Lait 50 Madagascar Maralumi Lait 47 Papua New Guinea Michel Cluizel also do other bars such as the 72 dark chocolate and the extremely bitter Noir Infini 99 Chocolate Bonbons Michel Cluizel produces a variety of delicious bonbons with a variety of exquisite flavours Some of the more popular bonbons include the cappuccinos the mushrooms the criolles the fermignons and praline and ganaches macarolats The Cappuccinos Coffee cup shells of 60 chocolate filled with an exquisite ganache of Brazilian Arabica coffee The Mushrooms Mushroom shaped chocolates with a caramel stem and an almond centre The Criolles Cocoa pod shapes filled with a creamy ganache The Fermignons 37 creamy milk chocolate available in 5 different animal shapes and filled with praline Available between February and Easter The Praline and Ganaches Macarolats 100 chocolate macaroons in various flavours and colours Shells of milk and white chocolate filled with ganache toffee praline or coffee The 1ers Crus De Plantation is their premium range of ganaches and they re absolutely out of this world Michel Cluizel Novelty Chocolates In France at Easter it is tradition to give chocolate fish as gifts instead of Eater eggs so it may not surprise you that they have created the Les

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