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  • Middlebury Chocolates 80% Dark Bar with Belize Cocoa Beans
    can t replicate that Automation is no substitute of authenticity Doing things by hand does cost Big businesses enjoy economies of scale That s how you can buy a 200g bar of chocolate for 85p That and because its crap But similarly businesses like Middlebury don t have endless tiers of middle management to pay for and don t gauge their success in stock price velocity Their art is their passion your satisfaction is their currency Flavours don t need to be big and bold to be enjoyable They don t need to be accompanied by velvety textures to satiate your desire Art doesn t have to be Pop to be popular Skill can present itself in the simplest of forms And this chocolate is uncomplicated because flavours are very precise and clrear They don t meander They don t take you through misty valleys or over mountains with mind blowing vistas The slightly mellow flavours exhibit the lychee notes the packaging mentions and also the tart lemon juice But there s also hazelnut there and hint of blueberry It won t confuse But who needs Keyser Söze when you can have Abraham Lincoln played by Daniel Day Lewis We now what the ending is We know the story There s nothing complicated about it But by the same token you re drawn into it You appreciate it not only because of the craft but because of the sacrifice For Day Lewis method acting read the Jacksons toil The imperfections of the chocolate the very slight irregularity in the physical texture and the marginally dry texture are what sets chocolate of this apart from the chocolate from the large chocolate companies which sell many tens of thousands of bars of chocolate a year with mind numbing regularity Companies such as

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/middlebury-chocolates/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Paul Wayne Gregory Salted Caramel Lollipops Review
    when you consider the salted caramel inside didn t have the clearly defined flavours I would have expected from Paul but they just didn t reach the standards of his Christmas selection box For many hundreds of thousands of people this would be a fantastic chocolate gift at this time of year But for me I would like more punch and wow I would have loved a liquid caramel centre and something like a Zotter or Marou shell something to continue the journey after the filling had delivered its flavour Perhaps also it would have benefited from having each with a flavour It could have worked for example with a rum a whisky and a vodka filling Or even a variety of fruity ganaches It s perfectly possible that people just don t like the more overt dark chocolate and this more middle of the road chocolate would appeal and you re entitled to your opinion But this one isn t the finest of Paul s creations that I ve tried If you did want to try them you can here for 7 45 Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also like Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolate Selection Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Paul Wayne Gregory Salted Caramel Lollipops Author Lee McCoy On 20 11 13 9 00 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 64 Dark Chocolate Caramel Paul Wayne Gregory Rating 55 59 Sea Salt Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News Features Mystery Shopping International Industry Chocolate Recipes

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/pwg-salted-caramel-lollipops/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Holy Cacao Peru 72% Dark Chocolate from Israel
    than cocoa of that origin But starting with this lower plain bar my first taste I was left very unsure My initial reactions weren t positive I felt even at that relatively low cocoa level that it was too harsh with a strange unnatural acidity In general if I get that sensation and have time to take a break I will On return my opinion had changed significantly Still the aroma was intensely floral and almost soap like and most unusual But there was more going on here that is transcends the obvious Letting the chocolate linger on the palette is softens greatly There is a very noticeable high roast quality reminiscent certainly of the Pralus Chuao But here there is a great deal more soft summer fruits most noticeably of strawberry and home made read over cooked chocolate brownie As it continues then heavy dose of cream comes through much like the Friis Holm Medagla 70 It doesn t even descend into any form of acidity that you would expect from the aroma It just doesn t happen Part of me wanted more variety of flavour from the chocolate But I ll jump straight to the 100 and see how I get on there and then visit the in between cocoa levels over the next couple of months In terms of the visual appearance you could see damage where the chocolate was prized from the mould there were also swirls and bubbles But to be honest this isn t created in a 1m factory with no human involvement it was handmade with the variation of the norm that are to be expected when mortals are involved Another point to note is that you might need some superhuman powers to actually break the chocolate as it is incredibly thick and

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/holy-cacao-peru-72/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Spiced Hot Drinking Chocolate Review
    to just turn your internal thermometer up a couple of degrees Unlike a bar of chocolate you won t have the ability to pass judgement on the flavour notes as chocolate here is used as a carrier for the lovely flavours and to give a lovely velvety mouth feel Of course its of the highest quality everything they do is It seems the most evident ingredient in most supermarket drinking chocolate is sugar and even though this hot chocolate is 77 cocoa it tastes as far removed from the likes of Bournville Cocoa as you re ever likely to get And to compare the Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Spiced drinking chocolate with any other that Cadbury Mars or Nestle make is committing a sin punishable by making you consume some of their stuff As you reach the bottom of the mug you just know that you wouldn t have stirred it enough And if you re lucky enough not to you ll be met with a fantastic aromatic gloop You ll pour it down the inside of the mug and let it drip into your mouth Those soothing flavours will then be evident in spades The true secret is to establish just how much of the chocolate you should add to a mug The instructions state it should be 30g which is ¼ of the packet Personally I think that s a bit too much but get some and see what you think No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Spiced Drinking Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 19 11 13 7 29 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 77 Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate Rózsavölgyi Csokolade Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/rozsavolgyi-csokolade-spiced-drinking-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Friis Holm Medagla 70% International Chocolate Awards Finalist 2013
    green mellow and with a soft fruit edge There is no power of the mid summer sun just the low rising heat as we transition out of winter it is more bubble gum than brusque Amelonado Just how long was this inoffensive cutie conched for I was trying to find another chocolate made with the same origin beans to compare Although Duffy also sources from Xoco I couldn t find anything similar in production so I can t see if the beans are naturally this mellow or the fermentation the cause or if it s just Mikkel s production There are the strawberry like flavours that come through the melt which are then accompanied by a Ben Jerry s Cookie Dough ice cream notes It s that very end of the melt which produces diluted grapefruit juice just on the tip of the tongue If you re a fan of a full smack in the chops chocolate then this isn t for you If you prefer more mellow flavours and have a willingness to try just a hint of acidity then perhaps you should try it The one point to note is that despite my own preference for more powerful chocolate it still was a finalist in the International Chocolate Awards for which I was a judge What s more you ll have to get in quick however as only 260 were ever made No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Friis Holm Medagla 70 Author Lee McCoy On 18 11 13 9 19 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 70 Dark Chocolate Friis Holm Nicaragua Rating 75 79 Feedback 1 comment Kevin Thank you for an interesting review I am confused though You mentioned the C spot I

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/friis-holm-medagla-70/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Hotel Chocolat Vietnam 80% - Mekong Delta Dong Nai
    to the Marou Đồng Nai Of course there s 8 in the minimum cocoa difference But even bringing that into the mix this chocolate is markedly different It s more along the lines of the Tien Giang which has a similar flavour profile and also comes from the Mekong Delta So much of the chocolate I review is fairly nondescript But that certainly isn t accusation you could throw at this chocolate It s very sharp acidic heavy on the red fruit and exhibits a touch of mango At the very end of the melt there is an element of hazelnut but not so much of the tobacco the tasting notes suggest The texture isn t as refined or creamy as the Marou chocolate either It s shallower more transitory and with a much shorter melt It doesn t envelope the mouth and sooth the taste buds as much It d be wrong of me to say it was any better or worse just different At 7 50 for 70g you re looking at a 2 premium on the Hotel Chocolat version Now if you re a fan you ll pay it but you could try both and compare Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also like Hotel Chocolat Summer Fusions Hotel Chocolat Pichanaki 75 Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Hotel Chocolat Vietnam 80 Author Lee McCoy On 16 11 13 8 49 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 80 Dark Chocolate Rating 65 69 Trinitario Vietnam Feedback 2 comments Kevin No you would not be wrong to say it is better or worse It is definitely worse http www chocolatereviews co uk Lee McCoy My point is its about perception Its not

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/hotel-chocolat-vietnam-80/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chococo Cherry & Amaretto Dark Chocolate Clusters Review
    hit a piece of it But this is actually an aspect of the experience I enjoy With many treats of this kind all the flavours happen at once You end up in a fog of cocoa unable to define any one flavour Here you get the absolutely delicious Grenada 70 for a decent amount of time and then the Amaretto gives its flavour and the most divine of textures And the cherry builds up slowly Part of me would actually like more cherry in it perhaps not so much for the flavour as that builds up to the right level but more so for the texture I love biscuit but perhaps it would have been nice with more softness interspersed The Chococo range of chocolate clusters range from 6 95 upwards and I think considering the woeful Cadbury clusters that you ll be told by the television to buy this Christmas I do think these are good value for money The flavours are unique and clear The texture is combines the smoothness of the chocolate with that of the crunchiness of the biscuit That in itself is delightful I ve consumed all but three of these little clusters whilst I ve been writing up the review I think that s a sign of how addictive they are not least because they actually use proper chocolate No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Chococo Cherry Amaretto Dark Chocolate Clusters Author Lee McCoy On 15 11 13 6 01 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 70 Dark Chocolate Almond Cherry Chococo Rating 65 69 Feedback 1 comment ann I have tried a few things from them before and have never been that impressed They are expensive but quality wise certainly not

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/chococo-cherry-amaretto-clusters/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Friis Holm Barba 70% Dark Chocolate Review
    define the two ends of the flavour or texture spectrum then you can t go far wrong with these two The Bahen Co is tart harsh fairly rustic and can only be consumed in small doses It s even tarter than many 100 s The Barba however is an almost perfect dark red appearance and has been crafted in such away that there are no physical defects either on the surface or within the chocolate The snap is similarly exquisite and just brings you further and further into the experience The texture too is immense Silky smooth luscious and sumptuous This is exactly how I like chocolate to feel in the mouth The flavours take a while to get going They re very much like Cornish clotted cream ice cream with a dash of grated ginger But as the melt progresses the acidity builds up This tartness isn t as refined as many fine flavour cocoas But from the starting point Mikkel had I think he s done a great job Much of his chocolate offers a meandering journey of flavours intermingling and going their separate ways just as the various Amazon tributaries do This chocolate is more of a Dutch canal system Regimented It gets you from A to B but offering a multitude of interesting vistas on the way Because the cocoas were of limited supply I seem to recall 400 kg from my conversations with Mikkel the price goes up economies of scale and all that The retail price at Salon du Chocolat in London was 15 I snaffled a bar for 10 For that sort of price I could have bought one of his other fine bars like the Chuno Double Turned I liked it but I do expect more from the Medagla of his I

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/friis-holm-barba-70/ (2016-02-13)
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