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  • Marou Treasure Island 75% Vietnamese Chocolate
    sedimentary deposit Despite the origin of the chocolate being so unique Alas it seems I ve tasted this chocolate before and recently I m often one for saying I know that chocolate but can never place it And to test the theory I ve opened up a Pralus Chuao 75 and this is where I prove myself wrong It s amazing how you associate a chocolate with a flavour profile it just doesn t have The aroma of the Marou is definitively rolling tobacco It s so distinctly floral that I just can t believe any other chocolate comes anywhere close to this If I could walk around all day with this chocolate held an inch from my nose I would be very happy There s very little acidity just heaps of dried flowers tobacco and laterally licorice Bliss Of course that left me with testing the flavour You just have to sum this chocolate as creamy It s as smooth as the proverbial baby s bottom There are light notes of hazelnut and almond and just the slightest edge of salinity It appears also that this chocolate also had a long roast to bring out heaps of tanginess but still a huge amount less than the Pralus Chuao that is to me at least the definitive high roast chocolate The melt with the Marou is lenghty and rewarding The urge is to chew but you most definitely will miss out on the spread and variety of flavours They don t change radically but gently change form just as the rolling mist you see in the British countryside This chocolate is enjoyable much so and should be tried but I do think I prefer the Tiền Giang 80 However you will be able to buy it on Sunday evening here

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/marou-treasure-island/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar Review
    s tangy tart but sweet with it It also has a working man s club nicotine edge that adds to the uniqueness of their chocolate My mind is racing and my fingers trying to keep up It s like being on meth I suppose I try and wrap up the remaining half of the chocolate but feel incapable Their s a personal battle going on There s a fight of wills Will I succumb to chocolate demons and have just another bite One more won t do any harm It takes the full force of my will power to remove the chocolate from sight I can t even remember the core chocolate flavours now The rush has passed The guilt has settled It was worth it You see Chocolate does strange things to people 95 of the chocolate world buys is essentially fat and sugar Cocoa is used just so they can call it chocolate so you ll buy it You wouldn t it if it was called fatsu would you The point you have a very limited opportunity to try chocolate like this or like most other bean to bar makers Top quality cacao doesn t make the growers make enough money to survive Your chemical rushes in the future will be delivered by fatsu in the future unless we do something about it now You ve got to start enjoying and spreading the world about chocolate like Dick Taylor and the rest I haven t mentioned the origin of this chocolate nor the beans used Because the point of this chocolate isn t about the specific ingredients It s about a notion that fine chocolate as an industry and a source of income to many hard pressed families can not be sustained without your passion for it Did

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/dick-taylor-fleur-de-sel-chocolate-bar/ (2016-02-13)
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  • The Chocolate Tree 80% Arriba Nacional Peru Review
    into their packaging in a very distinctive way And now we have very attractive packaging from The Chocolate Tree in Edinburgh which also differentiates their chocolate from the masses It portrays warm elegance along with sophistication and the belief that you are trying something uniquely pleasurable rather than committee derived functionality Within the almost square packaging are two gold foil wrapped chocolate each 45g and perfectly designed to make you hold back from finishing the lot My problem is that if I open a bar of chocolate I find it incredibly difficult not to finish it the same day Being forced to open another is a mental barrier which should serve to moderate my fine chocolate habit I m sure you will appreciate it when you try it But doubt this extra task of unwrapping another bar will be insurmountable as this chocolate will keep driving you on for another fix Sampling the chocolate you should notice that the aroma is far more jammy than balsamic There s more salinity and blackcurrant to offer any cheap adjective It s more profound than the typical nose you get In terms of mouth feel it creates the exact sort of texture that mass produced chocolate makers would crave but alas they don t have the quality of ingredients to make it possible It s rich its warm its cosy splendid and beautiful The length is admirable The sharpness is certainly present but it s short lived The brief slap in your mouth relaxes and becomes sensuous The tartness remains but is controlled There are no expansive flavours other than full bodied red wine As the melt subsides there are balanced notes of hazelnut and papaya but with a dash of blackcurrant and perhaps even grapefruit in tandem I left this chocolate for

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/the-chocolate-tree-80-peru/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Pump Street Bakery Patanemo 75% Dark Chocolate Review
    it but they do have pretty good write ups on their core business but if I wasn t mad busy and was located a bit closer we could have had a visit of their bean to bar chocolate making room maybe I ll be invited some time Hopefully some of you will have had a tour Diving straight into the chocolate and past the wonderfully unusual office supplies type packaging and onto the finish it had a deep late sunset red hue to the typical dark brown There were only blemishes where I suspect were accrued during shipping and not present in any great number after the manufacturing process The aroma is formed at the confluence of salinity tobacco dry alpine forest and Cornish clotted ice cream It s very welcoming The melt is incredibly lengthy At first you should notice the delivery of honey notes This moves fairly swiftly into strawberries and cream and that sensation lasts an age There are no sharp edges no abundance of acidity It s just incredibly smooth soft and sensuous It s the girl next door It s beautiful Some may see it as too inoffensive or lacking in character But from this area you re unlikely to get the brutish red fruits of Madagascar or the florals of Ecuador or even the robust nature that characterises the Dominican Republic This is the perfect chocolate to enjoy listening to Moby and reading a good book Scratch that it s best enjoyed in a dark room and nothing but the dark wind whistling outside At 5 80 for 75g its not cheap especially if you haven t seen it peer reviewed But I would suggest you give it a try Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/pump-street-bakery-patanemo-75/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dandelion Mantuano 70% made with co-op beans from northern Venezuela - somewhere!
    co op website itself provides more information but no location The problem is that there s still not enough stuff for me to mentally chew on I want to know more Previously I ordered some chocolate and it came bloomed within an inch of its life Maya sent some more over and went the whole nine yards protecting it with foil wrapping ice packs a box packing and more There was still a touch of blooming but I can only deduce that this is more to do with USPS than the packaging Whenever I import chocolate to sell I always get the quickest FEDEX available this costs me a fortune but there s no point buying tarnished chocolate When I eventually seek to import Dandelion chocolate I ll go for the super fast FedEx My American readers will be fully aware of these issues and won t suffer from this European plight you ve got so much great chocolate available much more easily than we do This chocolate offers as much as a straight bat of a cacao flavour as I can recall for quite some time There are flashes of soft fruit and cinnamon mixed with a touch of clove and very subtle rolling tobacco I recall from my grandfather mixing up beside me whilst he watched some nonsense on that small decrepit television Further to the spicy edges there s honey that serves as a barrier to the other flavours nothing else can be found outside of the Montuano solar system The flavours are constrained and softly diminish as they expand from that core flavour The aroma is similarly spicy and earthen You could spend a good few minutes with it under your nose exploring curious wafts of scent You ll be on the Voyager space rocket for the aroma whilst you re on one of Mr Branson s near space experiences gorping down at his Neckar Island home with the flavour Both are beautiful in their own way one is just more expansive than the other We can get all dewy eyed at chocolate because it s contained in a nice wrapper has an interesting story is only made with cocoa beans plus sugar and provides a living to the people at the sharp end of providing for their families through agriculture But I did appreciate how straight and tangy it was It s been a couple of minutes since the last piece melted and my mouth is still dominated by those tones It s not going anywhere and I would go to Mantuano if I knew where the heck it was Please enlighten me Now if you re in the States and want to give some very interesting chocolate a whirl pop over to Dandelion I d love to know what you think of it Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also like Dandelion Patanemo 70 Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/dandelion-mantuano-70/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Melt 100% Dark Chocolate - Not the finest example of a brutish bar
    some 100 There s completely nothing wrong with that as they ll get to express their creativity with other other chocolate and add interesting textures and flavours such as Raspberry Chilli Feuilantine and Sesame Seeds If people want to try 100 or other plain chocolate then shouldn t chocolatiers sell it There s an argument that perhaps the price should more accurately reflect the work gone into producing a chocolate but as an Economist by training I know it ll reflect the level of demand 7 20 is steep for a 90g bar that hasn t been imported nor marketed from being a particular renowned chocolate maker But what of the flavour It s not actually as brutish as I expected It s not on the Pacari scale of harshness but it does have some very interesting flavours The Sesame mentioned earlier does adequately describe this chocolate but also hazelnut but not much else At first I thought this was going to be a rehash of the Valrhona 100 from Madagascar but there was there was a complete absence of the striking red fruit notes In fact this doesn t offer anything brusque or tart That seed cum nut flavour is the main focus If you re somebody that has a restricted diet and can t enjoy more varied dark chocolate but can explore 100 then this is one that you should certainly try But just as people have different tastes with normal chocolate I ve seen that people do like different types of 100 and you shouldn t be pigeon holed But from my own desires when it comes to 100 I do prefer the likes of Bouga Cacao Menakao and Antidote I do however very much enjoy Melt s flavoured bars and certainly their fresh chocolates which are

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/melt-100-bold-dark-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • iQ Raw Functional Chocolate
    same with vitamins B1 B2 B3 B6 and C The great thing is that these are all present in good quantities in fine raw chocolate There must be balance however Anything that is great for you has to be enjoyable if you re actually going to consume and benefit from it It s taken me a few years to appreciate raw chocolate Perhaps it s because the raw chocolate making processes have improved Even over the past eighteen months or so since I last tried some IQ Chocolate I believe they ve improved Just tasting the 72 Peruvian you still get the metallic edge that all raw chocolate seems to possess to some degree but here you get a much more muted acidity and an almond like nutty backdrop There s a hint of rich espresso This isn t the one dimensional experience of the past It s a much deeper more enjoyable experience than that It even tastes roasted just like the Pralus Chuao and that s some achievement I also had a bar of lime chocolate I know that citrus and flavoured chocolate sells well When you add refreshing flavours such as lime it seems to lift the natural flavour of chocolate much in the same way as sea salt But unlike fleur de sel the lime flavours are kept in check they don t dominate the chocolate but just lift it This makes it more of chocolate to munch on continually until the entire bar is finished The wild raspberry bar had an aroma that actually reminded me of Christmas with the tins of Cadbury Roses I know I ll be slated for that but the aroma was sweet luscious and infinitely more enjoyable than those festive treats The flavour too was significantly more pleasurable There were decent dose of sharp savoury tones which contrasted with the natural complexion of the chocolate and contrasted greatly from the previous lime bar The aroma of the Espresso Kick Coffee was sensationally punchy but with a rustic edge The crunchy texture was fully expected given the nose For some this may be a bit of a distraction but I feel you just can t beat a bit of crunch when it comes to chocolate The coffee flavour did subside too quickly for my liking I would have loved it to dominate the full length of the melt but alas I was left wanting more of that kick When it comes to the packaging I found it informative You ll find out that the chocolate is dairy free gluten free nut free soya free suitable for vegetarians and vegans and contains not GMOs You ll also find a full mineral breakdown along with all the usual nutritional information you ll find on supermarket chocolate If you really do want to learn about what you re munching on then you won t be left disappointed Far too many of us will stick to the bland Dairy Milk chocolate You would have been

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/iq-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dandelion Patanemo 70% Dark Chocolate from San Francisco Review
    sourcing of fine cocoa beans and that is one of the major reasons I blog promote the fine ethical chocolate that can be found if you know where to look The more people that try chocolate from the likes of Dandelion and are willing to pay more for the chocolate the better for the people that actually grow and harvest the beans that form the chocolate The blooming that I witnessed with the Patanemo and the Ambanja I ve not checked the Mantuano have now and its awesome only serves to highlight the delicate state that fine chocolate finds itself in Typically chocolate from the likes of Mars Nestle or the others will be created to withstand these sort of logistical issues and to my mind taste much worse as a consequence For those interested Patanemo is the western most valley that along the northern coast of Venezuela that is also home to other awesome sources such as Ocumare Cuyagua Choroni Chuao which is responsible for some of the world s finest cacao If you do find yourself at a website selling chocolate and you don t know where to start certainly have a look for some of these names The issue with having a chocolate so radically tainted as this is that a review is pointless The texture taste aroma and physical appearance is nothing like how it was created I d only be wasting your time along with my money I m not a Mr grumpy as I knew the risks All I can do is point you towards a review I forgot I had written a few months ago on my retail site where I had more success I m just glad I opened a couple up before I sent them on to friends to try as

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/dandelion-patanemo/ (2016-02-13)
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