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  • Paul A Young 100% Madagascar - Guest Post bt Lizzi Simmons
    and it breaks off very crisply and cleanly As it melts on the tongue you experience the strong notes of burnt tobacco and dried figs filling your mouth This chocolate is extremely powerful in it s flavours and some might find it too bitter The texture is quite powdery and dry indicative perhaps of a shorter conch time Whilst bold and brave I d say this is only a chocolate for those who like their chocolate strong I can imagine it being too overwhelming for those trying 100 chocolate for the first time It certainly packs a punch Lizzi Simmons No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Paul A Young 100 Madagascar Guest Post Author Lee McCoy On 24 06 13 9 51 AM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 100 Dark Chocolate Guest Reviews Madagascar Paul A Young Feedback 1 comment Calvin Graham Very bitter not sweet at all I nibbled away at it with a scotch whisky and thought they matched well in the way that some other people might have a cigar Not for amateurs but I enjoyed it Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview

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  • Dick Taylor 72% Dark Chocolate Review
    goes into making fine chocolate You certainly however couldn t level that criticism with Dick Taylor There s just so much going on here it s obscene It s citrus fruits in chocolate form You ll have lemon cutting through caramel There s blackcurrant and rising above mango There dashes of pine wood holding off mushroom and then dominated by horseradish Some bites will even finish with marshmallow Brain does not compute There s peat gin and tonic Seriously this surely should not overload my senses as much as it does The melt is less evident than is the case with thicker chocolate such as the wonderful stuff created by Friis Holm But that being said if you can resist quickening the delivery of the flavour by chewing you ll have the most pleasant of texture sensations It imparts that flavour in a steady stream of alternate tones That flood of flavour is symphonic I had jumped straight into the flavour texture and appearance of the chocolate itself and had missed one of the aspects that I find compelling and perhaps a great draw if placed in a bricks and mortar chocolate shop the packaging From inside to out this is a great chocolate The greatest challenge of someone working with wood is the creation of sea going vessels and that is exactly what is portrayed on the packaging To me at least it signifies great skill and craftsmanship The ability to create something of great intricacy but still one that serves a purpose With this chocolate that purpose may not be the bringing in a watery harvest but the provision of food for the soul You can pick this chocolate up in the US from their website and in the UK from the shop I run and yes those

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/dick-taylor-72-madagascar-dark-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Pralus Djakarta 75% Review
    range of raw materials to create a delightful experience just as a composer will select different parts of the wind string or percussion sections to offer the a rousing or melancholic musical affect The same can be said for chefs or any other artistic talent even the written art of food reviewing I do feel that Francois Pralus and his team have done a sterling job in balancing the Indonesian Criollo and the Madagascan Trinitario And when it comes to the end product the initial flavour of this Djakarta 75 delivers a rich sweet caramel flavour with a steady underlying hazelnut sense with flashes of cedar wood At the outside there is a heady red fruits haze which just gently drops into view occasionally throughout the melt The striking element here is its ability to cover you in an eiderdown of caramel and toffee whilst giving you the occasional freshly felled wood like acidity At the very end of the melt there is a hint of Marmite on toast but just a remote sense Perhaps it s a mental construct as I so wanted this to be similar to their Chuao Alas it s not up to that standard but it s not too far off The melt was lengthy enough and there might have been some imperfections in the mould but that s only a small part of the experience to me Of course this chocolate isn t raunchy or evenly aggressively sexual It s more playful and soft than that Perhaps you could enjoy this before you try some more intense flavours You can get this chocolate at Chocolatiers which I run No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Pralus Djakarta 75 Author Lee McCoy On 30 05

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/pralus-djakarta-75/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Hotel Choclat Pichanaki 100% Dark Chocolate Review
    chocolate in the past and who have been enthused by Hotel Chocolat s wonderful and engaging staff to try this bar in store would in turn be encouraged to broaden their horizons and try other great intense origin chocolate from less well known producers For their efforts I certainly do applaud what they re doing The more chocolate sold where the cacao is produced from fine flavour cacao the better This is just the start In terms of the 100 Pichanaki I was very much impressed with the clear and direct flavours The roast felt heavy but that earthy leather tobacconist characteristic often defines Peruvian cocoa There are edges of Lumi and a dash of caramel and a finish quite squarely of Dijon mustard Whilst the aroma seems more reminiscent of Madagascan fruitiness albeit on a much softer scale The texture when left in the mouth to melt naturally was sensational After the melt there is certainly an arid feel which is only to be expected Overall this is an incredibly enjoyable high cocoa chocolate I still have reservations with the moulding of the chocolate It seems they can t get away from their desire to be unique in the bar format and keeping to the style that works well for their more mainstream chocolate Of course that s just my opinion and others may appreciate the unconventional approach to serious chocolate Without a doubt this is a very pleasant interpretation of both Peruvian and high cocoa chocolate that if enjoyed as directed should enthuse others to try their other 100 chocolate You can pick it up online or in store in both 70g or 35g formats for either 7 or 3 respectively No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/pichanaki-100/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Forever Cacao 80% Raw Dark Chocolate
    actually the case We live in a world where large companies make all sorts of fictitious and doubtful claims to appear ethical when in the greater scheme of things they actually care very little about the right people and this only harms the companies such as Forever Cacao and others trying to protect the livelihoods of growers and the long term supply of heirloom quality cocoa Of course the Forever Cacao s packaging is basic Designing and producing eye catching packaging is a luxury many new chocolate makers can t afford The mould itself is similarly rudimentary the finish imperfect but to its credit it did have a lovely shine The aroma does have the typical magnesium edge that much raw chocolate offers but after you ve tried a fair amount of raw chocolate it becomes less of a distraction The flavour at first I found revolutionary at first It was far sharper and acetic than other raw chocolate I ve tried After two or three squares however it mellowed out and the other elements of the cacao shone through At the forefront there were certainly doses of cherry but behind that lurked tobacco almond and a hint of caramel It never loses its tartness completely and still carries magnesium throughout the melt which is to its credit And for a finish you should be able to pick up some good pinewood notes Overall it s encouraging to see that chocolate makers are striving to make non mainstream chocolate in an ethical fashion that is more focused on sustainability than playing lip service to ethics I wish Pablo well Also for those that have dietary information is important this chocolate is fairy free gluten free and suitable for vegans No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/forever-cacao-80/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dolceria Bonajuto 65% Bitter Sweet Chocolate Review
    of blooming and more than its fair share of scuff marks Putting that to one side and viewing this review as a quick affair as I clear out the last remnants of pre child chocolate purchases I see this chocolate as a session breaker chocolate I adore the smooth and almost perfect chocolate from the likes of Pralus Domori and Friis Holm but I adore the less polished chocolate of Åkesson s Antidote and Menakao and of course Bonajuto Apart from the course texture and underlying nutmeg I can feel a pleasant true and classic bitter sweet chocolate taste There s nothing inherently remarkable the flavour itself the approach and aged techniques most certainly All this review serves to do is pique my interest in Sicily s finest chocolate makers and I hope it encourages you to learn more about them No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Dolceria Bonajuto 65 Dark Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 9 04 13 7 52 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 65 Dark Chocolate Antica Dolceria Bonajuto Rating 65 69 Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/dolceria-bonajuto-65-dark-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Mast Brothers Moho River Belize 70% Dark Chocolate Review
    appears to have wonderful ethics and is the source of the cocoa for Mast s chocolate as well as for Taza and five other makers Currently they produce just 20 metric tonnes of cacao production from 48 farmers View Larger Map It s rare for chocolate to be so dominated by one flavour but that is certainly the case here The Moho River is definitively sarsaparilla At first it will catch you off guard But as you continue with the chocolate the intrusiveness of this flavour subsides and a relatively intense cherry flavour becomes apparent Whether you see this lack of depth as a strength or weakness is a matter of personal appearance Personally I d like more complexity and intrigue to chocolate however there s nothing intrinsically problematic and it just doesn t jump out at me as an excellent bar even though the back story certainly is commendable It s a shame though The aroma created a great sense of anticipation that just wasn t met when it came to the flavour That s the trouble with chocolate there are so many variables so many characteristics of the bean the fermenting roasting conching and ageing that goes into the production process But it does offer us variety that all fine chocolate lovers crave No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Mast Brothers Moho River Author Lee McCoy On 3 04 13 4 55 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 70 Dark Chocolate Belize Mast Brothers Rating 70 74 Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/mast-brothers-moho-river/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Duffy's Sierra Leone Cayenne Chilli 70% Dark Chocolate Review
    this region of the world than through ethical agriculture employment and education The cocoa used in this bar is sourced from Tropical Farms Ltd which has an office in Guernsey presumably for tax and legal purposes but does operate out of Mozambique and is a symptom of the lack of purchasing power that small batch makers suffer from We simply can t expect a company the size of Duffy to source directly from the farmers on a massive scale or have his own plantation he s no Domori at least in terms of production quantity We do at least have the opportunity to trace some degree of provenance by researching the intermediary The information provided states that the cocoa is sourced from over 3 500 farmers within the Sierra Leone Because such a wide variety of farms are involved and the fact that they re located in West Africa I m sure we can be fairly sure that this chocolate is based on a hybrid of the melon shaped Amelonado variety that is used in the vast majority of the world s chocolate It is important given the nature of the cocoa used in this bar to compare it with similar chocolate It would be unfair to compare with an Ocumare or Porcelena note I left out Chuao as Domori nabbed much of the fine cacao from the village many years ago and perhaps isn t the cocoa some claim it to be But to be fair I did find the aroma engaging There was a decent level of spice in cinnamon form but an absence of the any aggression from the cayenne which I had hoped for and undertone of leather which is I feel is fairly common of cocoa of this mongrel nature Before I researched the origins and cocoa potentially used in this chocolate I found the flavour very muted even the cayenne was mellow You can either see Duffy s approach as paying the cocoa too much respect and not dominating it with added flavours or giving the much maligned cocoa a chance to impress the prejudiced pallet Either way you do have to concentrate the mind on its unadventurous nature If you can do this you should notice a pleasant cherresque backdrop It s certainly not as refined as finer cocoas which is clear truism but still does give the chocolate lover an opportunity to explore a wider source of origins and give the Sierra Leonese people a much needed export opportunity I did find a deficiency in production that is worth noting There was a noticeable stratification in the chocolate which produced a slate like quality It appears that in the moulding stage the lower read upper half of the bar was set first and then a second batch was used to complete the rest of the moulds Overall I did enjoy the chocolate but not as much as the chocolate Duffy has made with finer cocoas Exploring chocolate made from a variety of

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/duffys-sierra-leone/ (2016-02-13)
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