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  • Choco Leibniz Chocolate Biscuits Review
    decided that this cocoa amount was the most desirable when almost 2 3 of the biscuit was made up of chocolate At that stage in the morning I can just about work out how to turn the kettle on let alone digest a lengthy press release and comprehend mathematical formula which I m sure was designed to confuse I decided to return to the land of nod and revisit the chocolate dunkers when I was suitably refreshed A couple of these biscuits have passed my lips and I ve written nothing of them But trying another I know intellectually I should be appreciating them more than I actually am I massively appreciate the lighter nature of the biscuits and certainly the more bitter aspect to them But they don t grab me as much as I d hoped The first I recall certainly surprised me that they did have a true dark chocolate maturity and an absence of the buttery mouth feel and salty flavour that most biscuits do For that I m massively appreciative They just don t give me the base satisfaction that cheaper biscuits do I know they re far inferior but when you want to be sinful then that s what you really want If you wanted to offer biscuits to friends and family with a cuppa then I d certainly go for these If you wanted to feel guilty I d go for something with more fats sugars and salt Affordable continental sophistication is central to the Choco Leibniz brand however and that is key to biscuit buyers who do know better What s more you can now add sustainable to the brand s description too as the cocoa used in this range of biscuits is sourced from UTZ certified farms which is always something

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  • Devnaa Coffee Masala Caramels
    flavours On initial thought it would have been nice for the spices to be more obvious and joust with the coffee However on reflection I think it s a positive and bold move by Jay and his team to do something less Indian You see many of their chocolates are definitely inspired by their heritage that it s nice to try something less overtly from the sub continent Typically I love those spicy tones their filled chocolates exhibit but these with their acute coffee caramel characteristics are so much bolder than anything they ve offered before Don t be fooled however into thinking that these caramels are only about the flavour As good as it is the texture also plays a significant part in their enjoyment On top you ll find what looks like sugar crystals and ground coffee which gives the first bite in a delightful crunchy feel The 65 cocoa solids shell is thick creamy smooth and jam packed with flavour presumably from the spices mentioned above The caramel holds its own in terms of texture Personally I don t like caramel to be too liquid and this has just the level of gooiness to spread evenly within the mouth but not disappear too quickly Overall they are full of interesting and sharp flavours and are very sweet I could possibly manage only three or four in any given session But that you get your money s worth at 15 95 for the sixteen caramels There maybe more soft considered and mellow chocolates around but some times its nice to have our taste buds rebooted with an intense chocolate experience Quick Rating 73 well worth trying Where To Buy These Coffee Caramels Devnaa 15 95 No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data

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  • The New Demarquette Chocolate Bar Collection
    each other And I most certainly found that in this bar There was certainly dryness to it but that was combined with a very interesting spicy horseradish edge that seemed to dominate the melt Ultimately it s very smooth and mellow but that spiciness peaks out and offers a profile that I ve rarely witnessed before The next was the 71 1 CacaoLux with Halon Mon Sea Salt in addition to the blend above As soon as your tongue meets the bar it will be hit by the sea salt Marc certainly hasn t been shy with it but it does dissipate and soften as the melt continues As the chocolate melts into nothing there is a lingering sharp flavour that is actually very welcoming I m in two minds if I prefer this 3 star Great Taste award winning blend with or without the salt I suppose it ll change depending on the weather and my mood At least it has an interesting twist on sea salt rather than being the usual fine Maldon sea salt I ve always been a fan of Ben Tre and Marc s version in particular and on recent evidence I seem no need to change my view How much skill has been employed in putting a twist into it is unclear as I have no other Ben Tre to directly compare but in isolation I love it The cedar wood piquancy lurks at the front of the tongue and pushes outwards omitting a fascinating almond like flavour that contrasts wonderfully with the typical Ben Tre acidity But interestingly this almond flavour leads you into a creamy post melt which is very strange given that it s a 70 I would expect this to be exhibited more in the 40 version which followed If you wanted luxurious milkiness with just a touch of fine acidity then I implore you to try this 40 bar It s very much like a bowl of mango banana and any other mild fruits you can think of What s more it s incredibly addictive and leaves me thinking that if only all Christmas gifts such as advent calendars that use poor quality milk chocolate used Marc s 40 bar then I m sure they d be much more enjoyable The balance between the creaminess and the slightest hint of acidity is most welcome and expertly balanced As day turns into night I move onto the bitter 85 bar which is a house blend of unknown origins and certainly packs a punch The acidity is fierce and long lasting but ultimately very pleasant I actually prefer the 71 1 house blend but this much darker version certainly has its place in the overall selection of bars which wouldn t be complete without a milk and high cocoa bar I did love all the different origins that Marc produced chocolate from as I enjoyed poking around the selections in his store and finding new and interesting blends and origins Hopefully

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/demarquette-chocolate-bar-collection/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dark Chocolate Reviews
    Rica 72 Another example of beautiful chocolate made with cacao from Costa Rica this one had a lovely variety of flavours through out the melt If you re near one of their stores and like chocolate with personality then try it Amedei Toscano Red Amedei are supposed to make awesome stuff But trying this Toscano Red just proved that you can t please someone all the time Some people will absolutely love its intense fruit flavours but I just didn t Kakaw 70 With Chilli If you re after a dark bar with chilli that offers something different and you find yourself in Belize then this one from Kakaw could be for you Zotter Congo 65 For those of you chocoholics that love to try something which is just a little bit different but not as far out as the Zotter funky stuff then this really should be one for you to try Sir Hans Sloane Dark Drinking Chocolate Beads When it comes to a pick me up after a hard stressful day at work there s nothing better than a hot cup of choc to sooth away those mental blockages and unwind And there s no better way to do that than with these beads from Sir Hans Sloane Artisan du Chocolat Bali There s just something fantastic with what Artisan du Chocolat are doing these days when they source cacao from destinations the less adventurous chocolate makers can t be bothered to explore The flavour of this Bali bar was incredibly interesting Valrhona Guanaja 70 Grand Crus This Grands Crus from Valrhona using single origin Guanaja cacao of the Trinitario Criollo varieties promised much but didn t actually deliver much There was hardly any flavour to speak of a complete lack of drama Valrhona built their name on the back of excellent chocolate but don t match those heights with this bar Soma Chocolate 70 Chuao This Soma 70 dark chocolate bar is made out of cacao from the well renowned village of Chuao in Venezuela It s supposed to be produce some of the finest cacao in the world That may be the case but this wasn t the finest bar of chocolate Amelia Rope 70 Ghana Single Origin Amelia s other dark chocolate bars have been very good I just felt that this one was a touch too sweet and lacking in any depth Chapon Ecuador 75 This Chapon Ecuador bar certainly isn t rich complicated or robust Instead it has a strikingly orange flavour with base notes of caramel If you just wanted some light 75 chocolate then I d certainly suggest you try this one out Michel Cluizel Noir Au Grue de Cacao Michel Cluizel has produced a delightful and relaxed bar of chocolate that can easily be enjoyed by the masses There s no fine complex flavours just a strange combination of distinctive ones Limited Edition Oriente Cuba Terruño de Baracoa Certainly an interesting bar from Marcolini It had a lovely cherry flavour

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/dark-chocolate/page/3/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dark Chocolate Reviews
    be too sweet for most dark chocolate lovers Michel Cluizel Los Ancones 67 This Los Ancones dark chocolate bar from Michel Cluizel is indeed a very enjoyable bar But it just didn t offer the range of flavours that I expected It is very creamy but there wasn t enough character to keep me interested too long Rose And Violet Dark Chocolate This 66 dark chocolate bar with rose and violet was more bitter than I anticipated and would have preferred it to be lighter and more fragrant Thorntons Dark Chocolate With Colombian Coffee This bar could have done with a more prominent coffee flavour and a fair bit less of the sugar At first it tasted really good but then the sugar came through and pushed the espresso off the stage and demanded your attention Paul A Young Valentine s Brownie What more could you want from a special Valentine s chocolate treat This brownie from Paul A Young is special in that its incredibly moist and flavoursome Just don t eat it all in one go you ll want to savour every bite Fancy A Quicky Anyone I Mean A Martini Hot Chocolate I was very much looking forward to this Martini hot chocolate from Artisan du Chocolat but unfortunately it wasn t as powerful or alcoholic as I d like Duffy s Heart Of Panama 70 Dark Chocolate This bar may be out of stock now but its worth seeing if you can get hold of any of his other dark chocolate to try I ve never found a bar yet that I haven t enjoyed Artisan du Chocolat Brazil Rio Doce 72 This Rio Doce bar from Artisan du Chocolat is anything but sweet It s very bitter and doesn t have a very espansive variety of flavours It s not one for the fainthearted Patrick Roger 75 Dark Chocolate From Peru This Patrick Roger 75 Dark Chocolate From Peru dark chocolate bar was a huge dissapointment and nothing compared to his other bars I might just have had a bad one so if you ve had it and it was good then please let me know Amedei Toscano Black 70 If you re one that likes robust and flavoursome dark chocolate you will be left very dissapointed with the Amedei Toscano Black 70 Dark Chocolate Bar It s too mild Harrods 67 Dark Chocolate Bar Ah the label that tourists love Harrods But the thing is just like Fortnum and Mason they don t actually make their own chocolate as far as I m aware instead they get other chocolate manufactures to produce stuff and they just wrap it in their own logo and flog it to unsuspecting tourists Patrick Roger 100 Dark Chocolate I don t think I d hunt out the Patrick Roger 100 bar again It may not be as bitter as the Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99 but it still doesn t offer enough flavour for my liking Blyss Chocolate Ishpingo

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/dark-chocolate/page/4/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dark Chocolate Reviews
    Hotel Chocolate Purist 65 Dark Chocolate Bar which had a 96hr Conch Well worth trying if you get the chance Go Do Organic Espresso 60 Dark Chocolate This Go Do Organic 60 Dark Chocolate is brittle and dry but it has a nice well rounded flavour that doesn t dissapoint Criollo Dark Chocolate From The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Company This Criollo dark chocolate bar from Hawaii was damn awesome If you can get hold of some you should Amano Chuao 70 Dark Chocolate Bar The Amano Chuao 70 is a very intense fruity but yet dry dark chocolate bar It won t be desired by everyone But still its a landmark in chocolate making Patrick Roger 64 Dark Chocolate From Mexico This isn t the best bar of chocolate that I ve reviewed so far It s not bad just not brilliant The Grenada 60 Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar This bar wasn t anywhere as good as I thought it d be In fact it was relatively poor compared to other dark chocolate bars in that price range Zotter Rum Coconut Dark Chocolate Zotter offer one of their best bars in the form of this Rum Coconut dark chocolate bar well worth trying if you can get hold of one Red Star 70 Dark Chocolate From Peru What a wonderful bar of chocolate this is from Duff s Red star Passion Raw Dark Chocolate with Goji Berries and Vanilla From Rawr Raw chocolate is getting more popular so it was nice to try some that had a bit more of a feel or real chocolate Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario 75 Dark Chocolate I expected so much more from the Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario 75 Dark Chocolate and was left feeling very dissapointed Chocolate News Bits and Bobs There s always chocolate news but its not always good news Jean Paul Hévin Madagascar Aria 70 Dark Chocolate This Jean Paul Hévin bar of dark chocolate from Madagascar that was made from bean to bar was superb You must try some Chapon 75 Dark Chocolate From Cuba Quite possibly the best chocolate bar I ve ever tasted You have to try Chapon dark chocolate Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Origin Bar This Artisan du Chocolat Vietnam Origin Bar is an absolute triumph Zotter Starker Kaffee Chocolate Bar This Zotter Starker Kaffee Chocolate Bar is well worth a try It is fairly acidic but if you are aware of that at the outset then you will enjoy it Rabot Estate 65 Dark With Piedmont Hazelnuts This Rabot Estate 65 dark chocolate bar was absolutely delicious You should try it Choc O Bars 54 Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar This 54 dark chocolate bar from Choc o bars was a dissapointment Belgian chocolate should be so much better Hotel Chocolat Fruit Nut Dark Chocolate Slab This Hotel Chocolat Fruit Nut Dark Chocolate Slab is worth trying But its not my most favourite slab they sell Paul A Young Marmite XO Dark Chocolate Bar This Paul

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/dark-chocolate/page/5/ (2016-02-13)
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  • 90% Dark Chocolate
    Blues This is a very interesting bar of dark chocolate but when compared to the rest of the Zotter range some may feel a touch underwhelmed given that there s no strange ingredients included Search Zotter Chocolate Shop Click Here Chocolatiers co uk Save 10 with the voucher code chocrev Popular Brands Thorntons Hotel Chocolat Divine Cadbury s Montezuma s Green Blacks Nestle Prestat Powered by WordPress RSS Feed Get

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  • 85% Dark Chocolate
    of African cacao but doesn t seem to offer any mellow caramel flavour that one might expect instead its has a sharp plum flavour and really not much else Pierre Marcolini 85 Dark Chocolate From Peru This is my first bar I ve tried from Pierre Marcolini and comes from the Alto Piura region of northern Peru The aroma was sensational whilst the flavour had decent honey notes but was

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/dark-chocolate/85-dark-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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