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  • Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates in London Review
    hazelnut centre Dark Sea Salted Rocher This lucious rocher is created with 64 dark Madagascan chocolate Passion Fruit and Vanilla Ganache An exquisite fruit and ganache centre surrounded in lucious chocolate Milk Sea Salted Rocher This delicate confection is created using 40 milk chocolate Sea Salted Caramel A gold award winning creation Raspberry Ganache A delicious raspberry centre created with Black Raspberry liqueur A silver award winning confection Paul A Young s Artisan Chocolate Bars Paul carries a large variety of unique and exciting artisan chocolate bars In addition to varying percentages of simply delicious milk and dark chocolate some of the more interesting combinations include Caramelised Cocoa Nib A 64 Madagascan chocolate mixed with cocoa nibs coated in creamy caramel for a simply mouth watering experience Cranberry Orange and Cinnamon A delicious combination of these 3 fruits blended with a luscious 70 dark chocolate Dark Stem Ginger Ginger pieces and 70 dark chocolate come together for a tantalizing temptation Fruit and Nut Fruit nuts and chocolate are a traditionally delicious combination Green Peppercorn Green peppercorns blended into 72 Venezuelan chocolate for a spicy surprise Lavender A simply lovely 70 dark chocolate bar with a subtle hint of floral flavour to entice the taste buds Other exciting and exquisite artisan bars include Maldon Sea Salt Milk Sea Salt Milk Stem Ginger Peppermint Raspberry Ganache Sea Salted Caramel and a simply unique White Chocolate Sesame Seeds Salted Caramel Easter Egg and Sea Salt artisan chocolate bar Other Chocolates Paul A Young also carries a large number of other fine confections available in his shops His delicious brownie creations are sold in Classic Fudge Christmas Pudding and Pecan A number of cooking and baking chocolates curiosities and gift chocolates are also available No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all

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  • Valrhona Dark Chocolate And Milk Chocolate - Buy Online With Delivery By Post
    America and the Caribbean Presently there are 3 types of vintage chocolates in production The plantations for these exquisite vintage chocolate bars are located in Trinidad Venezuela and Madagascar Valrhona Chocolate Bars Chuao 65 bar made from the finest cacao beans grown in the tiny village of Chuao Venezuela Caraibe A Grand Cru of 66 cocoa content with a slight coffee aroma and hints of roasted dried fruit Le Noir A delicate blend of Trinitario and Criollo cacao beans this 56 bar features a bittersweet flavour with slight fruit and floral notes Guanaja Bittersweet floral tones and intense flavour are perhaps what makes this 70 chocolate bar the most popular of the Grand Crus Ampamakia 64 bar made from cacao beans harvested in Madagascar Manjari A 64 bar with a slight bitterness and soft fruit undertones Gran Couva his 64 bar put Valrhona down in history as the first creator of vintage domain chocolate Made from beans harvested in a single domain the Gran Couva possesses a delightful aroma and a truly rich unique flavour Le Noir Amer A 71 bar with a sweet bitterness and a floral and fruity taste Le Noir Extra Amer With 84 pure cocoa content the newest of Valrhona s chocolate bars is also its most intense Jivara a 40 milk chocolate alternative for those that wanted something a bit more mild Valrhona s chocolate range also includes a wide variety of quality boxed chocolates chocolate drinks and cooking chocolate Buy Valrhona Dark Chocolate If you wanted to buy Valrhona dark chocolate then you ve come to the right place as we ve collated one of the largest selections of Valrhona goodies in the country Have a look around and see what catches your eye Other Information Valrhona No related posts Post Information Below you

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  • Venchi Chocolate - Buy Online with delivery by post
    include animal fats hydrogenated oils or artificial fillers and preservatives Since the beginning of the 2008 2009 season all Venchi confections excluding their cereal line and caramel wafer are gluten free and contain no starches flours or extrusions that might interfere with the purity of the Venchi product Venchi Chocolate Blocks and Bars Venchi s range of truly delicious chocolate Italian chocolate blocks includes pure milk dark and white chocolate blocks milk or dark chocolate with toasted hazelnuts and a 75 blend of Central and South American Chocolate Their delicious chocolate bars include blended bars pure milk dark and white and a variety of fillings such as hazelnut caramelised rice and milk cream Their Unico Chocolate Bars include such fillings as creamy milk and cereal cocoa cream and sugarcoated wafers Venchi Chocolate Squares Venchi also offers a variety of unique chocolate squares available in a 65 piece bag The unique flavour offered in Venchi s squares include chilli pepper mint creamy milk chocolate and cinnamon Venchi Chocolate Cake Venchi s chocolate cakes are truly a mouth watering temptation The flavours available include Dark Chocolate and Gianduja Gold Chocolate Sink your teeth into the soft sensation of pure bliss Other Chocolates Venchi also offers a wide range of chocolate assortments gifts cooking chocolates and drinking chocolate Venchi s unique chocolate cigars are available in a variety of flavours such as dark orange chocolate flavoured with praline or dark chocolate with nougatine Buy Venchi Chocolate You can buy Venchi chocolate to be delivered by post from Amazon Other Information The Venchi Official Site No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Venchi Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 1 04 10 9 58 AM Section Brands Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate Makers Venchi Feedback

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  • Hotel Chocolat - Luxury Chocolate Gifts - Profile
    white chocolate These giant chocolate slabs can also be combined with hazelnuts almonds Italian coffee Tutti Frutti or cocoa nibs The Triple Chocolate Wham Bam Giant Slab is a delicious combination of white chocolate caramel and milk chocolate all swirled into one delicious slab of chocolate satisfaction Liquid Chocolat Hotel Chocolat has their own variety of hot chocolate drink This silky and elegant liquid chocolate drink includes less milk and sugar than the majority of hot chocolate drinks Hotel Chocolat s liquid chocolate is available in rich Macho made with 100 cocoa or Aztec Chili made with 72 cocoa and a twist of spice Filled Chocolates and Truffles Hotel Chocolat s boxed collections include their Hand Piped Selection of elegant pralines ganaches creamy caramel and other delightful flavours Pink or Classic Champagne Truffles and their Just Truffles Sleekster A number of other quality gift selections and boxed collections are also available from Hotel Chocolat designed for any special event or occasion Other Chocolate Products In addition to their giant chocolate slabs liquid chocolate and boxed collections of mouthwatering quality chocolates Hotel Chocolat also produces a number of other specialty chocolate items and gift collections Their Vintage Chocolate Buttons are ideal for that touch of just something a little special Their Chocolate Dipping Adventure packages combine luxurious melting chocolate dips with a variety of nuts marshmallows and other tasty little nibbles suitable for dipping For something nice with a touch of spice try their delectable Hacienda Iara Organic 72 Dark with Chili and Pink Peppercorns or their Chilli and Nibs Sweethearts Hotel Chocolat Address Mint House Royston Hertfordshire SG8 5HL UK Tel 08444 93 23 23 Noteable People Angus Thirwell No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Hotel Chocolat Author Lee

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/hotel-chocolat/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Galaxy Counters - Retro Chocolate
    disappointed they are not the same they are like minstrels without the crispy coating too big and not flat enough That may be so but what about the taste Well the first one I wasn t all that fond of But with each and every other one I tried my appreciation increased At first they do taste a touch too much of milk powder But as you deplete the bag the flavour seems to become more rounded and complete This milder flavour did bring something to mind With Minstrels they can get a bit too sweet As you consume more and more the sugar rush is a bit too significant for my liking But with these Galaxy Counters with the flavours and sweetness being less acute you can easily munch on four of five at a go with no problem The recommend retail price is 1 69 for a 300g sharing pack but I can see them reaching 3 20 in cinemas and being as low as 1 as the supermarkets discount them with Mars s approval don t expect them to stay at that price for long though Rating Taste 65 they re not artisan chocolate but they re a great option for those moments when you just need a bag of some chocolate confectionary to satisfy a choc craving Texture 70 even with 14 minimum cocoa the texture was good and not like the normal Galaxy bars that I find too milky and shiny Appearance 70 the bag design is very good and when you tear the bag open and look inside I m sure you ll all have a twinge of excitement Nutritional Information 80 very good indeed Price 75 the price is very reasonable Overall 72 I enjoyed them Where To Buy Galaxy Counters Supermarkets Corner

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  • Chocolate Making Workshops - Activity Gift Experience
    will be slightly different to each other But you ll usually get an introduction to the people and what you ll be doing a rundown of where chocolate comes from how it s made be shown how to make it and actually get the chance to make some yourself in some practical sessions and of course get to take them home to inflict on your victims at home or give those fantastic chocolates to your loved ones Chocolate Making Voucher Codes Also don t forget that you can also combine the purchase of chocolate activity gifts with voucher codes Here s a selection we ve found Into The Blue Save 5 when you spend over 25 valued until 31st August 2010 Chocolate Making Workshop Activity Gift Locations But where do they have the chocolate making workshops Well I ll try and summarise here Into The Blue do them in London in a 1950 s style chocolate factory just into the East End of London Clerkenwell with the closest tube stations being Chancery Lane and Farringdon They also do chocolate courses in London The Queens Club West Kensington Bournemouth Chocolate Boutique Hotel at West Cliff Bath in the Redcar Hotel Brighton at the Langfords Hotel on the seafront and Oxford at the Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel in the centre of Oxford The Green Blacks workshops take place in Brighton Greater Manchester and Hatton Square London Getting Personal have them in Bournemouth Bristol Dorset London Whitefield and Manchester Asda have them in London Brighton Bournemouth Bath Warwickshire and Birmingham Find Me A Gift have them in London Whitefield Manchester Bournemouth Dorset Stratford upon Avon Leamington Spa Birmingham Activity Superstore do them in Dorset Bournemouth East Sussex Hove Greater Manchester Whitefield London Central London Oxfordshire Oxford Somerset Bath Warwickshire Leamington Spa West Midlands Birmingham West Midlands Stratford upon Avon PrezzyBox do them in Manchester and Merseyside Chocolate Making Workshops Restrictions Advice There are a few things that may be worth bearing in mind Well most of them are for over 14 years old s only so bare that in mind under 18 s may need parental consent but Getting Personal State that the minimum age restriction is 18 Also you ll need an open mind and don t mind getting messy The Green Blacks chocolate making workshops mainly run on Sundays and selected weekday evenings so you ll need to check availability You may need to think about any dietary requirements as I m sure there ll be nuts and milk gluten involved Don t forget to enquire about disabled access if its required The workshop will often last between 2 1 2 and 3 hours so make sure you ve got enough time and plan your transportation accordingly Check the validity of the voucher as some like PrezzyBox are valid for only 6 months whilst others are valid for 10 or 12 months Buy A Gift also has the chocolate making workshops in Manchester and Merseyside Chocolate Making Workshops What Should

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  • Dark Chocolate Reviews
    cocoa about So it s a Criollo So it s supposed to the first variety of cocoa to be domesticated by humans some 2000 years or so ago Does that actually make it a great bar of chocolate Does a Chuao Paul Wayne Gregory Salted Caramel Lollipops Salted caramel lollipops and popping candy What could go wrong Well 64 chocolate coating certainly benefited from the popping candy as it didn t have the depth of flavour I would have hoped for It must be difficult to find a couverture to accompany the fairly stiff salted caramel but it would AMMA Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuaçu Now available online at Chocolatiers co uk Knowing where to start when you ve got a bar of Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuaçu is a difficult situation Do you comment on the fact that with the troubles which communities have growing Theobroma Cacao could its genetic cousin Grandiflorum provide a new Holy Cacao Peru 72 To say I m bored of chocolate that s commonly available in the UK maybe erring on the side of hyperbole The point is despite the rapid growth in the fine chocolate market in this country there still isn t enough variety Chocolate lovers need to experience chocolate made in all corners Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Spiced Drinking Chocolate I don t know about where you are but here it s cold So it s not the earth shatteringly cold that we had a couple of years ago when it got down to 19 C when my son was conceived Of course that wasn t as a result of a need to keep warm But as we know how expensive children are Friis Holm Medagla 70 The notion that there is definitively a perfect chocolate is utter rubbish It s like saying there s a perfect looking women a perfect car and a perfect husband All you can say is that a particular chocolate gives you exactly what you re looking for at a particular moment in time At Hotel Chocolat Vietnam 80 It was about time I did a review I knew I ve neglected the fine work they ve been doing recently so I got out their new Winter Selection And then proceeded to unwrap it all and tuck in all before I had even taken a photo At that moment I knew my frame of mind was more into the Pump Street Bakery Ecuador Dark Milk What a truly unusual bar of dark milk chocolate The one aspect of chocolate of this ilk I love is the schizophrenic nature of the flavour It tends to have a creamy malted milk quality but then is juxtaposed against the inherent acidity of cocoa But here with this Pump Street Bakery Ecuadorian foray into Chococo Cherry Amaretto Dark Chocolate Clusters This is getting tedious Everything I ve reviewed lately I ve loved Recently I was saying to somebody at Salon du Chocolat that I absolutely love cherry and almond and especially when combined with chocolate and then these clusters appeared At first I thought they were some sort Zotter Gentian in Black The thought of eating chocolate made with some alcoholic flower beverage is significantly more appealing than the alternative even though the packaging is somewhat more understated than Zotter s usual fair I just had to give it a whirl Perhaps it was actually the thought that 12 of this Friis Holm Barba 70 If there was an example of what you can do with the much maligned Amelonado cocoa and varieties thereof this is it I was planning a post about who it s just down right stupid to write off 80 of the cocoa produced The inaccurate conventional wisdom goes that if it s not Criollo or even Trinitario Marou Treasure Island 75 Vietnamese Chocolate Maps amaze me as much as chocolate Whenever I find out where cocoa is grown I instantly load it up in Google maps and look at the geography the terrain and how it sits amongst neighbouring conurbations As the map of Tan Phu Dong where the cocoa used in this new chocolate bar by Marou originates I was Daintree Estates Solomon Islands 68 The guys at Daintree Estates sent over some extra chocolate from their new ranges with a recent order and as always the unusual origins in the box jumped out and demanded to be reviewed Having reviewed and enjoyed cocoa from the Pacific specifically Vanuatu I opened up this Solomon Islands packet of Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar Some times chocolate is far too addictive for your own good Often I find the most addictive chocolate either is born out of abstaining from the good stuff for far too long or just because it hits all the right notes Big business spends billions finding the balance of salt sugar and fats in their products The Chocolate Tree 80 Peru Here we have Scotland s entry into the ever growing fraternity of British chocolate makers For the past three or four years I have thought that American chocolate makers had this country licked when it came to awesome bean to bar chocolate But now I feel a good number of very talented people this Pump Street Bakery Patanemo 75 The Patanemo area of Venezuela is responsible for some wonderful cocoas But with the likes of established chocolate makers such as Dandelion and Mast Brothers doing great things with them and other interesting companies such as Hummingbird using the Tisano sourced Trinitario cocoa what can a relative Dandelion Mantuano 70 Chocolate that turns your mouth arid is just a marvel to me The acidity that is drawn over the taste buds is something I also crave Rolling flavours that focus your mind like a laser from a 1970 s Sci Fi film onto the pronounced tones is worth paying good money for Chocolate made from nondescript Domori Morogoro 70 Some chocolate just has so much going on that you really don t know where to start

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  • Buy Milk Chocolate And Read Reviews
    This certainly isn t the best milk chocolate they ve produced but I still enjoyed the sharp flavours The lemon and sea salt did work well together and make the inherent chocolate flavour stand out more I d love to try a 50 version of this bar to see what the salt could do with the darker tones Fruition Dark Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel Although I typically do like dark milk chocolate this wasn t rustic enough There weren t enough rough edges and variation for me to class it as a remarkable bar of chocolate It was however expertly made and undoubtedly it would be popular with people who like less bitter chocolate Chicken Tikka Masala Milk Chocolate Say it isn t so This is definitely for those that will eat anything I couldn t eat more than a couple of pieces as I found it far too dry for my liking Paul you re a mad mad man Chocolate Valentine s Day Roses These chocolate roses from Firebox are perhaps one of the most naffist novelty Valentine s gifts I ve ever had the missfortune to review Chococo Raspberry Pavlova Milk Chocolate Heart Every chocolatier seems to sell chocolate hearts for Valentine s Day but too few make anything worth taking notice off Most of them seemingly use the cheapest couverture they can and then sprinkle some ingredients on top There s nothing original about that Chocolate Society Hokey Pokey One of most favourite confectionery is chocolate covered honeycomb I know big companies make it but I doubt any would make it as well as this Chococo Sea Salt Popcorn Chocolate Clusters If you re looking for something different then you should really give these sea salt milk chocolate coated popcorn clusters as they re something you just won t want to put down Daniel Jones Orange Bee Pollen The Daniel Jones Orange Bee Pollen milk chocolate bar intrinsically be the finest I ve ever tried but it had a fantastic enjoyable quality to it which I m sure many of you would appreciate The Grown Up Chocolate Company Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar This Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar from The Grown Up Chocolate Company actually surprised me a great deal It had some flavour but not an excessive amount of sweetness that made it very enjoyable Christmas at Santa s House These chocolate treats for children aren t cheap but they re very enjoyable The outer packaging is very engaging whilst the chocolates inside are wrapped perfectly for sharing or for keeping for yourself and enjoying as an occasional treat Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar The Divine milk chocolate advent calendar might taste a touch too sweet for me but I loved the message that it promotes which is typically one missed at this time of year Montezuma s Peanut Butter Truffles I wasn t supposed to like these As they re made with peanut butter they should have tasted too salty and overpowered the

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