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  • Buy white chocolate online

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  • Flavourings
    delicate chocolates Demarquette Chocolate Bar Collection A wonderful collection of dark chocolate bars with the one 40 Ben Tre milk chocolate bar I d love Marc to expand this collection though as I m sure his fans would love him to offer a wider variety in these new 22g mini bars Zotter Mango Lassi Drinking Chocolate A luscious hot chocolate experience but sadly it doesn t compare to drinking chocolate made with the dark stuff Still it had a very interesting character Hotel Chocolat Dark Chocolate Canapés with Cocoa Nibs If you wanted to try something a little bit different for a dinner party then I suggest that you add Stilton or some other strong cheese to them and try them out on your guests I m sure they ll love them Zotter Banana Flavour Milk Chocolate There s certainly no escaping the flavour of banana in this bar as it s not only present in a purée form in the centre but also within the chocolate that coats it I did find it far too sweet for a mature taste Nutritious Delicious Truffles If you wanted chocolate truffles that are organic and use natural unsweetened ingredients then I m sure you ll love these ones Make sure you also like dark chocolate though El Ron de Nicaragua es Legendario Now if you love unique flavours and textures you ll love these rum and cashew bon bons They might not be to everybody s taste but they are too mine Zotter Cheese Walnut and Grapes I wouldn t say this is Zotter s finest hand scooped bar of all time but at least it s one for those people that love his unusual range The acidity was most certainly different and added to the experience but I would have liked more of a cheese edge to it Zotter Mitzi Blue Jazz Blues This is a very interesting bar of dark chocolate but when compared to the rest of the Zotter range some may feel a touch underwhelmed given that there s no strange ingredients included Comptoir du Cacao Coconut White Chocolate This is a strange affair Not only do not recall buying this bar of white chocolate with coconut pralinés feuilletés by Comptoir du Cacao but I m not entirely sure if I like it or not Logic says I shouldn t Hazelnut praline white chocolate and coconut are three of my least favourite ways Daniel Jones Tonka Bean As a chocolate bar from a little known chocolatier it s actually very good and compares favourably to the one produced by Thorntons It may be more than twice the price of that bar too but I feel it s worth it Thornton s Lightly Salted Pistachio Many people may criticise Thorntons for their chocolate but my view is that the blocks are vastly better than the novelty chocolate stuff they sell and even the most pretentious chocolate aficionado would actually like this bar Stainer Peperoncino Scotch Bonnet Con Rum To

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  • Ratings
    long held prejudice against white chocolate didn t last long however as those 15 minutes I spent alone with it completely changed my perception of the medium But now I have Al s interpretation which has been diligently Paul A Young Whole Bean to Bar Chocolate The juxtaposition between the salubrious lives of those that purchase fine chocolate from the likes of Paul A Young and the mere existence of those that are at the genesis of a bar s life is as troubling as it is stark But within it exists a paradox that just has to change Plaudits are given to Marc DeMarquette Luxury Chocolate Easter Egg Celebration Box I ve never known a chocolate reviewer make chocolates worthy of an award Similarly I ve never known a restaurant critic with a Michelin Star nor a wine critic a Decanter Award neither has Jeremy Clarkson won a Grand Prix Essentially those that can t preach It would be difficult for Antica Dolceria Bonajuto 45 Chocolate So there s here s a 45 dark chocolate That s right most of this rustic chocolate bar is the carbohydrate that s rightly had so much bad press recently Seeing as I ve been munching on 100 most of the day I thought turn tail and try some mega sweet chocolate But it Solstice Chocolate Bolivia 70 Palo Blancos The world is awash with chocolate which is pretty much in determinant from countless other chocolates Even in the fine chocolate market very few bars actually stand out Flavour profiles can be all of a muchness I often find myself trotting out the same adjectives the same notes of Domori Cioccolato al Latte d Asina So I was looking through my chocolate collection and realised that it s just looking decidedly barren nudge Geert I know you re reading this p and then came my latest order from Domori and tucked at the bottom of the box covered by filling was this grey bag I had forgotten my conversation with Middlebury Chocolates Middlebury Chocolates is a new name to me it might even be to you too Stephanie and Andy Jackson are artisan chocolate makers out of Middlebury Vermont I emphasise the artisan as this is a term that s too often banded about It s an adjective which is primarily the Solstice Chocolate 70 Sambirano This is a chocolate that came back to me like a flash I had opened it before Christmas whilst I was stressed packing orders and sending out people s Christmas presents It s one that I absolutely adored then and I ve certainly not changed my mind now In fact I ve got hardly of the Patisserie Vercruysse Gianduja Geert is testing me fully with these two Maranon Fortunato No4 enrobed homemade gianduja Not only because I haven t paid him yet for the other stuff he sent at the same time I m still waiting for the bill my good friend but also because I m

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  • Chocolate Reviews Organised By Country Of Origin
    abound much like that of Papua New Guinea Whether the similarity in terms of base flavour is due to the beans on the islands having been from the same stock as PNG or they Mayta Esmereldas 71 Arriba Chocolate Sometimes chocolate reviewing is like playing the Euro Millions on a Friday night you wake up on the Saturday morning glance at your phone and see an email from Camelot entitled News about your lottery ticket You spend the next 30 seconds whilst you find your feet and wipe the sleep from Middlebury Chocolates Middlebury Chocolates is a new name to me it might even be to you too Stephanie and Andy Jackson are artisan chocolate makers out of Middlebury Vermont I emphasise the artisan as this is a term that s too often banded about It s an adjective which is primarily the Solstice Chocolate 70 Sambirano This is a chocolate that came back to me like a flash I had opened it before Christmas whilst I was stressed packing orders and sending out people s Christmas presents It s one that I absolutely adored then and I ve certainly not changed my mind now In fact I ve got hardly of the Patisserie Vercruysse Gianduja Geert is testing me fully with these two Maranon Fortunato No4 enrobed homemade gianduja Not only because I haven t paid him yet for the other stuff he sent at the same time I m still waiting for the bill my good friend but also because I m rarely fond of gianduja despite Szántó Tibor Peruvian 70 It s always nice to try out a new chocolate maker and although I ve already tried chocolate from Hungary in the form of Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé it s good to see what their country folk can do with the cocoa bean This chocolate was sent to me by my good friend Geert Vercruysse after I Bonnat Cacao Real del Xoconuzco So there s not a great deal of this heirloom cocoa about So it s a Criollo So it s supposed to the first variety of cocoa to be domesticated by humans some 2000 years or so ago Does that actually make it a great bar of chocolate Does a Chuao AMMA Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuaçu Now available online at Chocolatiers co uk Knowing where to start when you ve got a bar of Theobroma Grandiflorum Cupuaçu is a difficult situation Do you comment on the fact that with the troubles which communities have growing Theobroma Cacao could its genetic cousin Grandiflorum provide a new Holy Cacao Peru 72 To say I m bored of chocolate that s commonly available in the UK maybe erring on the side of hyperbole The point is despite the rapid growth in the fine chocolate market in this country there still isn t enough variety Chocolate lovers need to experience chocolate made in all corners Friis Holm Medagla 70 The notion that there is definitively a perfect chocolate is utter rubbish It

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/abroad/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Chocolate Makers and Chocolatier Profiles
    clusters appeared At first I thought they were some sort Paul Wayne Gregory Chocolate Selection Life is full of doing things we just don t want to do It s part of growing up Until half past five every day I m one of a few million who daily tippy tap on a keyboard to pay the bills Some of us have money left over for treats We all spend money on things that give us pleasure For me Zotter Gentian in Black The thought of eating chocolate made with some alcoholic flower beverage is significantly more appealing than the alternative even though the packaging is somewhat more understated than Zotter s usual fair I just had to give it a whirl Perhaps it was actually the thought that 12 of this Hotel Chocolat Halloween Treats In my old age I m so hard to impress Halloween never really did it for me Until today I walked into my son s nursery and there was a table with carved out pumpkins sat there proud Children had worked with their parents to create something together At that moment I got it My son is now 13 Friis Holm Barba 70 If there was an example of what you can do with the much maligned Amelonado cocoa and varieties thereof this is it I was planning a post about who it s just down right stupid to write off 80 of the cocoa produced The inaccurate conventional wisdom goes that if it s not Criollo or even Trinitario Marou Treasure Island 75 Vietnamese Chocolate Maps amaze me as much as chocolate Whenever I find out where cocoa is grown I instantly load it up in Google maps and look at the geography the terrain and how it sits amongst neighbouring conurbations As the map of Tan Phu Dong where the cocoa used in this new chocolate bar by Marou originates I was Daintree Estates Solomon Islands 68 The guys at Daintree Estates sent over some extra chocolate from their new ranges with a recent order and as always the unusual origins in the box jumped out and demanded to be reviewed Having reviewed and enjoyed cocoa from the Pacific specifically Vanuatu I opened up this Solomon Islands packet of Dick Taylor Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar Some times chocolate is far too addictive for your own good Often I find the most addictive chocolate either is born out of abstaining from the good stuff for far too long or just because it hits all the right notes Big business spends billions finding the balance of salt sugar and fats in their products Limited Edition Demarquette Grandiflorum Truffle Logs Over the past half decade or so this site has steadfastly stuck to the rule that everything reviewed must contain chocolate That s included chocolate beer cheese and all sorts of other oddities but never anything made from Theobroma Grandiflorum As the Latin name suggests it s actually a Cocoa Grower Biscuits There can

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  • Types Of Chocolate
    Caramels You don t have to spend great amounts on marketing to get your name out Sometimes you just have to focus on producing lovely chocolates and the rest will follow That s exactly what The Chocolate Society are doing Demarquette Britannia s Kitchen Garden Chocolate Selection Box As usual Marc DeMarquette has created a truly inspirational box of caramels You just can t miss these when they come out at the same time as Chelsea Flower Show Toot Sweets Chocolate Selection Box It s becoming increasingly difficult to for unique chocolatiers to make a splash in the chocolate world so dominated by the big names Lazy chocolate buyers will reach for the tried and tested offerings found in the supermarkets or whichever company manages to get top rankings in Google But looking Chocally Chocolate Gifts They say that youth is wasted on the young My youth flashed passed at such a high speed I can barely believe I m the same person that set up in business on his own some fifteen years ago That experience engendered in me a huge respect for those who strike out on their own at a young age It s Chococo White Chocolate Lemon Meringue Easter Egg When it comes to Easter it s often very difficult to get a true comparison between the large guys such as Thorntons and the smaller guys such as Chococo as everyone seems to go their separate ways and produce a huge variety of Easter eggs Apart from the standard milk dark and white you rarely get Mandy s Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Muffin As long as I can remember I ve thought ill of people that choose to remove certain types of food from their diet This was typified whilst I tucked into a huge scrambled egg and Cumberland sausage on toast at Granny Dowbekin s Tearoom and a couple walked in and proudly exclaimed Chilli Chocolate Crunchy Cake This diet is killing me Bad carbs are out along with unnecessary sugary stuff Thank my lucky stars I m a chocolate reviewer and can consume biscuits cakes and chocolate all in the name of work Truth be told I was looking for an excuse to break free of Food Thoughts 100 Cocoa Although there was no information about provenance It was still a very pleasant 100 cocoa powder Patisserie Vercruysse Winter Collection The single most awe inspiring moment of my chocolate reviewing life was two years ago yesterday Then I received a delivery from someone I had never heard from That clear plastic case contained the most amazing chocolates I have ever tasted To this day those Patisserie Vercruysse ganaches have only ever Choco Leibniz Chocolate Biscuits 16 25 was an important time for me as I child It was the time at which I d arrive home after school Those few minutes after stepping through the door had a ritual about them I d cast aside by bag full of books and illegible notes

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  • Chocolate News, Industry Product Launches
    Mail has reported that some of the largest chocolate companies in the world have been shrinking their chocolate bars to maintain profits in the wake of huge increases in the cost of cacao Since 2002 the price has risen from 1000 tonne to a height of 3400 tonne at the end of 2009 and although Personalised M M s For my sins I m a huge fan of M M s as they re the perfect confectionary to munch away on when you re watching TV or a film And with Love Hearts being so last century it s about time someone stood up and offered us some great personalised confectionary to give loved ones at Mast Brothers Chocolate Can Be Bought Online In The UK News has reached me that you can now buy Mast Brothers chocolate in the UK online Previously you could only buy it in store from the wonderful Paul A Young but now the revamped Chocolate Society are selling it online and for only 8 95 a bar which I d say is ludicrously low price Currently Testing The Plantic Compostable M S Chocolate Tray Well I wasted a few hours testing the plantic compostable M S chocolate tray I ll never see that time again An Interview With Savarins Sarah Newell An online chat with Sarah Newell who owns Savarins online chocolate shop Chocolate Week 2010 11th 17th October Celebrating Real Chocolate The premier week of chocolate fun is coming this October take part if you can Bespoke Luxury Chocolate Bars Coming To The UK I m looking forward to the launch of Chocri the bespoke chocolate bar company in the UK as they offer strange flavour combinations and probably chocolate voucher codes too Moko Chocolates Enters The Chocolates By Post Market Bunches the

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  • Features
    do but will you buy more of their chocolate as a result Can You Make A Nice Summer Ice Lolly From Winter Gingerbread Hot Chocolate I found a bottle of Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread drinking chocolate and I thought I should use it I m not one for generally drinking hot drinks in summer my parents always seemed to try and find the most boiling brew on the hottest day of the year I m more of an ice lolly man So I wondered if John Costello Chocolate Selection This is a purposely vague review And that s for one reason Two of the six bon bons in this box that I picked up from the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival will be entered for the World Chocolate Masters finals this year by John Costello John s a smashing bloke but he did ask me not to publicly The Toblerone Ritual TV Advert This may be an advert but it made me laugh My way to eat a Toblerone is quickly given that my wife is the only person that buys them in this house So it s a slight rip off of the Cadbury How do you eat yours advert but now Cadbury is owned by the same company as 315 Chocolate Tweeps You Can t Afford Not To Follow A collection of twitter users who work or are involved in the chocolate industry Some of them are chocolate makers such as the great bean to bar guys some make chocolate from couverture and some are chocolate PR people journalists or bloggers Pierre Marcolini Factory Tour I must admit that the tour of Pierre s factory has to be one of the high lights of my chocolate life It was certainly most interesting and enlightening but it was also great to be

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