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  • DeMarquette Luxury Chocolate Easter Egg Celebration Box
    that has the consistency of the perfectly cooked boiled egg It rises to the touch but doesn t dribble over your expensive suit or the carpet it certainly holds its own I ve now tried this egg in two ways the first I took an almighty childish huge bite and it didn t touch the sides the second was more restrained it was almost magisterial in that I just nibbled at the milk chocolate and took an appropriate slurp of caramel with it I do feel the more refined approach is preferable That way you actually appreciate the balance of the flavours The banana somehow manages to control the sweetness of the caramel I don t know how Marc has managed it though I normally find banoffee caramel to be excessively sweet But that made by machine flavour is certainly nowhere to be seen you can actually tell that this is handmade What s more that milk chocolate is blooming gorgeous I d love to know what it is as is just wonderful One of the most abiding memories as a child is sitting down in my parent s house on the outskirts of Woking having consumed some of a key lime cheesecake made by my mother feeling utterly satiated and happy and then going out to play with my friends on our bikes I still love lime now The sharpness here is extreme however It s powerful It leads you into a false sense of security Just as your eyes acclimatise to dark in the cinema and you walk out into the bright sunshine it can hurt The same thing happens here Your taste buds get used to the sweetness of the caramel which is further heightened by the lime but then the slower to melt chocolate comes into play This of course has a milder flavour It s like drinking rum and Coke and the barman forgetting the rum the next time You just need that sugary sharp intoxicating flavour to continue Even though the milk chocolate shell is still lovely it can t really compete with the intensity of the lime Would the egg be better served by bringing the sharpness down I hate myself for saying so but I think it could be better for it The blue egg had everyone s favourite salted caramel Seemingly to people of a certain age mine and thirty years either side this is de riguer when it comes to artisan chocolate gifts It s like violet crèmes to old people but actually nice Very nice Here the 71 1 dark chocolate which carries its own intensity and smoked wood characteristic contrasts the sharp saline buttery smooth orgasmic caramel Those on death row would choose this as their last meal some religions would ban it and left leaning governments would tax it at 95 just because if everyone can t have it nobody should In fact I feel a supply of these could easily end the Crimean crisis But on

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  • Fairy Tale Gourmet The Snow White Collection Luxury Christmas Gift
    kind of which I ve never seen before I just wanted to tuck in but my camera was faffing around the marshmallow was going all over the place and all that was happening was the scent of the lemon was rising up and I was trying to press the button to take the photo whilst trying to focus hold the spoon and change the lighting Sigh Taking the first photo I could and retreating a safe distance I managed to actually taste the treat Again this is a million times superior to anything you can get in the supermarket There are no faux lazy flavours Everything is authentic sharp delicious and moreish The biscuit base was just the right thickness to soak up and balance the very direct lemon flavour Any less and it would have had too much lemon Part of me was glad to move on to these Prince Charming mixed nuts in a chocolate brulé mostly because I wanted a counter flavour some bitterness And that s exactly what I got here These nuts are just so difficult to explain other than say they ve got a sweet and sour quality and they re incredibly addictive Of course they re not sweet but because they re so good you need fewer of them to give you the same hit as you would get elsewhere I spoke too soon The dark chocolate apple which contained marshmallow tipped me over the edge Of course you won t be consuming these at the rate I am even this involves decent breaks But here we intense dark chocolate more so than I m used to in this novelty gift approach albeit at this more up market end of things The best bit is that they re made in two half so

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  • Bettty's Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree Review
    inclined to reach for one of those golden canopies whilst those closer should be able to reach one of the white chocolate Christmas presents As will most presents there s a little surprise They re full with caramel Now given that you re mixing white chocolate and caramel then you know they re going to be sweet very sweet The milk chocolate is of course also sweet but has the requisite indulgent feel We re not talking bean to bar chocolate here We re talking chocolate a million times better than the gimmicky stuff you ll find in the supermarkets There s no reason that your Christmas chocolate buying should be limited to coins or selection packs Live a little you can go for chocolate baubles and fir cones You can even buy penguins miniature bears polar bears fawns and owls dash it Blitzen there s a veritable zoo there I think I ll be getting some of these to spruce up the new house this Christmas I know my wife controls all the Christmas decorations but I m putting my foot down The windowsill of the front room will show our new neighbours how sophisticated we can be Now all I need is some fake snow and the biggest Christmas tree going I hate it I m getting in the Christmas spirit far too early Thanks Betty One of her kind assistants sent me this Christmas tree to review but if you wanted to buy one they are 15 95 I ll splash some cash and get the baubles soon and let you know what they re like more importantly what my very fussy good wife thinks of them Did you like this review Follow Chocolate Reviews Chocolate Reviews on You may also like The Chocolate Tree 80 Peru

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  • Toots Sweets Chocolates from Shrewsbury in Shropshire
    caramel I actually first tried them when I was part way out of a cold My taste buds were in full working order but I suffered from a melancholy that could only be fixed by some delicious chocolate treats And that s exactly what they did The sweetness of the honey and its obscure flavour profile combined beautifully with the salted caramel The butterscotch too give it another welcomed layer of roundness All the flavours combined magnificently There was some sharp sweetness as you would expect from the salt and sugar combination but it was exactly what I needed now just as much as then I have a few left and they are testing my will powers to the maximum I can feel my tongue whipping through my mouth in search of more of the caramel Next I had a couple of irregular I don t like regular cocoa dusted truffles The first was made with Original Beans Esmeraldas I m not sure which and then Marou couverture The former was soft sweet and very cool in the mouth It was meek relaxing and comforting This is certainly one where you need lifting The Marou was lipp smackingly good It was dark brusque and to the point It was a burlesque experience I actually went for another bite and it had gone There was also some sharpness which is very welcome It rattles your senses and most definitely leaves you wanting more especially if you re a dark chocolate kind of person So Does London still make the best chocolate in the country Well it d be hard to say otherwise But what I can say is that many should stop thinking is the beginning and end of the country s chocolates making The prejudice should end now people should

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/toots-sweets/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Hotel Chocolat Halloween Treats Review
    them off the past few days as I walk past the open packet I know they re white chocolate but when you re as stress as heck about the sheer volume of work you ve got to do then that sugar hit is exactly what you need and I can t really mindlessly eat all my chocolate that costs approaching 10 a bar These Oozy Eyes are classically white chocolate sweet and that s before you even get to the caramel inside that just spills out of the shell as you crunch in They re exactly what kids want I ll get some more and give the kids a treat Perhaps it s because each of the milk chocolate shapes in the Boo box were encased in their own individual wrappers that they actually served as barrier to entry and that I didn t pick my way through these during my recent malaise Again they re very sweet I prefer the darker ones but to repeat myself that s what kids want I ve got a good handful left and will also use them to satisfy the local kids I ll let the accompanying parents know that they came Hotel Chocolat and gauge their reaction There s just so much rubbish out there when it comes to chocolate at this time of year I m sure some of my historic dislike for this time of year has to do with the seriously naff buckets of chocolates for Halloween you see in the supermarkets Huge companies like that aren t really focused on any form of quality to my mind Hotel Chocolat may still not be a boutique chocolatierie but they do offer parents a choice a fair few steps up from the supermarkets at Halloween And the price You know

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  • Ratings Page 3 of 12
    is available Pierre Marcolini Fazenda São Pedro If you wanted bland boring chocolate from a top chocolate maker then this is for you If you wanted a full flavour fine bean bar then you ll most definitely have to look elsewhere This is the least interesting bar from Pierre Marcolini I ve ever tried Montezumas Organic Milk Chocolate Buttons I had hoped for some more flavoursome chocolate buttons and some to compete with the Hotel Chocolat ones but alas these fell short on the flavour stakes But they re still much better than those scarily expensive ones from the Royston based chocolate company Patric Rio Caribe Superior Despite being several months past its best this Venezuelan bar of 70 chocolate does a great job The flavours are varied but fairly mellow The melt is exceptional given its age and the distance travelled It d certainly be one I d recommend to my American friends El Ceibo 75 Dark Chocolate I think Chloe Doutre Roussel and the team in Bolivia have done a truly outstanding job with this bar of 75 Bolivian dark chocolate as it s perhaps my favourite of the year Soma Chocolate Dancing In Your Head This blended bar from Soma Chocolate wasn t as fantastic as Judith had suggested to me or perhaps it was another of their bars Although I still found it enjoyable and much better than much of the chocolate I ve reviewed in teh last week Comptoir du Cacao Coconut White Chocolate This is a strange affair Not only do not recall buying this bar of white chocolate with coconut pralinés feuilletés by Comptoir du Cacao but I m not entirely sure if I like it or not Logic says I shouldn t Hazelnut praline white chocolate and coconut are three of my least favourite ways Daniel Jones Tonka Bean As a chocolate bar from a little known chocolatier it s actually very good and compares favourably to the one produced by Thorntons It may be more than twice the price of that bar too but I feel it s worth it Charles Chocolatier 70 Tablette This is quite possibly one of the most dull and uninteresting bars of dark chocolate I have ever had There s no aroma and almost no flavour There s a reason why mass market chocolate companies use West African cocoa because it s cheap Thornton s Lightly Salted Pistachio Many people may criticise Thorntons for their chocolate but my view is that the blocks are vastly better than the novelty chocolate stuff they sell and even the most pretentious chocolate aficionado would actually like this bar Stainer Peperoncino Scotch Bonnet Con Rum To be honest I didn t know what to expect Thinking about it it should have been a more interesting bar of chocolate In fact it was actually very boring Rum is fantastic and chilli chocolate often lovely but put together the flavours didn t work well together Fudge Kitchen Gourmet Miniatures Fudge should be

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/ratings/page/3/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Ratings Page 4 of 12
    chocolate coated popcorn clusters as they re something you just won t want to put down Oialla Organic Wild Chocolate from Beni Bolivia This 70 dark chocolate bar made with wild Bolivian cacao but not from Felchlin is very soft mild and fragrant But that shouldn t deter those who love aggressive chocolate from trying it Patric Chocolate Madagascar 67 This bar of Madagascar 67 is one of the finest bars of dark chocolate I ve ever tasted It s like drinking red wine in your favourite countryside pub with a log fire roaring Madre Chocolate Bars These Madre Chocolate dark bars offered an excellent variety of flavours from both Hawaii and the Dominican Republic There were all made exceptionally well If you do get a chance to try them then please do Black River Chocolates Selection Box I had expected a great deal from these Black River Chocolates Selection Box given the price but I just don t think they matched up to the price label Don t get me wrong they were nice but not unique enough to stand out from the crowd Fruition Chocolate 66 Dark Chocolate There is something magnificent about micro batch chocolate makers putting the effort in to create utterly delightful chocolate as this 66 bar It may be a touch sweet but I enjoyed it nonetheless Amma Chocolate 60 A superb bar of bitter sweet chocolate from an amazing company The local environment is central to the manufacture of this bar and wonderful flavours very much in evidence Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread Cookies White Chocolate This Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread Cookies White Chocolate is quite possibly my most favourite white chocolate bar of all time I know its sweet but unlike the others there are various interesting flavours going on that seem to mitigate the sweetness L Artisan du Chocolat O Magic Collection This L Artisan du Chocolat O Magic Collection was far below what I expected in terms of flavour and experience However there can be no criticism of the ingredients its just that the flavours of the jam weren t allowed to take centre stage at all which is a shame as I expect them to be fantastic Mini Chocolate Pizzas There is something strangely addictive about these gourmet chocolate pizzas Not only do they taste great but they also look cute too These ones come in a small 3 5 inch form where you get three for 10 Devnaa Limited Edition Honey Cardamom Fudge Devnaa never fail to surprise me with how wonderful their chocolate is The flavours are mild but sufficient to give you a clear smooth taste that doesn t dominate your senses They just produce fantastic Indian inspired confectionery Say it with Brownies Cookies Cream Brownie These Cookies Cream Brownie from Say it with Brownies are absolutely delicious Of course they re incredibly rich and fairly sweet but they have a tanginess which I found incredibly addictive You ll also get a lot more than you think

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  • Ratings Page 5 of 12
    one of my favourites and I d certainly not refuse it in the future Valrhona Abinao 85 This bar is a blend of African cacao but doesn t seem to offer any mellow caramel flavour that one might expect instead its has a sharp plum flavour and really not much else Yeast Beast From Montezumas If you wanted to surprise someone with some unusual truffles then look no further than these The good thing is that people who really don t like Marmite won t find them too strong so you won t get into too much trouble Green Blacks Breakthrough Breast Cancer Bar If you re a fruit and nut fan then why not give this one a go from Green Blacks which supports the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity It s actually very addictive and I m sure would be hugely appreciated Ananda Mentally Mint Dark Chocolate When I tried chocolate made by small companies trying to do something different and with ethics then I feel a displeased when I don t actually like some chocolate I ve reviewed and that s the case with this bar Matcha Chocolat Selection This selection box of unusual flavours from Matcha Chocolat is very interesting and utterly delicious Some chocolatiers feel they can t be adventurous as they have to produce by committee Katie does a great job breaking the mould and not being restricted to the same old flavours that many other chocolatiers offer Artisan du Chocolat Panama 70 Bar Very much like the general wonderful chocolate that Artisan du Chocolat create Somehow they manage to produce chocolate with great character and intrigue Paul A Young 70 Guanaja When it comes to coverture bars there s always the problem of does the bar offer more when bought by the maker themselves In this instance I would say so but that may be tarnished by the fact that this bar was out of date Cadbruy s Screme Egg The Cadbury s Screme Egg was always going to be far too sweet and hardly any different from the normal Creme egg but why change something that works for so many people I m sure school play grounds at lunch time will be full of children munching away on them Hotel Chocolat 100 Hacienda iara Chocolate at this sort of level just isn t for me you might like it but well nothing really I wonder how much Hotel Chocolat actually sell of it Duffy s 70 Star of Panama Duffy always makes awesome chocolate it s assured as the sun rising the next day But just like the weather every day is different and so is every bar I prefer his other Panama bar but this is still fantastic Chocolate Pumpkin The Yumpkin Perhaps not the finest chocolate treat from Hotel Chocolat but I m sure children will love them But I just feel that Hotel Chocolat offer much better Halloween chocolate in their range Jeff de Bruges 43 Venezuelan I m not

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