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  • Buy Green & Blacks Chocolate Online and Read Reviews
    making workshops Green Blacks Breakthrough Breast Cancer Bar If you re a fruit and nut fan then why not give this one a go from Green Blacks which supports the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity It s actually very addictive and I m sure would be hugely appreciated Green Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate Easter Egg If you re looking for an organic dark chocolate Easter egg then give this one from Green Blacks a try as its great value and taste taste pretty good although its less bitter than I remember The Best Dark Chocolate Valentine s Gifts A look a the dark chocolate Valentine s gifts that you can buy online Green Blacks A Household Name for Valentine s Gifts Green Blacks are most widely known for their dark chocolate and many might not consider them for Chocolate Valentine s Gifts but take a peak you might be surprised My Perfect Job Green Black s Taste Assistant Go on you know you d love to work with chocolate all day If this is the case then you should apply for this job Green Blacks Maya Gold Organic Easter Egg The Green Blacks Maya Gold Organic Easter Egg is something different

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  • Matcha Chocolat
    awesome selection boxes that take you on a journey and over the two years or so I ve been reviewing her chocolates I don t think I ve had a more pleasurable journey than I ve had reviewing this Valentine s Selection Box Matcha Chocolat Selection This selection box of unusual flavours from Matcha Chocolat is very interesting and utterly delicious Some chocolatiers feel they can t be adventurous as they have to produce by committee Katie does a great job breaking the mould and not being restricted to the same old flavours that many other chocolatiers offer Matcha Chocolat Mixed Selection Box What a journey it has been for Katie with her wonderful Matcha Chocolat company One year from inception she s created a much broader selection of ganaches that won t dissapoint Matcha Masala Chai Salted Caramels I just love what Katie does at Matcha Masala and these Chai Salted Caramels are a good example of what you can expect from her company Matcha Chocolat Winter Selection The latest chocolate selection box from Matcha chocolat offers a delightful journey and experience and is absolutely perfect for a winter s night The Choccies The Best Chocolate Of 2010 A list of my favourite chocolate of 2010 Matcha Chocolat Bergamot Cocoa Nib Milk Chocolate Shards Definitely give these bergamot and cocoa nib milk chocolate shards if you want some chocolate that is full of flavour whilst you watch a film or entertain friends Matcha Chocolat The Lotus Selection I just love the interesting chocolates that Katies creates Every box has at least absolute gem in If only more chocolatiers would push themselves as much as Matcha Chocolat does Matcha Chocolat The Jade Selection If you haven t tried chocolate infused with rare and unsual teas then you don t know

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  • Montezumas
    From Montezumas If you wanted to surprise someone with some unusual truffles then look no further than these The good thing is that people who really don t like Marmite won t find them too strong so you won t get into too much trouble Montezuma s Lime Pickle Being Mango covered in white chocolate it could have been a fairly mild affair but when that white chocolate is adulterated with lime and chilli it surely could only be tasty It was actually much better than that Montezuma s Vegan and Organic Chocolate Selection It s difficult to review vegan chocolates when you re not vegan I love creamy truffles and that was never going to happen with these ones from Montezuma s That being said they were still very pleasant although a touch flat Chocolate Kirsch Cherries From Montezuma s I just loved these chocolate coated kirsch cherries Montezuma s have created a delightful fruity chocolate treat for hot summer days If you get the chance go to the park with some Champagne or other tipple and a box or two full of these and just while a couple of hours reading a good book or just watching the world go by Montezumas Valentine s Chocolate With a Healthy Dose of Cute No matter who you are shopping for this Valentine s Day it s likely that you will quickly become overwhelmed with how many options are on the market when it comes to chocolates Chocolate covers a huge part of the gift giving market when it comes to Valentine s gifts However what Montezuma s Christmas Hot Drinking Chocolate This special edition Christmas hot drinking chocolate wasn t as special as I d hoped it to be There were some good Christmas notes but nothing out of the

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  • Patrick Roger
    let me know Patrick Roger 100 Dark Chocolate I don t think I d hunt out the Patrick Roger 100 bar again It may not be as bitter as the Michel Cluizel Noir Infini 99 but it still doesn t offer enough flavour for my liking The Choccies The Best Chocolate Of 2010 A list of my favourite chocolate of 2010 Patrick Roger Antilles 70 Dark Chocolate Bar The Patrick Roger Antilles 70 Dark Chocolate Bar was a very good bar of chocolate although the flavours were a bit too mild Patrick Roger Tablette Océan Indien 64 I just loved this Patrick Roger Tablette Océan Indien 64 It had a wonderful fruitiness to it Patrick Roger Chocolates Known for his unique and truly exquisite chocolate sculptures Patrick Roger opened his own chocolate company in 1997 at the age of 29 after studying for more than a decade under a number of passionate chocolatiers and pastry chefs from throughout the world As one of the finest chocolatiers in France Patrick Roger 64 Dark Chocolate From Mexico This isn t the best bar of chocolate that I ve reviewed so far It s not bad just not brilliant Patrick Roger Assorted Carré

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/patrick-roger/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Prestat
    so many chocolate companies but they re so often not given the love and attention that they should be These come across as nothing special to be honest even though they do well at not coming across as too intense they just don t have enough flavour to really get me excited about them Chocolates For The Royal Wedding By Prestat I m not the biggest fan of Prestat but when you re appoiunted to Her Majesty The Queen as Purveyors of Chocolates you d be daft not to bring out a range of chocolates for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton They ve created a range of their finest Prestat Choxi 70 Dark Chocolate Bar With Oriental Mint Quite possibly the worst chocolate experience of the year Far from enjoyable it just tasted fake and didn t offer me anything to be positive about The Best Milk Chocolate Valentine s Gifts A look at some of the best milk chocolate gifts for Valentines Day this year There is just so much choice when it comes to milk chocolate that it can be difficult to choose which is the most appropriate Prestat Make it a Historic Celebration of the Festival of Love Here I take a look at what Prestat have to offer when looking to buy Valentine s chocolates which you can get delivered by post Flowers Chocolates This year seems to be a great deal better if you re a bloke looking for Flowers and Chocolates with delivery by post for Valentine s Day Previously it seemed that most chocolate or flower retailers thought us men would just buy them from the garage on the way home from work But now Prestat Chocolates Prestat are bright but not brash They re very good if you

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/prestat/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Red Star Chocolate
    that has nutty and creamy tones There s no intensity at all and should appeal to those that don t normally like dark chocolate Duffy s 65 Star Of The Dominican Republic I definitely think that something went very wrong with this bar Perhaps the ingredients were used in the wrong quantities perhaps the sunflower lecithin wasn t quite right All I know was that there was a very strange soapy quality to the chocolate that really shouldn t have been there Duffy s Nicaragua Chuno This Duffy s Nicaragua Chuno bar is possibly the finest I ve tried this year It s mild relaxing and incredibly enjoyable The main flavour that should come through for you is chestnut but you might also get the very slightest hint of red fruit and hay at the very end It s a fantastic bar of chocolate Duffy s 70 Star of Panama Duffy always makes awesome chocolate it s assured as the sun rising the next day But just like the weather every day is different and so is every bar I prefer his other Panama bar but this is still fantastic Duffy s Panama Tierra Oscura Panama 72 This bar has to be one of the best that I ve tried in a long while if you re looking for a smooth rustic experience The aroma and flavour are disjointed but that s half the fun Duffy s Heart Of Panama 70 Dark Chocolate This bar may be out of stock now but its worth seeing if you can get hold of any of his other dark chocolate to try I ve never found a bar yet that I haven t enjoyed The Choccies The Best Chocolate Of 2010 A list of my favourite chocolate of 2010 Duffy s 72 Dark

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  • The Chocolate Cafe in Ramsbottom Lancashire
    it isn t so This is definitely for those that will eat anything I couldn t eat more than a couple of pieces as I found it far too dry for my liking Paul you re a mad mad man The Chocolate Café Crème Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar If you wanted something broody and bitter then obviously this Crème Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar from Chocolate Café won t be the right choice But if you needed a sweet pick me up then this bar would be perfect for you Handmade Dulce de Leche Caramels Thesse Handmade Dulce de Leche Caramels from The Chocolate Cafe are absolutely delicious they re fragrant soft sweet and delightful The Real Meaning Of Christmas And The Chocolate Cafe Generosity isn t just Children in need Nor is suffering just represented by the news Every single day a child is abused Although chocolate can t solve anything It can bring joy The Choccies The Best Chocolate Of 2010 A list of my favourite chocolate of 2010 Strawberry White Chocolate With Black Pepper The Strawberry White Chocolate With Black Pepper The Chocolate Café Manchester Tart White Chocolate A white chocolate bar with cocounut and raspberries It was

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/the-chocolate-cafe/ (2016-02-13)
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  • William Curley Chocolate Reviews Online
    Cakes have been the finest things that have passed my lips for many a week They re soft flavoursome and completely delicious If you did want to get your loved one something special this year then you really can t look further than these William Curley Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar Without wanting to be hyper critical I just thought there was actually no chilli flavour in this bar at all It could have been a very mild and possibly boring bar of dark chocolate Chocolate Madeleines Recipe If life was like a huge bag of Madelines it would be a perfect existence but add chocolate to them then I think you must be bordering on Utopia Try this recipe and let me know what you think William Curley Sea Salt Caramel Bar If you wanted to buy a bar of chocolate to enjoy with your wife or husband then I couldn t think of a bar more enjoyable than this Chocolate Sablé Ah The lack of an e ecut in the product label made me wonder if I was about to consume some Zotter like animal based biscuit confection Luckily Wikipedia was at hand to set the record straight and inform that a sablé is a biscuit that originates from Sablé sur Sarthe in north eastern France and was William Curley Orange Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar If you like orange flavours then you should really hunt this bar out from William Curley as it was very good but not as powerful as could be expected William Curley s Sea Salt Caramel Bar The caramel is dense dark and treacly It reminded me of burnt marshmallows over a campfire but it had a warmth of a country Aga range The sea salt lingers around your lips like a cold ocean spray

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/william-curley/ (2016-02-13)
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