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  • Thorntons: The Path To Glory - Strategy Review
    style products that mainly affects the pocket money customers and not the first job customers that may prefer to go for the more stylish alternatives that are becoming increasingly prevalent on the high street Many of their own stores are no longer in prime positions and they ve not really kept up with where people are Having spent an afternoon in Bicester on Saturday I could see that there were literally no customers in the store and there was no snow storm or heat wave Much of the trade walks down to the busy Bicester Village shopping area It looks like they ll be closing about 120 of their non profitable stores and offering people the opportunity to turn them in to Franchise stores They ll also be looking to open new stores in more profitable and exciting locations They want to grow the relevance of their chocolate throughout the year when I ve had a chocolate client in the past for my online marketing business it was very clear that even though demand does slowdown in the hot summer months there are still marketing angels to drive incremental sales People just don t buy chocolate at Easter Valentine s Christmas Mother s Day etc In the review Thorntons point out and I can see from my own data that birthdays anniversaries congratulations do offer a lot of consumer demand Hotel Chocolat are experts at picking up this out of season market New product ranges including little gifts and a new flagship brand in 2012 I see them as needing not only to bring the fun back into the products they offer but also bring a sharp focus from consumers and the media s on to their Academy of Chocolate award winning chocolatier skills A new product launch squarely focused on their quality is an absolute essential in my mind Also most of not all of their main competitors don t offer online or in store personalisation it appears they are going to make a bigger play of this Improve their merchandising and displays with more space for the quality of the chocolates to be demonstrated Walking into their stores is like walking into a jungle in full bloom I m blinded by the colour and by how they seem to monetise every inch of their stores I d prefer more colour coding to push people into the various areas such as the top of the range chocolates seasonal etc At the moment when I walk in I m just overwhelmed with the choice and I don t know what to pick up first I m sure others suffer the same fate They plan to improve the customer experience with new customer sampling I completely agree with this Hotel Chocolat staff is very quick to offer you a sample as soon as you walk in As such you re almost compelled to buy something to reciprocate the offer Many people may walk into a Thorntons store for a gift but

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  • Paul A. Young To The Rescue - Wardour Chocolate Shops
    basil olive oil and I think I tried all of them during the press event They re all wonderfully presented as any grandmother would at a family feast on a very large round reclaimed elm table where you can explore the available flavours and decide how many you ll want to take with you As you work around the table you ll be sure to need an ever increasing size of box the term like being in a candy shop has never been so true We re talking of course abouut real treats here and not what most of the chocolate shops in this part of London do make them in Belguim and ship them over Those have a long shelf life and a lack of flavour that tells you that Instead Paul offers delightful chocolates that should be enjoyed within a few days of them leaving the store with you If the vibrant colour of the shop wasn t enough to draw you in then f you re like me the slightest glimpse of a chocolate brownie will be enough to catch your attention Paul had cunningly placed them in the window and seemed to catch everyone s eyes as they walked by and most tried to enter as a result Below the main shop floor is a huge kitchen Paul and his team will be making the delectable delights as well hopefully making some chocolate making courses too I ll be the first fee paying customer here I think Overall it d be wrong to think that there is a lot of competition in this part of town because there isn t really People that know chocolate would probably choose Paul s shop over any of any other chocolate shops in central London Life is about choice and

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  • Oprah's Chocolate TV Studio
    Raymond McCallister and filled 800 boxes I know Oprah seems to be battling with her weight most of the time I hear about her but surely she can let go and try out the 52 different kinds of chocolate used to make the set If you wanted to see how the set was put together then you can here But what do you think How long would it take you to eat it all No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Oprah s Chocolate TV Studio Author Lee McCoy On 17 05 11 12 22 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate News Godiva Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News Features Mystery Shopping International Industry Chocolate Recipes Buying Guides Random Posts Brownie Points Chocolate Brownies Favarger New Flavoured Bars Hazelnut Quail s Eggs By Rococo Magic Choc Non Melting Chcolate Neuhaus Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Bar Use Of Cookies This website uses cookies in an

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  • New Chocolatierie For Paul A. Young In Soho - Chocolate Shops In London
    announce the opening of their third chocolaterie and flagship store in the heart of London s Soho Paul has a reputation as one of the world s leading and most creative chocolatiers He ll be bringing his unique range of fresh hand made chocolates ice cream hot chocolate and brownies to the West End and continuing to wow Londoners with his unusual flavours and daring combinations Paul says Soho is in the middle of a renaissance and is again becoming London s most vibrant food area I worked here for many years as a head pastry chef and it s almost like coming home Our neighbours will be some of the city s best restaurants delis and bakeries and our fabulous indulgent chocolaterie will be a perfect addition Since opening his first chocolaterie in Islington in 2006 Paul has experienced unparalleled success He quickly opened a second London shop appeared on a wide variety of television programmes published his first book Adventures with Chocolate and has won dozens of national and international awards both for his chocolates and his book including a Gourmand Award for the Best Chocolate Book in the World Now Paul becomes the first of the new wave of artisan independent chocolatiers to open a third shop As with Paul s first two shops all the products sold will be made on the premises by hand using fresh natural ingredients with strictly no preservatives and no additives Opening on Wardour Street the new chocolaterie will become Paul s flagship store It will be one of the largest chocolate shops in London with a spacious kitchen downstairs that has enough room for Paul to host tastings and to develop more award winning products This will be the only chocolate shop in Soho and Paul s creativity and passion

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/paul-a-young-soho/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Amazing Shrinking Chocolate Bars - Smaller Cadbury Chocolate Bar News
    looking to maintain profits after VAT in the UK goes up in January Even Poundland has got in on the act by agreeing with Toblerone to take one triangle off the bar so they can still sell it for 1 The nation s favourite chocolate bar will also lose weight after Christmas with a reduction of 20g from 140g to 120g Can we see this as a good thing in that people that do dose up on these high sugar low quality snacks may actually end up consuming less rubbish or will they now buy two bars instead of the one Read more VAT rises but food shrinks Mirror Now Kraft makes an old Cadbury favourite 14 smaller Daily Mail Confectionery companies downsizing to beat VAT rise Guardian 2011 s incredible shrinking chocolates Scotsman No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Amazing Shrinking Chocolate Bars Author Lee McCoy On 20 12 10 10 58 AM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate News Industry Feedback 1 comment http districtchocoholic blogspot com Victoria District Chocoholic Oh my a post with both quantitative analysis and chocolate two of my favorite things I have to say I wonder if this whole chocolate is getting more expensive thing is being overblown Besides most of the supermarket candy bars that people eat in the U S at least have very little real chocolate in them Corn syrup and palm oil sure but chocolate Not really Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country By Maker By Rating By Type News Features Mystery Shopping International Industry Chocolate Recipes Buying Guides Random Posts Original

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  • Personalised M&Ms - Voucher Code For Valentines
    much on each individual M M in fact you can only get 8 characters on but you do get the chance to have four different messages and you can choose either a two colour mix or three And then you ve got the choice of having a small bag a gift box or a big bag for you to present as you wish Don t forget if you use this promo code promotional code to you and me Love you will get 5 off your order until 14 02 11 Take a look at the M M s website for more information Being tight as I am I d have to have a good look at the details before I buy as they certainly don t come cheap Also we ve had a look at some personalised Easter eggs we ve had a look at too No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Personalised M M s Author Lee McCoy On 2 12 10 12 53 PM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate Voucher Codes Mars Inc Product Launches Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow

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  • Mast Brothers Chocolate Can Be Bought Online In The UK - Chocolate Reviews
    in 2011 Their mix of great chocolate made with aged equipment combined with a wonderful approach to the industry and a brand image to die for makes the whole experience of eating their chocolate a massively enjoyable experience If my other chocolate orders don t come through today then I ll be buying myself some of their other bars to review and then not leave the house for the rest of the week But get in quick I don t think they ve got a huge stock Pop over to Chocolate Society to get yours but leave some for me p s this news was published first on the Chocolate Reviews Facebook Group If you would like to know about stuff like this before the rest of the Twittersphere then just like us No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Mast Brothers Chocolate Can Be Bought Online In The UK Author Lee McCoy On 29 11 10 11 51 AM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories Chocolate News Mast Brothers Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category

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  • An Interview With Savarins' Sarah Newell
    opinions mirrored those of my own and the name pays tribute to the fact that nearly 200 years after his book The Physiology of Taste was published there are chocolatiers who are working in line with his opinions and principles Lee My views completely We unfortunately live in a world obsessed with instant gratification with too few interested in the poetic and artistic qualities of fine food People mistake that mass produced and mass marketed food as delivering the feelings of bliss that they are told they should crave without allowing themselves to appreciate the level of satisfaction that a well crafted bar of choclate can offer So what does Savarin stand for The ethos of the business is one of permissible indulgence we want to encourage people to treat themselves and others the difference in quality from a 1 bar of chocolate to a 4 bar is so vast it is certainly worth spending the extra pennies With so much competion it must be tough to make your mark in such a sector The business has been trading for a year now and is doing well every week we have enquiries and orders from all over the UK and also the world All our customers have one thing in common a true appreciation and love of fine chocolate products As I have had to continue to work full time the business plan is to grow organically to enable us to build up a strong customer base and ensure that we are able to offer exceptional customer experience We currently operate online and also through a concession at a delicatessen in Newcastle upon Tyne One thing that s always caused me to have second thoughts is not knowing exactly what people would like and are willing to try So how did you decide one which products to sell Good question It was really difficult as there are so many amazing products out there I decided to speak to the chocolatiers themselves to see which lines they sell the most of and which lines were new and exciting I wanted to be able to offer a good selection but one that was not overwhelming to the customer So I chose to sell around two dark bars and one milk bar from each brand and then two or three lines from the UK Chocolatiers That allowed me to offer enough choice but not so much that it becomes impossible to chose between bars I change the products on offer in line with demand if I find that something doesn t sell well I shall remove it and try something else so the customer really is guiding the product selection Are you nervous about having stock going past their best before dates Even some of the larger fine chocolate shops online don t manage to sell everything How do you manage that issue The issue of out of date stock was something I was really worried about when setting up the business and

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