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  • Cuban Cacao and Chocolate From Cuba
    according to the 1827 census and by 1891 they were exporting around 314 000 pesos worth of cacao at which point it was known for its excellent quality in Barcelona a gold medal in fact being awarded to the cacao plantation owner Castulo Ferrer During the Independence Wars cocoa production ground to a halt and had a devastating effect awards as virtually all the plantations and production facilities were destroyed by insurgents After the revolution two cacao factories were put under state control although in 1963 a new factory in Baracoa was established which even today produces a good range of single origin dark chocolate milk chocolate chocolate ice cream cacao powder and cacao butter Economic liberalisation has meant that a good number of cacao farms are now owned by small scale farmers although there is still heavy state involvement The issue today is that a great deal of the local farmers find it much more profitable to raise livestock than produce cacao which appears more labour intensive The Cuban Food Ministry has sought to change this Back in 2008 the Minister For Food Mr Alejandro Roca Iglesias asked Ghana to send beans and students over to help with training at their new cocoa educational facility Something you might also not know was that the great Hershey company bought up some mills in Cuba during the first World War to bill sugar to supply the product to allow him to produce milk chocolate If you are able to visit Baracoa ask for the Sendero Sociocultural del Cacao which is the Socio Cultural Chocolate Trail which looks very good if you re interested in chocolate Also read Cocoa history and tradition in Baracoa Welcome to Hershey Cuba Cuba Chocolate Reviews I ve got the Chapon Cuba bar to review shortly I

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  • Chapon 75% Dark Chocolate From Cuba Review
    Hévin Madagascar didn t have any soya lecithin a natural product of soya used to stabilise the chocolate during production to stop it separating in it but I feel this bar is a touch better for it It holds together well during the melt but seems to shoot popping candy style fragments of chocolate around your mouth as it reduces to nothing This chocolate is staggeringly good In fact please don t buy any I want it all myself I m actually trying to find something wrong with it So here goes Looks good may not be a Patrick Roger or Beschle but it has its own lovely style Tastes good out of this world It may be a touch too sweet for some but they do a 100 bar from Panama and Peru if you like that kind of thing It s got a story Well yes The packaging says J aime par dessus tout travailler le chocolat et me méfie du mot passion méfie du mot passion Le chocolat occupe une place de choix dans le paysage gourmand La tablette incarne le rêve de transporter son desir avec soi dont le carré est le fragment Avec cette tablette je cherche bien plus à nourrir les souvenirs d enfance que les appétits Which means something like the word passion is over used in his line of work Chocolate occupies an important place in the food landscape and this bar aims to give you pleasure with each square with which he aims to nourish your childhood memories more than that of your appetite or something like that Do you get the feeling of exclusivity yes If you re going to important all the way from Paris if you re paying a fair whack for the delivery then you re not only doing it to try great chocolate but you also want a feeling of exclusivity in that you don t want any of your peers to have tried anything like it You re getting that with bar in abundance Do you have the desire to savour the chocolate yes Some bars I cam aimlessly munch It ll disappear but I d not get emotional satisfaction in doing so Just the endorphins were happy With a bar like this you actually feel that you need to save some for later on for tomorrow or whenever you need to escape from the world Rating Taste 99 maybe just turn the sugar down a slight touch Texture 100 the melt may not last as long as the Jean Paul Hévin Madagascar but there s an added tingle that makes up for it Appearance 90 it s rustic fun and reminded me of my holidays before I had a wedding to pay for Nutritional Information 95 for a top quality chocolatier there s a heap load of information Price 90 for 4 18 for 75g this is underpriced Overall 94 8 sublime You have to get some Where To Buy The Chapon 75 Dark

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  • Chocolate From Haiti and Haitian Cocoa
    great deal of information about how the US Agriculture department is investing a lot of time and money in helping the Haitain cocoa farmers in improving their knowledge and skills to raise cocoa production And its been a success in a four month period they managed to increased by 72 alone It seems that coffee has been the main foodstuff grown for export with cocoa production steadily growing over recent years and actually overtook coffee exports in 2002 despite the natural disasters and fluctuations in the world cocoa prices Strong progress has been made however with the cacao being responsible for 3 90 of exports by US value in 1994 to 6 51 in 2004 Foreign private sector companies are also investing a great deal in the country as well Novella Exports bought 2 400 local farmers cocoa drying equipment as well as funding some of their salaries Whilst M M Mars has expressed an interest in co founding local training schemes The EU is also helping via the Agronomes Vétérinaires Sans Frontières who is teaching local cocoa farmers how to process cacao Also read Better Farming Could Boost Haiti Training Manual for Improving Cocoa Production in Haiti pdf by Christopher Stevenson USAID The Export Development And Poverty Reduction Nexus The Case Of Haiti pdf La première tablette de chocolat Haïtien sort à Meudon Buy Chocolate from Haiti I m sure I ve seen some chocolate made from Haitain cocoa on my website travels but I just can t remember where I ve seen some new sthat Chocolats Bellevue sell some but I can t see any on their website I ve emailed them to find out It does seem that you can get some Fairtrade chocolate from the Ethiquable website if you live in France or Corsica Image USAID

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  • Jamaican Chocolate and Cocoa fom Jamaica
    Development USAID and the World Cocoa Foundation As well as an internal restructuring of the industry to try and reach a target of 1 400 tons An interesting insight is that about 90 of cocoa farmers cultivate less than 10 acres of the crop with most growing on land they or their family own With the income from cocoa surviving just to supplement other farming income Knowledge of cocoa production with these farmers is below the levels that the Cocoa Industry Board recommends for best practices This results in very poor yields with about 5 boxes per acre per year of wet cocoa which can be compared to a possible 47 boxes per year on a well managed plantation Also current plantations have a fairly low density of cacao trees at around 200 300 trees per acre as compared to the 400 recommended by the CIB Furthermore these trees are often old and need to be rehabilitated In fact the vast majority of trees are over 19 years old and many over 41 An interesting insight from the Cocoa Tech Forum in Jamaica is that cocoa production isn t profitable for farmers but uses the family labour available But most make losses when they have plantations of less than 5 acres Buy Chocolate From Jamaica Obviously we re all used to Old Jamaica chocolate But if we re looking at dark chocolate there s not a great deal of choice Here s what I ve found Amedei 70 Cocoa Single Origin Artisan du Chocolate Jamaica due to review this one soon Also of Interest Big Boost in Cocoa Production Anticipated Presentations from the Cocoa Technical Forum Jamaica receives help to resuscitate ailing Cocoa Industry Cocoa farming in Jamaica today pdf No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all

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  • Grenada Chocolate and Cocoa from Grenada, Caribbean
    It looks like you can visit and take photos at one at village called Belmont in the north of the island But cocoa production in Grenada is basically all about the The Grenada Chocolate Company which inspired Chantal Coady to start her Rococo Chocolate company although I might have misheard that at the recent Slow Food chocolate tasting event Grenada Chocolate now has 150 acres where they grow organic cocoa in a co operative arrangement They manage the whole process including having their own cocoa fermentary and planting their own cocoa trees which takes the bean to bar chocolate process that step further Growing their own sugar would be taking it a bit too far so they get it from Paraguay and the organic vanilla pods from Costa Rica Whatsmore they actually designed their own machinery similar to the level of involvement that Amano play in their chocolate production They also use solar energy to power production These are good people But they re also fun people They ve got a song about chocolate production and their heritage Listen And if that s not enough for you then actually find out more about the company and how they make chocolate by watching this video During the first decade of the twenty first century there was a widespread loss of plantations due to the Witches broom disease and Black root rot which led to the production of cocoa and other produce to fall from 16 of GDP to 9 Republic of Trinidad Tobago Ministry of Trade and Industry report on Grenada But cocoa is at the root of Grenadian life Apparently nearly everyone has a tree in their garden that they tend and then takes their production to the Grenada Chocolate Company or Also read Granada Explorer Belmont Estate Grenada Cocoa

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  • The Grenada 60% Single Origin Dark Chocolate Bar
    took a great deal of pressure to break a small piece and it felt slightly rubbery on the teeth Now this could just be me but it was another distraction In fact the texture reminds me a great deal of the Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario 75 Dark Chocolate which I wasn t keen on either In terms of flavour there were slight coffee and caramel notes which played bit parts to an empty void of flavour Only at the end of the melt to get seem to get fruity flavours which weren t acidic but were hard to isolate and describe The problem with this bar is that you have to munch through a couple of squares before the flavours start to build upon each other for the unrefined sugar to play its part and for the whole experience to come together This bar is a rustic unsophisticated bar And those adjectives sum up the vast majority of the Caribbean The region isn t polished refined nor sparkling It s varied arid at times lush at others So actually this bar aptly reflects the nature of the Caribbean Only just it d be nice to have a bit of an air conditioned 5 star luxury occasionally especially if you re paying 4 20 for the bar Buy this bar from Chocolatiers Rating Taste 67 it may represent the region but it didn t have any of the wow factor I expected Texture 65 perhaps it was my teeth playing up but there was a strange kind of resistance that wasn t pleasurable Appearance 75 I loved brightness of it but again it didn t excite Nutritional Information 60 there was a bit of a story and ingredients but nothing more informative Price 65 I wouldn t say it was tremendous

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  • Mexican Chocolate and Chocolates From Mexico
    the falling of output Furthermore Barry Callebaut who are an absolutely huge bean to bar chocolate producer announced in 2009 that they would open their 3rd largest chocolate plant in Mexico in the city of Monterrey At the moment I ve only tried the one bar from Mexico which was the Sainsbury s Taste The Difference bar It was alright but I don t think its fair to judge a country s production on a supermarket own brand bar Although the Artisan du Chocolat Orchid and Orange Blossom bar has a bland of Venezuelan and Mexican cocoa I ve also tried the Patric Roger 64 which wasn t bad Manufacturers in Mexico include Ah Cacao Chocolatera Moctezuma Chocolatera de Jalisco Mayordomo La Soledad No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Mexico Author Lee McCoy On 1 06 10 4 20 PM Section Countries Editor Lee McCoy Categories Mexico Feedback 0 comments Pingback Chocolate Map Of The World Chocolate Reviews Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews By Category Find reviews by category Dark Chocolate Milk Chocolate White Chocolate By Flavour By Rating By Flavour By Country

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  • Nicaragua Cocoa And Chocolate from Nicaragua
    growers including Centro Agronomico Tropical de Investigacion y Ensenanza and the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service which is helping with analysis of the genetic diversity of local cacao although there s also the Cooperative of Agro forestry Services and Cocoa Marketing CACAONI CA the Association for the Diversification and Development of Communal Agriculture ADDA C and the National Union of Farmers and Cattle Raisers UNAG Looking at a recent list of cocoa exports by country Nicaragua is a lowly 24th in the list with just 1128 tonnes in the period 2007 8 with about 50 of the production in 2009 going to the Swiss company Chocolats Halba And Ritter agreeing to buy 30 tons certified organic cocoa from the nature I ve also found that in 2009 the Nicaraguan Ministry of Industry Trade and Development reported that they exported 73 113 tons on cocoa and cocoa products worth over 2 8m That may be small change for many countries but it certainly helps the local economy I ve never been all that fond of Ritter Chocolate as it has always seemed a bit too commercial for my liking But after reading their commitment to Nicaragua I may actually have to give them another try View Larger Map It seems that much of the cocoa production in Nicaragua is based in the Northern Atlantic Autonomous Region around the Wasala area where the Cacaonica company related to Ritter are involved with 2 000 cocoa producers from 90 villages and is responsible for about 400 tons of cocoa per year and mainly harvest Criollo cocoa and the odd hybrid Buy Nicaraguan Chocolate You can get a few bars from Zotter including the Labooko 50 60 and 80 which Paul from The Chocolate Cafe has kindly sorted out for me Also read Nicaragua s coffee

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