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  • Rococo Chocolates - Wonderful handmade chocolate from London
    Chocolat Extra Brut 85 cocoa An amazing dark chocolate consisting of 85 solids and only 15 sugar for the true lover of dark chocolate Christmas Pudding Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar A 65 dark chocolate combined with a mixture of raisins and exquisite spices Cinnamon Organic Milk Chocolate Artisan Bar A 37 organic milk chocolate with a touch of cinnamon Crystallised Ginger Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar 65 organic dark chocolate containing crystallised ginger for a surprisingly fresh and smooth chocolate flavour Dark Chocolate Floral Bar with Jasmine A 65 dark chocolate containing a lovely and elegant jasmine floral bouquet Dark Chocolate Floral Bar with Rose A 65 dark chocolate containing a rose bouquet with an intense scent and flavour Dark Chocolate Floral Bar with Violet A lovely and fragrant 65 dark chocolate with a violet bouquet Earl Grey Organic Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar 65 organic dark chocolate with a subtle bergamot flavour and scent Chocolate Art Rococo s hand painted chocolate confections make extraordinarily unique and beautiful gifts for almost any occasion Each artisan creation is crafted from tempered chocolate with a shiny glaze Their collection of chocolate art includes luscious chocolate hearts dark chocolate sardines exquisitely painted cats a dark chocolate crocodile a beautifully decorated Christmas tree chocolate lobsters and fish and many more interesting and enchanting designs Rococo s unique collection of creative ideas makes gift giving easy lt a HREF http ws amazon co uk widgets q ServiceVersion 20070822 amp 038 MarketPlace GB amp 038 ID V20070822 2FGB 2Fgetvisible 21 2F8010 2Fcac7a132 e046 43e0 9f96 70deaf778a1b amp 038 Operation NoScript gt Amazon co uk Widgets lt a gt But forget the books for now its the pure artistry of the website that I love so much Some websites you ll arrive at and leave in seconds the

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  • Demarquette Chocolate Profile & Buy Online
    an award winning House Covertures of 65 Caribbean Latin American Blend a 99 pure chocolate bar plain milk chocolate an 85 House blend and a 65 blend with almonds They also offer 15 varieties of Pure Range Bars that are produced from cacao beans harvested in a particular range The Pure Range collection includes such delicious chocolate bars as Peru 65 Uganda 80 Madagascar 64 and Boliva 68 Caramel Creams Demarquette offers two delightfully delicious collections of Caramel Creams These collections include The Great British Orchard and The English Garden The Great British Orchard This assortment of Fruit Caramel Creams is crafted from a combination of the 65 House chocolate blend and creamy Malagasy chocolate and filled with caramel made from Hampshire Cream and fresh fruit The classic caramel creams in The Great British Orchard collection include Sussex Black Current Scottish Raspberry Kentish Pear Cornish Sea Salt Devon Strawberry Yorkshire Rhubarb The English Garden The English Garden consists of artisan flower shaped caramel creams with an aromatic floral bouquet Created from a blend of the 65 dark chocolate and a 45 milk chocolate and filled with quality caramel infused with floral flavours this luxurious collection includes Rose Lavender Violet Heather Honey Elderflower Manuka After Dinner Range This delightful collection of after dinner chocolates includes Nature Ganache Moroccan Mint Tea and Seville Orange The After Dinner Range Selection box includes 27 fresh chocolates Gifts and Other Chocolate In addition to Demarquette s range of quality chocolate bars and caramel creams they also carry a variety of gift boxed chocolate truffles coated almonds Demarquette Classic boxed collections and a large selection of gift items and ideas Buy Demarquette Chocolates Online Demarquette No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Demarquette Chocolate Author Lee

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/demarquette-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Dolfin Chocolate - Flavoured Belgium Chocolates
    of bars is made up of innovative taste combinations and truly unique flavours Some of their delicious combinations include Milk or Dark chocolate with grilled almonds Milk chocolate with cinnamon from Ceylan Milk chocolate with sencha green tea Milk chocolate with hot masala Milk chocolate with speculoos Dark chocolate with green aniseed Dark chocolate with ground coffee Dark chocolate with Earl Grey tea Dark chocolate with fresh ginger Dark chocolate with lavender from Haute Provence Dark chocolate with mint leaves Dark chocolate with crystallized orange peel Dark chocolate with pear and roasted almonds Gourmet Squares A number of colourful flavours make up Dolfin s gourmet squares delightful bites of chocolate ideal for after dinner treats Gourmet squares are unique in their slimness and choice of innovative ingredients These delightful gourmet squares are available in Dolfin s boxed assortments winter and summer collections or St Valentine s Day selection These exquisite squares of gourmet flavour are offered in 14 diverse taste combinations including milk chocolate with cinnamon dark with lemon and dark with orange Dark Chocolate Petals with Flowers Dolfin s petal range uses a harmonious combination of floral scents with a 60 dark chocolate to produce a sensation of all 5 senses The unique shape of these chocolates allows the chocolate lover to experience the complete range of distinct flavours consisting of essential oils and savoury herbs These delightfully smooth and delicious treats are additionally combined with green black or Rooibos tea to create a flavour and aroma that puts your senses in touch with the enchantment of the world around you Dark chocolate petals are available in the following six flavours Dark chocolate petals with lavender flowers Dark chocolate petals with bourbon geranium Dark chocolate petals with ylang ylang Dark chocolate petals with orange blossom Dark chocolate petals with

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/dolfin/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Zotter Chocolate - A Profile of The Austrian Chocolate Makers
    and out Chocolate Black Cherries with Vanilla Sweet Orange Raspberry Coconut Orange Almond Strawberry in and out Chocolate Nutty and Classic The Nutty and Classic chocolate bars incorporate Zotter s quality chocolate with classic chocolate tastes and nutty flavours as well as a few interesting inventions Some of these delightful combinations include Almonds with Grappa Raisins Strong Coffee Bacon Bits Cashew and Pineapple Butter Caramel Cheese Walnut Grapes Yellow Brittle in and out chocolate Honey Trio Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan Goji Berries in Sesame Nougat Soy Chocolate Crazy Zotter s many crazy combinations take their already interesting chocolate bars to a whole new height Just a few of the flavours in their Crazy collection include Pineapple and Sweet Pepper Arabian Dates with Mint White Poppy with Cinnamon and Apricot Bird s Eye Chilli Olives with Lemon Sheep s Milk and Honey Nut Milk Chocolate Hempseed and Mocha Peanuts and Ketchup Coffee Plum with Caramelised Bacon Candied Ginger Almond Roses Alcoholic A few of the alcoholic variety of quality chocolate bars produced by Zotter include Rum Coconut Cherry Brandy with Marzipan Muscat Wine with Grapes Scotch Whiskey Marc de Champagne Festive Zotter s Festive variety designed for various occasions include With Love Raspberry Coconut Coconut Chocolate Thanks Black Cherries with Vanilla Happy Birthday Butter Caramel Other Chocolates In addition to Zotter s amazing varieties of hand dipped chocolate bars the company also produces delightful Balleros drinking chocolate nibs and their Mitzi Blue Assortment which includes such delicious inventions as Moonmilk Rainforest and Starmilk Also try out Zotter s bean to bar chocolate with their Labooko chocolate bars which include rich dark and creamy milk chocolates Design One cannot truly experience the inspiration of Zotter s fine chocolates without taking notice of the design Austrian artist Andreas H Gratze individually designs a

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/zotter-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Bonnat Chocolate - Chocolat From France
    of Bonnat The Chocolate The cacao beans used in the production of Bonnet s artisan chocolates are shipped from some of the finest cacao plantations worldwide including South America Africa and Asia After careful selection of only the finest beans they are roasted and formed into luscious and sophisticated chocolates which in turn are used to create Bonnet s delicious line of chocolate confections Chocolate Bars Bonnat s range of traditional chocolate bars 65 include plain chocolate such as the Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario 75 plain chocolate with almonds plain chocolate with almonds strong plain chocolate and mocha Their 55 chocolate bars are available in milk chocolate milk chocolate with walnuts milk chocolate with hazelnuts and milk chocolate with almonds Bonnat Assortments In addition to their delicious range of quality chocolate bats Bonnat also produces a wide variety of chocolate assortments Some of their assorted chocolates include Orangine Candied orange slices mixed with rum and ground almonds and covered in a luscious chocolate Pave A praline chunk with 2 layers of sweet almond praline surrounding a layer of hazelnut praline Nougat A delicious hand crafted honey nougat with a creamy plain chocolate coating Supreme A delicious plain chocolate with a crème centre Supreme is available in either orange or gold speckled milk chocolate Krugette Strips of candied orange coated in plain chocolate Zihla Plain chocolate with a Kirsch almond paste Carre Praline An almond praline flavoured with coffee and coated in plain chocolate Bonnat Online Official Site No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Bonnat Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 1 07 10 8 47 PM Section Brands Editor Lee McCoy Categories Bonnat Chocolate Makers France Feedback 0 comments Search Show Your Love For Chocolate Follow chocolatereview Tweet Find Reviews

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/bonnat-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Bovetti Chocolate - Buy online with delivery by post
    as black tea dried tomato and Brittany seaweed Bovetti Aperitif Chocolates These unique morsels are created by covering rosemary leaves aniseed mustard coriander and fennel seeds in Bovetti s luxurious chocolate Coriander is coated in milk chocolate while white chocolate is used to cover fennel rosemary and aniseed Dark chocolate is used with mustard seed This truly innovative chocolate combination will leave your tongue tingling with pleasure Bovetti Coated Chocolates Bovetti s covered chocolates are available in a number of fruit and nut combinations These include walnuts coated in white or dark chocolate hazelnuts covered in milk or dark chocolate and grapes almonds or candied oranges smothered in dark chocolate Bovetti Chocolate Spreads Bovetti s Veritable Chocolate spreads range combines their delicious chocolate with hazelnuts to produce a spreadable chocolate sensation ideal for waffles bread or crepes The Veritable range includes dark or milk chocolate and milk chocolate caramel with fleur de sel Other Chocolates Bovetti also offers a wide range of gift or special occasion chocolates packaged in beautiful tins and gift boxes In addition traditional hand painted chocolate mouldings are available for Easter and Christmas The chocolate is sold in its original mould that can later be reused by children for creating their own chocolate or plaster figures Official Site Bovetti No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Bovetti Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 1 05 10 9 36 AM Section Brands Editor Lee McCoy Categories Bovetti Chocolate Makers Feedback 3 comments Choc lover I bought a bar of Novetti Caramel Sea Salt chocolate today for 3 99 and it was the most disgusting chocolate I ve ever eaten The reason it tastes so revolting is that it s cheap to make Doing it up in a fancy

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/bovetti-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Fairtrade Divine Chocolate - Wholesale Information and Profile
    form of chocolate drink In 2000 Divine Chocolate collaborated with Comic Relief to produce yet another chocolate bar Dubble Divine Chocolate Limited makes its chocolate from the finest cacao beans available in Ghana Since the very farmers who grow and harvest these beans experience not only Fair trade regulations but reap in the benefits of the company as well a high quality chocolate produced from the finest of Ghana cacao beans serves as a mark of excellence for Divine Chocolate Limited In the UK Divine Chocolate is widely available from wholesalers and major supermarkets Introduced to the US in 2007 Divine Chocolate can be found in a number of natural food stores gift shops food co ops and Wild Oats Markets throughout the country In addition Divine Chocolate most recently was authorized as a quality vendor for the Nordstrom chain of department stores Divine Chocolate Reviews I ve tried a few of their chocolate bars and Easter eggs as well as other novelty chocolates Here s what I ve reviewed so far Divine Christmas Chocolate Gift Box Rating 73 Divine Dried Sliced Mangos Covered in 70 Dark Chocolate Rating 67 5 Divine Whole Brazil Nuts Covered In 70 Dark Chocolate Rating 80 Divine White Chocolate Bar Rating 72 Divine Dried Whole Apricots Richly Covered In 70 Dark Chocolate Rating 67 Divine Chocolate Awards Divine Chocolate was the 2002 runner up for the World Aware Award for small businesses In 2007 it was voted Best Social Enterprise and in 2008 Best Ethical Business Divine Chocolate Recipes I m currently working through the recipes that Divine have in their cookbook So far I ve made Divine Chocolate Brownies Official Site Their official site offers a great amount of information about their brand products and ethics as well as the opportunity to buy

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/divine-chocolate-profile/ (2016-02-13)
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  • El Rey Chocolate Profile
    of harvesting each cacao crop in order to generate the greatest value The El Ray Cacao Chocolates El Rey uses only single origin Venezuelan cacao beans in their creations Pure Venezuelan cacao is known as some of the world s most flavourful and aromatic chocolate Famed trinitario and criollo beans such as the Rio Caribe and Carenero are used in the processing of this prized and coveted chocolate The El Ray Chocolate Range El Rey s exquisite chocolate bars are available in milk dark and white chocolate varieties classified into two different lines The Rio Caribe line is manufactured from a special variety of Trinitario bean harvested in a small fishing village of the same name in northeastern Venezuela This unique cacao bean is a cross between the Forestero bean that grows in the south and the Criollo bean from the west The Trinitario bean is well known for its aromatic qualities The Carenero line is made from the Carenero bean that can be found east of Caracas This exquisite cacao is highly noted for its flavour tones of fruit spice flower and nut In addition to El Rey s world reknowned chocolate bars they also produce a number of cacao powders discs and blocks of chocolate for fine baking and a variety of specialty gift chocolate including signature boxes of artisan chocolates or bon bons and delicious candied fruits caramels and nuts El Ray Chocolates Video Would you like to see an interview with the El Ray Vice Preseident Cesar Gueveara Well if you can speak Spanish you re onto a winner Otherwise you ll just have to look at the pictures No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title El Rey Chocolate Author Lee McCoy On 1 03 10

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