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  • Closed
    people who love chocolate and would really appreciate winning some for Christmas Closed 75 Bags Of New Galaxy Bites To Be Won Win some Galaxy chocolate Closed Jaxx Mouthy Chocolate Treats Competition After reviewing the new Jaxx mouthy crunchie chocolate treats I thought it d be nice to get a hamper of 50 of them to give away to one lucky person to enjoy with their kids or just for themselves over the second Bank Holiday weekend This competition is much simpler than the others Closed Win A Fudge Kitchen Hamper Worth 35 99 So how would you like to celebrate Easter a little different this year May be with a four slices of thick fudge three jars of gorgeously rich fudge sauce and six sachets of drinking fudge Combined they would be worth 35 99 and you can get your hands on this gorgeous hamper with chicks included by Closed Win Valentine s Personalised M Ms It doesn t take much chance to enter the Valentine s M Ms competition All you have to do is answer two questions that you can find on their website Closed Win A Hotel Chocolat Chocolatiers Table Selection Box Worth 48 This competition

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  • Artisan du Chocolat 72% Jamaica Bean To Bar Dark Chocolate
    can possibly produce in this way It s simply not cost effective or practicable for a chocolate marker in this country to have a direct hands on relationship from the instant the bean is first handled to the moment it is consumed It s certainly well within the realms bean to bar to take a fermented and dried bean from the country of origin and transport it to a far flung land to be processed this is the typical concept of bean to bar but the more beautiful version entails being there at the birth That all being said I loved the uniqueness of this bar The aroma is richly intense Despite being a slight bar it packs some interesting aromas that are very much akin to walking through an autumn wood after a long hot summer It s dry earthy and perhaps even a touch musty In terms of flavour it s relatively mellow There is more of that earthiness with dried leaves and a fresh log fire along with roasted hazelnuts and wafts of whisky I wouldn t call it special however well not in terms of flavour In terms of effort and trying to break from the chocolatier label For that reason alone I hope that Gerard and the gang down in Kent give the whole chocolate making process another whirl What I did like was the packaging Having been on factory tours in the past I know how many people it takes to produce a bar of chocolate What they ve done here is highlight the role and importance of people along with the ingredients into making a fine bar of chocolate which is far too often lost on the people that whimsically crack open a bar and consume with little thought of the extreme effort

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/artisan-du-chocolat-jamaica-bean-to-bar/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Charles Chocolatier 70% Tablette - Chocolate from West Africa
    like ordering a meat curry it could be absolutely anything you re eating Doing my research I found out it s a blend of West African cacao specifically Ghana Nigeria and Ivory Coast Knowing that most of the world s mass market crap chocolate come from these countries this bar was unlikely to be anything that dull as dishwater And I ve not been proven wrong The first thought when I held this bar to my nose is that it has the aroma of cardboard There s nothing exciting or exuberant about it at all It s like having dinner with a loved one that you ve just had a massive argument with and have nothing to say Staring into the distance you wish you were somewhere else And the flavour There s hardly anything there just that incredibly uninspiring bland tinny sensation that offers nothing in the way of excitement 0r pleasure There s just nothing of interest there Nowt nada zich zip In fact unless I was told otherwise I would have no clue that any of the ingredients were ever near a cacao tree I know feel embarrassed When I left the shop the assistant was obviously thinking typical Brit they know nothing about chocolate French people wouldn t buy that crap I think she s right I did and I ve wasted part of my life reviewing it For a rating I d have to give it 35 as it wasn t unpalatable just very uninteresting No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Charles Chocolatier 70 Tablette Author Lee McCoy On 12 05 12 11 12 AM Section Other Editor Lee McCoy Categories 70 Dark Chocolate Forastero Ghana Rating 35 39 Feedback 1 comment Moyan Brenn

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/charles-chocolatier-70/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Amano Ocumare 70% Dark Chocolate
    is responsible for some of the finest cacao in the world and is highly sort after and as such is the main ingredient in making this such a fine bar of dark chocolate other than skill and expertise Moving on to the important characteristics The aroma has a sharp acidic complexion and red wine notes that reminded me of Bulls Blood Red Wine my father used to serve when I was a teenager with a Sunday Roast I nibbled some last night and when I took the dog for a walk this morning I walked past a shrub with small white flowers that had the exact same floral notes It was uncanny It just seems to be a kaleidoscope of aromas balsamic vinegar roast beef red wine with a floral edge that could even be honeysuckle on reflection Often you ll get two dimensional aromas with single origin chocolate but with this bar there s just so much going on The snap was echoey It was solid substantial just like the finest car that money could buy In fact the snap was almost deafening And the crystals as tight as you could want and all uniformly aligned as the geology on the Jurassic coast When actually trying the flavour it was a sort of sushi experience Small nibbles packed full of flavour Other chocolate I ve reviewed seem to occupy every crevice of your mouth but this one seemed to offer solitary fireworks of flavour but exceptionally pretty ones at that What you won t appreciate at first is the intensity of the flavour It seems to get stronger and stronger as the melt continues And it lasts for a good while The acidity isn t as pronounced as with aroma here you ll have an incredible riotous bouquet of flavours splashing everywhere I doubt I ve tasted a more orally aromatic bar of dark chocolate in my life Five or ten minutes later you ll still be able to pick up the flavours in your mouth Here they ll change into a sort of orange blossom character that just doesn t want to go What you may find is that as you try more of the bar is the flavours get mellower and more expansive The acidity recedes and creaminess comes out It becomes rounded and more sensual Satin sheets and lost inhibitions come to mind The understated excellence of this bar is what makes it so exciting Many bars of dark chocolate are good a few are excellent but once in a while you ll find some that changes the whole cocoa paradigm All other bars I review from now on will be compared to this consciously or unconsciously fair or not But that s what this pursuit for chocolate excellence is all about Today I m once step closer to chocolate heaven Rating Taste 100 it s only a couple of blocks that you start to really appreciate the sublime excellence of this bar If you re

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/amano-ocumare-70/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Divine Chocolate
    might taste a touch too sweet for me but I loved the message that it promotes which is typically one missed at this time of year Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Kit These chocolate eggs created for the Divine Dubble brand are cute and a perfect way to buy eggs for an Easter egg hunt which are both fairly cheap and tastes wonderful Fudge Chocolate Cake Bar Recipe I m planning to get busy in the kitchen for my birthday I know people are supposed to bake for me on my special day But here s a recipe from the Divine Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with a Heart its the Fudgy Chocolate Bars one that you can find on page 56 The recipe book says that these Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts These Divine Praline Milk Chocolate Hearts are salty but they don t have the usual crunchy texture that I just don t like so that d make them a good Valentines gift for people that like ethical chocolates Divine 85 Dark Chocolate Bar This Divine 85 Dark Chocolate Bar is a damn nice bar of dark chocolate Divine Chocolate At Chocolate Week In A Nutshell Divine chocolate are really

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/divine-chocolate/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Soma
    Although I still found it enjoyable and much better than much of the chocolate I ve reviewed in teh last week Soma Chocolate 70 Chuao This Soma 70 dark chocolate bar is made out of cacao from the well renowned village of Chuao in Venezuela It s supposed to be produce some of the finest cacao in the world That may be the case but this wasn t the finest

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/category/chocolate-makers/soma/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar Review
    size and given equal weight which I feel is a bit disappointing on Christmas Eve its great to know there s no more work and tomorrow is Christmas Day Those doors are fairly small too with the chocolate behind being just fractionally smaller this leads to a very difficult extraction This is further compounded by the fact that each cube of dark chocolate is 1 5cm deep which means you have you have a hard job manoeuvring it out of the plastic casing The upside of this is that it s a great deal more substantial than most chocolate advent calendars most of which are thin shallow and almost not worth the effort you most certainly couldn t label this calendar as such The chocolate certainly does have an organic aroma and a flavour to match It definitely does have an acidic edge but the sugar is more prominent than I d like The vanilla is also noticeable too and for me at least distracts from the experience It s certainly the best dark chocolate advent calendar I ve tried but still very much short of the quality I crave I d just love a calendar from Pralus where you get a different origin behind each door Alas I ll have to settle for this one Where To Buy This Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar Montezuma s 9 99 Quick Review 68 next year can someone make a truly outstanding dark chocolate advent calendar Dietary Information Organic gluten free almost suitable for vegans as their may be traces of dairy it doesn t have any preservatives and its GM free No related posts Post Information Below you ll find all the meta data about this post Title Montezuma s Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar Author Lee McCoy On 5 11 11 4

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/montezumas-dark-advent/ (2016-02-13)
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  • Berry Scrumptious Strawberry and Black Peper with Dark Chocolate Bar
    To be honest I didn t expect a great deal from the bar as I m so used to being disappointed when buying chocolate from companies I ve not heard of before But I was really impressed with this one and it actually makes me wish I bought some of their other flavours to review I could have tried Raspberry Ginger Glen Ample Raspberry White chocolate and Strawberries Cream chocolate Rating Taste 75 surprisingly delicious with a nice contradiction of flavours that just works Texture 67 it was a touch dry but that could have come from spending a couple of hours in a very hot car Appearance 70 for being some chocolate that you might just pick up on your travels it does exactly what it needs to Their other bars are packaged in Kilner jars which is a nice tough Nutritional Information 70 there s a good amount of information regarding the ingredients and percentages which is a bonus Price 70 at 2 95 it is good value as most people wouldn t have tried this flavour combination before and would be a good way of introducing people did chocolate out of the mainstream Overall 70 4 Where To Buy The Berry Scrumptious Strawberry and Black Pepper with Dark Chocolate Bar Berry Scrumptious 2 95 Nutritional Information Dark chocolate cocoa mass 56 4 sugar cocoa butter soy lecithin natural vanilla extract freeze dried strawberries 10 ground black pepper 1 May contain traces of nuts You Deserve This You ve earned this badge as being rated excellent by Chocolate Reviews You can grab the code to get the badge below a href http www chocolatereviews co uk berry scrumptious strawberry and black peper target blank img src http www chocolatereviews co uk wp content uploads 2010 08 Badge031 gif

    Original URL path: http://www.chocolatereviews.co.uk/berry-scrumptious-strawberry-and-black-peper/ (2016-02-13)
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