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  • What is the best way to deal with foot corns? | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    many corn treatments available over the counter that aim to help treat corns however they are not suitable for all For instance corn plasters contain an acid which can cause damage to the skin if not used correctly can be dangerous especially in high risk patients such as those with diabetes Managing any hard skin Callus by using a good quality foot file may help prevent the development of corns You can also see a podiatrist for routine podiatry care to debride any Corns Callus with a scalpel This is a painless procedure which will aim to remove the thickened area of skin and make the patient more comfortable they will also be able to determine the cause of the corns hard skin and advice on correct footwear In many cases there are biomechanical reasons behind the development of corns and often even with regular management corns callus will re occur A biomechanical assessment can be carried out by a podiatrist which will allow them to investigate any mechanical factors causing high pressure on the foot which may be influencing the development of the corns callus Any mechanical factors may need to be corrected with the prescription of foot orthotics

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/what-is-the-best-way-to-deal-with-foot-corns/ (2016-02-15)
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  • What causes the painful corns on our toes/ feet? | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    Corns are small circles of thick skin that usually develop on the tops and sides of toes or on the sole of the foot However they can occur anywhere that pressure is applied This pressure may be a result of incorrect footwear causing shearing on a particular area or may be due to biomechanical deformities which leads to an abnormal exertion of pressure on certain areas of the foot It

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/what-causes-the-painful-corns-on-our-toes-feet/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Aren’t orthotics just expensive arch supports? | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    simple arch support is designed to push up against the arch while standing It is not meant for static stance or for dynamic motion This means that an arch support is not designed to control the mechanics of foot imbalances which are so varied that a precise prescription for each patient is often required Buying an arch support over the counter is similar to buying eye glasses off the shelf

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/arent-orthotics-just-expensive-arch-supports/ (2016-02-15)
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  • How do I know if I need an orthotic? | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    high arched foot structure heel pain bunions and even callus formation Since the foot is the foundation of the body symptoms at the ankle knee hip and lower back can be related Since orthotics can work in a preventative fashion to avoid potential foot problems they may be indicated in some cases even though you are not experiencing pain An example of this is when the foot rolls in or

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/how-do-i-know-if-i-need-an-orthotic/ (2016-02-15)
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  • What is Podiatry? | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    nerves ligaments and blood vessels and is designed for balance and mobility The 52 bones in your feet make up about a quarter of all the bones in your body Podiatrists also known as Chiropodists diagnose and treat disorders diseases and injuries of the foot and lower leg to keep this area of the body working properly Podiatrists treat corns calluses ingrown toenails bunions heel spurs and arch problems ankle

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/what-is-podiatry/ (2016-02-15)
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  • What are your standard prices? | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    check This will also focus on visible changes such as skin cancer fungal infections malignant melanomas your circulatory status pulses and nerve functions as these can highlight the early stages of diseases and enables the Podiatrist to diagnose and determine the right treatment plan and or advice to be discussed with you In effect your first visit to us will be slightly longer duration wise compared to your future visits

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/what-are-your-standard-prices/ (2016-02-15)
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  • What are your opening times? | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    Fridays 9 30 17 00 with early appointments and late nights available On saturdays we usually open from 10 00 to 15 00pm Appointments are subject to availability within the various clinics Please select your prefered clinic and contact reception for full information and also to answer any questions you may have Please note that we are closed for lunch between 1 00pm 2 00 pm each day Late night

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/what-are-your-opening-times/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Peter Allton Launches his book “Undefeeted by Diabetes” | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    at those with diabetes their family members friends and those at risk of developing diabetes As someone who lives with Type 2 diabetes Peter knows how important education is to managing the condition When his daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 11 Peter decided to take action start the global Undefeeted movement http www undefeeted org and promote good foot health for diabetes sufferers Peter has 27 years of experience as a podiatrist having qualified as a podiatrist in 1988 He has since treated over 200 000 feet He is the clinical director of Circle Podiatry the UK s only multi award winning private podiatry company Peter runs podiatry practices in Lewisham South London and Oxted Surrey assisted by his wife practice manager Tina Allton Dr Gerry Rayman Lead Diabetologist at Ipswich Hospital and Medical Advisor to Diabetes UK https www diabetes org uk said Peter has done a fantastic job Undefeeted by Diabetes is about empowering people with diabetes to understand and take control of their condition Peter has drawn on his experience as a podiatrist with patients with diabetes and tried to understand what causes the complications of diabetes and why we as a profession have let them down We haven t made them aware of what to do and how to spot the warning signs We can patch people up but it s much better to give people the ability to prevent complications themselves Peter Allton hopes that the Undefeeted campaign can raise awareness of lower limb complications in diabetes The number of people who live with the condition but are unaware of the impact it can have on their feet is staggering Diabetes can play havoc with your feet unless you manage it carefully and Undefeeted by Diabetes gives you the

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/peter-allton-launches-his-book-undefeeted-by-diabetes/2406/ (2016-02-15)
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