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  • Customer Satisfaction | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    about us Our high levels of customer experience has made stand out as a beacon within our profession and beyond We have become this beacon because we understand the importance of finding the right team of professionals in the provision of high quality Podiatric care This understanding underpinned by our good track record of excellent customer experience has certainly enabled us to become one of the most successful and widely chosen Podiatry practices in the UK as more and more we see patients travel from far and even beyond outside the country to see us to help fix their feet Mrs D Hope says my experience at Circle Podiatry was very pleasant and the vascular assessments for my foot health check has made me realise how much my feet are worth to me and I wonder why no one told me about good foot health earlier in life You are very good and nice at first I was scared but the lady Podiatrist was very kind and now my feet does not hurt I will come back next week Georgie age 6 I chose your service because of the locality the necessary qualification and the feedback that was given on

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/about/customer-satisfaction/ (2016-02-15)
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  • General Chiropody /Podiatry | Circle Podiatry | London based specialists for fixing feet and the lower limbs | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    and even the jaw all parts of the body that are connected to the feet by the skeleton This effect may show as pain instability restricted movement or in some cases just fatigue Our biomechanical examinations are fully comprehensive and bespoke to you In most cases we may combine the use of video gait analysis and or pressure plate analysis depending on your presenting conditions problems Corns or Calluses A callus or corn is a buildup of skin that forms at points of pressure or over bony prominences Calluses form on the bottom side of the foot Corns form on the top of the foot in between the toes and any area of high pressure friction Diabetic Footcare In the UK alone there are currently 3 5 million people with diabetes and a further 7 million of us either at high risk of developing it or even walking around unaware we already have it The second problem is most people just like you don t understand the link between Diabetes and Podiatry and even those with diabetes often don t fully really recognise the devastating long term effects of the disease pertaining to their lower limbs One truly gruesome thought is the fact that every 20 seconds someone somewhere in the world will be having a Diabetes related lower limb amputation As a diabetic using professional help can greatly help you keep doing the things you love and also help to improve maintain your quality of life To discover how 2 minutes a day can help you keep your feet for life Flat Foot Flat foot is a structural deformity resulting in the lowering of the arch of your foot This is sometimes referred to as fallen arches If you have a flat foot or a highly arched foot that is painful then you will need professional treatment You will most likely have problems such as ankle knee or lower back pain Foot and ankle injuries Foot and ankle emergencies happen every day Broken bones dislocations sprains contusions infections and other serious injuries can occur at any time Early attention is vitally important for you Whenever you sustain a foot or ankle injury you should seek immediate treatment from a podiatrist to avoid further complications Fungal nail infection It is not just a cosmetic problem It is an infection of the bed and plate underlying the surface of a nail Fungal nail infection a condition called onychomycosis ON i ko my KO sis is caused primarily by organisms called dermatophytes It is extraordinarily common Once these tiny organisms find their way under your nail they begin to multiply Ironically when the fungus finds its way under your nail the nail itself provides a protective environment for the fungus to thrive Your toenails are most vulnerable to infection since they spend much of their day surrounded by dark warm and often moist shoes and socks Gait analysis When you are walking or running your foot needs to be flexible enough to

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/services/chiropodypodiatry/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Kids Feet | Circle Podiatry Practice | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    advice gait analysis biomechanical assessment which determines the normal and abnormal functioning of the foot and lower limbs and often involves the provision of orthoses special insoles active hands on treatment and health education As the old nursery rhyme goes the foot bone s connected to the ankle bone the ankle bone s connected to the leg bone the leg bone s connected to the hip bone So it should be remembered that the foot cannot be considered in isolation to the rest of the leg or body Any postural foot abnormality could have an effect further up the body altering posture and walking style It is important to have your child s feet measured and more importantly have their shoe fitted properly Circle Podiatry helpful tips Check the size of their socks Inspect their shoes regularly for unusual wear Unusual wear may be the first indication that there is a problem with the foot posture or general posture and should always be investigated by a qualified and registered podiatrist Parent What can you look out for Skin Areas of redness rashes blisters on the back of the heel and on the tops of the small joints of the toes Nails Inflammation around the nails should always be taken seriously Deformities Toes should be straight in line with the foot and not drawn back or curled particularly the big toe should always be straight Posture the feet should not appear excessively turned in or out or the arch very flat particularly if the child complains of pain Is your child active at school sports or other activities As children take up a particular sport and become more active at school foot and lower limb problems associated with unaccustomed exercise can occur If a child indulges in any form of activity

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/services/kids/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Educational Work | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    health particularly in children absolutely free of charge Key aim Teaching the kids how to look after their feet What the kids teacher and parents say about Happy Feet 98 learned something new from the assembly and found the work shop interesting and fun Years 3 5 pupils Hawksmoor Primary 100 of the pupils enjoyed their rewards they are cool The parents were all extremely happy with the level of information and knowledge shared with them Marc Meaden Manager St Marks Pre School Taking time from my busy schedule to do all the paper work that might be involved was daunting but you did all the work Caroline Popoola Manager The Alpha Club Montbelle Primary School It was a great assembly The children were actively involved and enjoyed learning new things Good feedback from parents They want to be involved in the workshops too Ann Pratt Deputy Head Teacher Hawksmoor Primary School I must say that as a setting we feel that we are offering something back and that we do care about our children During our recent OFSTED report we mentioned the Happy Feet Campaign and this also was reflected in the report thanks so much Caroline Popoola Manager

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/services/educational-careers-advice/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Corporate & Occupational Health | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    your feet and there might also be a case of functional and or structural disorders This is why Circle Podiatry Practice has set out to provide awareness and an educational campaign Keeping you on a strong footing which aims to work in partnership with organisations like yours ensuring that foot health issues do not affect the efficiency of your employees The majority of people are not aware of how important foot health is and particularly the association of a poor foot structure with postural problems such as back pain and knee problems Foot health checks should be done annual similarly to annual dental and eye check ups We are working in partnership with organisations like yours by providing Lunch Talks Advice to raise awareness of potential foot problems with an emphasis on the effects the foot structure can have on posture muscle function and joint injuries Opportunities to ask in confidence any concerns relating to foot health Complimentary foot health checks The Opportunity to improve overall fitness and performance In our experience these campaigns help by improving an employee s opinion of the benefits their employer is providing for them whether or not they choose to access our service We

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/services/corporate-occupational-health/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Products & innovation | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    the latest in technology for anyone with diabetes and may have lost some sensation in their feet diabetic neuropathy the smart watch connect to special shoe inserts that can still work with your orthotics any time there is an area with built up pressure you ll be assured to get your watch telling you just that with exact information on where the pressure is within your foot and a step

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/services/products-innovation/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Events | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    together we can make a difference Yes I want to join you on this FREE webinar On this webinar you will learn the 7 common mistakes that 80 of our patients make and how to avoid doing the same Please click on the link above to join us on Monday 24th March 2014 at 3 00pm GMT also feel free to share the link with anyone you know who might

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/services/events/ (2016-02-15)
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  • Taping | Circle Podiatry |Uk's #1 multi award winning private Podiatry brand
    Find a Clinic Contact us FAQ Blog Navigation Menu Home Taping Taping Taping is a form of strapping It is a procedure that uses tape attached to the skin to physically keep in place muscles or bones at a certain position This reduces pain and aids recovery Taping is usually used to help recover from overuse and other injuries Posted in General Search for What Our Clients Say Home Clinic

    Original URL path: http://www.circlepodiatry.co.uk/faqs/taping/ (2016-02-15)
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