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  • Hilton Wrigley cycle
    Capagnolo front changer operated with bar end levers Brakes Universal model 61 centre pull Stem Bars GB Maes bars on GB stem Saddle Early Brooks Professional 1960 with Campagnolo twin bold seatpost Extra details Hilton Wrigley was the builder of highly crafted frames from the early 50s through to the mid 60s He produced the frames in the small village of Marsden situated on the edge of the Moors leading

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  • Innanzi Tutto cycles
    in the 1970s According to VCC member Eric Lewis Major Bondun real name Bill Dunce started Bonduns in 1948 at Kingsbury Green Parade Kingsbury London N W 9 Like a lot people who gained status in the forces he retained his rank from the army and adopted a superior manner Frame building was carried out at the back of the shop by his brother Alec Dunce who preferred to use an open hearth to braze up the frames that was operated by a large foot operated bellows As Bill had married an Italian girl during the war he gave is frames an Italian name Innanzi Tutto meaning above all others Bondun s advert 11 8 1949 At this time Bill became President of the Wembley Road Club taking over from Bill Derman of Dayton Cycles Bill Dunce supplied the club s top riders Ken Smith and Ron Bendon with Innanzi Tutto frames for the club s participation in the 1949 Brighton to Glasgow cycle race where they won a combined club award Bondun s advert 27 4 1950 As well as the Kingsbury address a shop was opened in Brighton at 39 Sidney Street There were a number of adverts placed in Cycling around 1949 50 which appear to show the Brighton address as the principal one later on Eric believes that Bill spent more time in Brighton leaving the Kingsbury shop in the hands of his brother Despite being in the Wembley RC Eric and some of his club mates were not drawn to buy a Innanzi Tutto preferring instead to go south of the river to obtain the highly reputable Gillott It is possible that someone else built the frames at Brighton possibly an ex Gillott builder Madgetts Cycles of Diss were agents for Bonduns and an early

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  • Fred Dean cycles
    tubing and Nervex Pro lugs Wheels Large flange Normandy hubs with Mavic rims Chainset TA cranks with Stronglight 49D star shaped profile rings Gears Campagnolo Gran Sport rear mech and levers Campagnolo front mech Brakes Weinmann Stem Bars GB bars and stem Saddle Unica Nitor Extra details Most Fred Dean frames had his name on the top tube but you could ask for down tube decals if wanted This bike

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  • Les Rigden
    Hellenic seat stays and the seat tube canted forward at the bottom to join the down tube several centimeters in front of the bottom bracket He then added a further tube from the bottom bracket to the seat tube some half way up to triangulate thus stiffening the bottom bracket area This build entailed some acute mitreing but allowed the rear wheel to sit nearly up to the BB shell The machine shown below was obviously built for a woman a very short rider or a youngster as it looks to be about 19 As set up it looks as if it is to be used for a hill climb event with the stubby hood on the right side of the bars It is built with extra long track ends which were a hallmark of some Rigden frames when Les cut dropouts of some two inches 5cm to allow ample adjustment to cater for sprocket and chainwheel changes L E Rigden Cycles advert post 1976 when 753 was introduced by Reynolds Two close up shots of a Les Rigden Hobbs of Barbican restoration for Pat Curtis showing top eye lug and box lining Mark Freeman adds the following I did a search for Les and was pleased to see your account As far as I can see your information is 100 accurate Les was a personal friend of mine and I worked with him on some restorations I trained as an artist in Brighton In some instances it was not possible to find copies of the old transfers at the trade fairs In such cases I was asked to line them by hand The first one was a Record Ace sorry no photo of that one lovely job The lugs you show he usually did the lining himself Coach lining

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  • Raleigh works cycle
    How was it acquired I first laid eyes on this machine in the Birmingham area was it Solihull about 1994 but it wasn t for sale at the time During the following years it changed hands twice and it wasn t until two years ago that I was able triumphantly to secure it for myself What makes this cycle special Most of the works racing machines that The Raleigh built had track drop outs but very few of them had the famed and very well documented reinforced chain stays that were a feature of Reg Harris s Raleigh racing machines neither of Ray Booty s machines had these This pure track 24 frame has them it is also fitted with one of the very special tool room made stems below that were a feature of RHH machines Tool room stem that was a feature of the Reg Harris machines Of all of the surviving Raleigh racing machines this one is thought to have the finest surviving original finish It is not perfect but does anyone out there know of a finer original finish example Inch pitch drive chain with 5 pin chainset Anything else It is believed that The Raleigh

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  • Commonwealth Games Cycling 1934 to 1970
    France He was killed in 1958 in a collision with a bus during a road race in Australia Tommy Godwin Image below representing England closely challenged the two Australian stars in the 1 000 metres individual TT at the Auckland Games Godwin had won bronze in the same event at the 1948 London Olympics Cyril Cartwright of England comfortably beat Mockridge in the 4 000 metres Individual Pursuit at the Games Table 4 1950 Auckland Empire Games Cycling Results Event Position Name Country Time 1 000m Match Sprint 1 E R Mockridge Australia 2 S P Patterson Australia 3 R Avery Australia 1 000 metres Indiv TT 1 E R Mockridge Australia 1 13 4 2 S P Patterson Australia 1 13 5 3 T C Godwin England 1 13 6 10 Mile Scratch 1 W D Heseltine Australia 23 23 4 2 L P Lock New Zealand 3 K J Caves Australia 4 000 m Indiv Pursuit 1 C Cartwright England 5 16 3 2 E R Mockridge Australia 5 27 0 3 L P Lock New Zealand 5 26 7 Road Race 1 H Sutherland Australia 3 13 06 4 2 T R Carter New Zealand 3 J H Fowler Australia Total Medal Count 15 Australia 4 gold 3 silver 3 bronze England 1 gold 1 bronze New Zealand 2 silver 1 bronze The 1954 Vancouver Games At these the new title of the British Empire and Commonwealth Games was introduced The cycling events included competitors from Pakistan Rhodesia and South Africa Table 5 gives the final results Table 5 1954 Vancouver Empire Commonwealth Games Cycling Results Event Position Name Country Time 1 000m Match Sprint 1 C F Peacock England 2 Not awarded 3 T Shardelow South Africa 1 000 metres Indiv TT 1 R F Ploog Australia 1 12 5 result tied J A Swift South Africa 3 K J Harrison England 1 12 7 10 Mile Scratch 1 L W Cocks Australia 21 59 5 2 K J Harrison England 3 D J C Skene Wales 4 000 m Indiv Pursuit 1 N L Sheil England 5 03 5 2 P F Brotherton England 5 09 1 3 R Fowler South Africa 5 06 9 Road Race 1 E G Thompson England 2 44 08 1 2 J K Baird New Zealand 3 B Pusey England Total Medal Count 14 Australia 2 gold England 3 gold 2 silver 2 bronze New Zealand 1 silver South Africa 1 gold 2 bronze Wales 1 bronze L R Cox Aus was disqualified in the final while R F Ploog Aus refused to start England s cyclists were dominant at these Games winning a total of seven medals Cyril Peacock went on to win the 1954 UCI World Amateur Sprint title while Norman Sheil won the World Amateur Individual Pursuit title in both 1955 and 1958 Norman Sheil winner 4000 metres individual pursuit According to South African Tommy Shardelow placed third in the Match Sprint in Vancouver the Australian sprinters Cox and Ploog were dissatisfied with official decisions and abandoned the Sprint event at the Games Nevertheless Dick Ploog tied with the South African Jimmy Swift for the gold medal in the 1 000 metres Individual time trial The 1958 Cardiff Games Controversy surrounded South Africa sending an exclusively white team to compete in the Cardiff Games with public protests being staged in the city at the time Despite the protests the South African team was allowed to participate However South Africa left the Commonwealth in 1961 It was only in the 1990s with apartheid having been scrapped that South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth and recommenced participation in the Games With few exceptions the medal winners in the cycling events at Cardiff came from a new generation of Commonwealth cyclists Competitors included riders from Jersey Kenya Northern Ireland Pakistan and Scotland Clyde Rimplerepresenting Trinidad Tobago in 1958 rode both the sprint and road race Although unplaced in both he was a sign of the flourishing of cycle sport in the Caribbean A youthful Tom Simpson finished second to Norman Sheil in the 4 000 metres Individual pursuit The road race was won by Ray Booty the great British road time triallist of the 1950s best known for breaking the four hour barrier in the 100 mile road TT Table 6 1958 Cardiff Empire Commonwealth Games Cycling Results Event Position Name Country Time 1 000m Match Sprint 1 R J Ploog Australia 2 K Barton England 3 L Binch England 1 000 metres Indiv TT 1 N Tong England 1 12 1 2 W J Scarfe Australia 1 12 4 3 W D H Dalton New Zealand 1 12 6 10 Mile Scratch 1 I S Browne Australia 21 40 2 2 W T Johnston New Zealand 3 D J C Skene Wales 4 000 m Indiv Pursuit 1 N L Sheil England 5 10 2 2 T Simpson England 5 10 5 3 W D H Dalton New Zealand 5 14 7 Road Race 1 R Booty England 5 16 33 7 2 F Brazier Australia 5 19 21 7 3 S G Slack Isle of Man 5 19 21 7 Total Medal Count 15 Australia 2 gold 2 silver England 3 gold 2 silver 1 bronze Isle of Man 1 bronze New Zealand 1 silver 2 bronze Wales 1 bronze Ray Booty winner of the road race At the Maindy stadium in Cardiff the Welsh trackman Don Skene repeated his bronze medal win in the 10 mile Scratch event in the previous Games In the road race S G Slack took bronze to give the Isle of Man its first cycling medal THE GAMES IN THE PERIOD 1962 1970 The Perth Games of 1962 The Games returned to Australia in 1962 and in the cycling events Australia England and New Zealand divided the medals between them Australia won a total of seven medals including four golds England five medals and New Zealand three They did so against fields

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  • Photo Gallery 6
    race motor cycles and cars with some success under the name of Tony Bacca until WWII Studio image of A Theaker grass track champion of Lincolnshire Mick Butler W A Bevis and J Wisby listed to compete in a grass track meet in Cambridge Mick Butler Royston Roy Ashmead from Dartford on his Granby frame no 219 delivered to him on 10 January 1948 with South of France bars GB

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  • The Gambrill Brothers - cyclists
    45 11 1956 was probably Mike s standout year First he won the national 25 mile time trial championship in 57 33 riding fixed This was coupled with winning the national 4000m pursuit championships at Fallowfield beating the precocious 18 year old Tom Simpson Tom had sensationally despatched World Empire and National champion Norman Sheil and then John Geddes en route to the final Mike Gambrill at speed in the pursuit at Fallowfield This was the year of the Melbourne Olympics Mike Tom and John were selected with Don Burgess for the team pursuit By Tom s own admission he went too hard at his first turn in the semis they lost to eventual gold medallists Italy but beat South Africa in the ride off for bronze 1956 was also the year younger brother Robin entered the lists with a short 1 04 in the Kentish Wheelers early season novice 25 Not a bad start when the national record was only just under 56m Pretty soon Clarence Wheelers had two fast Gambrills in the club along with Alan Killick they won the team prize in the national 25 mile time trial championships in 1957 then again in 1958 with Alan Jacob 1957 Robin Gambrill one member of winning team in the 25 mile National Championships with brother Mike and Allan Killick In 1959 both Mike and Robin raced the 40k Dresden Madison Mike winning with Norman Sheil in 51 41 Heady days Coventry CC s Easter Monday International at the Butts Track 1960 Mike Gambrill winning the second 4000 metres pursuit Mike again represented GB in the Olympics this time in Rome but without as much success before retiring Robin tried his hand at racing on the continent before emigrating to Canada then New Zealand So the Gambrill era came

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