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  • Evelyn Hamilton cycles
    which states Miss E Hamilton who recently rode 100 consecutive centuries used a Granby machine fitted with a Cyclo Star gear which came through the test perfectly satisfactorily 1938 seems to have seen the opening of Evelyn and Jack s cycle shop at 416A Streatham High Road London With only a couple of brief and temporary moves to 402A and 398A during the war bomb damage it remained there until at least 1968 Evelyn s shop in Streatham High Road From 1970 to 1984 as E Hamilton Ltd the shop sold scooters mopeds and motor bikes but not with Evelyn at the helm It is quite possible that she wasn t involved much during the war years either as she had spent a lot of time in France just prior to the outbreak of hostilities A choice rumour has it that she rode a wall of death side show in a French circus Whatever the truth of this she appears to have been trapped in Paris when it was occupied by the Germans Now the story becomes both interesting and problematic with fact and fantasy inextricably interwoven In her many post war interviews mostly in the 1970s and 1980s Evelyn told some tall stories she worked as a waitress in a café frequented by Gestapo officers lived with a Frenchman called Fernand Maurice Helsen and assumed the identity of a dead woman as she herself was on the wanted list Becoming a courier for the Resistance she ferried allied personnel across Paris on a tandem until an informer led to her being captured Wearing her hair in a bun to conceal a small pistol she pulled it out shot her captor and escaped to England and safety Just how much of this is true and how much embroidery we shall probably never know but she was awarded the Cross of Lorraine by De Gaulle after the war and this became the motif on her frame badges together with the name Lorraine Cycles Many more of Evelyn s tales appear suspect her son was taken by the Germans and was never seen again she had no son although perhaps Helsen did her grandmother sometimes her mother was French I can find no evidence of a French connection in either her mother s father s or step mother s families So questions abound who ran the shop while Evelyn was in France What happened to Jack Hamilton Who was Fernand Helsen Colin Skipp a V CC member says he was told the shop was a front for the Free French and the SOE and was run by three Frenchmen including one of the Pelissier brothers Was this the origin of the cousin who won the Tour de France It seems likely although Henri the victor in 1923 was murdered by his lover in 1935 I have been unable to track down Jack Hamilton but Fernand Helsen did exist and Evelyn may even have married him as she always maintained She certainly changed

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  • Hamilton-Butler
    could have been made for her by C B In the late 50s C B had got into financial difficulties over unpaid tax bills and gone into receivership He then attempted to launch The New Claud backed by Evelyn Hamilton s money in the winter of 1959 60 The Official Receiver had sold three of C B s logos and badges hence the Hamilton Butler and New Claud transfers There was some controversy over his continued use of a CB head transfer Transfer at front of top tube This frame is believed to be a 1958 59 Hamilton Butler The New Claud Phil thinks the Old Claud made better frames Be that as it may it is a bit of an interesting end of a era relic which Phil intends to keep in as is condition As can be seen from the image on the right the quality of the lugwork is not what one would have expected from Claud Butler at his best As he would have lost his frame building equipment and staff by then it is assumed that the frames were made by another builder It is said that there was an initial order from Claud which

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  • Pat Hanlon Cycles
    Pat Hanlon Since writing the above web page further information has come my way with regard to this marque Some time ago Simon Carter alerted me to an advert from a 1958 copy of Cycling for Tottenham Lightweights at 179 High Road N 15 Pat Hanlon s first address A Tottenham Lightweights frame which made an appearance at a Ripley jumble displayed an identical head tube transfer design to the ones used by Pat on her bike frames at all three addresses see photo right compare with image at top of page It suggests that after leaving Macleans in 1957 she first set up under this name before converting to her own name a year later or that she took over an existing business Two three and four figure numbers have been found on her frames seemingly before new models were launched in 1967 that have the number sequences described in the article above This probably coincides with the employment of Vic Edwards as her frame builder Vic was responsible for building Alf Engers record breaking bike for Alan Shorter in 1969 and most likely the Pat Hanlon Ultralight that Tim Dobson rode to become the first person to achieve a sub 21 minute Ten on the road in 1971 see photo below Cycling Weekly 22 nd June 2006 Richard Fox whose family were very close to Pat has stated that when Vic became ill mid1970s she turned to Vic Coffin to make her frames for several years before he too became ill and was gradually superseded by Tom Board After giving up the Bowes Road shop she continued to build wheels and trade from her own address in Dagenham with Tom as her frame builder The bikes she supplied at this time had plain vinyl transfers without an address Richard never heard of Les Ephgrave building any of the earlier frames and this seems out of the question based on information supplied by Roger Chamberlain recently However an article about Tom Board in the Bicycle magazine from October 1983 states that Tom rented a workshop at the back of Pat Hanlon s shop in 1971 after leaving F W Evans to build for her and Condor It suggests that the situation at this time was far from clear cut Thanks go to Graham Brice Simon Carter Roger Chamberlain and Richard Fox Bryan Clarke November 2008 Tim Dobson on his way to becoming the first UK rider to complete a 10 mile time trial in under 21 minutes Time 20 45 1971 More background on Pat Hanlon from Mick Butler dated 30 12 2006 Pat Hanlon s son Tony worked in the shop alongside his Mother as a mechanic and wheel builder Pat s husband was called Jim There is a little about her in the new Fellowship News I also found out that for 10 years she worked as a waitress Nippy in J Lyons Corner House teashops But it was the bike she lived for thinking nothing of cycling to Somerset and back at weekends to visit her parents a minimum of 18 hours each way or rising at 3am to join friends for 90 mile rides before the afternoon shift With her yearly mileage approaching 15 000 miles including impressive feats in racing she had progressed to using custom built lightweight bikes one of which she ordered from Macleans a famous bicycle shop in Islington North London She took to hovering about the shop especially on busy Saturday mornings provoking the guvnor to tell her to lend a hand She did it for no pay but her real interest was in the old wheel builder in the basement She used to watch him and beg him to teach her but on the grounds that women don t do jobs like that he refused It was the Second World War that enabled her to fulfil her dream With the young men otherwise occupied one day the guvnor Mr Bailey barked You want to do wheels you be here on Monday morning She stayed for 18 years until Mr Bailey retired At first male prejudice both behind and in front of the counter was rife She was told she should be at home looking after her child in 1938 she had married a fellow cyclist Frank Hanlon and had a son and that they would never let a woman build their wheels But Pat Hanlon all five foot of her would let it go over her head She knew she could build wheels better than anyone After leaving Macleans she acquired her own bike shop first in Tottenham north London and then in Palmers Green She ran it single handed her marriage having failed But the shop was just a business She much preferred to be in her workshop with her wheels In the beginning she built all her own Later she could afford to buy in the cheap wheels and concentrate on building the best selling as fast as she could build In 1979 aged 64 Pat Hanlon remarried Jim Clark one of her reps and reluctantly began to contemplate the dreaded day as far as she and her customers were concerned of her retirement Just after she finally shut up shop in 1983 Jim died I think you will find that Les Ephgrave built some of the fancy lugged Hanlons and Stan Pike also built for her Stan s son is still alive and I will see if he can verify this if it is correct Geoffrey Rubins My friend Keith and I knew Pat Hanlon well We spent Saturday afternoons having cakes and tea in Pat s back room at Tottenham Pat was always building wheels and chatting My first two bikes were made there and I am enclosing a photo of my track bike in time trial mode below which was built in the 60 s It was fitted with sprint rims on Campagnolo hubs Cinelli bars and stem Unica Saddle with Campagnolo seat post

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  • R O Harrison bicycles
    Model at 8 12s 6d the Club Model at 9 15s and the New Star Tourer with derailleur gear to choice at 12 12s A really lightweight mount is the Lyta Model that can also be used for road racing specification is of the best and the price is 13 15s I also have an R O H catalogue dated 1949 and it covers the two R O Harrison machines shown The first is the unusual framed Shortwin see image of BB above right described as A new type of Short Wheelbase machine of semi orthodox design is now available built with a D section double down tube giving extreme rigidity to the bracket and welded throughout It has a wheelbase of 39 inches the rear triangle giving ample clearance for 27 wheels yet being only 15 inches long The seat tube angle is such that it gives the normal position of a 71 degree frame The price of the frame is 12 12s 0d and may be fitted to any cycle at prices relative to the standard equipment specified sic The catalogue also lists The Club An all round popular Model for racing or club use or very easily adjusted for Touring a brazed frame with 531 tubing The Meteor For many years the most popular Time Trials model brazed with 531 tubing and beautiful cut out lugs The Lyta A brilliant example of craftmanship using all alloy fitments 531 tubing throughout Sifbronze welded The Continental Suberbe A cycle of Continental Design which has proved very successful for many years brazed with cutout lugs and 531 tubing The Madison A purely track model for grass cement or steeply banked tracks and which has been used in many 6 day Races 531 butted throughout with attractively cut lugs The Super Circuit Called the Acme of Perfection it rightly deserves first place among the celebrities light cutaway lugs and 531 tubing The other R O H shown below is the Madison which is priced at 12 7s 6d in the catalogue They also produced a tandem called the Rigide R O H also produced a custom built steel lapped stem with the insignia of a six pointed star with ROH inside it on the front One is shown on the R O H Shortwin and detailed images below I have tried to decipher the frame numbering system and assume the following Numbers have either six or seven numerals This suggests one or two of them denote the month I make these the first digits followed by one digit for the year and then a four figure serial number For example 1192578 is November of 49 and 213337 is February 1951 Only the last digit of the year is used if this hypothesis is correct Examples of fine lug work on the 1951 R O Harrison Madison track frame The complete machine with inch pitch block chain and sprints R O Harrison Shortwin showing L to R fine brazing and fork crown

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  • Jack Hateley frame buider Wolverhampton
    Website lists five lightweight frames produced by Hateley s Lightweight Cycles as Continental Praha a road racing machine Reynolds 531 DB tubing and fretted Super Champion lugs 27 700 San Georgia sprint rims on Gnutti or Solite hubs The machine is shown with Osgear rear changer and rod double changer at front Warszawa for the clubman with cheaper accessories and mudguards Pavorit a track machine Reynolds 531 DB tubing and classic track equipment with sprints and single fixed gear of course Brooks Narrow or Sprinter saddle and Williams C34 chainset Wroglaw Massed start or long distace race machine built with Reynolds 531 DB tubing and equipped with Simplex 4 or speed changer with double front changer He also listed the Atlanta for the young clubman The unusual names used above may be related to the fact that Joe Spragg riding for Hateley competed in the Warsaw Prague Race in 1950 Percy Stallard also had a model called the Zacopane named after Geoff Clarke s Katowice to Zacopane stage win in Poland As well as lightweights Jack also produced the Hateley Modic which was a folding open framed machine not unlike the later Raleigh 20 shopper cycle However one imagines that his main love was the lightweights as by 1947 he was sponsoring his own racing team in events run under the banner of the British League of Racing Cyclists No doubt his riders would have been Independents racing against many of the larger professional teams In spite of this they performed well in 1949 but as the years passed the professional teams got larger and tended to swamp a lot of League events We have a 1950 Jack Hateley catalogue available under Catalogues and in it he lists the wins of his road racing team in 1949 as 1st Birmingham

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  • Jack Hearne - frame builder and enameller
    installed This was large enough for tandem frames or several normal size frames Jack also became involved in paint spraying and re enamelling customers frames often learning by trial and error the best way to achieve a good finish Old paint was removed from frames by burning off A large flame was played over the frame then was rubbed quickly with a wire brush After that there was a lengthy session with an emery cloth to polish the tubes to a shiny finish Many years later old paint was removed by shot blasting and the frame was held in a cabinet This was time consuming so Jack then built a complete room for shot blasting He had to wear a helmet complete with an air supply similar to that of a deep sea diver due to the dusty atmosphere in the room Jack always did his own paint spraying transfers and lacquering Transfer quality was not so good in the early days and often a frame had to be re sprayed to achieve the best finish One of the London frame builders Les The Filer Sylvester often came to Stoke Poges for a day s work with Jack as did Len Hart who worked with Gillott before joining the management at Dawes Cycles I started work in Jack s shop at the age of 11 years old The first skill I acquired was mending punctures allowed only to use tyre leavers to remove the tyre and fingers to refit it After a while I was shown how to polish the tubes of the newly built frame with a piece of emery cloth Jack insisted that the grain of the polish had to run in the same direction which obviously helped to get a superb finish During the 1950 s and 60 s cycle road racing was on the up and so Jack became involved in that and also encouraged people to try it To help financially he ran a club savings account for the racers to pay in what they could afford so that they could have a new bike straight away Jack s local club was The Chiltern Road Club based at High Wycombe He was President and Race Organiser for many years holding races for amateurs and semi pro s independents Jack Hearne presenting winner s trophy to Brian Tadman winner of 1960 s Stokes Two 1970 s Jack Hearne machines ridden in the Redditch 2 up 25 mile TT Jack later had a custom built shop three miles to the south of the village in Slough This shop had a large showroom for around 120 cycles a workshop in the basement and further work areas at the rear He built his own shot blasting room for the removal of old paint and installed a larger paint spray unit with air extractors The unit enabled him to give the frames a finish second to none During the 1960s many smaller frame building shops sponsored riders for road racing

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  • Hetchins cycles
    and tell you about the fancy lugs and curly stays For this reason there are probably more restored Hetchins than any other make of lightweight such a frame dumped in a skip would be rescued probably within minutes and then passed on to someone for restoration The company was started by Hyman Hetchin in the early 1930s in the East End of London and he was later joined by Jack Denny who was the exponent of the vibrant rear triangle Hyman immediately saw the marketing value of such an idea Hetchins soon became synonimous with extremely elaborate lugwok and of course the curly rear ends which made the frame unmissable even from a distance This was very convenient in the era when any photograph of a machine which showed the makers name could result in the disqualification of the rider As Hetchins were known to help top riders with equipment this meant that they got very good value for their money It would be superfluous for us to provide pages of information on Hetchins in this site as the marque has one of the best sites imaginable www hetchins org We doubt if there is anything known about the marque

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  • Higgins frame builders
    17s 6d but also offered with the top road racing specification of the day as a complete machine for 55 15s 10d including sprints on Gnutti QR hubs Stella chainset Alp or GB brakes and Simplex Tour de France 10 speed gears A cheaper 5 speed model was also available The Higgins El Continenta lugged frame to same angles as Ultralite with cut away Brampton lugs offered for all round work or as a path machine 14 for a frame with lining braze ons and curves seat stay bridge extra The above machines had script down tube transfers giving both the maker and the model such as Higgins El Continenta or Higgins Ultralite The Higgins Path frame either lugged or welded 73 73 round fork with twin plate fork crown offered with close clearance for sprints or for 27 HPs Bronze welded 12 7s 6d or lugged at 15 10s 0d This model was supplied with HIGGINS block down tube transfers The lettering cascading rather than upright The Plus Parfait by Higgins with Italian lugwork giving the machine a Continental character It was offered at 72 72 again supplied to a specification similar to the Ultralite Mass Start Lugwork and fork crown of a Higgins Ultralite Plus Parfait listed in Readers Bikes Top tube transfer for Plus Parfait The Higgins Road and Path Super SWB tandem frame with a curved rear seat tube to enable short wheelbase Different in this case as the curved component of the tube was in fact flat plate as shown below Offered as a double diamond frame or with twin tubes from the front seat cluster to the rear ends in place of the rear down tube for an extra pound Flat short wheelbase rear seat tube on tandem Last but by no means least

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