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  • Simplex JUY 543
    Lowry The Juy 543 shown below is fitted to a 1954 Carlton Jewel It has two outer cables one for tension as per the Juy 51 and one for the gear change Because there are two outer cables there must be two cable stops on the chainstay The two inner cables are joined together by a pinch nut and bolt just ahead of the cable stops Double chainstay stops essential

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  • Simplex Retrofriction levers
    which are quite the nicest I have ever used Robert Miller used a pair in the Tour de France with Campag gears My theory is that the braze on type were imported to fit Campag brazed on lever bosses which were almost universal in the UK hence the centrebolts will not fit Simplex lever bands I actually preferred band on levers as they were more robust and the thread wore very quickly on the Campag brazed on bosses Presumably the Simplex band on had the standard Simplex threading I know Simplex produced standard handlebar end controls in the 1960s but I have never heard of a retrofriction model Incidentally I have used Campag bar end controls for 50 years without realising they had an allen key tightener We always used to tighten them by screwing them in with the leverage of the gear lever How stupid can you get The only drawback to applying leverage clockwise to the campag thumb lever to tighten the internal spring was that it was not very tight and could loosen sometimes when riding Your system seems a lot more stable The other thing I never mastered was threading the internal gear wire around the handlebar control without kinking it and also getting the tiny nipple in the hole I did read an article once possibly in Sporting Cyclist where a Belgian pro team mechanic advised against handlebar controls saying they were unreliable in the rain but I could not understand this as they were universally used by top pros like Rik van Looy and Tom Simpson Martin Vincent tells us You sometimes come across these levers without the Simplex lettering I believe that these were made by Simplex for Mavic and sold as part of the Mavic groupset I have used Simplex retrofriction levers with Campag braze ons without a problem but I think there may have been two alternative types of screw thread available French frames usually had some weird French bicycle thread so Simplex would have had one type for that and another for compatability with Campag Of course you can always swop the original Simplex fastening screws for allen head bolts if compatability is an issue Below is an image showing the component parts of the Retrofriction levers Sadly it doesn t indicate how the spring is located in the body The small piece shown at the left of the top lever and the right of the bottom is the boss for brazing to the frame Band on is shown in three different sizes to match tube diameters Thanks to John Spooner for this image he also has an illustration of the Mavic version Charles Colerich from Oakland USA was inspired to run a check on his Retrofriction levers I ve messed around with Simplex Retrofriction Levers since about 1975 I remembered that there were at least 2 different screw threads used by Simplex to mount their levers back then For some reason I was thinking they were the industry standard

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  • Sturmey Archer hub gears
    There is a great deal of high quality information already available on the web for this manufacturer A selection of the best sources are listed below Tony Hadland s Sturmey Archer pages Sturmey Archer Historical Hub Archive Sturmey Archer Trigger

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  • Classic lightweights template
    calendar Links to related sites Super Champion gears Supplied by Andrew Long Click on image for larger version This may be constrained to screen size and appear identical Click on the image a second time which should produce larger version which may need to be scrolled side to side and up and down as it will be larger than your screen Super Champion page one Super Champion page two Super

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  • Apex pumps and mudguards
    pumps and mudguards Ted Hayward I have recently come across some Apex Inflator Co advertisements for pumps and mudguards in my former school magazine 1935 37 and 1945 They give a good indication of what the company was offering during

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  • Campagnolo special fittings
    available in 1963 Some down tube tunnels have a stop for the front changer cable needed for the early Campag front changers Later versions had tunnels for both front and rear changers these leading the front inner cable directly to the changer without outer cabling The brake cable clip pump peg and chainstay cable stop are long lasting favourites If you have twin bar end levers you will need a

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/components/campag-fittings-comp.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Carradice saddlebags
    s they made gauntlet gloves moped and motorcycle panniers They have added handlebar bags to their range as these have increased in popularity being originally a French innovation The first British reference I can find to a handlebar bag is in the 1936 JA Grose catalogue Carradice continue to make bag supports saddlebag attachments and rainwear made from waxed cotton They have made bags specific to certain cycles for example to fit on a Moulton and more recently for a Brompton a rack top cuboid shape bag The Super C range was introduced in the early 1980 s essentially this was cotton duck brought up to date with the use of nylon inserts zips drawstrings quick release buckles and red trim to give more modern appearance Until the early 1970 s they made bags in two grades 1 Made of thicker cotton duck with aluminium cape strap loops and large leather patch underneath to prevent wear to the carrier mudguard With leather trimming and the option of white stitching 2 Standard material slotted leather cape strap pieces and double material to prevent wear underneath The latter were about 20 cheaper but still had the same good design principles Sometimes there is confusion between what is a Camper or a Nelson as the latter is only slightly smaller The main distinguishing feature is that the former has aluminium cape strap loops whilst the latter has the slotted leather strap pieces Also the Camper is deeper although the width of the bags is the same Some of the model names are based on local places Nelson Kendal and Pendle A solution to the problem of having little space between saddle and carrier was provided by the Low Saddle the side pockets being deeper than the main portion of the bag The earlier version of this was the Low Down illustrated below half saddlebag half pannier In some clubs this was known as the Marble Arch Carradice has always produced a range of small day saddlebags including the Junior without any side pockets Other models include the Cadet and the smallest bag another local name Barley the village about 5 miles from Nelson with the last remaining Clarion Club House nearby From the 1936 catalogue The Lowdonw a solution to the problem of lack of saddle height The Appeal of Cotton Duck There is something peculiarly British about the use of a saddlebag and even more so about using proofed cotton duck Amongst many CTC and RSF Rough Stuff Fellowship members of an older generation they would not consider using anything else The benefits include Waterproof Long lasting I have got 10 years out of a Nelson in almost daily use Does not affect the handling of the bike unlike panniers The long flap means capacity of even a full bag can be expanded Side pocket right size to take a tool kit so no need to root about in the bag for tools the other pocket can be used to carry a

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/components/carradice-components.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Readers' Bikes Component Database
    order of rows I included this as a back up if the order of entries got confused I m not sure it s really necessary now the database is complete but I have left it just in case The next column Column C is the list of marques in alphabetical order In the case of makers who are known by their names and initials I have put their surnames first and initials or 1st names after In the next column Column D is the model of the machine in the next is the year of manufacture and so on through all the attributes and components of each machine Note The file now includes clickable links in Column D Marque which automatically open the entry for that machine where available in the Classic frame builders section Furthermore where there are two entries for the same builder a clickable link is included in Column E Model I have formatted the file with Filters which are accessed by clicking on the little arrows to the right of each column heading Thus if you want to find machines with a particular hub such as a Gnutti with small flanges you click on the arrows to the right of Hubs in Column Q This opens a window with a list of all hubs on all machines In that list simply click on Gnutti S F and all other hubs will disappear at the moment leaving a list of the five machines so equipped When you have satisfied your curiosity you simply click on the little arrows to the right of Hubs again and choose Show All in the window to bring you back to where you started Secondary searches are also possible Having searched for large flange Airlites for example you might decide you want

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