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  • Nolicattaneo pedals
    fetch silly money This advert from a 1961 Sporting Cyclist shows what we are talking about Here in 1961 they were being offered in the bargain basement at less than two thirds price Bryan Clarke adds They are very similar if not identical to Sheffield Sprint shown below They come in a number of versions some with alloy cages but the ones you describe above were made in stainless steel

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  • Nylfor headset
    riders Reminiscences Photo Gallery Ride calendar Links to related sites Nylfor headset Nigel Scott The Nylfor plastic headsets were imported by Holdsworthy and first listed in 1967 68 see image below Sadly I dont have a top locknut for the black set In my experience of these I found they lasted well for what they were Many nuts were probably destroyed by tightening with Mole Grips etc Below is page

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  • Pre-war handlebars
    sites Pre war handlebars The 1939 40 Merlin catalogue illustrated the range of handlebars bends they offered on their machines It provides an insight into some of the shapes used pre war a subject without much reference material Several bars

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  • Shoeplates
    sole of the shoe using short tacks designed for the purpose these usually came with the plates The shoes were used for a ride or two minus plates to enable the pedal to score a mark across the sole It was then a simple matter to position the plates to line up the slot with the mark on the sole In those days many households had a last which was a three legged steel device with different sized foot shapes on the end of each leg appropriately Thanks to Peter Brown for the image of a last The shoe would be pulled over the largest foot to fit minus inner sole and the nails hammered in the last bending over the nail to form something akin to a rivet The inner sole was then replaced and with any luck the nails didn t stick into the sole of your foot The reason so many homes owned a last was that it was common for the man of the house to do any shoe repairs needed by the family The party piece was to hold the set of nails 20 between the lips and take them out one at a time to nail in not a good time to get hiccups or give the wife a friendly kiss The more affluent riders may have had their plates fitted by a local cobbler In the interim period before SPD and Look pedals became the norm plastic soled shoes had threaded bosses moulded into the soles and these were married to much bulkier plastic shoe plates which were bolted to the sole making walking a very inelegant pastime KEN RUSSELL SHOCKSTOP shoeplates made of rubber autographed by Ken Russell I can t imagine they would last long with walking up hills and there

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  • TDC headsets
    a bottom bracket set with cottered axle fitted Invariably the headset would be a Brampton Alatet or the S type continental headset made by T D Cross This manufacturer also produced two cheaper versions the Super and Standard K types At the 1960 Earl s Court Cycle Show TDC launched two new styles of headset called the Prima and Italia in an attempt to compete with the TA Professionnel and

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/components/tdc-clarke-comp.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Titan stems and bars
    80s The earliest examples I have heard of had TYPE in caps over Maes in upper and lower case script on the left and GB in upper case script over ENGLAND in small caps on the right The first pre war stems had two locating pins underneath to stop the ferrule rotating on the bars Many of the Titan stems are date stamped on the underside Some have aluminium bolts for the expander and bar clamps Early Titan bar stem sets note alloy bar clamp bolt with engravings on the ferrules as follows Tour de France S Maes and Depose on the left side plus Champione du Monde M Kint and Brevette on the right The later 50s version engravings are more pictorial having an engraved globe on the left side with M Kint across the Equator and A Schotte underneath the globe On the right hand side they have an outline map of France with S Maes across the middle and Depose Brevette across the bottom Titan also produced an underslung Titan track stem and track bend bar From mid 50 s the name Van Steenbergen was added to A Schotte and S Kint I believe there are other

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/titan.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Toeclips (all clipped in)
    to the classic Christophe designs 1 The Piano Wire Good examples are the Oppy named after Hubert Opperman the Australian Tour de France and End to End rider and Resto both made by Cyclo from the late 30 s until the end of 50 s Note the model for use with rubber pedals Also in this style the Python by Constrictor As they had a flexible joint they need to be fitted to the rear of the front pedal block plate see below Paturaud a French company who only made toeclips and straps offered a Coureur model available into the mid 60 s which was in the Christophe shape Image left Paturard clips were not very durable which explains why not many survived and the high prices they command on eBay A Birmingham company Catos right made a range including an adjustable piano wire design Their advertisements are a regular feature in the Cycling Press for over 40 years until the 1980 s Note the distinctive trade make of the extended C 2 The Adjustable The image left shows an example from the 1931 Cycle Show produced by Ashby With the aid of serrations the clip could be adjusted to fit the exact shoe size The one illustrated has an amazing 16 different positions Ashby continued to make an adjustable clip until the 1970 s under the name wanderlust although the clip was of the Christophe pattern Paturaud also made a number of clips to this design The drawback to this design was that the toeclip could come loose or alternatively rust up solid Also the elongated toestrap slot meant the toestrap was loose and could twist making shoe entry difficult 3 Other variants GB produced a clip the Professional with a wider base right Unlike Christophe the toestrap slot was not riveted something they stressed in advertising as an advantage British club cyclists regarded this as far more rust resistant than the Christophe John Vaughan a Director of Dawes Cycles mentioned this in one of his highly regarded technical features in the CTC magazine Cycletouring among the few British components which are superior to imported ones are GB toeclips The reason for this of course is that they are made from stainless steel Apart from being virtually unbreakable they are non rusting GB for some reasons do not make any short ones so I fit Christophe to my wife s bike Within a few months the Christophe are red with rust while the GB are as bright as the day they were purchased The choice is yours as long as you do not have small feet 2 GB clips were made from 1954 for over 30 years although latterly only in one size long Surely the most fancy design was the Constrictor Boa left which must be the leading contender for toeclip as art clip art Unfortunately they were rather fragile The last Constrictor clip early 60 s had a gold finish being made from bronze Christophe Paturaud and

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  • Unica saddle
    related sites Unica saddle Nigel Scott The Unica Made in Italy Nitor saddle with sliding rails mounted to the special seatpost is shown in the two images below Its in the RonKit cat 1963 pp66 Model 1960 saddle with patented micro adjusting pillar the accessory that is guaranteed to improve your performance typical RonKit exaggeration Does not appear to be connected with Cinelli back then as their products are listed

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