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  • Baines International TT (Flying Gate) - 1949
    International TT Flying Gate 1949 Owned by Tim Dawson Frame 1949 Baines International TT Flying Gate Original enamel transfers lining Wheels Conloy Asp 27 HP rims on Airlite LF hubs Chainset BSA single 1 8 Pedals BSA Gears Fixed single Brakes GB Hiduminium Stem Bars Cinelli track Saddle Non period Brooks Professional Extra details I will be turning the chainwheel around to the correct position shortly Seat tube panel showing

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/baines49-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Baines 'Pennine' Variable - 1936/7
    tube transfers supplied by Derek Athey who obtained them from Willy Baines just prior to the shop closing in the early 60s Down tube re created from the image in the catalogue image below Wheels Constrictor Boa alloy 26 x 1 rims on Airlite Continental g fixed solid axle Chainset Williams C1000 possibly the only item of origional equipment Pedals Lyotard rat trap Gears Super Champion Mondial 45 3 speed

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/baines-browne-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Bates BAR 1944-5
    and lug lining Repainted by Mario Vaz Wheels 26 x 1 Weinmann Alloy HP rims on Racelite LF G F hubs Chainset Chater Lea steel chainset with round cranks 42 x 3 32 chainring Pedals Brampton B8 pedals with Christophe toe clips and straps Gears Simplex Tour de France 4 speed with Simplex lever 4 speed Regina block 15 24 teeth Brakes Early Burlite levers and stirrups Stem Bars GB

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/BatesBAR1944.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Bates BAR - 1948
    sites Bates BAR 1948 Owned by Keith Hellon Frame 1948 Bates BAR Frame no U12002 Seat tube 22 Top tube 23 WB 41 Wheels Sun alloy 26 rims on SA Harden hubs Chainset Stronglight steel 3 arm with 52T ring Pedals Constrictor Cobra Gears Sturmey Archer ASC with 18T sprocket Brakes GB Hiduminium side pull Stem Bars GB Hiduminium 2 with Alloy Bailey bars Headset Clip type Saddle Wrights modified

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/kh-batesbar-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Bates BAR 1950
    etc Frame Bates BAR frame no U2U 14483 dates the frame as September 1950 checked with Martin Coopland seat tube 23 top tube 23 wheelbase 41 frame renovation in Oxford Blue and Silver by Vaz Finishes lugs outlined in white Wheels Conloy rims 26x1 0n Racelite 32H front hub Sturmey Archer ASC 40H rear hub Chainset Stronglight cranks Aluvac 46T chainring Bayliss Wiley bottom bracket Pedals Philips Philite unknown but very interesting toe clips Boeris straps Does anyone know what these toe clips are see picture Gears Sturmey Archer ASC 3 speed fixed hub January 1950 Brakes GB Coureur Hidiminium Stem Bars Cinelli badged chrome stem with GB Ventoux handlebars Headset Stronglight Saddle Brooks B17F on Titan alloy seat pin Special thanks to Neil Foddering for the gift of the seat pin Acccording to Hilary Stone the B17F was introduced in late 1952 so it s almost period correct Extra details Chossy saddlebag Brooks bag support Bluemels Airweight mudguards Special Features Constrictor front fork lamp bracket F H Grubb fork mounting bracket for Lucas cyclometer PROJECTS I need to re route the Sturmey controls along the down tube and seat stay so that I can fit the very nice 19

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/bates-bar-damper-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Bates BAR 1956
    to the rims like glue Finally I swopped the four speed Moyne block with its time trial 16 22 gearing for a five speed 14 28 This is far more suitable for hilly terrain The Simplex Tour de France rear mech seems to cope with this wider range although I have been told that the cage in this position is fitted upside down Seems to work okay though Features that make it special What attracts me to Bates as a marque is the innovative and effective design of the frame Bates claimed that their cycles had the perfect combination of lightness and rigidity and this they achieved through the use of cigar shaped Cantiflex tubing with a larger diameter in the middle of the tube than at each end It s a cunning way of making the tubes stiffer without adding weight and results in a machine that is light agile and sure footed Also the unusual Diadrant forks with an S shaped bend are claimed to be more compliant than the conventional style so rider comfort is retained Neat attention to detail can be seen in the unusual mudguard mountings and on my machine the chrome plated drop outs This particular machine is special not just because of the frame design but also because all the components complement the frame perfectly Also they are in excellent original condition the chrome plating on the Williams chainset and the Simplex derailleur is all original while the period Bluemels Lightweight mudguards appear never to have seen any rain let alone mud The Reynolds stem is a rare item as are the hubs The rear is a Powell and the front is thought to be a Shelwin and features Harden wingnuts Note the very unusual bevelled flange where the spokes attach to the

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/batesbar56.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Readers' Bikes: classic bikes and their details
    tube 22 wheelbase 40 frame renovation in Gullwing Grey and Black by Vaz Finishes Frame bought in September 2007 Wheels Solite 32H front hub Solite 40H rear hub Alumlite rims 26 x 1 Michelin Sport tyres Chainset Williams C34 46T chainring Bayliss Wiley bottom bracket Pedals Chater Lea sprint Cyclo Oppy toe clips Christophe straps Gears Herailleur 3 speed Cyclo 16 19 22 block giving gear ratios of 74 8

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/bates-damper-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Bates Vegrandis 1951
    road rear ends Bates mudguard eyes pump pegs under top tube cable guide BB plus cable stop on chainstay 23 top tube 11 bottom bracket height 17 chainstays 40 wheelbase Wheels Harden large flange Bacon Slicer hubs 32 40 rear single fixed 15 17 double butted spokes Conloy Asp HP rims Continental tyres Chainset Chater Lea fluted cranks 6 with 46T ring TDC Bottomracket Pedals Chater Lea with Christophe toe

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/BatesVegrandis1951.html (2016-02-09)
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