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  • Claud Butler catalogue 1938
    can be scrolled up and down and side to side for easier reading This a very high quality print for a pre war catalogue and there is a lot of useful detail in the images as well as in the printed specifications The machines listed are interesting as they show the transition from the earlier 1930s slack angled machines to the steeper angles that were to be fashionable in the

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  • Bill Philbrook - frame builder
    Meridian Cycles alongside Youngs of Lewisham but perhaps one of the most extraordinary customers was C K of Penge a new manifestation of Claud Butler and his nephew Keith one of his attempts to re launch himself Pete Holland was persuaded by Claud to see his builder for a track frame in the mid 60s Bill was to build for Harry Perry and Ken Bird amongst others but no record of this activity survives Sands and Bogdanowicz both mention a small punch mark that was placed under the right chainstay to identify frames built for others and this is corroborated by Keith Perry However owning a Meridian and a Grandini known to have been built by Bill and a number of other frames which were strong candidates I found none in this location However the punch marks do exist but just not in this location but once identified are consistently in the same place providing a eureka moment when discovered Left Head lugs and seat cluster on Bettina Selby s Grandini Right Meridian head lugs and fully flush fork crown Below Seat cluster on Selby s Grandini Bill s Frame Building Record Book and Practice Mary writes on a post it note It was an old Railway Drivers Time Book an Uncle of mine gave to Bill he was always going to get a new one but never did as you can see The black parts are because the book was well worn and a bit greasy as it was always in the workshop We moved to Gillingham in May 1959 This book was started for Bill s own frames in 1960 The book contains the frame numbers on the left followed by ten columns of measurement details The name and address of the customer appear on the opposite page The last full entry is for a tandem frame no 332862 Generally speaking it is a sequential number followed by the year and then the month of build Entry for my frame from Bill s frame workshop book Some years look very lean with only five frames listed but he probably had unrecorded trade work to supplement it However Bill was also known to be slow but precise Sands states Although there was always a waiting list typically 6 8 months a favoured customer could get a frame in just over a week if it was wanted for a special event All work was carried out on the premises including the stove enamelling This was carried out in a converted metal cupboard according to Norman Interviewed in a Seattle newspaper Jeff Lyon who worked alongside Bill from 1974 until 1981 stated I could tell he was somebody different right away If it took him 80 hours to complete work for which he d only get paid forty he d do it Unfortunately he was a bit slow sometimes I remember once a fellow brought him a frame for some braze on work and painting It took him so long that

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  • W H (Bill) Hurlow
    to what could be best described as a personality clash He started to build frames under his own name but did in fact also continue to supply Condor with frames until about 1968 Two views of head lugs on a Bill Hurlow track frame owned by Flash of Hetchins website fame More images from Flash of his Hurlow Condor showing fine lugwork He continued to produce frames under the name of Bill Hurlow for many years to come and to this day the Mal Rees Rameles a Bill Hurlow top of the range Condor or of course a Bill Hurlow frame is highly regarded by collectors of Classic Cycles Two examples of Bill s lugwork on Derek Athey s Condor listed in Readers Bikes When researching this piece it was mentioned in several places that it was a day s work for B H to cut a set of lugs from blanks This is the true hallmark of a craftsman as they are so sure handed that they can work very fast and very accurately producing elaborate lugwork in the time it would take a lesser craftsman to produce a much simpler version Bill was a keen time triallist himself He rode for Galena CC and later for the Marlborough C AC and was to post some very respectable times that would shame many of us He was still cycling quite recently and even visiting the States to get some warm weather training He is always made welcome over there as his work is as highly regarded over the pond as it is in the UK Marlboro C A C medal won by Bill Hurlow on 3 July 1949 30 mile time trial in 1 hour 19 minutes 33 seconds The Condor Years A Panorama of British Cycling 1945 2000 author Peter Whitfield mentioned above published 2005 is a very useful book for anyone interested in the history of cycling in the UK Although it could be said that the main subject of the book is the riders of the period it tells enough of the whole cycling scene to make it a read which is very hard to put down once started Here are two suberb images of Bill Hurlow s lugwork H R Morris was another builder known to incorporate his initials into the head lugs Not all the frames built by Bill Hurlow had lugs which were as elaborate as the ones above He did produce some very well built frames with simpler lug patterns and even brazed some with no lugs at all A 1972 frame constructed using the simpler Prugnat lugs frame number 1725 middle two numbers denote year Quality brazing shown here on a 1967 frame which was built with shot in rear stays the frame number is 1671 The W B Hurlow lettering on this 1971 frame down tube was done by a signwriter employed by Bill A superb example of the craft Barrie Carter Roundham Somerset I left school at 14 and

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/hurlow.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Skeates cycle
    The Features that make it special I have been aware of Pat Skeates for a few years now this is the only large Skeates frame that I know of It has it s original tired old paintwork and faded transfers What I admire about Skeates is the fine workmanship hand cut lugs and a delicate fork crown One of the great artists that had his shop in South London for just a few years probably from about 1950 to 1955 What might be unique among lugged frames is an oversize top tube Not uncommon on lugless or bi laminate frames but has anyone seen another lugged frame with this feature Head and seat lugs with 1 1 8 top tube plus scalloped topeyes Since no such lugs exist Pat Skeates had to re model the two top lugs to be capable of taking the larger tubing This is a really very useful feature on a large frame as it makes the frame stronger This engineers approach to a problem is one that I really appreciate It also has a low bottom bracket a feature that I like on a large frame Note how much the chainstays drop towards the BB Anything else Every example of his workmanship that I ve seen has been remarkable few lightweight builders have distinctive features but all of the Skeates frames that I have seen have have all three of the following features 1 Both rear triangle bridges are curved 2 Convex seat stay top eyes 3 Distinctive diamond shaped brake bridge reinforcing Note my favorite round oval road chain stays the large diameter seat stays and the unusual but top quality Made in Italy OMT forged dropouts Front and rear ends with Italian OMT forged dropouts plus the ubiquitous Airlite hubs The complete machine

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/skeates-avt-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • CDean CCycles
    a lot about it thus is history lost Maybe one of this web site s viewers remembers this unique cycle and can add more The Features that make it special When I bought this machine I knew nothing at all about Fred Dean What I saw was an exceptionally finely finished frame whoever had ordered it new knew exactly what he wanted and didn t just follow fashion This frame was built for time trialing and was built from new to take the Campag Paris Roubaix gear that was already a decade into the past This gear totally unique among derailleur gears has no roller resistance and thus is felt to be faster It is more than possible that the original owner was a disciple of Dave Keeler who also saw and used this advantage as in a time trial the slower gear change is not a problem as very few changes would be made during the event Left Twin plate fork crown with reinforcing tang Right Seat stay brake bridge Since owning this machine I too have read up on Fred Dean and now know that he was a highly rated frame builder who also raced using this gear In Great Britain all chrome frames were rare particularly road frames our climate is not kind to them and they are prone to rusting This machine must have been kept indoors as the chrome is as good as you can expect from a machine 50 years old Anything else When I first saw this machine it was the fine lug work detailing that registered the way the chainstays were fitted into the BB shell and the reinforcing sleeves behind the front fork blades all trade marks of a conscience builder Beyond the gear the other equipment is as you would

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/dean-avt-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Colnago Super
    Campag hubs Chainset Campagnolo Super Record double chainset pantographed titanium axle 53 42 rings Pedals Super Record pedals and clips with cloverleaf cutout in clips Gears Super Record front and rear changers with titanium bolts Levers filed wafer thin Close ratio 6 speed block Brakes Super Record black sidepulls anodised Stem Bars 3T TTT Colnago pantographed stem and bars Saddle Assos perforated suede Extra details The bike is very light

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  • Hawkes frame and cycle builders
    in East Ham 331 Barking Road East Ham After war service Albert s older brother Lewis had also trained in metal working and later joined the business to help run the two shops It was said that if Albert was the craftsman behind Hawkes lightweights then Lewis a likeable and outgoing character worked wonders with customers at the counter A good team Of the many shop boys employed Horace Bates went on to establish his own successful cycle business Old man Arthur now left his sons on the tools and used his considerable skills wheeling and dealing at London suppliers To meet demands throughout the depression the brothers worked inhumanly long hours to support their young families Albert his wife Hilda and daughter Doreen lived above the shop at 323 No time was then wasted opening and closing the business which included Sundays after a 60 mile club run Daughter Doreen grew up with cycles could build wheels out ride some of the young men and was shown how to use the service revolver kept to deter looters all before she was 18 Doreen went on to win club trial medals in the 1950s on her own hand built machine Albert holding daughter Doreen at the start of a time trial 1949 During world war two the shops were bomb damaged but business went on at a pace During and after the war the brothers custom built cycles for serviceman who had lost use of their limbs The swinging crank proved particularly effective Arthur Hawkes died in 1952 leaving a well oiled and much respected concern Cyclist and workaholic Albert saw business sense to remain fully involved with the local clubs and later became president of the Hainault Roads club The Becontree wheelers and vice president of Eastern counties cycling association He was scrutineer at the post war Olympic trials See photo Albert Hawkes scrutineer at Olympic trials 1948 As a young boy in the 1960s I was often taken to see Grandpa Albert and Uncle Lew at work in the Barking Road work shops The rooms were unchanged since the 1930s I recall all kinds of bench machinery and bundles of 531 on ancient mahogany shelving Later as a teenager I proudly time trialled early Hawkes one with wood rimmed sprints The brothers retired and closed all business in 1966 Lew died in 1974 In 1984 a dozen senior members of the Hainault turned up on their cycles to attend Albert and Hilda s 60th wedding anniversary Albert died peacefully one year later His own Hawkes lightweight mysteriously vanished soon after Page from pre war catalogue Detail from page above Arthur Hawkes founder of Hawkes Cycles C 1912 Hawkes advert December 1954 The Bicycle Hawkes Decals Hawkes used two types of down tube transfer L A Hawkes in a small script and a very large Hawkes script in various colours edged in black Both versions are found on the pre war frames as above The oval head and seat

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  • Rudge Aero Special cycle
    presumably decided to mount Patterson on a Rudge to promote this line as Reg Harris would be on his familiar Raleigh and expected to seal the Sprint event Being a specialist pursuit bike the frame was made as light as possible with the Harris chain stay reinforcing omitted and set with a longer wheel base After the title win it was returned to Raleigh for display purposes and may have been repainted by them at some point unknown It was obtained by Harris Raleigh expert Denis Wright via a Raleigh employee after their collection was dispersed It remained with Denis until 2012 when he decided to thin his stock Feeling that the bike possibly had more significance to Australian enthusiasts he kindly offered it to me yes please was the instant reply From period photographs it seems Patterson used one of the tool room Raleigh head stems which seem to be rarer than the special frames themselves apart from missing that item the parts are correct It seems the world title may have been the only event the frame was used for Interestingly Raleigh retained ownership of their special race bikes even Reg Harris returned all his gear when he retired but several did get away at the time Oscar Plattner s World Championship one went out the back door with Harris assistance and at least one other a Rudge Sid Patterson was always the danger man in any track event so a second Rudge was supplied to him to maximise publicity this one to standard Harris Sprint specifications Sid returned to Australia at the end of the 1953 European track season and bought that bike with him He contested the Australian summer track carnivals dressed in Rudge monogrammed clothing much to his Australian Sponsor Malvern Star s chagrin Perhaps

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