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  • Pat Hanlon - late 70's/early 80's
    Extra details Italian Emmepi Aerodynamic bottle and cage This frame was Pat Hanlon s own and was built for her by Tom Board in the time after she had closed her shop but was doing some trading from home The frame is 19 which befits her small stature and Tom Board blended the two head lugs into one to give a clean appearance She fitted it with Campagnolo equipment so I have built it as it was when new in what we estimate to be late 70 s to early 80 s The frame has no frame number I had in my collection a Pat Hanlon which was too large for me but I kept it as I admired the work on it see image right My spy in London told me that there was a tiny Hanlon frame at Mario Vaz s shop which was in primer it was too small for the owner Peter Huke but he wanted to preserve it as he had lived near Pat s shop and knew her well He had purchased the frame from Mark Stevens of the V CC who bought it from a close friend of Pat Hanlons We got in touch and found that my own frame fitted Peter and a swap was done as we both realised that the frames would be well looked after by their new owners both fans of Hanlon I was told by one of Pat s former employees that her own racy machine was finished in purple Another friend says that she never actually raced but owned both a touring machine and this sporty one We managed to get a set of original Hanlon transfers but after the frame was finished we found that the frames she sold from home were fitted with simple

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/hanlon-pk-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Pat Hanlon 1973
    21 spearpoint lugs forks oval to round gold with blue head and blue yellow seat tube panel which is colours of Rosslyn Ladies CC Frame number 203073 1973 Wheels 700c Mavic Module E2 rims on Campag SF GS hubs 36 36 with Wolber tyres Chainset Stronglight cottered steel chainset with fluted cranks and 46 36 x 3 32 TA chainrings on converter Pedals Alloy MKM quill with Christophe toe clips

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/PatHanlon1973.html (2016-02-09)
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  • R O Harrison Super Circuit - 1939
    Conloy rims on Airlight small flange hubs fixed free Constrictor Conloy alloy wingnuts Chainset Williams C1000 Racer Pedals Lyotard Racing No 240 Christophe toeclips Oppy straps Gears Super Champion Osgear 3 speed model Course Cyclo 16 19 23 3 speed block for 1 2 x 1 8 chain Brakes Steel Bowden Touriste Super Sport steel racing Stem Bars Chrome steel Pelissier bars on Accles Pollock steel stem Headset Chater Lea Saddle Brooks B17 Narrow on alloy seat pin Extra details Bluemels Noweight celluloid pump and No 6 Spearpoint mudguard extension Chater Lea lamp bracket Adie rear reflector The Harry Grant Super Circuit was Harrison s top of the range massed start model priced at 14 14s the other massed start models were the Harry Grant Continental which was specified with a simpler lug pattern and the Continental with less expensive equipment although it came with a three speed Osgear as standard The Super Circuit was specified in the catalogue with Simplex 3 speed or to order and the original owner of mine opted for the Osgear Harrison was one of the earliest makers to offer a Continental style model the Harry Grant Continental model was described in the April 15

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/harrison-super-circuit-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • RO Harrison Shortwin 1949
    wheelbase 15 chainstays 73 head angle 71 equivalent seat tube angle twin down tubes D section Reynolds 531 DB tubing Wheels 27 Conloy Asp rims on 32 40 Harden double fixed hubs with 15 17g spokes Chainset Chater Lea with 7 cranks 48t chainring Pedals Chater Lea with Christophe toe clips and Binda straps Gears Single fixed Brakes GB Hiduminium brake and lever Stem Bars R O Harrison lapped steel

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/ROHarrisonShortwin1949.html (2016-02-09)
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  • R O Harrison Track bike
    tube panel with Olympic bands lugs lined in gold 7 8 round forks with two plate crown 16 chainstays 40 wheelbase Wheels Airlite large flange hubs 32 40 rear double fixed 15 17 double butted spokes Fiamme sprint rims 27 tubular tyres Chainset Chater Lea fluted cranks 6 24 tooth inch pitch block or 47 x 1 8 ring on Chater Lea bottom bracket with Reynolds inch pitch block chain

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/roharrisontrack.html (2016-02-09)
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  • R O Harrison cycle
    flange hubs 40 32 15 17G spokes Chainset Chater Lea twin arm cranks with C L 46T ring on Chater Lea BB axle Pedals Chater Lea with Christophe toeclips and straps Gears Campagnolo 5 speed Gran Sport with down tube lever Brakes GB Superhoods with Coureur stirrups Stem Bars GB Spearpoint stem with GB Maes bars Brampton Alatet headset Saddle Brooks B17 Swallow on alloy domed seatpin Extra details This R O Harrison was acquired on 17 12 2012 from Colin Colrop who purchased it from the original owner a keen racing man in 1958 The frame had recently been sprayed with rattle can there was no trace of original paint on it and it was built up with non period equipment Colin remembered the down tube transfer only The frame has now beens resprayed by Marion Vaz in Salmon Pink with white head tube and lug lining we were able to retain the chrome ends which is all that remained of the original finish I am having discussion with the Marque Enthusiast as to which model this is old catalogues are indistinct and it is not possible to identify the lugs from them Lyta was the top model at

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/harrison-underwood-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Hayson cycle
    special The frame itself is just a good example of a 1930 s sporting cycle with open ended rear drop outs this is the original black finish with only a head and seat tube transfer There is no visible frame number but there may well be one under the thick paint of the marked Chater Lea bottom bracket A sign of quality is the Chater Lea headset just look at the clear makers marks and condition chromed fork crown and forks stays Note the patent Chater Lea Q R dropouts and matching Chater Lea disc adjusting hubs with hollow axles this is the only cycle that I have ever owned fitted with them both front and rear The front forks both have holes only at the ends one threaded and one clearance The wheel axle is hollow a skewer slides through and screws into the fork drop out Un screw it withdraw it and the wheel drops out as easy as that Note the choice of two holes for the similar rear dropouts By removing the rear wheel replacing it the other way around and returning the skewer but to the second hole the new wheel position accounts for a 2 teeth sprocket difference Ever so simple and quick this was one of the most successful Q R wheel systems before Campag type Q R was available See removable lamp bracket high up on the fork blade note the earlier type fitting not the later universal type Note the clearly marked Bluemels Raylight rear reflector and celluloid covered handlebars the swan neck stem the exotic Constrictor Cobra brakes The Brooks B19 Saddle has bag loops cut into the leather and the Brooks clip clearly marked Brooks both of these are pre war features The B19 was a longer version of

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/bikes/hayson-avt-rb.html (2016-02-09)
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  • Jack Hearne 1964
    Weinmann 27 x 1 rims on LF alloy hubs Regina block 13 14 15 17 18 19 Chainset Campagnolo 52 42 Pedals MKS Campag copy to be replaced Gears Campag front and rear Nuovo Record Brakes Early Campagnolo Stem Bars Ambrosio stem with Giro d Sicilia bars Headset Stronglight Saddle Brooks Professional Notes Frame found in very poor hand painted condition but restored to mid sixties state Jack Hearne Cycles

    Original URL path: http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/jackhearne.html (2016-02-09)
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