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  • Witcomb 1958
    Carter Frame Witcomb 1958 frame no 17858 531 tubing and Prugnat lugs Plain dropouts Wheels Campag Gran Sport Alloy Small Flange Q R with Fiamme HP 27 X 1 1 4 Rims I bought these wheels from GR Read for 5 7s 6d in 1965 Rebuilt in 1980 div Chainset Campagnolo Record Pedals Lyotard pedals with Christophe Clips Gears Campag Nuovo Record front and rear with Gran Sport Bar end

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  • Witcomb L'Avenir Mk.II - 1966
    Reynolds 531 plain gauge tubing and was built by Barrie Witcomb Wheels Campag Record Large Flange Q R with Mavic MA3 rims Chainset Campagnolo Gran Sport Pedals Campagnolo Gran Sport with Christophe clips Gears Campag Nuovo Record front and rear gears Brakes Mafac Racer Stem Bars Ambrosia stem with GB Maes bars Saddle Brooks Professional Extra details I bought this frame in 1966 from Witcombs It was built in Nov

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  • Woodrup - 1962
    Wheelers R R in 1963 Unfortunately Stan passed away 6 months after he gave me the bike Frame Woodrup 1962 seat tube and top tube 22 Wheels Mavic sprint rims on Campagnolo small flange quick release hubs Chainset Campagnolo Gran Sport Pedals Campagnolo Gran Sport Gears Campagnolo Gran Sport front and rear Brakes Mafac Centre pull Stem Bars GB alloy stem with GB Maes bars Saddle Milremo Professional Extra details Resprayed by Chris Marshall ex Pennine Cycles of Keighley for the original owner in 2005 Maurice Woodrup set up his business in 1947 after learning his trade with Bob Jackson He was a superb frame builder giving meticulous attention to the finest detail and many top Leeds riders scored wins in both road races and time trials on his machines He sponsored an independent team in the early 1960s comprised mainly of 1st category Leeds riders but on the list of riders from the 1965 Huddersfield Examiner 2 day Cycle Race below it is interesting to see that future Tour de France rider Pete Ryalls rode for the team The two other riders are John Clay father of Jon Clay and Dave Hamilton who beat Barry Hoban in the Girlington

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  • Readers' Bikes: classic bikes and their details
    531 tubing Continental long point lugs 5 8 seatstays with wrapover tops 3 4 chrome front and rear Cinelli sloping fork crown Wheels AVA sprint rims on Zeus hubs 36 36 Chainset Campag Strada Super Record chainset 52 42 with Campag BB Pedals Milremo pedals Christophe clips and Binda straps Gears Campag Record front mech Nuovo Record rear mech Regina 5 speed block 14 16 18 21 25 Brakes Galli

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  • Brighton to Glasgow 1947
    in order to to reproduce some here To judge by the images 1946 must have been the year of the Osgear Programme cover from Derek Browne s collection of BLRC memorabilia Frank Raine Polhill 2nd from right with Osgear as have riders either side of him Evelyn Hamilton fastens number to her team rider Alfred Strom from Australia Rider from the Polish team who were from the Polish army stationed in the UK Two riders with badges on chest some of the few without Osgear Same two riders but taken with two different people one a rider Wolverhampton R C C team with Osgears Three more team riders with Osgears John Bowles Medway V C On seeing this image above of John Bowles Bryan Clarke says At last a photo of Johnny Bowles aged 23 with his bike at the start of the 1946 Brighton to Glasgow race The initials on his jersey spell M V C Medway Velo Club He also participated in the 1948 Brighton to Glasgow race with fellow student Thomas R Foord His entry in the programme for that year states 57 A P C F A BOWLES Amateur 2nd King of the Mountains Brighton Glasgow

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  • Memories of Blackpool Road Club
    was a fixed wheel Hercules Kestrel which was the hack bike used to go to work before his work took him to Manchester Phil relates that he used to meet up with Stuart Buchanan the Scottish junior 25 mile T T Champion on his morning commute out to Squires Gate They worked different hours so he did not see him in the evening Phil remembers Stuart as being very quick and a user of gears Right Bernard Dewhust competing in the Blackpool RC 50 TT 1951 His second machine was a 24 inch Holdsworth Cyclone Roadpath which was ordered via John Hall It was a custom build the frame colour being white with dark blue head and seat panel forty and a quarter inch wheelbase 23 inch top tube 74 degree head tube and 73 degree seat tube This frame had mudguard eyes with clearance for mudguards His last machine was a 24 inch Holdsworth Zephyr which was a road bike and fitted with a 4 speed Osgear under the bottom bracket Frame colour was duck egg blue with black head and seat panel The frame had no braze ons except for pump pegs Phil says this was a cheaper model of frame than the Cyclone and he rode this bike in the Shap Fell road Race in 1955 Bike was fitted with Airlite hubs can t remember the rims GB brakes GB steel stem and Madison bars like Maes only deeper Sprints for time trials were Fiamme rims on Harden hubs or Fiamme rims on Airlite small flange hubs Spokes were not tied and soldered Phil also raced on wired ons Michelin 25s on Dunlop Superlite chromed steel rim and Airlite small flange hubs Sprints were carried in sprint holders either side of the front wheel Phil had a 1hr 0mins in a 25 mile time trial on wired ons and Roland Duckett beat the hour riding wired ons in the same event Races were time trials and fields of 120 riders were the norm Phil states it was very hard to get entry to an open event without a time Entries were sorted prior to the event The first man off in an event was always a rider from the promoting club The fastest rider went off at 60 on the starting sheet next fastest at 30 and then 90 then the other 10 marks then 5 marks and the remaining spaces filled with other riders Riders couldn t compete in open events until aged 18 Second class open events were run to allow riders to compete to get times and some clubs promoted second class events where there was a very large entry Blackpool RC didn t promote any open events but it did run club events Any open event entry was judged on the applicant s fastest time and entries could be returned with a note to state that entries closed at a certain time for the event e g 50 mile T T entries closed

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  • The Allin/Grubb story
    character so with the prestigious name of Grubb on the bikes and the likeable nature and business acumen of Ching the bikes were an instant hit complete with the then revolutionary quick release The earliest reference I can now verify is Cycling March 4th 1920 p XVI GRUBB RACING CYCLES with the simplest quickest form of quick release wheels Allin Grubb 132 Whitehorse Road Croydon Funnily there is also an advert in the same issue for F H Grubb 250 London Road Croydon just around the corner from Allin Grubb and Fred s advert says no connection with any other firm so it would seem they had already parted company or all was not quite well Next is Cycling September 30th 1920 page XI THE ORIGINAL GRUBB CYCLES with quick release wheels NOTE OUR NAME AND ADDRESS 132 Whitehorse Road Croydon Another ad in1920 was December 23rd page xii WILL ALL RIDERS OF ORIGINAL GRUBB CYCLES from Allin Grubb kindly forward us news of all their successes on road and path for 1920 For our private information Details on no account to be used for advertising Allin Grubb as previous address On the opposite page is an advert for F H Grubb NOT THE ONLY DROPOUT BUT THE ONLY GENUINE QUICK RELEASE I was told many moons ago by Bill Bush and Len James former stalwarts of the Southern Veteran Cycling Club that there was one hell of a row between Ching Allin and Fred Grubb over who originally designed the drop out and quick release on the Grubb bicycle Apparently Fred Grubb wanted all the credit as his name had top billing on the bikes they were making and Ching was annoyed by this staking a claim for Charley Davey who was Fred s money man and the designer of the original QR We know that they parted some time in 1920 and both had separate shops by then In Cycling August 24th 1922 page X DAVEY CYCLES quality quick release quick attach quick service quite the best A H Allin 132 Whitehorse road Croydon also in this issue is a Grubb advert expounding the GRUBB QUICK RELEASE Finally the only other Cycling I have is May 11th 1922 page XII Davey Cycles Quick Release Quick Attach all British design A H Allin late Allin Grubb 132 Whitehorse Road Croydon and on page X F H Grubb the New F H GRUBB Quick Release Fork End no adjusters no loose washers no hollow spindles no bolts in frame Allin Cycles had moved in 1946 to its present home 57 59 Whitehorse Road For 30 of their 34 years Peter Cobb was their frame builder Ching was the mechanic and Stan was the salesman as he was not keen on the mechanical side Interestingly Stan Butler was an Olympic cyclist and in the 1932 Los Angeles games he came 17th in the 100k time trial He rode on Constrictor wooden rims shod with Constrictor 50 s tubs which weighed 12

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  • Norwood Paragon 1921
    novice in the first 25 miles Handicap Arch Allin gave a Gold Medal to the fastest rider in the 50 miles Handicap G Taylor gave a Gold Medal to the winner of the Dunlop Cup G Webb gave a Gold Centred Medal to the rider who makes 2nd fastest time in the 100 miles Handicap J Smith will give a Gold Medal to any member who competes in the 4 Open Events on the Road namely the Catford 50 S C C U 50 Syd Gray 100 and Anerley 12 hours Advertisers in the Handbook were Fred Mayne Ladies and Gentlemen s Tailor 185 Sydenham Road North Croydon Sports Suits a Speciality Allin and Grubb 132 Whitehorse Road Croydon Makers of the Davey Racing Cycles and the original Grubb Cycles So the scene was set for the opening of the 1921 season on May 21st with the 25 miles handicap The first race under the name of the Norwood Paragon since August 1914 and some ways nothing had changed George Colget put up fastest time His 1 10 46 was too good for Bill Kite 1 11 09 and Charlie Davey 1 11 46 The Handicap waswon by John Carter with 1 3 20 10 15 from George Colget 1 5 16 5 30 and Bill Kite 1 6 09 5 John Carter also won the Prize for fastest Novice An interesting note Charlie Davey of Davey Frames was also a well known record holder later to have his own shop in Lower Addiscombe Road He become a mentor of the Addiscombe Cycling Club whose President he became some years later June 6th saw the first 50 mile Handicap George Colget recorded fastest time with 2 33 03 beating Bill Kite 2 35 15 and John Carter 2 36 06 The Handicap section was a win for J Francis with 2 23 47 15 30 allowance from Harry Brown 2 25 56 16 and Ben Mason 2 29 16 15 30 August 21st was the 100 mile Scratch and Handicap for the Dunlop Cup This race saw a comfortable win for W Williams in 5 26 15 from John Carter 5 36 30 and A Marshall 5 39 19 The Handicap went to John Carter his 16 allowance giving him a corrected time of 5 20 30 2nd place went to Bill Hitchmough 5 21 46 20 and 3rd place to W Williams off scratch October 2nd saw the first running of the Mayne Cup Handicap 25 miles time trial under Norwood Paragon colours Under the Streatham Rovers it had been competed for since 1911 Bill Kite did fastest time 1 11 16 with W Williams 2nd in 1 12 29 and Ben Mason 3rd with 1 13 43 The Handicap was won by Harry Brown with 1 7 46 7 allowance Ben Mason was 2nd with 1 8 43 5 and 3rd was J Howard 1 10 21 4 30 The Mayne Cup is impressive It is a handsome

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