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  • Welcome | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    of our sites are hand coded working with you as an expert trusted partner TWEET US CodecraftOnline If you need advice on a new project or an old one you can get in touch via Twitter Follow us on Twitter We write valid code for all devices Read more Cross Platform and SEO Ready code In a world of smartphones tablets and more ways to access the web than just the traditional PC we make sure that we build your website to be as accessible as possible using the latest techniques including HTML5 CSS3 and JQuery SEO READY WEBSITES It s not just humans that try to read your website we use valid code to make it easier for Google other search engines We re on Google Too Google isn t for squares man Its all about the circle Encircle Us on Google A case study on WAMDirect co uk Read more Case Study WAMDirect co uk We built a fully bespoke B2B trading platform for WAM Europe part of mammoth distribution company Westcoast Want to know more Read the full case study LIKE WHAT YOU SEE Do you need a high quality hand coded web build Get in touch with us today and see how we can help Find us on Facebook Everybody just wants to be liked Find us on Facebook and make our day Like us on Facebook Subterranean Landscape CASE STUDY A website to promote the works of author Paul Corke Read more ON THIS PROJECT Website Email Hosting Google Analytics Web Graphic Design Bespoke JQuery Coding HTML and CSS Authoring Geolocation GPS Components Allow website visitors to find your facilities nearest to them either by postcode through their GPS enabled device Read more about Geolocation Website Email Hosting We can provide competitive domain names hosting

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Products and Services | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    If you don t have an eye on how many people are using your website then you could be missing out on vital information At its most simple web analytics can help you work out which pages are the most popular and which could benefit from some more work With a more advanced integration you can track almost anything including conversion rates if your website generates sales or leads Read more about Web Analytics HTML5 Form Integration Forms are the tried tested and traditional way for people to interact with your website They have many uses anything from allowing contact from your website to being part of complex e commerce systems We build forms how they should be with full HTML5 validation and measures to protect against spam abuse Read more about HTML5 Form Integration Payment Integration If you re already taking orders online the next step is to take payments You can sell physical products subscriptions to a service or electronic downloads By allowing your customers to pay online it is more convenient for them and keeps your cashflow healthy Read more about Payment Integration RSS XML Feeds You ll have seen the RSS logo on many sites a particlular favourite of bloggers and blog visitors RSS feeds crop up whenever a website has content that people can subscribe to Publishing a feed of changing content is a great way of encouraging return visitors subscribers will be automatically alerted when you make changes to your site and they ll come back to read new content in full Read more about RSS XML Feeds SEO Services So your website looks good and makes sense to visitors but that doesn t always help you get found in the first place Modern web standards allow your website code to be more search engine friendly without sacrificing readability When search engines can understand your site they rank it higher in relevant search and more visibility in search results to human visitors We incorporate SEO techniques into all of our web projects from the start Read more about SEO Services Design Services Once upon a time it was enough for a website just to look good Now it has to do that as well as being able to offer much more interaction with visitors and that means building a website is no longer a job for one multi skilled person We are experts in programming and we build partnerships with expert designers so that we can together create the best end product possible Read more about Design Services PPC Marketing Since organic search ranking is based primarily on your website content its impossible to hold the top spot for every conceivable search term relevant to your website without making it unreadable when visitors do finally get there With pay per click you can buy searches based on keywords you couldn t include into your site and you are able to target specific customers you remain in control of your budget at all times which

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/products-and-services (2016-04-24)
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  • Case Studies | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    books on the subject of psychological intelligence Paul was looking for a simple static website to convey information about the author and the works both published and planned Read the full case study WAM Direct WAM Europe help manufacturers and retailers liquidate damaged returned or end of line consumer electronics stock through refurbishment and remarketing When they decided to take their successful business model online they chose Codecraft as their

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/case-studies (2016-04-24)
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  • Blog Index | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    their online selling platform WAM Direct we also help out with their SEO and online marketing New website George House Trust 7th June 2012 Preston based graphic design agency Design By House were recently commissioned by leading Manchester based health charity the George House Trust GHT Choosing an SEO Friendly Domain Name 17th April 2012 A good domain name needs to be descriptive and memorable quick and easy to type

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/blog (2016-04-24)
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  • Contact Us | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    payment by bank transfer please refer to your invoice or contact us for our bank details Please use the invoice number as the payment reference Social Networks CodecraftOnline Find us on LinkedIn Find us on Google Find us on Facebook We d love to hear from you Get in touch with us using the form below to talk about how our services could be of benefit to your next web

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/contact-us (2016-04-24)
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  • Web & Graphic Design | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    Manipulation Organic SEO Web Graphic Design Pay Per Click Marketing Back to services index Web Graphic Design What s the difference between a Web Designer and a Web Developer Unless you re one or the other or you know a little bit about the industry you might not know Web Designers are artists the creative brains behind how a website should look and feel when you visit each page and responsible for making something look effortlessly simple and meant to be when in fact a great deal of thought is required A good design goes unnoticed whereas a bad one sticks out like a sore thumb When the designers have worked their magic its down to the developers to turn their artwork into a real functioning web site Ranging from simply writing the HTML source code to building complex interactions with databases or other online services Codecraft are specialist web developers and we mostly work with other web design companies to create great websites for their clients But if you re looking for a website for your business or organisation then we can help you too We still won t design your site ourselves but because of our relationships with designers you can leave it with us and we ll find the best company to create a design for your site for you and then we ll build it A website thats been worked on by specialists in their respective fields is a better website Although every project is different we strongly believe in clear up front pricing Here are some example prices involving this type of work please ask us for a free no obligation quotation Typical starting price for a design 250 VAT depending on the size and complexity of the project we ll find a designer that

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/products-and-services/graphic-web-design (2016-04-24)
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  • WAM Direct Case Study | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    in the UK with a turnover of nearly 1bn in 2008 ABOUT THIS PROJECT WAM Europe were looking for a web solution that could meet their objectives of allowing existing customers to view and buy from their product portfolio online as well as attracting new customers To meet these challenges we worked with WAM Europe to create WAMDirect co uk Both attractive and functional in design WAM Direct has a homepage that allows the company to convey strong marketing messages as well as showcase a selection of their stock Visitors are encouraged to create an account online in order to be allowed full access to the stock list This allows WAM to verify new customers for suitability as well as to capture valuable information about each new account Once registered and granted access to the site customers are able to freely browse search and filter the stock list to find products they are interested in and view the prices in a number of different currencies Visitors are able to add product an online shopping basket which automatically applies discounts for bulk purchases or bundled products before finally being able to confirm their order and select a delivery date Customers are then invited to make payment via credit account over the telephone or to settle online using Paypal or the payment gateway provided by Westcoast WAM Europe s parent company The buying sales and marketing teams at WAM are each able to access a full control panel in order to manage the customers stock bundle and bulk promotions marketing messages currency conversion and online orders The site is supported by WAM Europe s own marketing initiatives as well as a Codecraft managed PPC activity using Google AdWords Howard Strowman CEO of WAM Europe says Codecraft have produced a quality product with

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/case-studies/wam-direct (2016-04-24)
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  • Subterranean Landscape Case Study | Codecraft Online Ltd | PHP, MySQL, Javascript & JQuery Full Service Web Developers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
    Paul was looking for a simple static website to convey information about the author and the works both published and planned THE TECHNOLOGY Hosting Services Web Analytics Design Services JQuery Coding HTML CSS Coding THE CLIENT Paul Corke is a writer leadership development specialist strategic thinker and coach Paul is the author of two books The Master Be Your Personal Best and Being Becoming In Search of a Positive World ABOUT THIS PROJECT Codecraft was asked to design and build a simple static website for the author Paul Corke who has written several books on the subject of psychological intelligence The objective of the website was to convery information about both books and author in a clean and easy to read way whilst being easy to manage and update in future We built a website for Paul that is easily expandable to accomodate new sections for new releases due to the infrequent nature of the updates there was no need to incorporate a content management system Readers of and those interested in Paul s books are now able to visit his website to gain further information and links to purchase from Amazon and Authorhouse Whether you re a freelance designer

    Original URL path: http://www.codecraft.co.uk/case-studies/subterranean-landscape (2016-04-24)
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