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  • Trouble shooting guide for onsite conference equipment - Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    set up for you When changing print setting please check that the correct ribbon has been loaded in to the printer If the ribbon is incorrect then the printer will not print Using the printer When you want to print a badge place the badge into the printing track at the rear of the printer or the badges may have been loaded in feeder for you Once print is pressed on the laptop the card will be drawn into the printer If it isn t and the printer is making a noise gently push the badge further into the printer In the unlikely event that the ribbon snaps this can be taped together and wound on or a spare is provided Ribbons are loaded with the unused ribbon at the back with the ribbon over the top of the reels When opening the printer please be careful not to touch the print head which is indicated by the yellow warning symbol Please close the cover gently Cleaning the printer If you are experiencing streaky or blurred prints this may be because the ribbon is still adjusting or the printer needs to be cleaned The printers normally require a clean every 1000 cards An amber LED will light up on the printer to indicate this The first step is to simply continue to print badges onto test cards until the print comes out crisp try about 10 cards If this does not work then please use the alcoholic cleaning cards supplied to clean the printer To use the alcoholic cleaning cards you must remove the ribbon from the printer Please close the printer lid once the ribbon has been removed Place the cleaning card on the print track and hold the power button on the printer The cleaning card should be

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  • Frequently Asked Questions - Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    you get my badges to me We normally require 1 day for a proof and once approved we can have you badges printed and dispatched in 2 working days If you have a very urgent order we can offer an express service and even complete your badges in 1 working day Production time of badges is dependent on process selected and quantity Our express service will be at additional cost Q What if I have extra names We can accept additional names and data up until 12pm the day before dispatch However this may incur an additional data import fee of 20 Q What if I need very long names printed on the badges Longer delegate names organisation names company names positions job titles etc will run on to a new line in cases where this is not possible the font size will be shrunk to fit the printable badge area accordingly Q What attachments do you provide with the badges Our badges come free with an adhesive combined clip and pin attachment Other attachments can be purchased from our website Q How do I send artwork You can email artwork to us at hooyang datafloweevnts co uk Q What file formats do you accept We accept PDF EPS TIFF and Jpeg Click here to download our artwork guide Q If I cannot supply finished artwork what do I do If you have none or if your artwork is not sharp enough we can help you with this There may be a charge for this Q How many colours can we have As many or as few as you would like We can provide simple mono print designs to complex full colour full bleed images Q Are your badges reusable Our badge holders are all re usable The badges themselves are single use for the event Our badges are all printed on fully bio degradable plastic Q What size are your badges 86mm by 54mm Q Will I see an artwork proof before the cards are printed to ensure my instructions have been understood Yes A scanned proof of your badge will be emailed to you for approval before production please note that the scan will not be colour accurate and is to be used as an indication of the layout only and if you are not in a hurry then we can post it out to you Q What if I don t like the design or a mistake has been made on the proof No problem The first set of amendments to your artwork are free of charge If it s still not right then we are happy to make as many revisions as needed but this may be chargeable Q What if I have my own design in mind We are more than happy to accept your own design We charge a basic 30 for all new artwork supplied this is to set the initial template and includes a first free proof 30 would be discounted from

    Original URL path: http://www.conferencebadges.co.uk/FAQ.cfm (2016-04-25)
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  • Print barcodes, QR codes, photos and holograms on you name badges - Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    barcode Delegate photo Security hologram to front only Magnetic clip Plain lanyard Chain and Holder 50 20 00 18 00 23 00 32 50 34 00 34 00 100 20 00 36 00 45 00 65 00 68 00 68 00 200 20 00 72 00 90 00 130 00 130 00 130 00 500 20 00 180 00 225 00 310 00 310 00 310 00 1000 20 00

    Original URL path: http://www.conferencebadges.co.uk/additionalOptions.cfm (2016-04-25)
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  • Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    Clip Badge gripper Standard Badge Reel with Slide Belt and Vinyl Clip Heavy Duty Badge Reel Rotating Combined Clip and Pin Attachment Magnetic Badge Attachment Lanyards White Plastic Bead 30inch Chain Steel Bead 36inch Chain Breakaway Safety Lanyard with Plastic Clip Breakaway Safety Lanyard with Key Hole Clip 15mm Colour Ribbon Lanyards with Safety Breakaway Economy 8mm Lanyard with Spring Clip and Breakaway Crocodile Clip Lanyard Consumables Evolis 5 Panel Colour Ribbon Tattoo 2 100 Images Evolis 5 Panel Colour Ribbon Pebble 4 200 Images Evolis BLACK Mono Ribbon Tattoo 2 600 Images Evolis BLACK Mono Ribbon Pebble 4 1000 Images Blank White Biodegradable Plastic Badges Blank Plain Colour Badges Paper Badges Name Badge Mailers XL Paper Inserts A6 Paper Inserts A4 Visitor Badge Inserts A4 Printable Badge Inserts Paper Badge Kit Paper Badge Kit With Strap Clips Paper Badge Kit With Lanyards Your Basket Your basket is empty Place your order by 2 00pm and your goods will be delivered the next working day Subject to stock All prices are exclusive of delivery and VAT ConferenceBadges co uk Call us now 0800 082 1448 For more information or contact us Get your quote now Home www conferencebadges co uk

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  • Designing a better name badge Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    a good way to differentiate between your attendees at a glance Don t neglect the reverse side If the badge is going on a lanyard consider printing names on both sides an agenda a map or emergency contact details really adds to the usefulness of your badge Printing barcodes on your badges is a simple and effective way to track attendance or for exhibitors to capture who s visited their stand We can help you with this check out our onsite services Here is an example of a well laid out badge If you are using lanyards you could print the agenda upside down which would be the right way up when the person wearing it looks at it In some cases the size of the name will need to be reduced to fit the width of the badge or you can allow it to automatically flow on to the line below but be sure that this will not overlap the other information on the badge Other ideas that could enhance the information on your name badges are photos flags holograms social network icons URLs however be careful not to overcrowd the badge it is after all a name badge and not a business card If all of the above is just too much to deal with then we re here to help We can set up a basic badge template for you from as little as 30 and if you want something a little more fancy then we have a range of artwork services to suit your requirements How the badge is worn The combined clip and pin which comes free with our badge printing service is the most popular choice as your attendees can use the clip or the pin option depending on what they are wearing It

    Original URL path: http://www.conferencebadges.co.uk/BadgeTips.cfm (2016-04-25)
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  • The Perfect Registration Desk Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    tight a low cost solution such as a label printer could be sufficient Agree an entry policy with the event manager or client before the event If someone isn t on your list and is convinced they should be what can you reasonably ask from them in order to prove that they should be allowed in without upsetting bonafide guests Do you need to know who has attended your event If so talk to us about barcoding your badges Designing the perfect desk If you are fortunate enough to be able to choose a desk or have one built here are some tips to make it run like a dream 1 For your badge printing desk build a ledge at the front of the desk about 20 30cm high with an opaque vertical face at the front This allows you to hide cables stationary etc from the view of attendees and also gives them a place where they can put things down and pick up leaflets etc 2 Before building or choosing the desk consider if you want your staff to be standing or sitting If they re standing you don t want the desk to be too low particularly if they re using a computer 3 Any lanyards that need to be collected should be hung on poles to allow for a quick and efficient hand over There is nothing more irritating than having to untangle lanyards in front of attendees 4 Have a shelf underneath the desk for electricals and handbags Make it half depth so there s space for legs too 5 Put some holes in the top of the desk for cables to run through and neaten them up with a grommet cable hole cover 6 Have some holes in the sides of the desks too

    Original URL path: http://www.conferencebadges.co.uk/RegistrationDesk.cfm (2016-04-25)
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  • Branded USBs memory sticks and lanyard style USBs Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    cap to lose The USB comes with a small split ring on the end allowing easy attachment to keys or neck strap A lanyard with a USB memory stick built into the clip is a great way of promoting your brand while giving your delegates a useful item to take away from the event that they won t easily lose The lanyard style USB is perfect if you require several

    Original URL path: http://www.conferencebadges.co.uk/BrandedUSBs.cfm (2016-04-25)
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  • Partners Conference Badges, Personalised name badges for events, ID badges, Lanyards
    Badges benefit in multiple ways Make your badges drive onsite networking by printing Three people you must meet today on their badge made possible by matching delegates interests registered on Pathable Have your badges printed with Pathable friendly personal QR codes Allows delegates to scan each other s badges to share contact details Seamless transition of your Pathable attendee data to Conference Badges one less thing to worry about in

    Original URL path: http://www.conferencebadges.co.uk/partners.cfm (2016-04-25)
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