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  • Congo Action
    is here Please have a read Edward to Ran in Bournemouth next stop the London Marathon Edward ran the Bournemouth Marathon on 4th October in a time of 3hrs 11mins 34 secs Congratulations and thank you Edward to Run for Congo Action Again Edward Adams our long distance runner and secretary has entered the Bournemouth half marathon this October in aid of Congo Action and next year he runs in the London Marathon We wish him every success Maidstone Mela 2015 Congo Action took a stall at the Maidstone Mela to highlight the charity and raise funds The annual Maidstone Mela is a popular celebration of culture providing a platform to showcase the food arts and cultures of nations throughout the world Congo Action sold craftwork from the Congo homemade jams and ran a tombola On a cool and partly wet day we raised 330 for the funds which will go to help support our many projects in the Congo St Michael s Infant School Supports CA The pupils of St Michael s infant school raised 75 at their annual summer fete to help children in our primary school Kavumba school in the DRC They raised this money by making and selling craft items on a stall at the summer fete after hearing about the difficulties of the children in Congo A great Thank you to them for their efforts and Thank you also to Mrs Newton their teacher who initiated and inspired their fund raising efforts The Kinjuba Spring The health centre of Kinjuba in Kivu province DRC had been without running water for the past 15 months because their local spring was damaged The medical staff had to rely on rain water to run their clinic and take care of the sick patients They were using rain water for doing the washing and the cooking for the patients Congo Action was made aware of this and decided to come to their rescue Thanks to donations from our supporters we were able to provide the necessary funds for the spring to be repaired Now that it is fully functioning the health centre is able to use it again and so are the 500 families living in Kinjuba To ensure that the spring continues to run smoothly the villagers as well as the staff from the health centre have organised themselves in a committee to take care of the spring and any future repairs Thank you to all of you who continue to support our work in the DRC added 11 4 15 New Toilets During our site visit in October 2014 we were made aware by the teaching staff of the fact that the toilets were very inadequate and insufficient due to the high number of children We felt that this needed to be addressed urgently and we provided the funds needed to build new toilets As you can see from the photos of the before and after the result is very satisfactory Again Congo action could not do

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  • Where we work - Congo Action
    Contact Details Who we are Donate Now Gift Aid Declaration Where we work Congo Action works in the Kivu Province in the east of the Congo and is mainly in the areas of Lukigi Makobola Birava Irambira and Bagira Bukavu Lake Kivu plays an important part in the lives of many people who rely on fishing to meet their daily needs as does agriculture and smallholdings The population of these

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  • Education - Congo Action
    TV Newsletters Kivu Visit 2012 Kivu Visit 2014 Contact Us Contact Details Who we are Donate Now Gift Aid Declaration Education How we help Education and Schooling is increasingly becoming the central focus for the charity In the Congo children have to pay fees to attend school and many families find it difficult to find the necessary money Our child sponsorship scheme supports the families desire to educate their children

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  • Kavumba School - Congo Action
    Visit 2014 Contact Us Contact Details Who we are Donate Now Gift Aid Declaration Kavumba School How we help Kavumba Primary School in South Kivu was built in 2008 by the people of Muganzo using money raised by Congo Action and named Muganzo Primary School In 2015 the villagers and parents committee agreed to rename the school Kavumba Primary School It is now flourishing and providing education to some 350 children The school has been officially registered by the government of Kinshasha which means that the children can take exams and move onto official secondary schools This is a great victory in ensuring that the school is up to standards and that teachers deliver good quality education Congo Action site visits are very encouraging as we are warmly welcomed by the parent s committee who take great pride in looking after both the school and the teachers For example they bring eggs flour and beans to the teachers to show their gratitude Villagers made a real fuss of our visitors when they arrived there and the school is their pride and joy so they have formed a committee to take good care of it The individual child sponsorship programmes came

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  • Ombeni's Story - Congo Action
    very similar to the Tintin adventure books Each cartoon picture was painstackilly painted by him with the most finite care and precision It was amazing We were very impressed by his skills and we decided to include him in our sponsorship programme Ombeni came from a family of 16 children his father was a polygamist and had left his mother in charge of 8 of them and had little chance of making it to secondary school or of achieving any of his ambitions Ombeni received the help of one of our sponsors who subsidised his schooling for 9 years He continued to excel in most subjects including art of course in which he was doing brilliantly But now aged 21 Ombeni is a realist He has decided not to become an artist because of the lack of real opportunities in his country and the need to survive and eat on a daily basis rather thanto achieve fame I met with Ombeni during our recent visit in December and was delighted to see what a confident and mature young man he had become This is what he told me I am now in my second year at university where I am studying for a management degree in social organisations I am grateful for the help I continue to receive from Congo Action since my mother would not have been able to pay for my secondary school and university was out of the question I am still passionate for art and I design and paint publicity posters for shops and small businesses This provides me with a little money to supplement my studies and living expenses I also do voluntary work as a defenseur des droits de l enfant running youth groups and discussions to raise awareness on children rights I want

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  • Disabled Group - Congo Action
    100 Club About Winners 2013 Winners 2012 School Sponsorship Programme The Programme Frequently asked questions Our supporters Links Events Photos News on TV Newsletters Kivu Visit 2012 Kivu Visit 2014 Contact Us Contact Details Who we are Donate Now Gift Aid Declaration Disabled Group How we help Congo Action supports a Disabled Group The group make a variety of crafts which are sold The profits are used to help finance

    Original URL path: http://www.congoaction.co.uk/disabled-group.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Help to Disabled People - Congo Action
    by Congo Action in dressmaking Pat and Martine much admired their finished work Disabled Workshop Group Photos of the members of the Disabled Workshop with Pat and Martine Oliver Martine Pat with Oliver at the home for disabled young people at Nyatende South Kivu Oliver used to have to walk everywhere on his knees He has now been provided with a tricycle making his life a lot more bearable Furaha is also at the Nyatende center Her legs were damaged following a failed or poor operation She is so happy trying out her new tricycle which has been given to her by Raymond from ADIPH and financed by Congo Action Euphraisie is from Walungu which is 75 kms from Bukavu Just after finishing her secondary school studies Euphrasie lost the use of her legs following an accident She is seen here with Raymond left and her parents receiving the wheelchair recently bught by Congo Action Life in the DRC as a disabled person often means a life of misery and utmost dependence on their relatives Congo Action is well aware of the plight of disabled people so neglected by the state and so often treated as second class citizens With the little funds that we received from our donors in the UK we immediately put them to use and we know that we can rely on Raymond and Pere Andre Thijs our very dedicated colleagues in the DRC to try and find solutions to improve the lives of the disabled Many thanks to them for their endless efforts and also many thanks to all of you who agree to help with a donation Together we have been able to financially assist disabled people as illustrated below updated to December 2013 Ariane Ariane was born with malformed legs After being brought up to our attention by ADIPH and Pere Andre she received financial help for her treatment Still in plaster casts and supported by callipers she was able to start walking some months later Moise Born with weak leg muscles Moise was unable to walk unaided After medical treatment and legs put in plaster Moise was provided with a basic walking aid to encourage him to use his legs Nankafu Nankafu was paralysed from childhood and unable to walk ADIPH and Congo Action intervened to provide the necessary orthopaedic treatment The photo below shows the improvement and self confidence gained after her treatment She is seen on the right with her friend Immaculee and Raymond our partner from ADIPH Francine Evelyne with Mama Rachel Raymond from ADIPH visited Francine Evelyne in their sewing workshop where they were teaching a newcomer Mama Rachel The sewing machines seen here were provided by Congo Action Mama Bitangalo Here is a wonderful example of how very resourceful and industrious disabled people can be with the little help that they receive Here MAMA BITANGALO who is blind is seen making shopping baskets with materials provided by ADIPH and Congo Action Moise Little MOISE is introduced to

    Original URL path: http://www.congoaction.co.uk/help-to-disabled-people.html (2016-05-01)
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  • Women's Sewing Group - Congo Action
    Winners 2012 School Sponsorship Programme The Programme Frequently asked questions Our supporters Links Events Photos News on TV Newsletters Kivu Visit 2012 Kivu Visit 2014 Contact Us Contact Details Who we are Donate Now Gift Aid Declaration Women s Sewing Group How we help The ladies sewing groups are of great concern to Congo Action as they are run for women who want to earn an income of their own in order to send their children to school With the help of a grant from the Hilden Trust Congo Action was able to merge three sewing groups together for training and exchange of skills and materials The same experienced teacher was then able to divide his time between the three groups CongoAction continues to raise funds so that workshops for the newly qualified ladies can be set up to teach them the skills needed to take an apprentice and pass on their skills Congo Action also received Funds from the Allan Nesta Trust and was able to invest in a new training programme that a year later resulted in a new workshop run by our fully trained students Tailored clothes are still the most traditional way of dressing in the

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