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  • What If You Do Not Have A Credit History At All? | Contract Mobile Phone Shop
    you have done with your credit related matters in the past It is formed by looking at your consistency in meeting your obligations towards them This means that if there is a missing piece in this jigsaw the ultimate result cannot be reached This is what happens when you do not have a credit history at all Not having a credit history comes as a direct result of not engaging in credit dealings at all If you have kept your safe distance from loans mobile phone contracts and other credit related matters you are in a situation where there is virtually nothing for any interested party to judge your creditworthiness It is only logical as you cannot tell how a person is likely to do in a situation he has never been in Lenders and other interested individuals look at this situation as a foggy screen where you cannot tell whether the person in context is or is not creditworthy In such a situation there is reluctance in how they react and thus this has been seen as the reason behind failures of many to clear credit checks In such a situation if you are looking to go for big loans or other major credit related matters it is likely that you are going to struggle Therefore the key here is to start slow and start low Start by getting smaller loans and prove your creditworthiness Not just meet your interest payments but meet them in time while also ensuring that you are also repaying your loan If you cannot get a very delicious contract for a recently launched smartphone start by getting a smaller one While these steps will help you build up your financial reputation and eventually lead you to your ultimate goal the process is certainly not

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  • What You Must Know About Your Credit Rating | Contract Mobile Phone Shop
    of it how well you are expected to do in the future Henceforth if you have had a woeful time dealing with credit affairs in the past different lenders and mobile phone contract providers are going to look at this as a red signal indicating to them the high amount of risk that comes with lending you money or even allowing you a mobile phone contract Since these entities are basically running businesses it matters to them who they do business with and thus they give utmost preference to calculating risk Therefore people with low credit ratings find it extremely difficult to get access to different loans and contracts This is why it is very important to keep track of your credit ratings and not consider it something of little value This is why it is essential to ensure that you are on the side your lenders want you to be While we can talk about good and bad credit ratings for another two pages it is important to stop here and mention another important fact it is wrong to assume that a particular credit rating is what you need to open all doors to different loans and contracts The terms good credit and bad credit are more subjective than what you might think What may be bad credit to one lender may be good enough credit to another Therefore if you have faced rejection from two different places it certainly does not diminish your chances of being approved at the third However we can agree to an extent that if you have kept your rating absolutely intact over the course of your life you are in an excellent position to get access to virtually all the loans and contracts Having closely explained what your credit rating basically is you

    Original URL path: http://www.contractmobilephoneshop.co.uk/what-you-must-know-about-your-credit-rating/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Contact Us | Contract Mobile Phone Shop
    Your Message Pages Baby Steps Towards A Good Credit Report Bad Credit Contract Phones Does The Inability Of Clearing A Credit Check Come From Bad Credit Understanding The 2 Shortcomings Of No Credit Check Mobile Phone Contracts What If You

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