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  • LB Corporate News - LB Foster
    the UK market leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic manufacturing systems LB Foster specialises in the delivery of bespoke materials handling solutions which offer LB Foster Materials Handling to exhibit at Logistics Link Live April 25 2013 Latest News LB Corporate News Leicester based LB Foster Materials Handling is to exhibit at Logistics Link Live for the first time on stand 156 With over 30 years experience in the materials handling marketplace the company s team of experts will be on hand to explain how automation can help businesses to lower costs whilst achieving greater efficiency Gary Bale CI Logistics rebrands to become LB Foster Materials Handling March 13 2013 Latest News LB Corporate News We are proud to announce that as of March 1 2013 CI Logistics has changed its name to LB Foster Materials Handling We ve chosen to take on this new name in order to reflect our global heritage and underline our ethos to be a leading supplier of materials handling solutions both in the UK and Popular Links Case Studies Videos Confused about Conveyors View the LB Foster Definitive Guide to Conveyors Click here for more information on all of our materials handling solutions Visit the gallery View our latest masterpieces Click here to view our existing gallery of the solutions we have delivered for other businesses to improve efficiency and increase profits You won t be disappointed Read all about it LB Foster helps keep Pirelli tyres on track With a pedigree stretching back 142 years Pirelli is one of the world s premium tyre manufacturers It is the exclusive supplier of tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship and 2013 also saw the 50th anniversary celebrations of its world famous Pirelli calendar The company has manufactured tyres at its Burton upon

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  • LB Foster to launch new range of conveyors - LB Foster
    structures are not necessary More importantly this format removes the risk of product contamination as the chain is situated underneath the conveyor The new range of overhead conveyors including the inverted power and free is available with three chain pitches 180mm 270mm and 300mm Adrian Pryce technical sales office manager LB Foster Materials Handling comments With a modern and robust design the addition of the new conveyor series extends our current range of paint surface finishing and assembly line products The broadening of our portfolio ensures we can offer our customers bespoke solutions within a broad cross section of many industries LB Foster Materials Handling has many years experience in providing a comprehensive service to a wide variety of industries where parts need surface treatment This includes the automotive construction machinery sheet metalwork gas cylinders aluminium treatment radiators and office furniture industries Post a Comment Your email is never shared Required fields are marked Name Email Website Comment Confused about Conveyors View the LB Foster Definitive Guide to Conveyors Click here for more information on all of our materials handling solutions Visit the gallery View our latest masterpieces Click here to view our existing gallery of the solutions we have delivered for other businesses to improve efficiency and increase profits You won t be disappointed Read all about it LB Foster helps keep Pirelli tyres on track With a pedigree stretching back 142 years Pirelli is one of the world s premium tyre manufacturers It is the exclusive supplier of tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship and 2013 also saw the 50th anniversary celebrations of its world famous Pirelli calendar The company has manufactured tyres at its Burton upon Trent plant Company Blog Read our latest blog post Improving manufacturing efficiency through overhead conveyors The pressure has never

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  • LB Foster completes top banana solution for Fyffes - LB Foster
    went out to tender it was important to us that we spent considerable time putting together the specification of exactly what was required of the solution This meant we could make an accurate like for like comparison once we received the proposals from the different companies At the end of the day there were two clear front runners We chose LB Foster because they had a better understanding of our brief and that included the price More than that they also demonstrated a willingness to understand what the job really entailed An efficient solution to process 70 000 bananas each week Boxes of bananas from around the world arrive by lorry at Normanton on pallets The bananas are green as they have been picked in a fully mature but unripened condition The ripening process is suspended during the journey as the bananas are kept at a cool temperature of 13 degrees Inside the DC the bananas begin their journey around the ripening and processing plant on the accumulating pallet conveyor They are loaded by forklift truck and travel to an automatic turntable in the corner of the packaging area This corrects the orientation of the pallets and they proceed directly to an offloading station adjacent to the ripening rooms Typically the bananas spend five days ripening by which time they have taken on their familiar yellow hue Next stop is one of the six production lines Here operatives working at ergonomically designed packing benches carefully take the ripe fruit out of the boxes and carry out quality and grading checks Bananas which are deemed for any reason to fall short of the major retailers specification are separated out and placed on an upper level belt conveyor for sale in other markets Those which pass the strict quality control procedure are repackaged ready for retail sale Some bananas are bagged by weight and some by number of fruit depending on the particular requirement of different retailers The bags are then put back into boxes and placed onto a roller conveyor which runs down the centre of the packing benches This conveyor takes the boxes of fruit straight to the loading bay to be palletized ready for despatch to the various supermarkets Health and safety first for Fyffes Automating the movement of bananas with a pallet conveyor running around the production area has given us some financial benefits comments Kennedy but the main purpose of the solution was to ensure the health and safety of our staff working in that area which it has done The addition of the new production lines has been a significant investment for us and LB Foster Materials Handling have delivered the goods I ve found them to be easy to work with from the sales staff to the installation and controls engineers They have been in the industry for a long time so their experience shows and that s a good fit with our business Post a Comment Your email is never shared Required fields are

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  • LB Foster completes automation project to expand fashion returns for Clipper - LB Foster
    a real benefit to us The payback period for the dunnage system is just 12 months so it has cut our costs We ve also been able to reduce the amount of labour we use on waste cardboard and actually generate some income for our customer The returns which are made up of garments footwear and accessories are sorted into black and red totes The black totes carry product that is being sent back into stock whilst product in the red totes requires some rework A colour sensor above the conveyor system sends the black totes down one of three spurs to the dispatch area and the red totes accumulate in the reprocessing section The Clipper operatives place all of the waste cardboard onto the dunnage belts which run over the top of the tote conveyors beneath the mezzanine floor The belts all converge onto the main dunnage conveyor which when clear of the mezzanine takes the waste up an incline belt to a higher level conveyor This transports the waste for recycling through the wall to a compactor outside Heaton concludes by saying The whole project was completed on time and in budget This is testament to LB Foster s project management expertise as the timescales we had imposed on the scheme were tight They appointed an onsite project manager who worked very closely with us to manage the whole venture with three key elements the conveyor system the electrics and the data The project manager was always available and their response to our needs and any issues which arose was immediate Post a Comment Your email is never shared Required fields are marked Name Email Website Comment Confused about Conveyors View the LB Foster Definitive Guide to Conveyors Click here for more information on all of our materials

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  • LB Foster installs assembly line solution for Jaguar XF Sportbrake
    special precise lifting assembly provided by Comau Once the body is in the welding cell the conveyor is lowered leaving the body still on its skid clear of the conveyor to enable welding by robots This tabbing and framing cell was designed so that there was always the potential to extend the system to provide extra capacity as production increased Take out station The second stage of the project required LB Foster to complete a special take out station to provide an inspection facility for quality purposes The work had to be completed over one weekend and involved the modification of an existing transfer car Two apertures had to be cut out of the sides of the transfer car to allow a new extending fork transfer device with a cam lift to extend one side and pick up the body from the transfer car It is then moved in the opposite direction and deposited on a modified roller bed outside of the fenced area so operators can carry out a quality inspection on the assembly Return line The final stage of the project in E Block involved providing a one way through route from the welding station back into the main production line This was achieved by installing a powered roller conveyor mounted on a scissor table just after the welding station and another unit at the start of the return line The side transfer was accomplished using another extending fork system but this time without a lift The forks move the body on its skid some 6 75m across to the return line where it is then deposited onto another powered roller conveyor mounted on a hydraulic scissor lift table which lowers the body down to the floor before moving it onto a transfer car This car runs on twin steel running tracks cast into the concrete floor The car has its own on board controls which were designed and installed by Comau There is no physical link between the car and its power source it is all done through an induction cable system again cast into the concrete floor The return line feeds the body directly back into the main assembly line via the existing modified transfer car The height of this existing transfer car was a slender 600mm to the top of the rollers which meant LB Foster s equipment had to line up with this to enable the transfer of the body on its skid back into the main assembly line Project challenges The biggest challenge was building and installing the new cell without interfering with the operation of the existing main assembly line This was particularly difficult because the new cell utilised existing equipment and so everything had to be very carefully planned to ensure minimum disruption It wasn t an easy project to deliver as Comau and LB Foster had to match up new equipment with existing machinery This was achieved whilst working within a confined area and to a tight time frame The

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  • LB Foster’s overhead conveyor doubles production capacity
    revised 18 different drawings in order to satisfy our goals To be honest what they have achieved is outstanding To overcome the space restriction issue which meant we couldn t swing the 4m substrates sideways on the overhead conveyor they came up with the idea of using pneumatic turntables These are a real innovation allowing us to keep 5m long flight bars aligned in the same orientation During the building work it was important that we kept the business running We had to demolish almost one half of the building interior wall to get the new paint plant to fit in which made life difficult for everyone Co operation and team work LB Foster had a great installation team who worked to our regime coming in during the day and working in areas which were not going to cause us any production issues When it became difficult for them to carry on the installation work around us they would come back after 4 30pm or weekends when the factory was closed The cleverly designed LB Foster power and free conveyor has the capacity to handle loads up to 5m long weighing up to half a tonne At the start of the process operators manually load the signage onto the flight bars before they are pushed to the start of the powered section of the conveyor They are then automatically taken through the pre treatment section wash and phosphate a process that takes just over six minutes The signage then moves into a dry off oven A little over six minutes later the signage leaves the oven and transverses side ways to accumulate in a buffer store of pretreated product Here the flight bars are pushed to two uniquely designed pneumatic turntables which rotate the signage whilst staying in the same orientation They are then automatically sent into either the powder booth or the wet spray bake facility The final part of the journey is through a second oven to cure the powder coating After leaving the powder coat paint booth the signage is manually transversed across into a buffer area to line up with the curing oven This buffer facility holds the flight bars prior to entry into the oven Up to six flight bars at a time can then be moved manually into the curing oven From the curing oven the signs enter a cooling zone where they are manually offloaded Automatic savings with improved health and safety Mike Smith concludes The paint shop used to be the Achilles heel of the business as we could not move product through the business efficiently Now assembly and the metal shop have had their efficiencies increased to feed the new paint shop process Automating the system has removed all manual handling issues endeavouring to decrease our reworks and delivering improved safety with significant cost savings At full stretch we are now constantly moving 20 flight bars safely and efficiently around a very restricted space The new system enables us to dramatically

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  • LB Foster supplies new floor conveyor system for The White Company
    able to handle all these with ease Competitive tender The selection process for the conveyor supplier was administered via a competitive tender run by Total Logistics on behalf of The White Company Seven companies were invited to put forward initial proposals and from these two were selected to present detailed plans Shaun Anders again From the outset we were very impressed by the professional approach LB Foster Materials Handling demonstrated We were particularly influenced by the head of the project Phil Taylor who was completely open and honest in his dealings with us He was always friendly helpful and very co operative Whilst their proposal offered excellent value for money it wasn t the main decision driver The strength of the LB Foster team however was definitely a major factor in our decision to appoint them as our partner for the project We had stipulated a tight timeframe for the installation and their collaborative approach was a real benefit during this phase They were onsite with four other contractors at the same time all working in a confined area with their own individual deadlines to meet LB Foster s collaborative approach made light of this potential challenge and ensured everything went to plan Engineering challenges The new conveyor system runs from the gift packing benches to the dispatch area On route there are four branches of conveyor merging into the main conveyor These spurs take packed boxes and totes away from the main packing benches and on to the dispatch area The system had to be designed and built under the mezzanine floor which has a lot of steel supports that had to be circumnavigated so it was far from ideal claims Anders In addition there was a lot of hidden detail work in ensuring the conveyors from the main packing benches merged seamlessly into the main line For health and safety purposes we also specified two lifting gates in the main conveyor line to allow easy access to the fire exits in case of an emergency At peak times the system has to handle a minimum of 1 100 cartons max weight 30kg carton and 125 totes an hour In terms of the cartons there can be significant differences in size and weight from one box to the next and whilst the totes are one size the weight of each can vary considerably The system also includes full accumulation to ensure smooth running at all times and this is aided by the controlled merges as the boxes and totes join the main conveyor LB Foster Materials Handling did a very professional job The work was completed on time and in budget and I would definitely recommend them As with any installation like this there was a small snagging list but their engineers dealt with those very quickly and now the system does everything we asked for concludes Anders Post a Comment Your email is never shared Required fields are marked Name Email Website Comment Confused about Conveyors View the

    Original URL path: http://www.conveyors.co.uk/lb-foster-supplies-new-floor-conveyor-system-white-company/ (2016-02-12)
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  • New overhead conveyor solution doubles capacity for Powdertech
    with the degas oven track the interlocking system allows the flight bars to be moved forward safely into the oven The free flight bars exit the drying oven and are moved to a second transverse shuttle which positions the bars in front of a single fixed track ready to enter the powder coating booth Here the powered section of the system takes the product one flight bar at a time through the powder coating booth As the coated product exits the booth a sensor on the overhead track either allows it to proceed onto a second transverse shuttle or is held until a shuttle is in place When the shuttle is full it is manually moved sideways towards the curing oven An interlocking device at the end of the track again prevents the shuttle from being pushed off the end of the track and ensures that it is accurately lined up with the fixed curing oven track The free bars are then moved forward by the operator into the curing oven As the flight bars exit the curing oven another interlocking safety device prevent them from fully clearing the oven track until the final shuttle is in place Once the tracks are lined up the shuttle can be moved off into the cooling packing and dispatch area This transverse shuttle arrangement gives a very compact footprint with a deceptively high capacity and flexibility Tight installation schedule Giles Ashmead takes up the story again Part of our success as a business is due to the very high service levels we provide customers We work to very short lead times generally offering a less than two day turnaround and often in 24 hours Because of this it was vitally important to us that the project time frame was a maximum of two working weeks To achieve this we had to have all the various contractors on site at the same time and we told them all that they had to work together to make sure each area was completed on time We stipulated that there was a zero tolerance on any variance to the specified go live date for the new facility The LB Foster Materials Handling installation team were fantastic They went above and beyond to ensure that their part of the project was delivered on time In the end it was very tight but we commissioned the new plant precisely on time We now have one of the best powder coating lines in the country and this system puts 155m of useable track into just 35m of factory space The revised overhead conveyor solution is far more flexible and gives us additional load capacity of up to 450kgs per flight bar 500kgs including the flight bar Overall it looks impressive provides a great improvement from a health and safety standpoint and also delivers significant savings due to the excellent powder reclamation achieved with the new equipment The extra capacity is vitally important for the business going forward Since 2009 we

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